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Oh yes, they straighten on their own sometimes! Dd1 had really bad, crooked front teeth that pointed out. Poor thing! We took her to an ortho who said she needed braces. Then, I shopped around until I found an older ortho who'd been doing this for a long time. He said the crookedness is totally normal for that age. Her teeth have straightened a lot on their own in the last two years. She may need braces one day, but not right now.

Also, according to dh and dsd, dsd's teeth were very crooked. They straightened out and she never needed braces. They look great now!
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I'm crossing my fingers that dd's jaw grows enough that her under bite goes away.  Over bites aren't the best, but under bites look really unflattering on a girl.

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My 11 yo daughter has extremely crooked front teeth, resulting from a jumping on the bed accident when she was four yo.  She is so not interested in braces.  She's weird.  She's totally into looking GOOD, but she could really care less about looking like other people.  She does not care that her teeth are crooked.  Her bottom ones are kinda here and there as well.  Although not genetically related, we have *very* similar teeth. 



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I think all kids look funny when they start to get permanent teeth. The always look too big for their mouth and always seem to have some crowding until they grow a little more. I have horrible teeth. I had a lot of crowding and a bad cross-bite. I had braces for 2.5 years in high school. I see so many young kids with braces on now. I remember being told that I had to lose all my baby teeth and have all my permanent grow in before they would start any work on my mouth. My niece has had work done on her teeth since she was 9 or 10. She'll be 13 this summer and just lost her last baby tooth on the bottom, so they put her bottom braces on. I really have to wonder what would happen if they'd wait a little longer on some of these kids... It doesn't help that my sister works as an ortho assistant. She's super obsessed and starts telling people to bring in their kids when they're 7 or 8.


Anyway, I am just hoping my kids get DH's teeth. He has a little crowding, but nothing major. It'd be cosmetic to fix his teeth, whereas had I kept my cross-bite around my molars would have seriously suffered later in life. It's very clear so far that DD1 has his mouth shape and Greta has mine. I wonder how that will translate into their teeth...

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I'm a firm believer that good nutrition leads to a wider jaw and straighter teeth.  I mean starting while pregnant, breastfeeding, then eating a very well balanced diet.  While some aspect of it is genetic and unavoidable, I think that our teeth 'should' fit in our mouths...  Now, Olivine has a TINY mouth, so we'll see if all her teeth fit.  My dh and I both have pretty straight teeth, so we'll see.    And yes, kids do look funny when they're getting their permanent teeth, it's such an awkward time for kids.

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Any advice on whether or not to use baby Tylenol during teething periods? I'm thinking of picking some up tomorrow. I've been giving Sora a frozen teething toy to chew on when she's really upset and it helps for a bit but then she gets sick of it and wants to move onto something else, which is usually my finger. Then we'll go back to the teething ring. Then back to my finger. Over and over. Grunting all the way. She's chewing the heck out of my fingers. It's like overnight the ridges in her gums are suddenly super sharp. Even the top one... I didn't think the top gets so sharp too. She'll be chewing on her hands and flicking them across the ridge, making this *clunk* sound over and over sometimes while she fusses. It gets a tad annoying. Hah. Sheepish.gif I'm not going to give her any Tylenol yet, but I'm thinking of having some on hand in case she starts getting inconsolable overnight at any point... I'm curious if anyone has anything good or bad to say about using it?

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I try not to use pain relievers for teething, but will cave for some nighttime sleep. I just try to deal with it during the day though. If you're going to try something, ibuprofen would be better than Tylenol. It's an anti-inflammatory which would help more with teething pain. I've found I really only need to use it right before the tooth breaks, for maybe two nights to get some decent sleep.

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The FDA recently deemed infant tylenol as just a fever reducer, not a pain reliever (http://www.drgreene.com/blog/2011/05/18/tylenol-no-longer-deemed-pain-reliever-babies-and-toddlers).  So I would skip it for teething pain.  I would give my older DS infant motrin for teething but he wasn't teething until around one year of age, I don't think you are supposed to give ibuprofen before 6 months. 


I've heard good things about boiron brand chamomilia.  Hylands did not work for us.  Gumomile seems like it would work because I think it has clove oil in it, which is supposedly very powerful for tooth pain.

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I'm using Punkin Butt Teething Oil.  It seems to help quite a bit.

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Awesome my browser just crashed and didn't post my comment. 


Anyway, I think that Tylenol has been linked to liver issues in some studies and so is generally not recommended for kids under one year of age.  Motrin works a lot better anyway.  We try to avoid pain meds for as long as possible, trying alternatives until it is seriously disrupting life.


Homeopathic camilia and calcarea phosphorica can be helpful.

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Two bottom teeth are in.
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I'm still waiting for Audrey's teeth to pop through and she is having a really hard time.  This has been going on for months and I've tried everything for her.  I'm starting to think she has 4 teeth coming in on the bottom because the bumps are getting really big. Yikes!   Does anyone have any new tricks up their sleeves I can try?  We've done all the homeopathy, teething rings, cold washcloths etc. 

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Jill, Avery still hasn't gotten is first teeth either.  Have you started solids with her yet?  There are teething biscuits you could make for her to gnaw on.  I bet someone in this group has a good recipe!  Also, you could offer her a cool metal spoon to chew on.  Or you could try the super old school method of rubbing scotch on her gums!  LOL!

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Enoch just got his fourth tooth! And the fifth one is right below the surface.
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Poor R has been teething like crazy this last week. This weekend was AWFUL! He's cutting ALL FOUR top teeth and the bottom outside two are pushing up now, too. Poor feller. Last night he was rather listless and had a 102.2 fever. We gave him a cool bath and he slept naked (in a breathable cotton training pant) and uncovered and at each wake up/potty break last night his temp was lower and lower. This morning it's right at 100. So that's good. He's still in bed sleeping, though. It's 9:15! He's usually up about 7:30-8am. I feel so bad for him! greensad.gif

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I hear you Christina!  Audrey screamed all day yesterday!  I feel so bad and I have tried everything except baby motrin.  I actually bought some today just in case we have another bad night.  I just want her to get some relief!

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Oh man, the teething! Greta did really well handling her first two teeth, but now her top two teeth are coming in and she is hating every moment of it. She's fine most of the day, just extra chewing on everything. But come bedtime, she has been awful. The last two nights, she just screams and screams. Last night, she was at it until almost 1 am. She's already had one bout of it tonight. I caved and gave her some motrin tonight. I have to go into work for a while tomorrow to clean out my classroom, so this mama needs some sleep tonight!

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Sora popped her first tooth! Eeeee! biggrinbounce.gif It looks like she'll cut the second one within the next day or two. Oh how these babies grow up so fast...

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We have two here now and the top two look like they might show up any second.
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Coralie has her 2 bottom teeth. I don't see the top teeth coming yet though.  So far she's my latest to get teeth (at 5.5mo)..

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