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Anyone in RGV? South TX?

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We recently moved here and are having a very hard time finding any kind of holistic care. Especially a holistic dentist for our children. Any in the area? Any insights? I would love to connect with other "mothering" mamas if there is anyone in the area. Thanks ;)

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I'm sure there are others on here who know more about this - but I think there is a good natural dentist in Bastrop possibly?  And I know there used to be one somewhere in Houston.  As to holistic care...what are you looking for?  There is an amazing homeopath in Houston...I can get you his info if you like...and he might be able to tell you more about others.

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I'm in the valley. I may be able to help give ya some info. Best way to reach me is thru my contact info on my website. Www.RGVmotherbaby.com. welcome to the rgv!joy.gif
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