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I actually feel just great! I love my ergo, it's a lifesaver. DF can't hold Malcolm for as long though, which is sad. 

I'm glad you're okay, at least :) No one can hold Charlie for super long and he's smaller :)


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Just had our WBV - 18lbs 4oz (was 8lbs 2oz at birth), 95% percentile for length and head circumference. My big girl!


OMG, the hitting. Seriously. My face gets a lot of it, and she loooooove slapping the laptop keys :D it's adorable though!


She has stopped rolling, for now. She bonked her face a couple times rolling over and I think it scared her. She is very very strong but not propping herself up, so more tummy time is in our future.


The babbling has increased and it just melts.my.heart. love.gif I always knew what her cry was for milk, but it's developed to be even more distinctive and dh and my mom have picked it up as well, which I think is cool.

Mothering › Groups › August 2011 Birth Club › Discussions › 6 months!