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airplanes and ear trouble??

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We are taking our first airplane trip with my 3 year old. I am worried about her ears. I am a bit of a worrier. There is not particular reason. I just read sometimes bot kids who go deaf from an air flight. Any thoughts??

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We have flown several trips a year by plane (both jets and small prop planes) with our son since he was 3 months old and ears were never a problem,  Granted, all kids are different and maybe we just got lucky.


The old stand-bys are gum, something to nibble on or something to drink as the motion of chewing and swallowing clears the tubes.  Take a small bottle of water along to let little one sip on landing.  Personally, I find landings worse than take-offs when it comes to ear pressure.


My husband is the one with the ear problems and what works for him is to keep his mouth closed, pinch his nose shut and blow to equalize the pressure.

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