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Daycare lunches?

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Is anyone preparing TF daycare lunches for older toddlers? I'm considering doing it for my 2.5, since the menu, although, not the worst, is definately not too TF. What is your experience with it? What tips can you give on doing it efficiently? I mostly worry about him wanting to est the daycare food anyway or feeling excluded somehow :(

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I was thinking about starting a thread about school lunches and found your thread! I have a 7 yo in public school and the rest of my kids are younger and at home, so we don't have to deal with packed lunches for them, but I figure it's still applicable. I'd love to hear other ideas for TF lunches, because we are in a rut and I feel like my son doesn't like a lot of what I send. I want eating this way to be a good thing for him and not a burden.


The lunches he enjoys and doesn't complain about:

Hard boiled eggs chopped up with sausage in a thermos

Ham and salami roll ups

Hot dog and ketchup (no bun)

Soup (sausage and spinach is a favorite)

*all the meat is uncured and grass-fed, usually ;)


I also send carrots and apple slices or some other fruit and he buys milk.


So that isn't much to choose from.  They don't have a hot lunch program a his school, so at least I don't have to compete with that. But he comes home and says "why can't I ever have lunchables??" I usually just respond that lunchables are junk and I feed him yummy AND nutritious food so he'll grow big and strong.


Anyone else? What do you send in your kids lunches?



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