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Looking for buddies in the Acton area ...

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Okay, so I'm getting desperate! We moved this past fall to the Acton area from the South Shore- and boy, what a difference! We are slowly plugging in but I would love to make some closer connections.


I am mumma to 3.5 year old DD- homeschooling (eclectic) plans as of now- into natural living, the outdoors, gentle parenting, all that good crunchy stuff ... up for anything! Fine with meeting for coffee or something and then getting the kiddos together later- or we could playdate or meet at something local. DD is an only and a little wary of new kiddos but warms up quick with the right connections- would love a buddy or two or three. I'd love a likeminded momma to chat with!


Urgh, that had all the semi-awkwardness of a personal ad! But really, if you're local and interested, please let me know. Send me a message and we can chat. 





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You can check out voyagers homeschool community (www.voyagersinc.org). They offer a friday morning group that you may enjoy.
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hey mama!  you know that we all miss you and want you guys to come play with us in marshfield.  food fun and lovin'!  see you at nest!


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We live in Ashburnham, but we're going to be in Concord this Friday (and several others) for acupuncture if you want to meet at the park. My little guy is almost 5, but he goes to preschool with littler ones, and he's friendly. OH, and I love the Acton area, and I'm trying to convince DH to move there!


DM me if you're interested.



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Oops, I meant Thursday. We'll be there Thursday. 

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