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Gave ds his first ever dose of Tylenol tonight

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My 16 month old is unvaxed, has never been "sick" (had a mild cold after New Years), never had a fever, etc.--about as "pure" as they come. Yesterday morning I noticed he was warm. He had a temp of 101. No biggie--no other symptoms, running around being himself--eating, drinking, nursing just fine. Slept fine all night. Had fever all day today.

Around 4:30 tonight he was just laying around. Totally unlike him. He still came up to the table for supper and halfway through he started fussing. I took his temp and he was close to 103. I immediately gave him a tepid bath, but that didn't seem to really help.

After the bath, he was laying around sleepy and I decided to take him to urgent care. I was second guessing myself the whole way there. We get there and he's running around playing--felt like an idiot being there, but we got taken in and his temp was 103. He has Coxsackie virus.

So...I got to make the decision when I got home to give him a fever reducer or not. I struggled and decided to do it. He was miserable. He needed some sleep so he could get better. I feel so bad that I gave it to him and in a way relieved at the same time. Did I do the right thing? Will it hurt him any that I did give it to him?
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Jackson had his first dose of Motrin about two weeks ago. He was down and out much like your son. He wasn't sleeping, I wasn't sleeping. I just decided that we all needed some sleep. After all, sleep is the best medicine. I think in moderation it's all OK, KWIM? It only took one dose that night and one the next and he was all better. Don't beat yourself up over this. Even my homeopath says it's OK sometimes.
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Thanks Amy!
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Awww - poor baby and mama! I know that lots here believe very strongly that pain/fever reducers are uneccessary, but IMO you need to take care of your baby! I have been told that coxsakie is a terribly painful illness for your baby. I'm glad you helped him to feel better. One or two doses won't kill him. I hope he feels better soon!
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Brayg, I totally agree that sleep is the best medicine and that you did the right thing. I have also given tylenol to my dd in a similar situation.

An alternative Idea - someone on mdc (sorry I don't remember who) recomended Valerian extract for pain relief. It does not lower fever, but does relieve pain and (supposedly) makes you a little sleepy. I bought ours at whole foods (health food store) I have recently given some to dd who had a fever and cold and just felt yucky and was having trouble sleeping. It seemed to work great. DH and I have both taken it for headaches, didn't notice and sleepiness but definetley had pain relief (that is why I say it supposedly makes you sleepy.) Anyhow, just an idea.

Hope your little one is feeling better soon.
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You did the right thing!
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You did the right thing. I am not a medicine person, but Coxackie is serious. We had a bout of that when Schmooey was about a year and a half. It was very scary.
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Thanks all. He sailed through w/flying colors so far. I gave him his Tylenol and nursed him to sleep at about 8:30 last night. He didn't wake up again until 3:00. I nursed him and gave him more tylenol, as he was still pretty hot. He slept again till 8:10 this morning. He woke up with no fever. I had called earlier yesterday for an appointment w/the ped. for this morning (before going to the ER) so I took him anyway. He said that Owen would probably get another fever later today but that the worst is over. *whew* I'd have to say he's done very well w/this. Especially since it's his first real illness.
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Well, the better sleep he got likely helped him tremendously. BTW, you can always give half-doses instead of the full does. Often, that is plenty. So you can minimize the amt of tylenol you give.
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I totally agree with the sleep thing. I'm so bummed at myself, too, because this past weekend we were so busy w/family stuff that he didn't get the good naps he should have. Sure enough, he gets sick. I'm thinking we caught it on Thursday at the toddler class we take (really the only place we were to catch it) so the lack of naps hurt him. That and he just had 4 molars pop through. Another stress on his body.

I gave him one dropper of infant tylenol (.8 mL). It seemed to do the trick. I wanted to make sure he got enough to be effective. Didn't want it all to be in vain. It was hard enough giving it to him at all, kwim?
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Rachel, I'm so glad to hear that Owen is feeling better. I've been thinking of him today. I'm sure the sleep helped you both tremendously.

That is incredible that this is his first illness!! What a great immune system he must have

I can't believe I've never thought about giving dd a half dose of the Tylenol. I haven't used it in a long while, but wish I would have thought of that at the time...

Anyhow, I'm sure your little guy will be back up to full speed in no time!
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I've been thinking of him today.
:*) Awww...thanks so much!

That is incredible that this is his first illness!! What a great immune system he must have
It is pretty incredible. I'm very proud of it too!

Thanks so much everyone for your encouragement. I was about in tears on my way to the ER because I wasn't sure what to do--it was a major internal struggle.
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I'm leary of meds in general, but the few times my ds has been really sick, feverish, and clearly feeling terrible, I usually break down and give him a half dose of tylenol, just so he can get some sleep, drink some water, or whatever. I figure when I have a fever I feel REALLY CRAPPY, and all I want is a little relief. Why expect a toddler to just grin and bear it?
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I was going to post exactly what hhurd said. I struggle a lot with the decision to give any medications, but if ds is clearly miserable, then I give him a bit of tylenol. In his 3 years he's had Tylenol maybe 5 times. Like the previous poster said, I break down and take medication if I'm feeling crappy enough, so I feel like I should do the same for ds.
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That was the bottom line for me, too, when I gave it to him. He NEEDED rest and the Tylenol helped him do so.

I have given him a total of 4 doses (2 for fever relief, 2 for pain relief--but they were 1/2 doses). I don't want to give it anymore, though.
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Hey honey, I totally understand what you're going through. I have a 16 month old too. We practice homeopathy as much as possible and really great nutrition and she's only had a couple of colds. But recently she had a real doosey. She couldn't sleep cause she was so congested and her frustration simply broke my heart. I'm really sensitive to medicine and have always tried every other route with her, but here's the deal. Tylenol cold was the only thing that helped her sleep so she could heal. No side effects. No problems. She kicked the cold really fast because her body was able to rest. Tylenol is about the safest thing you could use as far as medicines go and you should rest easy that you followed your gut and that your intentions were pure. I think when you are serving your child's best interests, you can't go wrong. I wouldn't worry about giving him another dose tonight. I found that an eve dose for a few days was just what my little girl needed and I'm sure she appreciated. Good luck.
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you all are so supportive! Thanks so much for your words.
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OK, just so someone sings a different tune here, I would say one tylenol would have been enough already!

And here is why:


Now you know why. To tell the truth, I wouldn't have given ANY.
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The dangers of anti-pyretics are most likely when used as a "baby-sitter". The odd times are unlikely to do anything, though there have been case reports in medical literature of liver toxicity after one dose.

But I would think that would have to be in a vastly compromised child already.

You don't need to beat yourself up. You just need to be happy with your own decision. Because in the end YOU have to look after your child, no-one else.
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