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Birth Story and Picture of my new little babe!

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I've never posted a birth story and it feels a little weird to start a whole thread just for myself... but I really wanted to share!  3do.babe.JPG


My babe was born Monday January 23 at 5:11 am by emergency c-section.  The short story is that I started bleeding at 1 am on Monday morning.  I assumed it would stop but after an hour I was still bleeding.  I called the doc and she said that I should come in and bring my stuff and we'd do the c-section in the morning.  We got things settled for DD1 and got to the hospital around 3 am.  I was bleeding but not super heavy.  Still, since there was an OR available and no one else in Triage (!) everyone agreed to do the c-section right away.  I was in the OR within an hour.  The baby was born at 5:11 am and I was in recovery around 6:30. 


The surgery itself was kind of awful.  They had trouble getting the spinal in, the drape was sort of over my head at a 30 degree angle and they had a really hard time cutting through the existing scar tissue.  But, the placenta was easily delivered, I lost a normal amount of blood and the baby was totally healthy and didn't need any interventions despite being premature.

The first hour of recovery was very painful.  The spinal wore off in my abdomen long before I could feel my feet.  But I stuck to my convictions and avoided the morphine.  Once the Turadol kicked in and the spinal wore off, I felt ok.  With the help of a great nurse, I was off the IV and walking at noon, catheter out by 6 pm and discharged Weds at 8 am! 


I really feel great.  Pain is manageable, the baby is nursing really well and the constant stress of waiting for an emergency has passed!  My oldest is slowly adjusting and I have more help than I want in the form of my sisters who flew in to take care of DD while I was in the hospital.



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i'm in awe of you!  that is a beautiful bb too!  joy.gif

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Aww, so sweet.  I'm so happy for you that you were able to return home so quickly!  I'm glad the anxious waiting is over.  I hope you recover quickly and enjoy some sweet, sweet babytime!!

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Congrats again, mama. Glad everything worked out. And yes, your little baby is just precious!!!!

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Your baby is adorable!!!  Congratulations, i'm glad everything turned out ok and that both you and baby are doing well

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Oh my gosh! Your baby is so sweet and adorable!! Congratulations! I'm sorry you had to go through an emergency situation, but am so glad that everything worked out well in the end and that everyone is in good health. Hoping you have a swift and painless recovery. 

What a sweetie! (I've now scrolled back up 3 times to see the picture again lol)

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Look at those cheeks!! So adorable. Congratulations and enjoy kissing that beautiful baby face. 

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Aww, baby is so sweet... makes me anxious to meet mine! smile.gif
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Congratulations mama! Glad everything turned out well, and she has the most adorable squishy cheeks ever :)

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you recovered so quickly and well, it sounds like.  i mean, i know you are STILL recovering but to be walking about so soon.  hope you get lots of rest this week.  i am really glad that you are well.  so thankful that you had a hospital and staff nearby to assist you with the quickness that you needed.  so grateful for such care.


the little purple outfit on a little cute is just making me drool.  I could go into labor just looking at that precious babe!  congrats to you all over, again, mama parsley.  i hope your older one transitions well and you adjust to life with two easily.  i especially hope that your sister does all the things you actually need her to do so you can bond with both your kids now and get all the rest you need to feel better soon.  much love to you. 

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Congrats! You have a beautiful baby to hold now!  All is well! :)

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Thanks everyone! 

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