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Originally Posted by krunchyk View Post

I am all for a home birth, but DH seems a bit apprehensive about it.  He states that he would be much more comfortable in a birthing center.  We're fortunate that there is an awesome local midwife that operates a birthing center, but also does home births.  AND, she is in-network.  I would hate to have to drive to the birth center because it is Southern California and everything here is a commute.  It could take an hour to go the 20 miles, and that is without exaggeration.  It could even take longer! No way! 

krunchyk - In Floriday, homebirth midwives bring the same equipment with them that a birthcenter has for emergencies.  If you plan to labor at home for a while, why transfter to the center?  Just something to think about.  Also, again I don't know the rules in your state, our birth centers have certain regulations that are not applicable to home birth midwives (i.e. time limit after your water is broken).  This was my biggest issue for my first birth that ended in cesarean after I passed the 18 hr rule at the birth center and then the 24 hr rule at theh hospital.  I was completely dialated when the did the section, but I "wasn't making progress". 

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Hey, for those of you interviewing your midwives, what kinds of questions did you ask?

-How many ladies they see each month.  Who is their backup in case they are with another.

-What both the MW and back up transfer rates are.  What reasons do they typically transfer for. 

Those were my biggest questions this time, since I have already learned so much from other women about this MW.  Also, I'm going to once again refer to ICAN website.  I can't say enough about the amount of research and information available here.  Maybe start here http://ican-online.org/pregnancy/choosing-a-primary-caregiver.  Best of luck in your search!


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Mine will be a HBAC too... which is why my biggest thing was that I have to completely trust my care provider. 


If they tell me "You can do this." I want to look them in the eye and know they mean it, and at the same time, if they say "this isn't going to work this way..." or some sad news like that, I can trust them then too. :)

Originally Posted by BradyMom View Post

I could have written this exact same post after our interview yesterday!!!  This particular midwife books up so fast too, she's only taking 5 clients this October so I'm glad to have made the decision already.  Mine will be a HBAC.




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I would LOVE a home water birth, and I tried to get DH on board with that last fall, but he was still very unsure.  His main concern is if something goes wrong and we have to drive to the hospital.  Our Ideal hospital is 25 min away, but we are 5 min from 2 ER's if it is that much of an emergency.  I'm confident that I can do this at home without all the interventions of the hospital...


As of right now I'm seeing an OB, but he doesn't deliever at our prefered hospital (UofM which I want to deliver at if at a hospital).  I'm going to chat with the MW closest to me that delivers at UofM.  They just opened a new building for Birthing which I have heard good things about.


I'm ok with a UC as well, but DH would poop his pants if I even mentioned that to him ROTFLMAO.gifSo we are going to see where life takes us!

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Watching my DH's viewpoint change throughout the years has been interesting.  


During my 1st pregnancy: "So you want to try this without an epidural?"

Driving back from the hospital after DS1 was born: "So why did we have to go to the hospital for that again?"


After DD1's homebirth: "Hmm, so what happens if there isn't a midwife here?"


During DD2's homebirth, he just woke up, took one look at me and started uncovering the birth tub.  (I have precipitous labors.)

After DS2's UC (total labor 24 minutes): "I didn't even have time to make my coffee!"  lol.gif

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:lol red sonja, that's great!


I had a wonderful homebirth with my first, I thought it was going to be a lot harder than it was!  My postpartum recovery wasn't so rosy, but that's another story.   I was surprisingly zen about   the whole pregnancy and birth the first time but this time, I just feel a little more uneasy.  I feel like, it can't possibly go that well a second time!  Which is silly, of course it could go that well again, it could even be better!  But, I can't see myself really wanting a hospital birth either, unless there were circumstances that required it.  We are also moving this summer to a much more rural area.  We haven't decided exactly where we'll be, so I can't educate myself about available hospitals yet.  Last time I was pretty close to a big hospital.  I'm a little concerned about not having a hospital nearby with a 24 hour anesthesiologist, but that's silly to worry about now, before we know where we're going to live. 


At least with the move we'll be in the same state as my midwife!  My MIL attended my first birth (sounds like a very bad idea to some mamas, I know!  Luckily I have an awesome MIL)  Last time, she came down and lived with us for the last few weeks, so she could be close by when I went into labor.   She stayed with us afterwards for a couple of weeks too, we had to move suddenly ( I was 2 weeks postpartum) and she packed practically my whole house, besides keeping us all fed and well taken care of. 


The homebirth thing did kind of freak my mom out.  She's kind of a worrier anyway, but luckily she kept her nerves to herself for the most part.  She was too far away to come to the birth, which was probably for the best.  I think she'll be calmer about it this time around, which is good because we'll be a lot closer to her as well.  I'm considering having her come and be in charge of DS this time, but I haven't decided yet.  I know I won't want her in the room with me if she's acting nervous, but it's not like I'll have a waiting room in my house I can send her to, you know?


Luckily, DH watched all 5 of his siblings being born at home, and 1 or 2 of his cousins as well!  He was a great labor assistant :D

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We're planning another hbac.gif with this one. I don't trust any hospital to approach a VBAC unbiasedly and feel that I will be set up to fail in hospital setting.

Plus, as this was a lovely surprise we don't have maternity care with our insurance so I'd much rather pay a MW to give me just what I need at home, than pay much more to be given what I don't need in a hospital.

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My DS was a midwife/homebirth baby, my DD was an amazing UC, but bc this pregnancy was unplanned and I am so busy, I have hired a midwife to take care of everything for me this time, lol. My DD is still so young I just want to focus on her and my DS as much as possible. I am meeting with the midwife tomorrow and she has ran reviews, a few friends of mine have used her and adored her so I am really looking forward to it :-) A bit of social anxiety I guess but nothing too bad, lol. 

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We're planning another home birth. Our first home birth ended as a hospital transfer. Second time's the charm, I hope. We're now in a state with tons of midwives and I'll have to start interviewing soon. I have so many more choices now than I did last time. It's quite overwhelming.


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After a very intervention heavy hospital birth  with an ob which turned out to be exactly the opposite of what we had planned, DH and I want to go the mid-wife route this time.  I've been going to a midwifery practice for my well woman care.  They have a birth center but also do home births and I hope to use them for this pregnancy.  I'm going to call tomorrow to set up a first appointment.  We don't feel like we have to make the decision right away in terms of birth center/ home birth but if things do well for this pregnancy I'm really leaning towards homebirth.

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I would love to have a homebirth this time, but I'm not sure if it'll be a good idea or not. I tried to have a homebirth with my daughter, but after 37 hours, I was transferred to hospital. In the end I haemorraged from a tear, which makes me think that a homebirth is a bad idea this time, in case it happens again. But I'll speak to my midwife about it anyway and see what she says.

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Originally Posted by nettlesoup View Post

I would love to have a homebirth this time, but I'm not sure if it'll be a good idea or not. I tried to have a homebirth with my daughter, but after 37 hours, I was transferred to hospital. In the end I haemorraged from a tear, which makes me think that a homebirth is a bad idea this time, in case it happens again. But I'll speak to my midwife about it anyway and see what she says.

grouphug.gifa gf of mine hemorraged with her first home birth-herbs, pit., then airlifted to the nearest hospital, midwife with her fist in her uterus the whole way, um ouch!, precarious health when she arrived at the hospital. She had her second at a birth center (she's about 45 minutes from the hospital and bc is less than 10) and had abs. no hemmorhaging. If your close to the hospital and you're confident in you mw's skills, I see abs. no reason to not homebirth, other than your own intuition and comfort. grouphug.gif


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Thanks for that Jen. My mum haemorrhaged with me but didn't even tear with my younger sister. But the problem is we live right in the countryside, and neither of us drive. And the hospital is at least half an hour away. But despite that I would still like to do it if at all possible.


I know now what I could have done to prevent the blood loss last time. I gave birth on my back and I pushed her out too quickly. I wanted to go on all fours, but having a drip in my arm put me off moving at all, and of course I now regret that. The blood loss also resulted in me having a very hard first two weeks; I ended up with group B strep and it ruined my chances of breastfeeding. So atleast this time I know what to do differently!

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We are planning a home birth after having 3 medicated hospital births. I am so excited!  We have already hired our midwife and will interview doulas next week. 

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We are planning a UC with this pregnancy pending any problems or complications. Our last was a planned birth-center birth that turned into a transfer to the hospital for pitocin augmentation after the midwife insinuated that I would be a C-section case otherwise. It was as good an experience as I think you could have in that situation...but I KNOW that it was all absolutely unnecessary and it irks me how "in charge" my partner and I still had to be...nevermind the ridiculous hoops we had to jump through just to get OUT of the hospital shortly after my son's birth! Or the threats that he might die because we weren't staying longer or getting him the proper shots!! There's no way I'm dealing with that again for a second.


 What I really needed was a support person who was calm, a few hours of rest, and maybe a really warm bathtub to sink into when things got tough. I can get that at home. 




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I'm hoping for a home birth!

I'm a midwife and attend home and birth center births, and though I love the birth center it's just not very appealing to give birth at work.

The midwife I'll be using is a friend, and was my preceptor when I was a student midwife-- I feel so grateful to have an attendant who knows me as well as she does! Actually most of my friends are midwives, so I'll be trying to figure out how to balance the number of people there-- I'm sure it will turn into a big midwife party!
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I'm hoping for a homebirth, but dh is not completely sold on it. I already had my unmedicated vbac, so I know I can do it. Have a hb midwife lined up, but until he decides, I'm not seeing anybody.

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Planning for a homebirth. The other 3 were homebirths, all of them great birth experiences. I like the idea of UC (now that I know a bit about how it goes), but not with this one -- the last one required a little bit of help an hour after the birth and I was glad the midwife was there to assist and assess!

I am hoping for a "midwife can you please wait in the kitchen until I am asking you for advice/support" type of birth, just as my last two.

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'ello all. I'm planing my 2cd home UC birth. my first one was a c/s so legally in ak midwives can't attend :( my last UBAC went fantastic though so unless something develops during the pregnancy that would indicate a problem I'm planing another one. 

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I am definitely having a homebirth!  This is a decision my husband and I made about a year and a half ago.  This is my second pregnancy, first child.  First pregnancy ended in miscarriage and 8.5 weeks.  My midwife is awesome and we heard definite movement on the doplar this week (at just 9 weeks), but no heartbeat yet.  It was still reassuring.  We aren't doing any medical interventions that aren't indicated including ultrasound.  BTW, what does UC stand for?   

Originally Posted by femmeknitzi View Post

Hey, for those of you interviewing your midwives, what kinds of questions did you ask?

As others have noted, we interviewed one midwife and it felt so right that we didn't interview any more.  Questions I wanted to know:

Number of births attended/facilitated?

Percent of hospital transfers?

Percent of c-sections?

Any fatalities and why?

Does s/he do water birth? 

How many post partum visits are included?

What's not included in the overall cost?

What prenatal tests does she require/offer?

Is she supportive of doulas and family members attending the birth?

What role does she like for fathers/partners in the prenatal care?

How are transfer decisions made?


I hope that helps!



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