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Hi all,


I have been breastfeeding for 4.5 years, my first for over 3 years (and on occasion even now) and my second sinnce his birth 19 months ago. My supply has always been strong, although my left breast has always been the "weaker" breast and is even visibly smaller than the right. Neither of my sons has evener efused the left breast for this reason though.


I experienced PPD and PPA after my first and never was treated and then it came back even stronger after my second. I started an antidepressant in November ata very low dose and then ramped up a litttle bit to slightly higher dose about one month ago. Iin the past two weeks I have noticed my milk supply decrease in my left breast--something i have never experienced before--even during my pregnancy with my second child! I nursed staright through the entire pregnancy with no problems. All of a sudden, I am noticing my breast looks visibly smaller (more than before) and my 19 month old is refusing to nurse from it at times. I am continuing to offer him the breast, power pump and I started cal/mag and am thinking of trying fenugreek. I do not want to lose my supply in the left breast...any suggestions? Also, if anyone has ever experienced a sudden decrease in supply NOT due to pregnancy, period returning and perhaps after beginning an SSRI (Celexa) I would love to hear your thoughts!


Thanks :-)