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Besides, meconium only lasts a couple of days, not weeks.

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We've completely drunk the goodmama koolaid in this house. We love them. They are by far my favorite cloth diapers, and i've tried (and own) A LOT: I uh.... kinda have a cloth diaper addiction. Even though Thing #1 just started the potty learning today, that's not stopping me from purchasing MOAR. 

I've tried all of the following with varying results: 


G-diapers (C-) (I simply do not like these. They leak for us, and feel cheap) 

Fuzzibuns  OS and sized (A) (the OS are great, to take you from birth thru PLing) 

Thirsties w/ prefolds (B) (only a b because I got the velcro and its NOT lasting)

Bummis with prefolds (B++/A-) The PUL on bummis is thicker and the velcro I swear lasts longer. I have a bummis cover and a thirsties cover i bought at the same time and the bummis one is in much better condition. 

WAHM fitteds B+ (only used these a few times as I borrowed them from a friend who CD's and I ran out of dipes at her house) 

Bitti Tutto C (did not fit my long skinny ginger shrimp and thus ruined a 170 year old sofa's upholestry)

Cutey Baby (C-) Pain in the butt to clean and don't fit him quite right. But sometimes you can get the disposable liners at meijers which make toddler poo easier to deal with. However their microfiber LINERS which you can get separately get an A from me as I use them for nighttime stuffers and it adds less bulk than 2 microfiber inserts and absorbs as well as 2. 

Happy Heineys (A) Same as fuzzibuns... 

Grovia cover and AIO (B-) Cover doesn't fit over goodmamas, and AIO takes forever to dry but its nice and absorbant.  

Wool covers: (A-) I love them, but you have to hand wash them 

Goodmamas (A++) They contain the poop immensely, even when my son had an allergic reaction and the other diapers resulted in it running down his legs and into his shoes, these kept it in somehow and magically. Only con- they're expensive and need a cover. But you can get em used, and if you're at home and check the kid religiously like I do, a cover isn't necessary at home. 




There's a few more but I can't remember. There's a brick and mortar store in downtown Naperville called Comfy Bummy- (across the street from the Barnes and noble, next to the Mongolian BBQ, its down this little alleyway ) they're great. I got MOST of my stuff from them (not the goodmamas though, I beg them every time i"m in there to carry them and I guess its hard because the patterns change so keeping it updated on the website would be hellish) . But they'll seriously go over every system pros and cons, show you how they fit the kid on a newborn size doll and everything. They're SUPER helpful. 

Sorry for editing so many times, I kept thinking of stuff. 

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I used prefolds from Green Mountain Diapers for a couple months. I also had about one of every cover they carry because I couldn't decide what I wanted! After that I mostly used a prefold and a cover from Mother-Ease for about a year. I have tried several different kinds and brands. These have become my favorite: Peachy Green Diapers. My least favorite thing about cloth is that they are so bulky underneath clothing. My DD has never, not once, been able to wear a pair of jeans. The Peachy Greens are the trimmest dipe I've found though.


Good Luck! It was overwhelming for me as well! You will get there though.

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This is so awesome.  I just starting thinking about this issue and here it is!  DP is not sure about the cloth diaper situation but I bet I can get him on board with the $ and recycling / reusing benefits.  Lily thanks for the great link from your friend; the blog was incredibly helpful.  I was nervous about the prefolds but after reading every ones comments I think we will try that route with some AIOs to supplement for outings, etc.  Not sure I totally understand all the folding / diapering options but I feel much better about the situation now.   I have been browsing craigslist and other used sources for AIO used options and there are some great deals out there.  My first child I went completely out of bounds spending on every baby (and child) thing I could imagine. I feel good about more world friendly, simple options to integrate this baby into our lives.

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As far as AIOs go, my favorite have been the Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Size diapers. I generally prefer velcro for its adjustability, but since those diapers are sized, they fit my girl absolutely perfectly, and worked like a charm for me. I also liked Blueberry AIOs, but not quite as much. One Size-- the kind that you adjust the size to go from infant to toddler-- never worked for us because Cecilia is so small. They just became super bulky annoying things when adjusted down as small as she needed. So that's something to keep in mind once your baby is here-- their size might dictate what type of diaper you use at least to some extent!

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One size diapers didn't really work for us either.  Between probably three months and 1 year they worked fine but she's been too big since around her first birthday.  My girl got blessed with her mama's belly, booty, and thighs. 

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Interesting, so they seem to really only be ideal for "average" sized babes. Good to know!

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I'm a bit late to the discussion, so I'm not sure what has been said already...


I cannot offer helps with brands, but I can help with materials. I made all the diapers for baby 2 (#1 was in disposables) and making some new diapers for baby 3.


Baby 2 we used fleece cover (breathable, easy to care for, cheap to make)m folded lay in soakers (micro fiber or cotton), and a rectangle piece of fleece for a stay dry layer. This set up had served us VERY will over the last 2 years. DS had NEVER worn a disposable (that could also be attributed to a HORRIBLE incident we had with a disposable with DD).


Baby 3 we will use wool covers (breathable, few washings needed, absorb moisture without transferring to other fabrics), cotton OS (one-size) fitteds with cotton/bamboo inserts and raw silk for a stay dry layer (gentler on skin, naturally anti microbial). 


The patterns I'm using for baby 3: 


Darling Diapers Unlimited

Little Bean Bum OS Fitted Pocket


Pattern used for baby 2:


Wee Weka OS


If you guess I DON'T like PUL orngtongue.gif

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Some of the best resources are the Yahoo groups especially if you are looking for co-ops or if you want to learn to sew your own,

I personally love prefolds. My kids had a large rise and trying to keep their butt covered with a fitted was hard. The "rise" is the distance from the belly button to the top of the

butt. Not all diapers are created equal and the differences in fabrics are important. With that being said so are the differences in washing machines.

I have noticed a lot more issues with diaper washing in front loaders than top loaders. The lack of water seems to be a huge problem for cd'ers.

One thing I highly recommend getting is a diaper sprayer. It's easy to hook up to your toilet and makes it easier to clean those poopy messes.

Here is my own take on the different types of diapers.

Prefolds, these are all around the best diapers as far as price goes, and you can also beat them to death and they will last a long time. Very easy to take care of and you don't

have to worry about how much abuse they take. Make sure you get some snappis for these, it will make your life a lot easier!

Fitteds come in many different fabric types and different styles and closures as well as internal layers. They work pretty well, but again depending upon their cut and sizing

you can end up with plumber's butt. They are great though for newborns.

AIO's All in Ones are convenient because they already have the PUL outer and so you don't need another cover. The biggest issue with these is can you really get them clean enough and

the drying time stinks! Sometimes they also lack absorbancy because of the aforementioned reasons

Pockets these are great because they are like an AIO but they have layers that come out, so you can adjust how you want them and it makes it easier to wash and dry.

PUL polyerethane laminate These are much different than your mom's plastic pants from years ago They are more durable and hold up to multiple washing, but tend to be less breathable

Wool soakers,  for many this is something new that many do not know the wonderful benefits of. This stuff works great, lasts a long time and once lanolized can be a wonderful breathable option


And you can see some great groups here




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ilovechotchkes, funny how two people, both with skinny babies, can have such different experiences.  Thirsties covers with velcro and my faves, and have proven so durable I can hardly believe it.  I usually hate velcro, but I'll make an exception for Thirsties.  Happy Heinys, on the other hand, I can't stand.  They leak, leak, and leak some more.  The velcro pulls off, the fabric oozes color in the wash, and the inside gets stained and pilly after a single use.  Our go-to pocket when he got out of the newborn stage were Bumgenius o/s (can't wait to try them with snaps).  We also really liked snap Rumparooz.

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Two 6 packs of bummis organic cotton prefolds (7-20 lbs)

6 pack of kissaluvs unableached fitted fleece (size 0)

Two liljoeys all in ones

two sustainablebabyish organic fitted fleece contrasts (extra small) and purchased one more after she was born because they were our fav!

and 4 thirsties covers with snaps- love them!


We pre-washed and dried them 6 times.


Oh and one wool cover but haven't tred it yet!


We use EVERY diaper, and have to wash them every 2 days. 


Charlie's laundry soap is amazing

Also bought a Mini-shower-bidet for the toilet - works great for spraying out poops!


Probably could use one or two more covers, but everything is working out great now!  

Hailey is 16 days old... She was 6lbs 4oz at birth and tiny!  But there are so many snap positions we never had a problem... 


Also never once leaked except for when we used disposable!


Enjoying the variety... Would personally rather have skipped the liljoeys... They are sooooo padded and huge in the butt!  


Good luck!


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ooo - thanks for sharing TheMomadance. This helps - I'm thinking about just getting the newborn stash myself and putting everything else on the registry.

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vfoeba, great additional diaper sewing info.

I REALLY wish I would have bought the Darling Diapers Unlimited pattern when I was first learning to sew diapers. The instructions section covers all the ways to put a cloth diapers together, definitely a diaper sewing "How To" textbook!

We are doing side snap wool covers this time. My son was such a funky shape touch tape closers pops open and snaps still left leg gaping (had to use diaper pins). With a side snap the waist and legs can be adjusted separately.
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You'll find your own way.  I know I started out following other people's lead until I figured out what worked for me that maybe didn't for others.  I've never used a sprayer.  When we first started solids I got a cheap spatula to keep under the bathroom sink to scrape the poop, and now that she's mostly solids I can let them sit for a few hours and the poop shakes off easily most of the time.  I also never had a problem with washing or drying my AIOs.  Maybe it's the all cotton, plus the ones I use always have the soaker sewn only on one side.  They wash clean and don't take any more time to dry than my prefolds.

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So I went the really lazy CD route. Bought 15 Bumgenius  (not enough...would have liked 10 more). Used All free and clear, or a number of other "free & clear" type of detergents. Did a pre-rinse in vinegar often. Never had any complaints, except that once DD got around 15 months, she starting leaking and the velcro began to lose its power.

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I was intimidated by prefolds so we used a system, grovia's. I happen to love them! we also ahve around 14 BumGenius too, which I also love. not organic, they are polyester inside but the grovia's are organic cotton. We are very mobile as a family unit so I needed something really easy to pop on. I also prefer velcro. I have some snaps (cause how cute are GenY covers??) but I prefer velcro, I like the perfect fit and how easy they go on, nt to mention he is exctly one year old today and pretty squirmy so the snaps frustrate both him and I. If I ahd been using only those the whole time I would porbbaly be better at them and it wouldnt make a difference but as it stands I am more comfortbale with velcro. I guess the same would apply for prefolds, I bet you get used to them pretty quick too. :)

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I am in the same situation... Only 25 weeks pregnant. I have wonderful friends, who have given me tons of advice and I still feel overwhelmed. Plusc everyone says, find what works for you... And, each baby fits differently.... And, what you like at home and what you like at the grocery store might be two different kinds of diaper.  ;P    I felt like my head was going to spin off!  But, I think I finally have a plan.


First, I found a local cloth diapering class. I figure seeing everything first hand and how all the different parts actually work together and function, will help me to visualize my routines. Second, and perhaps the biggest source of relief is this:  http://www.jilliansdrawers.com/products/clothdiapers/tryclothfor10/tryclothfor10    A cloth diaper trial. You pay for a trial package of assorted cloth, and after 21 days, return what you don't like for a refund or exchange for the kinds you do like. I am also on a budget and can't afford to buy a bunch of diapers that I end up not liking or using. This seems like a great way to get aquatinted with the different fits and functions, without losing money. 


Good luck with everything!!!  :)))

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We got a lot, 2doz small and 3 doz med, of second hand prefolds (which was great because they were ready to go) and a couple of small and x-small Bummi's velcro covers.  We really only used the covers when we went out and at night.  We kept him on us all of the time, so we could tell when he was soiled and change him quickly.  We started ECing pretty soon and by 9mos he was pooping in the pot exclusively and at 18mos no diapers at all (I take that back, we are still working on nights!). 


We lived in a yurt for many of those months and I did diaper laundry in a basin and hung it to dry.  The New Mexico sun does a great job of sanitizing diapers, bleached out all meconium and BF mustard colored stains!  AND the prefolds held up wonderfully, even as second hand. 


My vote is for prefolds and a potty!

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First, I found a local cloth diapering class. I figure seeing everything first hand and how all the different parts actually work together and function, will help me to visualize my routines.

I teach a cloth diaper class. That is one thing I hear form parents, being able to touch and feel the different styles of diapers and see HOW they work, makes it so much easier for them. 

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Thank you everyone!!!  This is great!.  I love this forum!  I have so many new insights about cloth diapering!   I now have lots to think about and explore. 

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