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Have you seen this site, Mammamo? http://www.wholewoman.com/


It is a really beautiful and informative site for women with prolapse issues. I never knew how common this is! I have a pretty mild rectocele post-birth with Luca. I work as a produce department manager at a health food store and was lifting very heavy things pretty far into my pregnancy...I didn't realize how it could affect me, but I think that's when I compromised my pelvic floor. 


This site has lots of exercises and suggestions for pelvic floor health, and also a forum!

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Thanks!! I have been back again since then and she gave me some more exercises for helping stuff move back up, I've been doing them and hoping they work :) I work as a nurse and worked up until 1-2 weeks before I had each of the kids, but also part of it is genetics, my grandma and mom both had hysterectomies when they were young (35 and 48) for prolapses. I would like to avoid surgery, but also my mom had a bunch of work done to her bladder to put it back and she is forever on a 30lb lifting restriction, which I literally CANNOT do, I would have to get a new job!!

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I'd love to connect via Facebook too. Do we have a Facebook group?

I am always over there and forget to come here. :/

Not that anyone probably remembers me. lol 


I had my baby boy Dec. 31st 2011 :)


My Facebook url is: www.facebook.com/sunshinesinaz

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I just asked to join the group on Facebook. I am Ann Webster on there. :)


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I didn't see your request yet, but here's the page just in case you need to try again https://www.facebook.com/groups/224822710947916/

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