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Yeah, I was going to suggest enlisting the friends to make cakes too.  Or family friends and relatives.  Could you rope enough people into helping to end up with 18 cakes?

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That is a great idea, but I feel uncomfortable asking the families/kids to bring cakes.  It would be great if it started out as an idea the kids themselves had, but it's not.  We don't have any relatives around here either, otherwise that would be something that might work.  Yeah, it's a shame to let the 18 cake idea go, it's such a good one, but it's too expensive to buy that many, and if I made that many-- too much work for me to make them all.  If we do the video idea, I hope it turns out OK.

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What about inviting 18 friends, and asking each to make/bring a cake for him?

My DH did something similar on his 18th birthday.  Every friend brought a tub of ice cream.  Maybe 18 cakes could work this way.  Actually, if he wants to ask (like my DH did) they probably won't feel awkward, and if they just want to bring a frozen cake or whatever, that would be cool.  He'd have the fancy homemade one from you, anyway.  Or, you could do it like a treats only potluck.


The video idea sounds cool, too.

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My dd just turned 18, she had an all weekend birthday party! It was nice because those who couldn't make it on one day had the opportunity to come by as there schedule allowed. Okay, so it was allot of work for me an my dh, but they all helped out and I would do it this way again. It was a special thing, if you think about it, they will all be starting off to a new life in a few months! What better present than time with her friends.  

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Hmmm.... I don't think cupcakes are too kid-ish. You could do muffins though, or cake made in muffin tins. I was going to suggest the one big cake, with 17 cupcakes around it. OR, 1 big cake (maybe divided into 10 parts with icing or something else, a candle in each section) and 7 cupcakes. OR, divide your batter into 18 parts, and make some really thin cakes. If you can't find mini-cake pans, another idea is to use oven safe glass containers, like corningware. Or, cut the large cake into 18 squares, frost, and put them in different places. (eg. a few on the table, a few on the counter, a few on another section of the counter, a few on the coffee table, etc.) 

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I also don't see cupcakes as being to kid-ish. Heck... my son has a p/t job working for a cupcake truck - and their customers are almost exclusively adults. Not just buying a dozen for the kids, but onesies for a snack, dessert after lunch, etc. Who doesn't love a cupcake? I love the idea of one big cke, surrounded by 17 cupcakes - each decorated in some memorable way.


Also not sure I understand the reticence over asking his friends to bring a cake. They're his friends - wouldn't they want to give him what he wants? Then they can all take some home.

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Ooooh! What about making one big cake, and then "decorating it" with 18 cake pops???? You could put a candle in each cake pop!

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also, you could make the cupcakes more "masculine" by doing a bacon frosting.  That seems to be all the rage these days amongst fancy cupcake purveyors.  For those who have not tried it, the interplay of sweet & salty is dreamy.

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