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Opinion on Name

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Anyone care to offer an honest opinion on the name Ariana (ARE-EE-AHH-NA) with a nickname of Ari (ARE-EE).  Middle name, Grace.

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I love Ariana Grace, but Ari is a boy's name to me.
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Hmm... the only "Ari" (which is short for Ariana) is a girl.

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LOVE it!  My daughter's best friend is named Arianna : )   She's an amazing girl.  

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I think it's beautiful!

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I don't think Ari sounds masculine at all!  I have a good friend named Ariana who went by Ana as a kid and now goes by Ari... I think it's lovely!  :)

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Very cute!!! and I love both Ari and Ana as nicknames.  Ari sounds feminine to me smile.gif  It goes very cute with Grace.



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I love it!  I have a friend with this name and she goes by Ari.  I also have a male friend named Aristotle and he goes by Ari.  Both fit their names very well..... I wouldn't be worried about it sounding too masculine - -

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Love it. as a younger woman I had a bob tailed coon cat and named her that. Later I had a daughter and couldn't name her after a cat!  We chose Alicia (uh lee see uh) and call her Ali for short. So for you I love it:)

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Sometimes we called the cat Anna.

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I love the name Ariana. Indeed, Ari IS a boy's name, but has always sounded feminine to me.


Want to warn you...a friend's dd is Ariana, and everyone pronounces it Air e anna instead of Ar e anna.  I'm not sure you care, I just wanted to tell you her experience. It drives her nuts.

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