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hoping everything is ok with Kelantan been thinking of her everyday and sending good vibes wishing for the best!


AFM ive been having some awful nasel stuff going on and im not sure if im sick or its just pregnancy weirdness....really want to drink some of my cold care tea but im nervous because it says to consult your doctor if pregnant BUT SO DO MY PRENATAL VITAMINS!!!!  sigh idk got a phone call today from on of DH's relatives who was concerned about how we aregoing to handle this new baby financially...because A) thats what i need to hear as a first reaction and B) making me stress more about it is proactive...ugh this is why i havn't told anyone on my side, we've had to borrow money this last year to pay some bills and all im gunna get is disappointment and worry and people being disappointed in me:( i was hoping if i had another child i would not being getting the same reactions as i did  with DD but i guess not...


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(normally I update last, but i'm being selfish.. me first today) haha SO..... WE SAW THE HEARTBEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay! I was so happy and wanted to cry. It was so beautiful. I feel silly because it's just a black and white static-y ball inside a black ball inside a static-y ball but man, that pulsing heart on the static-y ball made everything in me so happy. 


My dh and my boys were with me, and i could tell it meant a lot to dh (it makes it way more real) and then ds1 just kept asking to see the picture of the baby. The doc gave us two and i think i am going to hang one up in their room so he can see it. He just kept wanting to see the baby. :) I love that boy. Both of them are the kindest little hearts ever.


And after the OB i started bleeding badly (but he roughed up my cervix a bit because i have a severely tilted uterus) and the doc said was just the cervix because it's too vascular. So it actually made me feel better. I mean i hate bleeding--but i much prefer non miscarrying bleeding to miscarrying bleeding!


In more news, we met with two different offices today to make it a decision between: homebirth, hosp with OB, or hosp with midwives and i think we have made our decision. The OB was amazing. He is the most natural friendly man around. He made us so comfortable and wasn't like "well, i think" or "maybe" he said "i will get you a VBAC" no questions. He's amazing and so well respected and reviewed. I am actually really excited and peaceful about it. He was ALL ABOUT ME.  and in pregnancy, i am so happy to have someone who is all about me. In everything he just wanted me to be happy. He is super busy, but you don't feel it. He sits with you. He even did our ultrasound himself--that never happens. With anyone. So i feel at peace. yay!


AND did i mention... THE BABY HAS A HEARTBEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! joy.gif Really, i am overjoyed. I hope this baby keeps sticking! I really could not be more happy. 


jend: The anxiety about it all can be so hard. I really hope you can find peace! I totally know though, i have been feeling REALLY good almost TOO good and it's gotten me frazzled, but i am trying to stay grounded and just appreciate this pregnancy and the blessing and MIRACLE it is to have this little bean growing in me!


LibraryMo and Beans: hug2.gifi completely know how you feel about the spotting. I hope it goes away soon and it was nothing but a little cervical change! (LibMo) i really hope you son feels better soon! That would be terrible!


jodie: The kids are darling! I love the personal pictures. It makes you feel more like the people are real. It's fun! I love the curly blonde hair! Can i steal it? I just need a curly haired baby!


love bug: I hope the kids surgeries went well!


Well, it's time for bed for me. That was a long long long long long day. But it was great. I could talk forever... But i need to sleep! I hope all keeps going well and i can't wait to hear about your babies more!


*****PS THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all your thoughts, prayers, and support! It has meant so much! I am so happy i get to stick around with all of you!!!******

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Kelantan I am sooo happy to see this post!!! I am overjoyed for you!  And yay for finding an awesome OB!  Sometimes that's like looking for a needle in a haystack lol.gif

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joy.gif Kelantan!!!!

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Yay, Kelantan. congratulations. I'm so happy for you.

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Ugh, I've been up since 4:30am. DD peed in our bed, ON MY SIDE. Why is it always my side. I'm telling you, I hate our mattress, I can't sleep on that thing and I'm seriously considering moving out of our bed and rather sleep with DS on his cheapo twin mattress WITH HIM. We bought a foam mattress a few years ago but my DH is so heavy that it sags terribly on his side and DD keeps chosing my side to pee in every few months. It drives me batty, I absolutely hate it. We're so tight financially and have so many things that we need to get, it just sucks. 


anyway, time for me to get worried. I know that preggo signs aren't necessary to have a viable pregnancy but since yesterday I'm not feeling sick anymore, nor do my boobs hurt anymore. Those were my two signs, oh and I'm not as exhausted anymore. I'm only seven weeks, there should be something, right? I'm scared that I had so many bad thoughts about this pregnancy that I might have lost the baby. The ultrasound is still a day away, IF I get one, I sure hope so. Argh, I hate worrying...just wish this was over already (and I had a new mattress). 

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Great news Kelatin!joy.gif


And sorry you are having a crummy day MissE.  I just wanted to let you know that I felt no symptoms all day until 10pm and then I was sick/nauseous feeling so if might just be a short reprieve. shy.gif



I missed my midwife apt. and now I have to miss work next week for it.... eyesroll.gif   It was partially my fault, and partially the admin's fault.  The weather was bad and traffic was terrible. and then when I got there the admins made me wait in line with all the OB patients to even check in to say I was there.  So 30 mins later I was told I was too late.  It sucked.


I was in such a bad mood about it all day I was so irritable with the children and I am only starting to feel better about it this morning.....  

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Yay  Kelantan!


AFM - I am sick sick sick.  I tried taking B6 and it helped a lot, but it almost made me feel too good so then I was nervous that maybe my symptoms were going away.  I tried only taking it in the afternoon, but that still worked too well.  I can't decide which is worse, being terribly ill or being anxious that we lost the baby.  Also yesterday I slipped down the stairs.  I didn't fall, but slipped down a few steps and caught myself on the railing pulling my arm and shoulder.  I am sore and tylenol does nothing for it.  Totally lame.  

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joy.gifkelantan!! How exciting and what a relief! 


MissE- I wrote about almost the exact same thing regarding symptoms and my feelings about that.  I have been a worrying mess.  It's not fun.  Sorry about your mattress!  We need a new one too and I refuse to skimp this time so it has to wait.... Positive thoughts for your ultrasound.  I bet that will put you at ease.


Kat_shoshin - wow, that's super frustrating!


AFM - I skipped my workout this morning.  I just didn't feel up for it today.  I have a twinge of a headache that feels like it has the potential to blow up.  I am a major coffee drinker and scaled back tremendously when I got my BFP.  But I've still had a half caf cup every day.  Today I went full decaf.  I hope that doesn't add to my headache potential! 


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Yay, kelantan!!! What a huge relief that must have been smile.gif I'm so relieved for you!!

MissE: I'm sorry you're having a crappy day greensad.gif I hope the u/s tomorrow sets your mind at ease. As an aside, if you are going to buy a new mattress I'd highly recommend a natural latex mattress...best investment I've ever made!!


Afm: I'm 7 weeks today! My u/s is also tomorrow and I'm holding my breath. Yesterday I felt so sick at one point I almost had to walk out of a meeting. I really need to make sure I snack often. I usually feel fine when I first wake up but by about 11am I'm nauseous off and on for the rest of the day. I have to say that I actually love it lol It makes me feel more hopeful that this baby will stick around. Oh, and DD hasn't nursed for 48 hours...I'm thinking she's definitely weaning. I haven't offered and she hasn't asked....it's bittersweet.

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Peace.gif yay kelanatan. How exciting! I've been thinking about you and am thrilled that you and your fam got to hear the heartbeat.


I've stopped spotting, so am hopeful that things are back on track. I have my first appt. in 2 weeks- can't wait to hear that little heartbeat. I'm thinking about recording it on my phone to share with out of town family. Anyone done that? I'm not exactly proficient phone-wise!


I'm sorry MissE, but when I read your post, I nearly burst out laughing. My almost 3 y.o. has consistently peed in our bed for months. It's tapering off, but it so irritating. The amount of laundry I already have is overwhelming, I don't need to be doing sheets every day as well! And now if it happens, he feels badly and is a bit grossed out by his overfull diaper :(


The inconsistency of symptoms is really frustrating. Things will get more organized as we all move forward, but during these first weeks/months, it's hard to not have one contact to rely on, like "my boobs are always sore". The coming and going and unpredictability is crazy-making. I suppose it all gears us up (again) for the reality of parenting... But my poor boobs are taking a beating from all the pressure I keep applying to check if they hurt! eyesroll.gif

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kelantan -- HOORAY!!!!!!


As for symptoms.. it's so hard in the early days (with no other reassurances.. like movement, etc).  I've struggled with "I feel entirely too good today, it must be the end.." to being overjoyed for feeling like crap.  Quite the paradox, pregnancy is!  And, afm, I'm currently reassured by the constant nausea.  It's nothing overwhelming, nothing that's taking over my life, but it's just this constant feeling like I'm *thinking* I might need to puke, but never reaches the point of feeling it's inevitable. Annoying, but managable.


We've told family members about this pregnancy :)  I admit, I was most nervous about my own parents.. I don't know exactly why!  Except I'm the crazy Catholic convert (they're Lutheran)... and their view on kids is a bit different, but they're coming around!  And really, they EXPECTED there to be a fifth soon (since there was supposed to be already, but that one was lost).  So I shouldn't have been nervous at all.  They reacted wonderfully and everybody is excited!  I'm happy that everybody seems to be happy!  And I'm happy to be 8w4d!


The other day I was thinking though, upon hitting eight weeks, I was 1/5 of the way done with this!  Whoa!  One-fifth through this experience?! Already?! Wild!!

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Congratulations Kelantan!!!!  


Kat-That absolutely sucks about your MW office. What crap. Their backup caused you to be too late for your appointment, even though you were a bit late on your own. I'd be furious!


SMM--I'm sorry that people are horning in with unwanted advice. Hang in there.


MissE--The waxing and waning of symptoms is crazy-making for sure. I'm sorry you're having a rough day. I hate peed-on-bed laundry too :(


Jend1002--It totally could be caffeine withdrawal headaches. I'm sorry you're dealing with them. I had bad ones with my DD1. 


carmen-You must be one of a couple due date twins for me in here!  I'm 7w today too!!!



AFM--Yup, nausea is back. I took my folic acid last night but not my multi hoping for another good day. NOTSOMUCH. I wish I could find rhyme or reason to why I feel good vs. bad some days. My DD1 asked me last night if I have another baby in my belly. I panicked and lied hide.gif.  DH asked how I was going to recover from that, and I told him it was his fault and he would take the blame since I wanted to tell the kids last week when we saw the hb and he wanted to wait a bit longer. I'm feeling really impatient waiting to see my OB.  March 5th--still 33 days away. *sigh* That's more than a month until I can be reassured that things are good :(  I am not a patient person!

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Kelantan - I am soooooo happy for you!  I can totally relate to seeing that heart beat and the need to cry out of relief and happiness.  I am so relieved for you!


AFM- Not much new, pretty tired and my tummy hurts some, but I can not complain compared you poor mamas with M/S.  Sleep is a little rough so my homeopath recommended camamille tea before bed.  I am actually going to look in my journal from my pregnacy with DD to compare symptoms.  My back and hip were really bad with her, but I also didn't respect my body as much as I do now and pushed myself too hard.  So I am hoping that because of that I will have a much more comfortable pregnancy!  We have our 11 week appointment with our home birth midwife two weeks from Friday!  Looking forward to hearing that little heart beat again :)

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Hey mamas! :) I just wanted to update.. remember how  my blood pressure was really high in the ER?  It was 137/74,  I think.  WELL, just checked it (yes, by myself with a sphygmomanometer... multitasking WIN haha) and it was 110/74.  biggrinbounce.gif  Yay!  I was really worried.

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I haven't had any nausea at all today and my breasts are no longer sore.....sent DP a text message worried and sure enough I'm spotting now. I'm now officially dreading my u/s that is scheduled for tomorrow greensad.gif

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Originally Posted by carmen358 View Post

I haven't had any nausea at all today and my breasts are no longer sore.....sent DP a text message worried and sure enough I'm spotting now. I'm now officially dreading my u/s that is scheduled for tomorrow greensad.gif


hug2.gifBig hugs to you Carmen.

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Oh Carmen... At least you will have the U/S and don't have to just wait and worry.  hug2.gif I hope everything is okay...



I started spotting dark brown -only lightly yesterday.


Tonight it is tinged pink.  I still have all my symptoms... but I am 8 weeks today and really worried....

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greensad.gif Carmen im so sorry your going through this, im so glad you have an U/S scheduled tomorrow so you dont have to just worry and wonder for too long, ill be sending you good vibes and thinking of you and i hope everything turns out to be fine and i hope you can distract yourself untill your app tomorrow and it goes by quickly for you, hopefully your relaxing now and maybe getting some sleep hug2.gif

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hug2.gif Carmen and Kat!!


and MissE I hope your day got better!


The boys survived surgery and are doing much better tonight at home than last night in the hospital (i am so pleased!). last night at 3 am all I could think was how hard it would be to have them home on over the counter meds and flat beds without the nurses. I am on 'duty' right now while dh sleeps so that i can got to bed by midnight or so and so far I have only had to deal with a racoon in the garbage and the bunnies (who spent three days in their cages while we were away)  suddenly charging around the room and freaking me out!


My ds2 can hear!!! and is doing SO well especially considering that his tonsils were so badly scared that they had to go into his palate. poor kid! he is by far feeling the most pain there. and ds1 had a rough night last night and a hard drive home ( almost 4 hours including the ferry) but is sleeping comfortably now joy.gif. I hope it continues to improve like this for them! now we just keep pain to a minimum and watch for bleeding! 2 weeks of quiet ~ this could get interesting:)


and dd came home happy as could be. i was expecting some kind of meltdown since we had been gone 2 days, but she seems happy to see us all and be home.  but it also ment that she hasnt nursed since monday morning and she did ask to at bed time but said there was nothing. She stayed latched though and dispite the pain i didnt scream!


i am getting ready to crash and since its nearly midnight i think i will get dh up for his turn.

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