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Monday January 30th....

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I can't believe I'm sitting here starting this thread again!  Last night I had very mild contractions all night about 6-10 minutes apart.  This is how labor started with DS1 so I thought FOR SURE I'd be having a baby this AM.  I was a good girl, stayed in bed, and slept through most of it.  At 4:30AM I got up and had a bowl of cereal and went back to bed....only to fall fast asleep until almost 7AM when DS1 woke up....and had no more contractions!  Ugg!  This AM I feel totally fine and just having rare, boring BH contraction and some minor pinching/cramping. 


I called work to tell them I could come in and see appointments today but it sounded kind of dead so I said I'd call back later to see if they needed me.  I'm hoping contractions start up again!!


Yay for everyone else, though!! 

HCM - any baby yet?  Is your DH home??  What a fun surprise for you!

Alwayspraying - your post last night cracked me up!  I hope you have your little one safely in your arms soon (if not already!)

Element - is it just you and me left???  Any progress for you?


I feel like the book....And then there was one....


I guess I'll go sew and bounce on my ball for a while, then maybe go to work.  I'm so discouraged!!!


41+2 today, non-stress test tomorrow AM and I'll get another sweep.  I thought FOR SURE I wouldn't have to go there!


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Have you considered covering your hair and jumping on your husband? :)  It might just work the other way, too!

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Juneboymom, I do think we are the last two pregnant women left! :-(. I'm pretty discouraged right now to be honest. It's been pretty darn quiet here the last two nights. I keep hoping to wake up to contractions, but instead I'm sleeping like a baby. As soon as my husband wakes up.. .

This was one heck of a weekend for our group, though! Hcm and contactmaya, hope you're holding your babes! Alwayspraying, any updates? Is greenmama still with us?

Thinking of you all!
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man, was i surprised when i found myself in labor last night.  everything happened so fast, and before i knew it, she was in my arms.  it was one of those dreamy, peaceful births when i didn't even know how far along i was until i was pushing, and out she flew with one little oomph.  i'm in total shock, but she's here!  ruth anne ("ruthie") looks just like ds3, who is also celebrating his birthday today.


gentle, calm, quiet-- i can't believe it!

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Such wonderful news, HCM!  Welcome, sweet Ruthie.  Your mama waited such a long time for you. :)

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Congratulations HCM!

Good  luck to you who are left. 2 days left till the end of January.


My baby arrived yesterday afternoon at 5h40pm! A sweet little girl, 8lbs14! Shes been nursing all night long and all morning

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Congratulations HardCoreMom and contactmaya!!!  Yay!  Have wonderful, beautiful babymoons!

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Yay!!!! Congrats HCM and contactmaya!!!!!!!!!! :)

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Well, absolutely nothing to report today.  How about you Element?  Greenmama?  AlwaysPraying?  Anyone else?


Congrats contactmaya!


Well, I'm off to work to see evening appointments.  This afternoon was really quiet at work so I stayed home, took a nap, wrapped DS's present from baby, went grocery shopping, and put laundry away.  Fun Fun.


I'll check in later tonight.

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Juneboy, did you end up going in to work today? Soooo utterly frustrating to have the feeling like it could be starting, then it fizzles out....


HCM I ADORE the name Ruth Anne!  So happy for you! Fingers crossed that those of us who are waiting patiently will have a walk in the park labor too.


Hooray contactmaya!  Biggest congratulations!


I'm feeling a little bit of pressure in my pelvic floor and back today, and I've had a contraction or two but nothing to write home about yet.  I'm not going to get too psyched up until my water breaks, lol.  Big hugs to all our new mamas, us pregnant ladies are hopefully right behind you!

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Ali Elisabeth arrived this morning at 4:57am after just under 2 hours of intense labor! She is just beautiful!

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Greenmama, yay!!! Congratulations! joy.gif


Ok juneboy, I think it's really just us now, lol.  I hope your ctx pick up again tonight!

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Yup, Element, I think it's just you and me!!  We may be having February babies is nothing exciting happens in the next 30 hours!  My husband's B-day is the 2nd but I'd like this baby to have his own B-day.  We'll see!  We need to try to have our babies at the same time so no one is left all alone on here!


I did go to work tonight and saw appointments for 3 hours.  It was really busy and everything was sick or had weird stuff going on.  My back is sore from just 3 hours but this is the first day that working has bothered me.  I still had them put me on the schedule for Thursday night if there is no baby.....but there better be!!!


Thinking good labor thoughts for you too Element!!


Congrats Greenmama!!


Will check back tomorrow AM after my NST appt....

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Yes juneboy, we have to go into labor at the same time!  Leave no woman behind!


My aunt just called to to tell me to squat through contractions to encourage the water to break.  That's new to me, and I'll try that too!  Come on out babies!

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cheering you guys on!  sending so much love.love.gif

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