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How much underage drinking did you do?

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The "kicked out" thread has lots of mentions of underage drinking, you bunch of hellions! wink1.gif


Was underage drinking a regular part of your teenage years? How old were you when you started having regular drinks? Did you mostly drink in homes or in bars as a teen? Did you ever have a fake ID? Did your parents know you were drinking, and if so what did they think about it? Was your decision to drink a conscious, screw-the-establishment's-arbitrary-age-laws thing, or a teehee-I-iz-wasted thing?


I was pretty straight-laced for the most part. My friends and I would mostly hang out at coffee shops, not bars -- we thought we were very deep, sitting around drinking coffee and talking philosophy. I drank alcohol a few times as a teen (mostly southern comfort -- I had a thing for Janis Joplin), but it was not a regular occurrence at all. I think I only got actually drunk maybe twice. I never had a fake ID or ordered a drink in a bar while I was underage. Alcohol just didn't hold much appeal for me -- I still only have maybe 5 drinks per year.


I smoked pot more often than I drank, but other than my first semester of college (I was still 17) when I smoked several times per week, even that was a pretty occasional occurrence -- maybe once or twice a month, and I stopped that altogether by the time I was 20. 

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I didn't drink until I joined the Military... then it was game on!  Thank god I never got caught that would have sucked.  However when I turned 21... I didn't drink at all and hardly do now. 


never smoked pot.  My dad used to smoke every morning in the bathroom while he was dropping a load.  So to me... It smells like my dad taking a SH^&!  No can do! 

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I started drinking at 12 and was drinking regularly almost daily by 14.  Alcohol was easy to get in my house and I snuck around and got what I wanted. I also drank most weekends with friends at their houses.  Lots of my friends had older brothers and sisters who would score alcohol for us.


Smoking pot also started at 14.

Tho I think I smoked younger than that actually just can't remember exactly- again with friends older brothers and sisters.


I hung with the party crowd.  We generally did not go to bars but lots of our older friends had their own houses and we had keg parties etc there most weekends... we had a club that bands played at too downtown and we drank there in the parking lot etc.

  It was a club for teens but many older people went there too.

I can't wish it away - but if I could I would. I wish much different for my kids.

My parents knew- and really did nothing about it other then turn a blind eye and pick us up when we called tho most nights I lied and said I was staying at so and so's house so I could stay out and party all night. Not sure what my parents were thinking.

There was one incident when I was around 15-16 that my mom threatened to send me to rehab... but it never happened.

Oh and at 20 I had a fake ID that I used regularly- it was funny tho- I am 5'4 and the woman who was on my ID was 5'10 so I always wore really tall shoes... lol.

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I grew up in a small town on the prairies of Canada.  Underage drinking was and is very, very common.  I started at about 16, but many of my friends started at 14 (legal age where I lived is 18).


I did drink underage quite regularly.  Not every weekend, but probably every other weekend if I had to guess.  (If I wasn't drinking, I was the designated driver).  At that age, I drank to get drunk.  That was what you did.


My parents knew and didn't really have a problem with it as long as I was discreet and as long as there was a designated driver.  My mom actually helped me sneak into the bar more than once (doing my hair/makeup) when friends who were older were going out, etc. I didn't have a fake ID, but borrowed an older friend's drivers license once or twice.  I think that my parents knew I was going to drink anyway, and that being a teen is about trying things out (my mom had a big conversation about pot with me once, and about how it was normal to expirement).  She wanted to know rather than have me hide it.  I was a pretty "good" kid, never a wild child (followed curfew, got good grades, was respectful, etc. etc.).  My parents were both wild when they were teens so I think they just felt thankful I wasn't following in their footsteps.


I never tried pot in highschool, although I had many, many friends that smoked it pretty regularly.  I knew I either wouldn't like it (and so it'd be a waste) or that I would like it and didn't want to like it as then I'd want to smoke it!  In fact, the only 2 times I've had pot I was visiting friends in amsterdam and we went to a coffee shop.

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but lots of our older friends had their own houses...


I can't wish it away - but if I could I would. I wish much different for my kids.

Even though I didn't do much drinking, I feel this way about some things too. My group of friends had a few older friends with apartments of their own too, and I shudder when I think about all the almosts that happened there. I was very, very lucky, and it scares me to think of my kids being in environments like that in 10 years. 

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Me to... I also have mom friends now who have teenagers and drugs are rampant in my little town... it is scary what they are all into... we just had a 17 yo boy end his life because he was hooked on meth... very sad situation....

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I lived in a rural area of the Midwest. Teen drinking was very common with most drinking happening at parties. I wasn't that into the party scene, but did drink at smaller house parties starting at around 16.


I was also allowed to drink at home and once I was a teen was welcome to have whatever the adults were drinking at home. My mother comes from a home with a lot of alcoholism so while we were allowed to drink we also talked a lot about the difference between a couple of social drinks to relax and getting drunk.


I didn't get drunk until I was in college and over 21 (even then I can think of 2-3 times max I've ever been drunk). Even at college I regularly went to fraternity parties and house parties, but rarely drank and if I did it was usually one or two.


I reached 6ft tall at 16 so could easily pass for older than I was and could routinely drink in bars at that age. If I did it was usually a bit of a "screw-the-establishment's-arbitrary-age-laws thing". I usually had one or two drinks but mostly just enjoyed the band or socializing with who I was with.


My parents did know I occasionally drank during my teen years. They didn't approve, but they didn't forbid it either. We talked a lot about responsible drinking and knew that we were never ever, under an circumstances to drive after having even one sip of alcohol. Drinking wouldn't get me in trouble but if my parents even got a hint that I'd driven after drinking I was in deep shit.


I've never tried pot.


Honestly by the norm of where I grew up I was/am a "goodie-two-shoes".

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I would have engaged in underage drinking by today's standards.  But, I started drinking between 17 and 18 and the drinking age was 17 at that time in my home state.  It was moved to 18 by time I was already 18, and then eventually to 21 when I was already 21.  I was super nerdy as a young teen and didn't go many places, including parties, so it wasn't really available to me because I really didn't seek out situations where there would be alcohol readily available.  When I did start drinking, I was partial to beer because at one point early on, I tested some moonshine and to this day I'm convinced that I saw the gates of hell.  I couldn't look at the hard stuff (moonshine or no) for years as a result. 

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I didn't drink at all in high school.  It just never occurred to me and my friends didn't do it so...


In college I started at parties and stuff, although not really until I was 19.  Then I partied pretty frequently, although not that hard.  I never passed out or anything like that.  I smoked pot w/ roommates when I was 20, I think?  Never really became a habit, I didn't get that much out of it.


I'd rather have ice cream than pot or booze any day!

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I didn't really have friends in high school, so I had no opportunity to be exposed to alcohol use, but if I had, I wouldn't have gotten into drinking anyway. It struck me as a stupid idea. I drank underage in college a little, but never anything like binging, just having a drink or two if I was spending time with an of-age friend who had some. I went to a college that officially had a dry campus, so alcohol use was always kind of under wraps, and I figured that was just another reason to keep my nose clean and not have to worry about getting in trouble with the campus police. I always figured the party scene didn't sound like my cup of tea. Later on, after I was of age, I dated a guy who was more of a partier than me, and did spend some time partying, and came to the conclusion that I'd been right to avoid it because it really wasn't my cup of tea.

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I drank alcohol for the first time at 14, and smoked pot for the first time at either 14 or 15. I'm not sure when the pot became regular, but i started drinking fairly regularly at 16. By 17, I was drinking (and drunk) pretty much every Friday and Saturday night, and was drunk at school at least twice (once for a math final, but that was only 9th grade). By about the same age, I was smoking pot daily, and I doubt there were more than a couple dozen classes that I wasn't stoned for in 12th grade.


The legal drinking age here is 19. By the time I was 19, my drinking had already scaled way back, and I was only drinking heavily very occasionally. I quit mostly quit smoking pot as soon as I graduated high school (it was a toke or two sometimes on the weekends thing) and had completey quit it by about age 20.


And, on kind of a side note....I started smoking cigarettes at 11, was up to three packs a day (when I could get them) by 16, and was a non-smoker at 20. I frequently hear people talk about their college partying days, and realize that i had mine really, really, really early. By the time many of my peers were getting into drugs and alcohol, I was pretty much done with them.


i didn't realize it until my mid-20s, but the pot, at least, was all about self-medicating for depression. The alcohol helped with some of my social anxieties, but it was the pot that made cutting my wrists seem less attractive...or at least too much like work.

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I had my first drink on my 21st birthday.


I have never used any recreational drugs.  My first narcotic was the percoset I got after my first cesarean section (unless the epi counts during it?).


In high school and college I played roleplaying games with my friends all weekend, and yes, I ate a lot of cheetos and drank a ton of mt. dew.


I occasionally drink now, but I don't care for the taste of alcohol except for a few very specific things, and I don't metabolised wine or beer well (I flush, and it's uncomfortable--no problems with liquor though).


I suppose my vice was sex.  I did like sex a lot as a teen/young adult, well, even now really.

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I grew up in a very rural area, teenage drinking was huge. Everyone drank, from the jocks to the cowboys, if there was a group that didn't, then I have no experience with them. I floated from group to group, some did more drugs then others, but everyone drank. My first serious boyfriend got me started when I was 14. I did it infrequently for a few months, and then started drinking a lot more. From 15-17, I drank a lot. My goal was solely to get wasted as often as possible. I didn't have good judgement then and I did a lot of things I regret. I didn't know when to stop and I almost always drank until I passed out or blacked out. 't was not uncommon for me even at 15 to wake up next to some guy I did not know at all and have no memory at all of what I had done. 



I drank mostly in homes. My parents only busted me twice. I was smart enough to cover my tracks well, and they never had any idea of what I was really doing. In the beginning, the first time I got caught, they pulled me out of school and home schooled me. I just became skilled at covering up what I was actually doing. I binge drank after that while going to college part time (I graduated high school right when I turned 16) and working full time. I showed up to my job at 6am in the morning, after 2 hours of sleep and still drunk more times then I can count. I was considered an excellent employee. No one outside of my friends knew. I smoked pot sometimes, mostly only when I was still in high school during my lunch break. After that I could get liquor easier so that is what I did. 



Right before I turned 18, I met my DH. He was not into the partying lifestyle, had never gotten drunk before even though he was 23 then. I have rarely drank since, that was 12 something years ago. I might have one drink every 6 months, if that. I can't stand the taste of most alcohol now. My parents didn't like it but I clearly remember my dad wasted numerous times as a child. Alcohol was routine for him, still is. He drinks almost every day. My drinking was just never discussed even when I got busted. There never once was a conversation about responsible drinking. I hope to steer my children away from the lifestyle I enjoyed as a teen. It is honestly amazing that I didn't up causing myself serious harm. I got busted once by the police, I was downtown and had been drinking, I think I was 16 then. I managed to con by way out of the police station by getting a friend to pose as my sister. I am normally quite shy, but when I drink, I am not. I enjoyed being someone else as a teen, as an adult, I know better then to drink these days. 

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I was allowed to drink some wine as a child on holidays and such. I tried beer as a child and thought it was gross. I wasn't interested in alcohol or drugs as a teen or young adult. Getting drunk has held no interest for me at any point in my life regardless of laws. I always thought people who drank to get wasted were acting stupid and I didn't want to hang out with people who were doing that.

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A lot.


I drank sporadically in high school, at friends' houses when their parents were out of town, or at parties.


I got a fake ID when I got to college and went to the bars often.  There were a few times I did make an ass out of myself.  I don't regret it though, because I don't dwell on what I should or should not have done.  I sowed my oats, had a good time doing it, and can't take it back even if I wanted to.  


I do admit that I was lucky to not have gotten arrested or hurt.  I never drove drunk and even when I had sex I shouldn't have been having, I always made sure the guy wore a condom.


Why did I do it?  I guess for the same reason I drink now - I just like the way it makes me feel.  I don't need it to have fun, but my social circles in college drank too, and it was more enjoyable to drink with them than watch them drink.

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Just a taste or two. I thought it was all too gross for words. I never really drank until I was 30 years old and had a book club. Apparently, red wine and reading go together for many women.
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I didn't drink as a teen.  I don't drink as an adult (about 3 times a year I split a beer with DH).  My father is an alcoholic.  I definitely have the tendency towards addiction.  I haven't introduced the temptation.  I never did drugs or smoked either - same reason. 


Both of my younger brothers have struggled with alcoholism and addiction as teens/young adults.  Seeing what they've been through, I have NO interest in starting to drink casually even now as a 31 year old.  I've gotten teased plenty over the years (mostly since I've been an adult).  I don't especially like being around drunk people either, but I have no problem going out to dinner with a group that's drinking beer with the meal.

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I got a fake ID when I got to college and went to the bars often.  There were a few times I did make an ass out of myself.  I don't regret it though, because I don't dwell on what I should or should not have done.  I sowed my oats, had a good time doing it, and can't take it back even if I wanted to.  


That's probably the only thing about it I do regret. I didn't have a good time doing it, at all - but it was better than not doing it, so I kept doing it. Adolescence was really just an amazingly awful experience, in every possible way. I think high school graduation may have been the best thing that ever happened to me, just because I was out.

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I was most definitely a hellion during my teen years. I grew up in a small, rural Southern town with NOTHING to do, so we drank. Like fish. Every weekend. My dad was chief of police and my bff's  dad was the sheriff so she and I could pretty much do whatever we wanted with no consequences. Luckily we had a non-hellion friend who we forced to drive us everywhere, and since we were basically good kids we never did anything bad, other than buying illegal alcohol all the time. Except that one time when we stole the Garden Club of the Month sign.... but we paid for the damages to it so it shouldn't count... 



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I'd say my group of friends started drinking around 15 or 16. We had one main house that we usually hung out at (one of my best friends' parents were divorced and her dad drove a truck, so he was rarely there). We usually tried to have a party every weekend. We smoked pot when we could get it and experimented with psychedelic drugs. We didnt do stuff like coke or pills but there was lots of acid and mushrooms. When I moved away to go to college I got a fake ID, but I really only ever used it at one bar. We mostly had house parties. I thought it was silly that I couldnt go to bars or buy alcohol at the store because I voted, had a job, lived with my boyfriend (now DH), owned my own car, paid all my own bills, ect. So, to me it was totally absurd that I had all the responsibilities of an adult and yet there was still something that I wasnt "allowed" to do. I still believe that it's pretty absurd that the United States will allow you to die for this country, vote, and go to jail but god forbid you want to buy a microwbrew beer from the local liquor store.
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