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Hello, I began having un protected sex on January 8,  that was about a week and 1/2 after I got off my period. After that on January 22 I got my period again so I figure I wasn't pregnant my period went away on the 25 and since then I've been having bubble like feelings on my lower abdomen right around my uterous area. Is it posible that I could have gotten pregnant and still got my period right after? Can the " bubble like" movements mean that I'm pregnant?

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No idea about bubble like movements, but that sounds like pretty good timing to get pregnant if you have an average cycle length. Is your period normally so short or was it a really light period? That sounds a bit late for implantation bleeding, but I think possible. Some women also have bleeding during otherwise totally normal pregnancies. Test if you're rEally worried. Or maybe it's gas smile.gif
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