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5 year old with Anxiety Disorder/Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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I'm new to these forums, though not new to Mothering (I'm a reader and often read the forums, but this is my first time posting), so first let me say hi.


I have two daughters, a five year old and a 16 month old.  My five year old has always been prone to nervousness/worry and ritualistic behavior (i.e. liking things to be a certain way ALL the time, or simply liking to repeat a way of playing over and over ad nauseum).  Lately, however, her obsessions and rituals or compulsions have become more extreme- to the point where they dominate our lives and create extreme anxiety if we try to intervene/change them in any way.  I've already spoken with her pediatrician and have been referred to a behavioral psychologist with whom we have an upcoming appt. but I just wondered if there were any other Moms/Dads out there dealing with Anxiety/OCD in young children.  If so I would really appreciate hearing about your experience.  I'm just feeling really lost and alone at the moment.  TIA.



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Hello there mama!


First of all, I have to say- youre NOT alone.


We too, have a DD that sufferes from OCD. She was dx'ed when she was 5 years old. Her rituals became very extreme and would often determine what we could or couldnt do. Most of her more extreme OCD issues have adjusted themselves, but ever now and again she will have her 'flare ups'. She also has a certin way of doing things everyday that has NEVER changed.


For example, at bed time, all of her stuffed animals have to be lined up from biggest to smallest in the bed with her and if they arent, she will not even attempt to go to sleep. Before I walk out of her room after tucking her in, she has to repeat all of our 'good nites' 2-3 times before I can leave. If i attempt to do so before shes 'done' she has an emotional break down.


She counts CONSTANTLY. Not only out loud, but in her head as well. There are somethings in our house that she HAS to count every day after school/ before school even though she already knows how many is there. She does this with the magnets on the fridge, as well as my hair bows that I have in a glass container in my bathroom as well as her little bros stickers on his potty chart. She will also repeat/ wisper what shes just said or heard over and over again until she feels likes shes 'done'.


These are only a very few examples of what she does everyday. Shes very picky about many things and she, too, must have everything 'just so'.


She was also dx'ed with ODD, ADHD and AS when she was 5. She has had many obstacles, but seems to be doing much better on her medication-even though it does tend to make her tired. Meds or no meds, she still has OCD 'flare ups' and becomes very anxious and tearful over whatever doesnt seem right to her at the moment. These 'flare ups' use to happen once or more a day and now were down to maybe once every 2 weeks. IMO, thats much better.


I also have a 3 year old DS that has been showing many OCD behavious as well. He was dx'ed with ODD recently and will be going back to his ped in another week to be refered to a child psy. to check up on the OCD like behaviour hes showing.


What I noticed about DS that made me question if he may possibly have OCD:  Every morning before leaving his room, or doing anything else, he would get down his big puzzel, and put it together and then go about his day. Once I noticed this ritual, while he was away, I put up the puzzel to see what would happen. He asked for it many times, and I simply said I wasnt sure where it went. He didnt seem to mind for a day or 2 that the puzzel was gone. But then he began seperating his blocks by color. If you try to put them all in the same container, he gets upset, So he just traded one ritual for another.


He also has to organize all of this foods on his plate before eating them as well as a few other very OCD like things.


I myseld was dx'ed with OCD when I was 17. I have felt very guilty for a long time thinking that it was my fault that my children have to deal with this too. I have to pay very close attention to my own OCD behaviour and keep it in check around the kids. It can be very hard at times. The anxiety of having children has made my OCD much worse, which poses as quite a challenge most of the time. Luckily, my kiddos have awesome grand parents that are very involved in their lives and take them most weekends so that I may have time to unwind and take a break.


Youre not alone in feeling lost. I, too, feel that same with DD (and now possibly DS). Its very tiring and does take alot from you and out of you. Just know what youre not alone. If you need support and need to talk, Im always here.


Hang in there Mama. Much love and big hugs to you and yours.

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This post isn't too old, so I will chime in :)

Our daughter (6.5) has been dx with anxiety in the last few months, and in the last year has shown explicit OCD behaviours.

She has also had tics, sleep issues and sensory issues from very early on and we are likely looking at a Tourette's dx for her in the near future.

At this point her anxiety is leading the pack and ramping up everything else.

School is particularly traum,atic for her and we are moving to homeschooling in March to see if we can rein in the anxiety an see how the OCD and other issues respond.



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Thanks, Mama, for sharing your story with us. Youll have to keep us updated on the dx of your DD.


My DD also has tons of sensory issues as well, which are very much realted to her AS dx. Weve had many issues with witholding, eating, and clothing and much more. Some of them extremly severe and all sensory related.


Our DD also has sleep issues. She has severe 'night terrosr' and will yell and talk and constantly toss and turn in her sleep. This has been an issue for her since she was 3. She rarley gets a good nights sleep. Her sensory issues also play a part at bed time. She will wet the bed maybe once or twice a month (sometimes once or twice a week ) becauses she says 'she couldnt tell that she had to go pee pee'. Certin underwear tend to make her wet the bed moreso than others. She claims that the material rubs her and make her feel wet and makes her pee. This has also been an issue for quite some time now.


Her school experience has gotten much better this year, but she still has issues regularly. We are also considering home school as an option for our DD.

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I am wondering if you have heard of PANDAS.  It can be found by googling OCD and Strep.  I'm investigating this, too.


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Originally Posted by Floradg View Post

I am wondering if you have heard of PANDAS.  It can be found by googling OCD and Strep.  I'm investigating this, too.

I have. It's hallmark is sudden onset OCD. Often there are other changes too. We think this is going on with my son. Do you have a good doctor?
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Yes, the doctor I found is in Ramsey, NJ.  His name is Dr. Rosario Trifiletti.  I hope I spelled that right. My first visit with him will me this week. I am convinced that my son has the PANDAS disorder because his intense fears only developed with his strep diagnosis.  He does not have the compulsions, yet, except that he continuously looks for my husband and I while we are all at home.  Also, he asks to check my iphone all of the time fearing that the weather might produce storms.  He panics and won't go out if he suspects it might storm.  I tries to control our behaviors out of fear, too.  It has definitely altered our lives since last April when got strep.  My son would go outside and play in our yard before without me.  Not now.  

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