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35 weeks and baby is kicking scar?

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Hello ladies. I'm not sure if this post belongs here or in the general pregnancy forum.


I am currently 35 weeks with #2 and planning a VBAC with a very supportive midwife. Lately baby is kicking what feels like my scar. It's getting more and more uncomfortable. Anyone have any experience with this? At my last M/W appointment baby was head down and very low and from what I can tell still is (DD was the same way by this point). I'm really don't want to end up with another C-section but I am worried that all this kicking is weakening my scar tissue. Next midwife appointment is next week and we have a sono coming up shortly after that. I plan on asking her about it but was hoping someone had some thoughts on this.



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my due date is february 26! and also i'm going to try a v-bac,  my midwifes are good but at the moment of birth i supposed to go to the hospital and i don't know which doctor is going to deliver my baby, but i really want to try it.

any suggestion? let us know how it goes after your next check-up


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I haven't had a C/S but I did have a laparotomy to remove a ruptured ectopic and a fallopian tube, and the surgery left me with a bikini line scar about 5 inches long.  My DS was born about a year after the surgery, and the last couple of months of pregnancy my scar (lots of adhesions) was very uncomfortable, and sometimes quite painful.  I was worried about birth, it felt so tight.  Everything went well, and in fact, the scar troubles me much less even than it did before I was pregnant with DS- seems like it's been stretched out and the scar tissue has loosened some.


I don't know how helpful this is for you- I'm sure you're really most concerned with uterine scarring- but I thought I'd share... Best of luck to you for your VBAC!

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Thanks to both of you!

Met with my Midwife on Wednesday. She said not to worry that baby is probably not kicking the scar. She thought it was baby burrowing deeper into my pelvis and the scar was just stretching out a bit more. We'll see. Of course since I asked baby has pretty much stopped doing whatever s/he was doing. We'll see how it goes.


Thanks again!

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I feel like I am having a lot of scar pain, and my MW suggested castor oil compresses.Haven't done them yet (im a procrastinator) but thought I would share it with u in case u wanted to ease the discomfort :)

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Hello, I'm also hoping to have a VBAC, my hospital says they won't know until i'm 36weeks, but i have been feeling alot of pain around my C/S scar it sometimes feels like I have an open sore on the outside of my scar. I'm not sure if this is the pain your talking about but can you tell me what those castor oil compresses are.

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