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Anyone else feeling their baby moving?

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I SWEAR I can feel thing #2 moving. 


I"m only 13 weeks, and i'm not "slender" by any stretch of the imagination, but I felt my oldest about this time. Its not gas, if it were gas, I'd be farting non stop... and it doesn't feel like the gas i've had all pregnancy- it feels like squiggly. The gas feels like its rolling. I have no other way to describe it. :P 

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i am 13 wks too and have been feeling movement for a few wks now. my dr. says in very in tune with my body but this is also my 7th pregnancy.

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I felt a few flutters at 9 weeks. The other night - I pushed in my lower ab area where the midwife heard the heartbeat the night before - and I felt some really light flutters. I used one of those electric stethoscopes and I could hear some movement. No heartbeat - but what sounded like kicks and hits. This is my first baby but not my first pregnancy - so maybe I can feel it earlier - but I think I'm really in tune with my body too. I knew I was preggers 6dpo - something just felt "different." So - I think both of you ladies can feel it - you know your bodies.

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I was feeling some around 11 weeks, but not lately (13 weeks tomorrow). But then again, I don't think I've been really concentrating hard on it. I will try when I go to bed tonight!

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I've been feeling her pretty consistantly since about 10 weeks.  But then, with my fundal height at about 16 weeks, she'd got to be pretty huge.

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I felt both my son and this baby at 11 weeks. Both times it was confirmed by the doppler, in that the baby was exactly where I felt the movement. I totally believe that women feel things at different times and that you can feel a babe early!

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I'm defiantly feeling baby move (13 weeks also). Not every day, and they are so light I have to really be paying attention to feel them! 

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I'm pretty positive I feel the baby. We saw the baby wiggling around a lot on the ultrasound at 9 weeks- and at 10 weeks I felt like a tapping feeling, like what I remember a kick to feel like- several times though out the day in the exact same spot just barely above my pubic bone. It's always in the same spot- I don't know what else it could possibly be. It certainly doesn't feel like any digestion type feelings I've felt before. I only notice it when I am laying very still, because it's just a small tapping feeling. It seems consistent with a teeny tiny baby.

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I thought I felt something last night.  It was kind of like a shifting feeling.  But it was too quick and stopped right away so I'm not sure.  I felt movement with Elsa around 17 weeks so I'm sure it will be any time now.

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I felt a big punch the other day. No one believes me, as I am only 12 weeks tomorrow. But I have felt that feeling before with DD. I was doing yoga & must have been in a strange position for little one, because the punch made me LOL. It was not gas DH and Mother!!!  nono02.gif

It was baby!!!!!

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I believe you all!! I knew the baby was implanted on my bottom left long before the ultrasound confirmed it - that was always where I felt a little something strange. Doppler confirmed baby is still hanging out there - probably because my AWESOME HUGE fibroid is on the right.

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yup, I'm 12 weeks now and have felt my little bean squiggling around since week 10. only occasionally and usually after some juice and I am sitting still. I felt my first around the same time too.

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I've figured out when I feel the most flutters.. When my bladder is full.. Because I have these big A fibroids - the baby is still way down in my pelvis - and my uterus is crushing my bladder - so baby must be on top of my bladder.. Because when my bladder is full - I feel little flutter on my left side.

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Baby has been kicking me in the cervix for the last 45 min. That doesn't feel so good...
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Yep, I'll be 12 weeks on Monday, and I've been feeling it for several weeks now!  I always feel movement very, very early.

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One time I thought pretty strongly I felt a couple flutters in a row.  It was night time and boring and quiet.  But haven't felt anything again.  I can't wait to start feeling more and hope it starts to happen regularly soon.  I am 15 weeks.  

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yeap I have been feeling them the last week and first I thought it was gas but now Im sure its movement .. crazy! this pregnancy is going so fast.. dizzy.gif

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I felt two very CLEAR flutters yesterday. The first time - I was leaning forward over the sink plucking my gray hair that pops up every 3 months. (yeah - I know... I search and eliminate the little bugger every time - with tweezers).. Anyway - as I was leaning over the sink - I felt a WOOSH. The second time was about an hour later - I was laying in a warm oatmeal bath and I felt another one right after the dog barked. I was kinda startled - so baby was too. YAY!!!!! I'll be 15 weeks Monday and I'm hoping I only have one full week before I feel more regular flutters.

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Last night and there was no mistaking it!  love.gif I will be 16 weeks Monday and this is the first time I have ever felt anything like that.  Does anyone know when DH will start to feel any movement if he touches the belly? 

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I'm still waiting.....!!!!!  15 wks today....

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