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Hi and welcome.  Congrats on your baby girl.  You live in a gorgeous place!  

It took me to 24 weeks and some days to be able to feel daily movement although I would not call it consistent at this point.  My placenta is in the way so I hear that can make a difference.  The longest I ever felt baby was on Easter for a couple good hours, that was amazing love.gif but since then there haven't been any more long sessions.  But I know that will come in time.  

I am not sure on the flu.  Maybe start a separate post for experiences with that?  

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Hello Sol,


Thanks for the welcome! I am happy to know that as with most things - patience will pay off and it is not uncommon to not have felt much movement yet (at 19 weeks). I was in the September due date club, but left to join this one. I had a post in there about the flu - but will try again in this one. 


Thanks for having me here, aloha! Jay

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Jay, I didn't feel consistent movement until week 19 and then it was sort of off and on.  Everyone is different though.


AFM, I was really worried because babe has been really quiet this week -- it usually dances around during my afternoon lecture and this week it was just sort of hanging out.  Of course I jumped to horrible conclusions.  Woke up this morning and the babe was kicking more strongly than ever and I got DH's hand in place just in time for him to feel four strong kicks!  So exciting.  He hasn't really felt much at this point yet, so it was great for it to be real and not what he could attribute to an over-active pregnant brain. 

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Lilytiger - Your DH sounds a lot like mine. He always thinks I'm feeling 'muscle spasms'. LO's really active periods seem to be when DH isn't around - after lunch, around 11:30p (asleep) and 5:30a (at work). Oh well, soon she'll be so big he won't be able to miss it. But our late night tendencies have me a little nervous already...sleepytime.gif

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LeAnn, seriously.  For a while it was like the baby would actually stop moving when DH put his hand there.  Really?  Way to make your mama look crazy. 


Are you seeing anything from the outside yet?  Today was the first time I saw it and it was crazy.  Baby was super active when I got up and then around 11 or so.  So at 11 I pulled my shirt up and watched the gymnastics. 


We haven't had too much nocturnal playtime, so I'm crossing my fingers.  I'm sure it will change though. 

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I watched my belly move, once.  It was still pretty subtle though.  DH seems to have difficulty feeling her kick.  Sometimes she stops kicking/moving when he places his hand on my belly.  Sometimes he just can't feel her kicking.  It has to be a pretty good kick for him to feel her.

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I started feeling it!  luxlove.gif  Last night after I went to bed I felt little fluttery butterfly/bubbles all across the top of my uterus!  It was so awesome.  I had a late night performance so I think the baby was feeling a little frisky!

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I saw your picture, Penny, so cute, and baby was all excited.


Quinn saved her hardest kick for Daddy...I'm thinking she will definitely be a Daddy's girl.  My sister's first would get more active if BIL was touching my sister, and then the next girl would completely stop moving if BIL  was touching sister's belly.  The first ended up being the biggest Daddy's girl ever, and while the second one loves her Dad now, she was totally mommy all the time when she was younger, to the point it had her dad a little sad that he didn't have a strong connection with her.

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My little one has been doing this thing where he'll wait til my partner is out of the room to kick up a storm and then STOP when he returns. I'm hoping this means he finds dad's presence very soothing! But the other day, my partner put his hand on my belly and the baby gave the biggest kick I've ever felt. Just one, but my partner definitely felt it. 

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LOL This little guy does the same thing. He'll be kicking and rolling away and then as soon as I ask DH to feel, he either stops or gives super light kicks you can barely feel from the outside. LOL Jokester. 

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I love all of these movement stories! LO was pretty chill this weekend. We were super busy, so I think she was just along for the ride. :)


LilyTiger - I know! What's up w that?!  DH is always telling me to stop poking his baby because I kind of press to feel the kicks when she's moving around.


I have only seem a few little kicks on the outside. I'm excited for the show to start soon though! There will be no denying me at that point! ;) Every time I grabbed DH's hand for him to feel the kicks this weekend, LO would freeze! Little stinker! DH said his presence must be very soothing, lol! She has started balling up on one side though. Suddenly I'll feel a huge lump, usually on the right side and there she is! It does not feel great but it's cool to be able to picture her all curled up in there.

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LeAnn, I have found that on Sunday for some reason he is really quiet. I think it's the day where my rhythms are the most different from the rest of the week.


Now that I have the fetoscope, I can tell a little better what his position is, and last night I could not find him. I did feel some wiggling, not as much as usual, so I knew he was in there and just theorized that he must have had his back towards mine (since apparently the heart is easier to hear through the back). It made me kind of sad to think he had changed positions so I couldn't feel him as much. This am he has been back in a more noticeable place and, judging from his kicks, loved the pb&j toast and oj. 

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Turns out I have an anterior placenta, which explains the lack of movement I feel.  I felt a few more flutters a few days ago, but otherwise nothing.  He moves a TON in the ultrasounds, though, so I guess I'll just cherish this quiet time winky.gif

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i love reading all these stories about babies moving!!! i still have not felt very much - maybe a TINY bit up until this point - but tomorrow i have a doc appointment, so i am hoping for an ultrasound, or at least looking forward to hearing the heartbeat again. much aloha, jay

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Oh, my little guy is a busy one in there!  So much movement all morning, day and night.  I'm dying to know what position he's lying in and where his feet are as the majority of sensations are on my upper right side (is he stretched out, or folded up?).  You can see my whole hand move if it's resting on my belly.... and I'm just beginning to feel sensations in other corners too, so he must be growing....

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She's kicking/punching everywhere at the same time tonight.  Unless she has eight limbs, I really don't understand how she's doing it.  She's even doing something that I can feel in my butt, which is so weird.

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Q was moving all around last night, much bigger feeling movements and in more areas than usual last night.  I called B in to feel her, but by the time he finished what he was doing she seemed to have settled in.  B then started applying gentle pressure to my lower abdomen and I could feel her moving and curling up to right behind my belly button, then I just had a hard spot there, since she was apparently very comfortable and sleeping. 

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Lulu has started balling up and stretching out. When I woke up yesterday she was stretched out on my left side, I was almost getting kicked in the ribs! Last night I felt her squirming around and got to watch it for the first time, which was pretty crazy! Too bad DH was already asleep. Then this morning I woke up to a lop-sided tummy, she was all balled up on the right side. I can't help but poke around and try to figure out her positions. :)

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Just this past week I have started feeling lots of movement. I'm 22 weeks. Almost everyday, baby does a dance on my bladder as I am driving home from work..nice timing! By the time I get home I feel like I'm gonna pee my pants! Last night baby was going crazy in there, I'm convinced it was a party. Either that or clam sauce is a favorite!
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Originally Posted by FeralFox View Post

She's kicking/punching everywhere at the same time tonight.  Unless she has eight limbs, I really don't understand how she's doing it.  She's even doing something that I can feel in my butt, which is so weird.


You're not joking...feeling movements down toward my rectum is the.weirdest.sensation.ever!!!!

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