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I felt some pretty strong thumps today.. right after I ate my greek yogurt. About 5, then 8 more, then two or three. Lasted about 15 minutes. AWWWWWWW!!!!!

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Last night, along with the usual flutters, I actually felt a push once. That was shocking, I don't think I felt pushes like that until way later with Cecilia. It was like the baby was pushing his/her noggin or tush hard against me, because I can't imagine those hands or feet are big enough yet to push like that!

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Well, tonight I felt something and I'm going to chalk it up to Baby for now!  Sitting on the couch, I felt a new pressure on my cervix, which I started to interpret as a cramp (I haven't been getting any cramps normally).  But it only lasted a second or two, and then returned 2 more times within 10 minutes.  About another 10 minutes later, while in another room I felt that same pressure (or maybe a poke??) on my cervix again and because it disappeared after a second I had to think it was Baby kicking or pushing down on it!  No popping, rolling or squirmy feeling (like I've been reading about) but it was in a very localized spot..... hmmm!

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Last night, along with the usual flutters, I actually felt a push once.

Usual flutters?  How often are you feeling them?  I have only for sure felt them one night when I posted about it 1 week and 1 day ago.  And definitely have never felt a push.  Very cool!  

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I don't feel them constantly, which is to be expected given that the baby's about the size of an apple and I have a nice (ha) layer of fat over that area, but I do feel flutters every day, just sometimes more than others. But again, for the first time moms, I know what I'm feeling for at this point and I totally didn't last pregnancy. I'm sure I could have felt Cecilia as early as 12-13 weeks (which is when I felt this baby) but I just had no basis for comparison like I do now.


Today has been a low-flutter kind of day, and being paranoid, I've busted out the Doppler twice. Both times I apparently knew intuitively where the baby was because I just put the wand on my uterus and there was the heartbeat right away. love.gif

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It's weird.  I have felt lots of movement, but none of the flutters/bubbles that I remember in the past.  I wonder if my placenta is in front this time or something.  This baby really rolls around though!

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About a week and a half ago I'm pretty sure I felt the baby.  I felt a series of distinct taps in my abdomen.  I haven't felt anything since though.I hope I get to feeling this little one more often soon.  Feeling the baby move was one of the few things I actually enjoyed about being pregnant last time.

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I have definitely felt the baby move.  I feel him/her moving right now.  It feels like a twisting in there, not really kicking yet.  He/she moves mostly at night.  Its so fun to feel.  I think I started feeling baby move this time at 10 weeks and 16 weeks with my first pregnancy. 

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I'm having a hard time figuring out if I'm feeling fetal movement or just my guts doing stuff! My abdominal pulse is really strong so if I try to sit/lie quietly, I mostly feel that. 

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Felt movement again.  It is just the coolest feeling.  

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I felt a twisting or fluttering and I'm pretty sure it was the baby.  I know it was not gas.  

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Ahhhh!  I haven't felt anything at all.  Soooooo jealous!  I haven't even had gas or anything, so it's not like I'm mistaking it for something else.  Oh well.  I've had a lot of cramping and stretching this week, so hopefully that's a growth spurt and the baby will be big enough for me to feel in a week or two.

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Wow, I've never had to wait this long to feel movement, I believe my placenta is front and center.  I've been waiting...and waiting...

Then all of a sudden BOOM! We have movement! lol


Seems like all day today, I thought they were weird stomach twitches as they are really high up and towards the inside. Thought maybe I should eat some bananas or something...


But nope, definitely a party going on in there!  joy.gif

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I''m almost 14 weeks and I've been feeling the baby move for weeks.  Maybe because I've been suffering with IBS and terrible digestive issues, I am very clear about what sensations  are gas and what sensations are not.  :)  It's a wonderful feeling.  

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Ok, finally!!  Saturday night laying on the couch, my hand felt the first real official "kick" from outside!  THAT was so cool!  Got another kick about 15 minutes later, and tried to get DH to feel, but he had no luck.  I felt sooooo good after that, just that reassurance that "yeah, I'm in here and doing big things!".


Since then I've been spending more time w/my hand over the same area when I'm in bed, hoping for that kick again (or anything)!  But I think I'm starting to interpret some gentle, subtle rolls as the Baby (and not food or gas as usual).  Still tough to tell as I think it's usually my breathing or the pulse from my fingers or abdomen....but we're getting close!

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I think maybe possibly perhaps I felt some movement today.  I was doing work in a coffee shop this morning when I felt two little thumps on the inside of my uterus.  It definitely wasn't anything I've felt before, but it was there and gone so quickly that it was hard to judge.  I haven't felt anything else since.  I'm 17 weeks today, so I'm hoping for more of those little thumps soon.  I haven't felt anything even close to fluttering or anything like that.  I guess we'll know for sure if it happens again.

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I'm starting to feel movements here and there during the day. Just a few, not too many yet. This is my second pregnancy....but it still freaks me out! Does anyone else feel slightly strange when they first feel movement? It's not all excitement and love for me, it's more curiousity and oddness!

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I go for a long time (days) without feeling anything for sure.  I think I feel something but I am not for sure. Then I will feel it for sure, for a short fleeting time, then long periods of waiting again.  Can't wait until it becomes consistent.  I am at 19 weeks.  

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Finally, I am feeling more and more movement each day!  Standing, sitting, laying down.... I can feel more activity inside, and also from the outside I can feel little bumps here and there with my hand.  I love it!!  They're still small sensations, like gas bubbles or digesting food (but too low to be in my digestive tract)....yay!

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Yeah, there is definitely daily movement over here, and my husband got to feel a kick from the outside for the first time this weekend, at 17.5 weeks (it took forever for him to feel our daughter). Still, I am afraid to return my friend's Doppler because I am scared I'll have a no-movement day the minute I do!

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