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That does suck Princess Sputnik.

I am go to a free standing ultrasound center for those who want to pay cash. I needed an order for it from my midwife, so it is not a walk off the street place. The woman on the phone was so friendly and I am really looking forward to it. They said children, family, and friends are all invited. The room is big and they have a play area for kids.
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I had my ultrasound yesterday (22w2d) and it was the same place where I had the 20ish week ultrasound with DS.  Five years ago, they wanted me to have a mostly full bladder.  Yesterday, they wanted me to empty my bladder first.  I did an NTS earlier this time around, and they wanted me to have an empty bladder for that, too.  (Belly scan, not transvaginal.)

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Follow up to my dread of having an overly full bladder: I drank around 20 ounces of water in addition to the milk I had on my cereal soon before the time I had to drink the water. I used the bathroom soon after I drank the water (so obviously not emptying my bladder of that water). Apparently that was all fine, as the ultrasound tech had no problem seeing everything she needed to, and my bladder wasn't over full (I had no overwhelming urge to use the bathroom like with my first during my last pregnancy). She had me empty my bladder halfway through, and all was well. Definitely glad I decided to just drink as much water as I felt comfortable drinking as opposed to trying to force myself to finish all 32 ounces. 

Thanks for letting me vent and letting me know I'm not the only one who thinks the requirements were wacky.

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i just went for my 20 weeks us and they said nothing to me about having a full bladder or emptying it. 

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