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wow this story is very sad...... that poor family and baby.........

Mum dies in home birth tragedy


UPDATE 1.16pm: A LOVING Victorian mother who lobbied for more support for home births has died after delivering her baby daughter at home.

The coroner will investigate the death of Caroline Lovell, who passed away in hospital last Tuesday.

The 36-year-old, who had a planned home birth, was taken to Austin Hospital by ambulance on Monday morning.

It is believed private midwives assisted with the birth of her second child.

3AW's 'Dr Feelgood' (Sally Cockburn) chatted with readers about this issue in a live blog this afternoon. Replay it above

Ms Lovell was a passionate home birthing mother who had made a submission to the Government in relation to the Inquiry into Health Legislation Amendment (Midwives and Nurse Practitioners) Bill 2009.

She spoke out about the need to ensure that midwives who do home births have funding and indemnity.


Dozens of tributes for Ms Lovell, who is survived by her husband Nick and daughters Lulu and Zahra, have been posted online.

"You taught us how to love. Always in our hearts," one read.

Premier Ted Baillieu indicated a ban on home birth was unlikely.

"I don’t think we should ever, in any circumstances, rush to judgment based on a single experience,” Mr Baillieu said.

“Obviously some people choose to home-birth, the vast majority of people go through a birth process at a hospital.

“I don’t want to make any judgment about this particular case.”

Ms Lovell, who was a professional photographer, was described as "a healer and friend to many more".

A spokeswoman for Midwives in Private Practice said it was the first time she has heard of a maternal death following a home birth in her 15 years' experience working as a midwife.

"It's very very rare and it's just impossible to imagine what might have happened," she said.

Health Services Commissioner Beth Wilson said she had long held concerns about home births when medical back up may not be immediately available.

"I'm very sad to hear about this and I know the coroner will conduct a full and thorough investigation."

An Ambulance Victoria spokeswoman confirmed intensive care paramedics were called to the home in Melbourne's north at approximately 10.30am. She said the woman was critically ill when they arrived.

Department of Health spokesman Graeme Walker said about 200 Victorian women planned home births each year.

This represents 0.22 per cent of all births.

A spokeswoman for Health Minister David Davis said he was saddened to hear about the death and it was now a matter for the coroner to investigate.