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rs11 - I have had some problems with the emoticons too, but I'm able to copy one emoticon. I don't highlight it to copy. Instead, I hover over it, left click once. You should see tiny boxes around it. Then hit control c to copy and control v to paste.




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Krista--Congrats on the house! We bought our house from our landlord's brother after our landlord suddenly passed away. The house was cosmetically in pretty bad shape so we have had a lot of fun fixing it up over the past few years. As for the doctor's comment...I have heard people say that before but think it hasn't been thought all of the way through.

Midwife--I get sick on prenatals as well. I now take them right before I go to bed (although I have been told that they don't work as well then...I figure, better than puking them up!) and that has helped a lot.

So...think the surgery I had would delay ovulation? CD 16 with no surge. Uggg...not again.
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CONGRATS Steph!!!!!!

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AFM:  it seemed as if AF was going to be full blown, but this morning she seems to have gone away, staying only 2 days where she normally stays a good 5-6 days...  So that gotten me both hopeful (that I might be pregnant) and worried (that it might be an ectopic pregnancy).  I guess time will tell and I'll take another test tomorrow at 14 DPO.  I hate all this guessing and being unsure of everything! Right now I'm just focusing on getting over this flu I caught from DD and trying to be too bummed out.  Yesterday I was thinking about next cycle and was completely discouraged because of the costs adding up.  $695 is just too much to do every month.  I think if we don't become pregnant after our 3rd cycle we will take a break.

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Thanks ladies!


nos & mrs- I'm really excited but I'm a cautious person by nature...doctor said that my levels are good and I have no known fertility problems but I guess I'm just hesitant to jump up an down until I get to see the heartbeat. Oh and nos- you can move me! biggrinbounce.gif how are you feeling in your TWW so far?

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esenbee--I understand how difficult the high costs are to put in each month and the stress of the BFNs... What helps is to remember that even for heterosexual couples, getting pregnant can take quite a while--and they have unlimited sperm! It will happen...even if it takes awhile and you have to take a few months off here and there to save up.

So...I got a positive a few hours after freaking out. Now I have to worry about timing. Knowing that I O around 12 hours after I first notice my surge, I scheduled a flight off the island this afternoon for an ultrasound and possibly my insem--I guess I will decide after seeing how things look! Although it feels a bit early to insem 6 hours later--I surged around 11--I might not want to wait until tomorrow morning (22 hours later)...we'll see.
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Yay, Steph!  I'm super happy for you both.  :)

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Hello.  I am new to the group.  I am currently on day 1.  This will be our 5th month TTC.  I took Clomid last month, and I didn't notice any side effects besides being very aware of my ovaries.  I am working on raising my progesterone level.  I am doing acupuncture and yoga and herbs, etc.  We are doing IUI at home (with frozen sperm) with a fabulous midwife and at the doctor's office so we get in 2 each cycle.  I am feeling hopeful.  5th time's a charm, right?  I should be ovulating some time after Presidents' Day, not as sentimental as Valentine's Day, but good.  Is wish I could find some kind of key or glossary for all the acronyms.  It's taken me a while to figure out what people are talking about.  I wish everyone else the best of luck!

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Welcome and Bienvenue, Pokeycip!  Tell us more about yourself.  As for a TTC (trying to conceive) glossary, you can try this link:




Hope you have a short but sweet stay in this room.  Would you like me to add your name to the list on the first page of the thread under the "Waiting to O" section?

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lise- yay for ovulating and your possible insem! I hope things look really good at your u/s and you are all set to house a baby for the next 9ish months! Keep us updated when you learn more.


esenbee- I hear you on the cost! It adds up quickly. Maybe tomorrows POAS will give you good results and you won't have to worry about spending that money on TTC!


Krista- Seriously!? (about the sperm exposure) That can't be a valid explanation. Congratulations on your second house! What a fun project for you and your DP.


Rs- that is awesome that your insurance is covering some of the costs even though it doesnt cover infertility treatments. Also about the veggie parade, it is a slow process but I do it by copying and pasting like outdoorsy said. Hope that helps.


Outdoorsy- I also agree with anna about the water bed and your temps being about the pattern. Also what she said about charting being more than temps. IMO charting takes into account all sorts of things that can help you pinpoint ovulation.


Cananny- Good luck at your follicle scan tomorrow morning!


mrs^2- good luck with the clomid. I have never taken it but have heard that it can be a bit of an adventure.


Carmen- Thanks for saying you think I'm pregnant!


Pokeycip- Welcome.gif


Nos- How are things going for you? How are you feeling after your IUI?




AFM- I have lost 90% of my patience and logic over the last 24 hours. I can see why this time is (very appropriatly) named the Two Week Wait of TORTURE!!! Both DW and I are fairly convinced that I am pregnant and any attempts by my brain to be rational and not get my hopes up are not working. I keep trying to convince myself that I wont even be able to have any real symptoms until after 10 DPO... I dont even know if thats true?! Does anyone know if you can have real pregnancy symptoms prior to implantation?


The TWW really does make sane people go crazy! 


My thoughts are with you all, hoping that none of you are feeling as crazy as I am! goodvibes.gif

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Thank you for the link!  That is very helpful.  Sure, add me to the list!  More about me...I'm 36, almost 37.  My wife and I have been married for almost a year and a half.  We got married in Cambridge, Massachusetts so it would be legal.  We have tried 4 times.  The most recent time with Clomid to try to boost the progesterone.  We have a new donor with excellent counts, so we are very hopeful.  I'm very healthy, and I spent a lot of time preparing to try to get pregnant.  I was hoping that would make it go faster, but that hasn't exactly been the case.  We haven't been trying that long so I try to maintain a positive attitude.  It can be hard to see other people who are pregnant and wonder why that isn't me yet.  I am also working on my certification to be a doula.  I have a client due soon, and I'm hoping she has her baby before we need to inseminate.  Life is never dull.

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Thanks to all the good wishes for tomorrow !!!!

Pokey...Waving hi from Oakland....we are neighbors and I'm.on my 3rd ttc with me ..had tried with Dp 8x...it was to much so switched to me !!!!
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Steph: Yay!!!!! Congratulations!!!! A shiny emoticon parade is coming ur way very soon. Stay tuned.

Pokey: welcome welcome lady!! Hope 5th try is the winning try!

I will back for other personals tomorrow.

Afm: thanks in advance for your ear. Just trying to wrap my head around this crazy cycle. So had RE appt yday. Nothing truly remarkable to report from appt. RE suggested next plan of action is clomid, u/s, trigger shot and then lap procedure to look for undiscovered endo. I have hx of endo. Has anyone here ever did folli scan w/o the ovary stimulating meds bfore? RE said it would b hard to guess when to do scan w/o the preceding meds.

As for my tww...Re couldnt figure out what day i ovulated, only that my prog level qas good enough to show that i did ovul. From my guess I maybe 10 or 11 dpo and I am 13 days past insem. I had bad cramps about 7 days ago that lasted a day. I've intermittent cramps and nausea. This has neen first month i've been on prometrium that my symptoms are pretty mild. No tata soreness. Possible tmi but for the first time ever i've had ewcm for the past day or so...so weird. So i truly still dont know what to make of anything. It is what it is I guess. More waiting in store for me. ugh.i started thinking today about that fretting feels pointless particularly bc i dont have any control really anyway beyond my outlook/ attitude. So just working on breathing.
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Crawling out of my hole!


congrats to Belle and Steph on your BFPs!!!

welcome to Pokey!! May your next round yield positive results!!


Carmen, you would be in good queer company if you moved to PoMo!! ;)


Anna, you're waaayyyyy too early to give up on your KD. We're giving it a full year before starting more intensive treatment (ie, medicated cycles). 


AFM, so our offer was accepted (yay!!!) and now we're sorting out financing and reading 2 years worth of strata minutes and trying to figure out if we'll be able to afford paint after this (the answer is probably no!!!). We have until Tuesday to put everything together, we'll find out on Saturday if the 3rd round of pre-approval went through... Auuuggghhh, it's so much worse than the 2WW... This process moves SO much faster and consists of a lot more money... 


Not to mention we're now in the 2WW, so if we could be moved that would be awesome. :) we did our last insem for this cycle tonight, I'm feeling kinda guilty because I talked DW out of doing a last minute insem last night, annnndddd it turns out she ovulated yesterday, probably in the afternoon... But I'm hoping our insem from Tuesday will cover that. Her window seems to be quite small, at least that's what our nifty ferning lens tells us, so maybe that's why we've had no luck conceiving? I don't know what we're going to do about that, since KD is a landscaper and is thus not really available during the day, and I'm usually at work when it's happening (I think her ovaries are trying to make me grey!). 


Anyways, fuzzy thoughts to the rest of you in the 2WW!! :)

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Essenbee: I hear you about the cost. We're in the same boat. Try to calm down and wait and see what happens. If you don't get a real AF in a few days, test again. You never know!


Lisedea: I hope this cycle works for you!


Pokeyclip: Welcome! I hope your stay on this board is both nice and short!


Hopeful: I think we all feel that crazy during our TWW. I'm not sure there's any way around it. I don't know that you can experience any real symptoms before implantation occurs. I know that your body doesn't start producing most of the hormones that cause the symptoms until that point.


Invitin: Your cycle really does sound crazy this month. Just breath and try to stay focused. It'll be worth it in the end!


Allison: Good luck! Fx that this is it!


AFM: Sore tatas and mood swings have been the order of the day this week. I'm definitely having side effects on the increased dose. I've also had a horrid cold, and DW has been really sick all week. I go back to see the RE on Monday morning!

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Cananny-Hello Neighbor!  Thank you for the well wishes.  Good luck to you too!

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Good morning !
Just back from my Re ...scan was good..have 12 follies ...7 on right 5 on left ...biggest was only at 11...so we will wait for them to keep growing..going back Monday for another scan...lining is still thin...but it is early ..she thinks lining will thicken over the few days !
Ok off to accupuncture!
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Hi everybody. Status quo here. Waiting to O. A few people have pointed out that charting isn't just temping, and I realize that. I've tracked CM and viewed the cervix and such in previous cycles, until that last one when the midwife told us not to. Sometimes it's informative, and sometimes not. So after our BFN last month, we're back to charting.


Bonne chance to everyone in the TWW of torture, and best to everyone in whatever stage!


Have a good weekend.

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lisedea - it's amazing how quickly worrying about O switches  to worrying about insem timing.... good luck! 


pokeycip - welcome! President's Day seems about as romantic as any other day to make a baby! 


Hopeful - I'm not sure if I believe in any symptoms before implantation, but I'm going to go on believing that you're pregnant. 


fingers crossed for everyone in the tww! 


Cananny - that's a lot of follicles! It's so hard to know what will happen between 11mm and 20 mm. When's your next follie scan? 




afm, not much to report. day 3 of clomid. lots of thumb twiddling and acupuncture and headaches! 



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Please move me to 2WW. Thanks!
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Cananny: Good luck on Monday!


Lisedea: I hope this is it for you!


I have a question for the group as a whole. Is it just me, or is the American labor and delivery system archaic in its outcomes if not it's methods? A good friend of ours finally had her first LO late last night. I say "finally" because they induced her Wednesday evening. She was a few days late and they wanted to hurry things along. Over the past two days plus, she's been through literally every induction technique they have. Meanwhile, she was not allowed to eat, drink, go to the bathroom, sit up, or so much as turn on her side. To me, this is inhumane at the very least. At the worst, it borders on torture. I'm convinced things like this are part of the reason the U.S. has the highest C-section and the highest maternal mortality rates in the developed world. You ladies in other countries -how do they do things where you are from?


(I'm planning a midwife birth myself, assuming everything goes well. If I have to have a hospital birth, we probably won't go in until the very last minute.)

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