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so guess who's going to belgium tomorrow for her first ever IUI? biggrinbounce.gif


all those vibes ya'll sent out really worked! blowkiss.gif


i'll be back after a much-needed nap to do personals.  happy friday, everyone!

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Good luck, nosreves, on your first IUI! I'll be thinking of you. I had my first-ever IUI in Jan, and it was easier than a pap smear. It will be a breeze! Have fun!

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invititn- did you just say the 'p' word? I think I heard you say the 'p' word... yes, I'm rather sure you did! 

Oooooh my fingers are so very crossed for you!!! Crazy clusters of ovulation mishaps make cute babies, I hear winky.gif


Sometimes I think we concentrate too much on making this happen. I mean, I know we have to, but I hear so many stories of people finally getting pregnant on the cycle when 'it wasn't supposed to work'. That month when you can't get away from work, or your thesis is due the same week or there's a fire at the clinic...

Sometimes I think the little eggies get shy with stage fright from everyone looking at them and hide out. Then, when everyone gets distracted with life and wanders off for a minute- pop!!


I know with my wife, her cycles were really predictable in all the months she charted and temped, then, when we were actually waiting for her to O for our first insem- BLAHM- re-invented the pattern completely. Since then no cycle has been like any cycle ever before. Excellent. Such fun every month, trying to interpret the random maze of signals her body takes us through.


I think we need to stop looking so directly, OPK's and syringes in hand, ready to pounce, and start casually glancing out of the corners of our eyes instead. Be really busy with this other thing just over here at the moment, not paying attention... and thennnn... POUNCE!!


Or like you said, invitn, 'insem somewhat on a whim'.  Whim's are great! Whim's are awesome!

Whim's are like light, floaty versions of instinct and gut feeling.


If this month doesn't work out for us I'm going to try the 'pounce on a whim' approach.

Also because it sounds like fun.

Maybe I could wear like a super hero costume, or dress up as a kitty or something... stealth!



Lisedea- I'll take your 'woo hoo' and raise it by a rambunctious 'Yay!'   thumb.gif

And remember what the Ancient Wise Ones taught us: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQ4yd2W50No&feature=related

Use the Force!



nosreves- Youpi for your first IUI!!  Grand bisous!

When you get pregnant (as you very clearly will) have you considered the name 'Gaufre'? Sounds pretty, non?

Weez a leetel bit of sucre on top?


Prettier than Che Junior anyway.


I have my fingers crossed for you!!



No news here, except that my lovely wife seems to be over her weird neck/ear/head pain thing. Course she is. Now that we're not insemming any more...

She seems happy enough. We're both sleeping a LOT.

Like 10, sometimes 11 hours a night. Whazupwidat?

We got into this pattern over the past few weeks and it's kinda nice.

Though we do feel like two grannies looking at the clock at 8pm and muttering 'oooh, it's late, time for bed'... 

But as a life-long insomniac I'm enjoying this (perhaps brief) glut of sleepage.

And our bed is just so cozy...

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YAY nosreves!!! good luck on your first IUI and tons of goodvibes.gif Can't wait to hear how it goes!

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Nosreves: Good luck! I'm thinking of you!


Invitin: I hope it worked. Fx crossed for you doing your TWW.


Anna: You always make me laugh. I love that Star Wars clip.


AFM: As it turns out, bromocriptine is not a friend of mine. I woke up dizzy and basically passed out in the hallway. I'm still having issues with dizziness and nausea. I ended up calling into work today. The RE told me to stop taking it and is going to prescribe something else.

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rs- yikes!

Are you ok now? That does not sound good at all!  Hope you've got someone around in case you get dizzy and/or pass out again!



I'm glad I make you all chuckle with my silly posts.

The sun is shining here ALL WEEKEND LONG so I've got enough good vibes to go around!  joy.gif

I wish you all a very excellent day!


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I'm much better, Anna, though I'm still slightly dizzy -especially when I stand up or move about too much. I *can* move about now, though, which is more than can be said for me this morning! My DW stayed home with me this morning, but I made her go in to work this afternoon. I slept away a good bit of the day. 


It seems like the primary problem this past month was egg quality. That tends to be a problem with PCOS patients. I didn't "O" until day 21, and this was my first cycle in a while. You need to "O" before day 20 to have the best quality eggs. In addition, I only produced the two follicles; my research revealed the best chances for pregnancy occur with a minimum of 3 follicles, and 4 is ideal. Hence the reason my RE doubled the dose of tamoxifen (which is hopefully not the reason I'm dizzy, but I don't think it is; sore boobs were the only side effect I had last month, and that was late during the round). If we don't catch this round, he wants to do a dye test to check my tubes and possibly move me to injectables. I go back in the 13th -here's hoping for a Valentine's Day insem!


Nosreves: I forgot to ask; how many follies did you have? Did you get to have any say in your donor after all?

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Anna- She made up her own song to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. She is the creative and musical one so it was pretty cute to hear the words that she made up as she went. I was doing some good ol' fashion Dory. Thanks for sharing the link to that. It made DW and I smile. Also the link to the Kat Kam. What a view!!! So Beautiful. We are doing IUIs at home with frozen sperm. Glad to hear your DWs temps finally went up and with insemming 4 nights in a row hopefully the Universe will respond and give you your LO this month.


Rs- Sorry I can't seem to remember this... Can you remind me why you only have 3 chances left? I'm also sorry to hear the bromocriptine wasn't nice to you.


Mrs²- I have been wanting to find a good place for acupuncture. Are you by any chance in the Portland Metro area?  It sound like you really love yours and I could use a recommendation since I dint even know where to go about starting to try and find one. ( I hope you don't mind me asking!)


Invitin- I really hope its number 3!!!!!!!! Good Luck.


Nosreves- Yay for IUIs in Belgium!!!


AFM- Doing good here. Temp went up this morning so I am 1 DPO. I already can't think about anything else. It probably doesn't help that DW is asking me about every 10 minutes if I'm pregnant! smile.gif This is gonna be a long two weeks!

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Nosreves~ Thanks for the shiny new thread, and congrats on your first IUI! I hope that everthing goes smoothly.


Wow...there has been a total explosion around here...that's great and lots of graduations...that's even better!!! So much to catch up on...but I will be back.


Could I be moved to waiting for AF?







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Hopeful--Portland has a large handful of community acupuncture clinics that are very affordable (generally, sliding scales of $15-35, pay what you can afford).  You can check out www.pococoop.com and click on Locate a Clinic in the far right corner to find clinics in your area.  This is true for anyone, actually, not just Portlanders.  I love Working Class Acupuncture (3 locations) but there are several others so you can probably find one near you.  


AFM--I had mentioned in previous posts that I actually did ovulate at some point last week (probably Wednesday but maybe Tuesday).  What I didn't mention is that we did a "practice" insemination on Monday night when we were visiting our donor.  We had planned the trip to reconnect and were hoping to get the timing right but were planning to ship if we missed the window.  When it seemed clear that I wasn't near ovulation (based on cm and no positive OPK), we decided to do a practice run before we left town since we had not ever done a fresh insemination before (only doc-assisted iuis).  We laughed our way through it and were glad to have tried it out before what we thought would be the real thing a few days later at home because we clearly needed the practice.  By the time we were done, I was sure we'd lost most of the swimmers in the process.


But as you know, I did ovulate.  And I'm now feeling all kinds of things that could be early signs of pregnancy. I waffle between thinking I'm pregnant and feeling like I'm just creating phantom symptoms for myself.  All of this to say--I'm in the TWW (halfway through actually).  So, nosreves, could you move me to Waiting to Know?  Thanks.

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hey gals. just stopping in to say that i will make all the changes when i get home this evening. apparently,i can'tdo it from my phone. it's just after 6am and we are on the road to the land of great beer and waffles. much love and gros bisous to all you lovely gals!
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Hi All!


Hope your weeks have gone well! 


Carmen, so sorry for you and your family. :( 


Hopeful, I'm in Portland and see Lisa Tongel for acupuncture. She's fantastic and specializes in fertility and women's health. She's worked with the reproductive endocrinologists in town and done acupuncture for people during procedures. Sadly she's pretty expensive, so I don't go as often as I'd like. http://www.lisatongel.com/


Nos, excited for you to go to Belgium for IUIs. How cool! Oh and also, please move me to waiting to know. 


As for us, I'm pretty sure this cycle is a wash, though I'm oddly calm about it. I think it's because I feel pretty clear that the way we're doing this is not going to work. Im seeing my Naturopath on Monday, and hoping to get some guidance on next steps. We've decided to explore doing IUIs with our known donor's sperm, and waiting to see if the clinic will let us consider him a sexually intimate partner. It's a little bit of a tricky situation since (most of you know) I run a business that helps lesbians get pregnant, and therefore I work with that clinic a lot. I want to meet with them and see if we can agree that lesbians using KDs at home should not have to jump through the "directed donor" hoops, and should get credit for the fact that they've already been exposed to this person's sperm. I know it's an FDA thing though, and also pertains very personally to my own situation, so I think I'll have to wait on that meeting. 

Anyway, if we're going to spend all kinds of money on sperm prep, we've also finally decided to get a work-up for me too. I ran my own progesterone (what is it they say about health-care providers taking care of themselves...?) and it was low, so that's a start.


Good luck to everyone!!!!!




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Nosreves: Good luck today! I've got my fx for you!


Hopeful and Happycalm: I hope this is your cycle! May you have a BFP soon!


Gellybeangirl: Welcome! I hope your stay here is short.


Midwife: I hope your clinic will let you use the KD. Ours would not even consider it due to the FDA regulations. We don't have tens of thousands of dollars to spare, that sent us straight to the sperm bank. It's really stupid. After all, these are our bodies; we should be able to take the risk if we choose to do.


AFM: Hopeful, the reason we only have 3 tries left is primarily due to money. My insurance is picking up the tab for the monitoring (which came to almost $2k last month!) but we have to pay out of pocket for drugs, sperm, the IUI, and co-pays to see the RE. That all comes to about $1200 a month. My MIL is helping, but we only have limited funds. Also, our RE is the sort who will only do 4-6 IUIs before moving on, which I approve of; there are too many doctors who will let women continue to waste thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on something that has almost no chance of working. At some point, someone has to call it.

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Carpenter ant, My first was frozen ICI at home (IUI vials, they were out of ICI vials on our favorite donor) on the 3rd try ( tho I got pregnant every well timed try).  Second was fresh at home 2nd try, first well timed try. Third was frozen IUI at home on the 4th try (I can't remember my FF info to tell you how many of my tries were well timed). DP got pregnant with number four at home with frozen IUI after a trigger shot and a couple of ultrasounds, fourth try.  If you don't get pregnant quickly and easily the ultrasounds and meds make it a lot easier to time and they were way cheaper than additional vials (we paid cash, ultrasounds were the medicaid rate, but DP once got US with insurance and the out of pocket cost was 10 times as much.  Kind of weird.)


ETA, my third kid was my second well timed cycle.




Rs, we didn't have tons of funds, we chose to insem every other cycle instead of every.

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hi gals.  can ya'll check and make sure that i've got your names in the right places on the first page?  i think i got everyone moved, but it's been a 15-hour day and i'm not thinking too clearly at the moment.  i'm sorry to be lame and forgo the personals *yet again*, but my ovaries are hurting sooo much and DP and i are exhausted after such a long day.  everything about today was wonderful ....well, except for the ovulation (?) pain that i'm feeling right now and the cramps and slight bleeding when the doc did the IUI, but i'm assuming/hoping that's all normal.    personals will *absolutely* be posted tomorrow.  in the meantime, can i just tell you all how much you rock and how blessed i feel to have found you and this lovely little corner of cyberspace?  



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@Hopeful - I wish I were in Portland! But alas, no, we're not. Google "women's health, portland, acupuncture" and I bet you can find a lot of people/clinics that specialize in it. Portland is that kind of town! 

AFM.... still ( - ) on the pee sticks, but still feeling awfully weird. My breasts are at least 1.5 cup sizes bigger than they were a week ago. I've been going to bed by 8PM every day  when usually I'm a night owl. And everything is starting to smell so weird and bad. I almost threw away my pillow this morning (arbitrary, right?) because the smell made me feel sick. My DW is getting discouraged by the negative tests, but she also wanted to hold out until 13 DPO to test. I insisted on starting a lot earlier because I'm impatient and bossy. Also, the dollar tree tests I've been taking (Assured brand) don't claim to work until after your period is due, so I suspect they are not very sensitive. I just have to assume we're not out until AF comes. Until then, ow ow ow ow my boobs. Ow. 

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Nos - my fingers are crossed so hard for your IUI! Congrats! 


Midwife Steph - That sounds like such a sticky position to be in, personally and professionally. I hope navigating it works out for you. 


RS  - hope you're feeling better soon. that dizziness sounds terrible. 


Invitin - things sound so good for you! yay! 

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okay i'm finally back for personals:


desert -- baby faces and onesie embroidery sound a lot more important at this point than the wall painting.  it sounds like you are staying very busy with creative pursuits... i'm envious, as i haven't been drawing nearly as much as i usually do.  i have this slightly ridiculous idea that i'm going to start submitting some of my drawings to threadless, but that would require me to finish all the digital retouching/coloring first.  maybe sometime soon...   i'm keeping up with you/your DP over on QP&P!


southernbelle -- thanks so much for the positive vibes!  how are you holding up waiting for your RE appointment tomorrow?  are you still taking tests every day?  given all those double lines so far, i'm sure you'll be getting good news.  let us know when you get the results tomorrow so that we can give you your broc1.gif parade!


hopeful -- congrats on the nailing the timing, and good on ya for trusting your own body.  i don't know if anyone's already addressed the temperature disparity, but imo the second temp was so much higher because it wasn't a true BBT.  you need at least 3-4 hours of uninterrupted sleep for that.  how are your temps looking now?  i think it's great that you're feeling so positive about this month.  may the first time the charm for youdust.gif


anna -- how are you today, ms. optimism?  your Che comparisons made me and my DP laugh out loud.  thanks to you we now think of ourselves as "fertilla guerillas"  the "gaufre" comment was also very funny (and silly...but i adore silly... silly walks, silly songs, silly posts...) and it gave me a really good idea during our trip yesterday (see below).  oh and did i mention that i am a *HUGE* Star Wars fan?  i actually saw "A New Hope" at a drive-in when it came out.  i was only five, but it made a big impression on me.  "the Empire Strikes Back" had an even more profound effect on my already unwieldy 8-year-old imagination.  if only my mother had saved my all my action figures and my darth vader head carrying case....   i'm happy to hear that your DP is no longer experiencing all that weird pain.  it would be pretty cool, though, if she started feeling crappy (exhausted and barfy with sore boobies) in another week or two.  i got my digits twisted up really tight for ya'll!


rs -- goodness, woman!  are you feeling better now?  i had never heard of bromocriptine until i saw your post, but the info i found on it seems to indicate that dizziness is a common side-effect.  why were you taking it and do you know what you're going to be switched to?  to answer your follicle question, i had one on the left that was 22mm and one on the right that was 19mm.  there were also a handful of other follies under 10mm on both sides.  i'd have preferred to have two big ones on the right side, since they think that my left fallopian tube is blocked, but i'll take what i can get!  as for the donor, we have no say whatsoever, but after all we've been through, i think we're past the point of caring.  DP was flabbergasted when i told her how much your treatments cost.  i was pretty surprised, too, but i'm also american, so i know how insane medical costs can be on that side of the pond.  yesterday i was thinking that it would probably be cheaper for you to just fly to belgium for the inseminations and also to buy the drugs (which are almost certainly cheaper even without insurance).  too bad that isn't really practical...  in any case, i'm crossing my fingers that you get a V-day baby this time and don't have to worry anymore about funding ttc!


Mrs² -- thanks soo much for your crossed-fingers both before and after my ultrasound. your snowday insemination adventure would make a fabulous conception story to tell your future LO.  and, wow, do those symptoms sound good!  you're at around dpo 12 or 13 now, no?  it definitely could be too early for the tests, and i think that's why a lot of us no longer test until AF is overdue.... it can be such a disappointment to see just the one line, so we just wait and hope the ugly witch stays away.  i'm glad you aren't letting the - test discourage you.   how are you doing symptoms-wise today and when's the next time you plan on testing?  goodvibes.gif for bfp in the next few days!


invitn -- ooo, it would be very cool if those high progesterone levels have nothing to do with #1 or #2 on your list.  i won't jinx things by saying anything more, but i'm definitely sending you "positive" vibes (in all senses of the word).  what DPO are you right now and when are you planning on testing?  fingers crossed!


outdoorsy -- thanks for the good wishes and encouragement!  the IUI was a little more painful for me than i expected, but i'm not complaining.  so when do i get to move you over to the TWW section???  


gellybean -- Welcome back, woman!  it's great to see your name here again (even though i'd prefer to see it over in the other room).  are you going to be doing another FET cycle this time around?  


happycalm -- i see you're enjoying the TWW(T) and all its little mindfraks as much as the rest of us.  how many days past O are you now and what kinds of symptoms are you experiencing?  here's hoping you get a bfp sometime in the next week!


midwifesteph -- welcome back!  i think it's incredibly annoying that they're so strict about letting people use KDs for iuis.  i understand that there are std concerns and all, but it's your frakking body!  if you feel safe using him, who the hell are they to say you can't?  if you do end up having to go through all the sperm prep, will you keep doing fresh inseminations until the frozen sperm is cleared for use? did you end up moving to frozen sperm back in the autumn?  i'm sorry that it hasn't worked for you yet, but now that you are starting to look into things, maybe you'll get the answers that will lead you to your LO.  is it ever hard for you to be so involved with getting other women pregnant?  i know DP and i both struggle with seeing so many of our colleagues and family members falling pregnant and having babies.  i can't imagine if it were part of my job.  what dpo are you, btw?  i know you think this cycle won't work, but i sincerely hope you're wrong.  babydust and good vibes coming your way!


seraf -- thanks for the good wishes!  :)


afm ...  the last few days have been a whirlwind of good news, excitement and travel.  i still can't believe that all my experimenting with dosages actually worked.  as i mentioned above, i had two follies on my scan friday (one on the supposed "good" side) and a triple stripe lining of about 8mm, the best i've ever had on a stimulated cycle.  i practically bounced off the exam table and out the door into the freezing cold to call the belgians with the results.  they gave me an appointment for the next day and told me to do the trigger shot ASAP.  luckily, i'd had the foresight to bring the trigger shot with me and to pick up some alcohol swabs at a pharmacy just before my appointment, because i had to go straight to work after that.  yesterday morning, we got up at 5am and started the first leg of our journey.  the north of france was wearing a bright, white mantel of snow, and we got to watch a gorgeous sunrise.  at the hospital in belgium, there were two other lesbian couples in the waiting room (including two french gals).  when we got in the doctor's office, i asked her if she could tell us whether the donor was belgian or danish and she said "we aren't allowed to tell you anything at all. he's danish, but we can't give you that information." (did i mention that we love the belgians?)  i also memorized the numbers of the lab and the sample that were on the vial of sperm just in case there's some way to find out eventually.  the iui itself was very quick, but i had some pretty strong cramps and bled a bit.  the doc seemed surprised by the cramps, but i think i remember reading about others who have experienced the same thing.  after that, DP and i took a short walking tour of the lovely little town.  much to my delight, it turns out that it's the vegetarian capital of europe, and we ended up having a delish vegan meal at one of the plethora of veg restaurants.  the weather was frigid, so we decided that we had no choice but to have hot, finger-warming waffles for dessert.  (thanks for the idea, anna thumb.gif).  after that, we made our way back to gay paris and were graced with a beautiful sunset on the way.  


it was all such a positive, hope-inducing experience.  i do wonder a bit about the timing, though.  the iui was at about 27 hrs. post trigger and it seems like most people wait until 36hours past.  i started having really bad mittelschmerz when we were driving home and it just got worse and worse until about 11pm.  i actually began to get scared that it might be OHSS, but the pain started going away when i went to bed, and today i've just had a bit of occassional soreness....so who knows when i ovulated.  i didn't have a temp rise this morning, but i've read that it can take a day or so for the body to register the progesterone.  i have to give myself another hcg booster shot next saturday...and we *may* be returning to belgium for DP's first IUI the very same day.  oh the excitement biggrinbounce.gif


greets and good wishes to everyone i may have missed in my personals!







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Nos, we insemed Sara 25.5 hours post trigger, she only had one follie, too. And it worked. Are Y'all spending an arm and a leg to insem you both in a clinic?  

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seraf -- thanks for chiming in with that! it gives me a more hope, as it would seem they do most of the inseminations around 24-30hours post trigger.   and actually, the IUIs are very reasonable (imo)... only 350euros per insemination (sperm included).  for the first insemination, we had to pay an additional 250euros for "sperm preparation", but it's a one-time-only fee.  on saturday the doc even said we don't have to pay it for DP when she goes in, because we paid it for me already, and it's per couple instead of per person.  i get the feeling they are being extra nice and giving us breaks because they feel bad about how we are treated here...  

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