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So I've spent like 2 hours catching up on all the threads (and then I had to go and read QP&P because I didn't know what was happening with Carmen, utterly heartbreaking).  


I'm apologizing in advanced if I miss people on the personals!


Carmen: I'm so so so so so sorry this is happening.  My dear friend and TTC buddy went through the exact same thing a couple of weeks ago (embryo measured small, dipping beta, complete loss of all pregnancy symptoms) and it took her TWO WEEKS to start bleeding (which she did... at work.  How fun!).  So sad.  :(  May you find some semblance of peace in all of this.  xo


Nos: Congrats on your first IUI!!!!  :D  That's super exciting!  I did a little bum wiggle in my chair when I read about it!


Mrs&Mrs: Yes, you just have to hold out until after AF is due.  We've given up on testing before AF is due because it's WAY TOO STRESSFUL!!!  :)  Wanting to throw out your pillow is a good sign, no?  The cycle we were sure DW was pregnant, everything had a metallic taste (BFN, but RMT, ND and Chiro all said her energy felt totally different that month).


RS11: I hope you guys can get 'er done before the money runs out.  If we have to move to a clinic, we're going to have to take out a loan.  Or someone's gonna have to help us (and considering how desperately my parents want grand babies, I'm kinda hoping they'll offer!).


Stephanie: I don't know where you're based, but we ran into the same issue here (Vancouver, BC).  We will have to lie about our relationship if it comes down to it, I don't even think they'd be keen on a "sexual partner" part of it...  However, I work in a Neonatal ICU and we have loads of IVF babies, and I inevitably end up chatting with the parents, who repeatedly tell me that the clinics don't seem to give a damn about where everything comes from, as long as you don't open your mouth and say something that they have to make a stance about.  I hope you can find someone in the clinic who will tell you how to get around this ridiculous rule.  


Happycalm: ahhh, now you have to live up to your screen name, eh????  ;)


Hopeful: I sing to my wife's ovaries and sperm (when applicable) almost every day.  Maybe THAT's why we're not pregnant yet????  Her ovaries don't like my singing??  We also make up words about sperm to different tunes, I'm glad to know we're not alone in our musical TTC.


Anna: I hear you about the weather.  We got back on the 12th and stepped off the plane and I just wanted to crawl under a heater and not come out until the end of May.  It was even SUNNY the day after we got back.  All the snow had melted and it had warmed up, but we missed the dismal freezing temperatures and thus were incredibly sensitive to the -1/+2 temperatures and were EXTRA cold (meanwhile everyone else is commenting on how nicely it's warmed up... we're like "WTF? ARE YOU CRAZY, IT'S FREEZING").  Yesterday was lovely: too bad I was at work all day and missed all of it!  Poop!!!


AFM: So we've done 3 insems now.  Anna was mentioning that it seemed to work better if we just kinda averted our eyes while doing this instead of watching the clock like a vulture, and we kinda took it to the extreme: we're house hunting (first time for both of us)!  We'll be moving 45ish minutes away from where we are now, which brutally sucks, but Vancouver is an insanely expensive city to live in (for Anna and Carmen, we're moving from close to UBC to Port Moody/Coquitlam, right around the Evergreen line).  It's knocked our stress level up a bit (but not much), but it's also made us MUCH less hyper-vigilant about TTC, since we don't have the time to obsess over it anymore.  Maybe that it's also our 8th cycle??  I feel way less stressed over picking a CD to start insems (we've picked CD8), and then we go every other day until temperature rises.  There's WAY less head scratching and whining.  We don't do 2 days in a row (since KD has a lowish count).  


We ran into an issue with our KD this month, he booked a trip for this week (left this morning, back Wednesday) and DW is supposed to ovulate Tuesday.  There was much gritted teeth talking and attempting not to wring his neck (and he complained that he never had enough notice, but he made a deal with us to CHECK IN WITH US before he went away ANYWHERE, and since when do ovaries pass out a schedule anyways?).  DW is PISSED.  I'm frustrated.  I'm not very good at negotiating, but this is definitely pushing my buttons.  DW is upset with me because she doesn't feel I said enough, I'm upset with myself because I'm always trying to make everyone happy... KD is annoyed that we didn't "let him know early enough" (we e-mailed him from Mexico on CD1, but he had already booked this trip).  He's now trying to make it back on Tuesday.  


It's made me realize that I'm ready to switch to a clinic whenever DW is.  The home insem schedule is exhausting, because inevitably DW ovulates when I'm working (I do shift work, 12 hour days, 4 shifts in a row, 2 days and 2 nights), so I'm intensely sleep deprived at work (which, considering where I work, is NOT A GOOD THING).  We got KD a zip car membership so he can come to us now, so that makes things much easier for all parties involved (and he doesn't mind).  I was pretty anti-medicated cycles, but if we could time it so we can do this when I'm NOT WORKING, it would be fabulous.  We'll see what happens after this cycle, especially since it's a "not supposed to work" cycle.  


Anyways, enough mindless rambling.  We're going for a late Chinese New Years dinner with my FIL and friends, since we were away for the actual event.  Should be fun and full of yummy food!



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Anna: Hey there funny lady. Seriously the image of the non gestational parent to be dressed up in superhero gear before an home insem is hilarioussssss. Although I would love to see my own DW in tights and cape, it would be somewhat creepy if she wore a mask as she was assisting with the insems. Yep, No mask. Otherwise I would get "stage fright" or wouldn't be able to stop laughing the process. Any whoo, glad to hear that DW is feeling better. It's also nice that you and DW have found a new love for sleep. I have too in the past week since I ironically enough I have been wearing a sleep mask to block out all light. I read recently about old school research from the 70s that id'd that a woman can regulate her cycle if there were no light in the room where she is sleeping at night. Apparently the body/brain is better able to receive the signal that it's time for sleep if the room is completely dark.


RS: Girl, so sorry to hear about your symptoms that you have been having lately. It's hard enough to living and breathing fertility thoughts 24/7 w/o having to contend with yucky physical symptoms. I hope that the doc is able to give you something else that is going to less disruptive for you. Your info about egg quality being jeopardized after day 21. I think I read some contradicting information somewhere..but ofcourse I have no idea at the moment where I read this. I wander if egg quality is equally questioned if you ovulation too early in your cycle..


Anna, Nos, Mrs. and Mrs, Hopeful,Happy Calm, Stephanie: thumb.gifgoodvibes.gifdust.gifto my fellow two weeks of (what seems like endless) wait comrades. I've mentioned the following before. Here is something fun and whimsical to distract you from your constant second guessing of physical symptoms: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VF9-sEbqDvU  and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ta9K22D0o5Q. I've seen these two clips about 20 times and they never get old. Totally precious and silly. DW and I constantly quote the lines about marcel's "dog" Allen.



Mrs. and Mrs.: All your symptoms sound promising..fx crossed for you lady.


Nos: Yay, your first clinic IUI and it sounded that it went really well. I loved your description of your trip. It took me back to my days of being a hs exchange student in Caen Normandy. Oh the wonderful old world yet chic romantized mystique of european towns...how I miss thee. Anyway I digress back to you....sorry... your whole experience truly sounds promising particularly if you were having ovulation pains right away the same time. So you are doing a hcg booster 7 days after the insem? Is this to help with implantation?


Allison: So sorry to hear about your donor issues...hopeful he gets back from his trip in time. It sounds like you and DW have begun talking about a back up plan. DW and I discovered quickly when a tragic and unfortunate event happened to your KD last month that a back up plan is important. What are you guys thinking about doing..storing KD's goods so they can be ready when you are..or moving to another plan?


AFM:  So I have no idea how many days past ovulation I am...bc for the first time ever I have no idea when I ovulated. As I reported in my last post, I did learn that I ovulated, which is awesome. I'm guessing maybe I'm 8,9, or 10, 11 days past ovulation. Yesterday, I had a horrible day for pre-menstrual like symptoms: horrindous lower back pain and pain radiating down my inner thigh. That same pain is still around today but more tolerable. I went to modified ashtanga yoga class today and had a wonderful time stretching my lower back muscles. It really helped to calm the pain. Nausea is still a pretty constant companion right now too. So who knows what is going on ?I started looking up information on endometriosis and signs of endo issues around pain periods..lower back pain is supposedly a pretty sig sign of endo pain. The only facts I do know for sure are: i'm day 27 of my cycle (which doesn't mean anything necessarily), I'm on prometrium and I have had different symptoms than when I've been on prometrium before,  I usually go about 12 days past ovulation on prometrium.  Oh yes...I can't forget this little fact..this morning I pee'd on a stick and it was negative. And lastly, I have an RE appt on wednesday and hopefully she is ready for my flurry of what if questions.


Good nite all and I wish everyone a wonderful start to the week.

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Hi everyone, just wanted to stop in and say thanks again for the well wishes and support. I'm hanging around in limbo. I've had a busy weekend so not much time to think about it. Seems like life with a 2 year old in general doesn't allow for much time to think about stuff ;) I've mostly been soaking up the love with my DD and DP and trying to relax. I'm not sure if we'll try again. I'm leaning towards yes because I'm stubborn and not a quitter and DP and I feel so strongly about not having an only child. But, I can't ignore the feeling that maybe this just isn't meant to be. We'd still love to have another child so maybe that adoption application will lead us somewhere. I honestly don't know. I'm afraid that after 4 m/c that if one does stick that there might be serious chromosomal issues. That isn't grounded in any facts...just fear. Regardless, after this, I will wait out a cycle and then decide. So, if we do try again it won't be until March or April.


Good luck to all of you and I'll try and keep up.

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happycalm- Thanks for the recommendations and the website for acupuncture. Good luck with the rest of your TWW!


midwifesteph- Good luck at your appt. today with your Naturopath. I hope you get the guidance you are looking for. Also thank you for the recommendation on Lisa Tongel. I will look into her.


rs- I really hope that you do not have to use all 3 of those tries you have left. My fingers are crossed for you.


nosreves- Thanks for your opinion on my temps. They have gone up since my suspected O day and continue rising every morning. They didn't have quite the jump they normally do above my coverline so I am not entirely sure what that is about but surprisingly I'm not worrying about it. I figure it was just probably time for a battery change in my thermometer. I am so happy that your IUI day went so well(besides the cramping). It sounds so beautiful. I hope this is exactly what you needed to get your BFP! Have your temps gone up yet?


Mrs²-any news yet??


Allison-I really hope things work out for you this cycle. Hopefully Anna's logic is right! That has to be frustrating about your KD. I'm sure its hard on everyone to come up with a good plan regarding timing of trips and what not but really after 8 cycles you would think he would have an idea of when his goods will be needed. Good Luck!


invitn- Thanks for the videos. They are so cute. I also love the dog. I bet you do have a million questions for the RE this cycle. How confusing t not even know when you ovulated even after the fact. Your symptoms sound good though so I'm hoping todays test was just too early for you.


Anna- How's the TWW going for you two, cycle buddy? How does your DP handle it now that it isn't new to her anymore?


Carmen- You are so incredibly strong.  I can't imagine what you are going through right now but here you are ready to move forward and keep trying. I hope you continue to have those moments of strength. My thoughts are with you and your family.


CarpenterAnt- any news yet?


AFM- I'm 4DPO which is hard to believe it's only been 4 days!! I thought for sure I was at least at 5 or 6 until I rechecked this morning. So I'm here, just waiting. whistling.gif




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So I haven't posted in these forums since I was 17 and wanting to become a midwife (gave up on that for now - not in the cards for me at the moment.) I've been creeping around the ttc threads for the past month or so, since DP and I decided we would start TTC starting in May. Gives me some time for my divorce paperwork to finally go through (ex-h is dragging his feet) and some time for me to quit smoking. My DP and I have only been together for 6 and 1/2 months, but I was with my husband for three years and he never got past the point of children-in-theory would be nice. I'm only 21, but having kids has been the one and only constant thing on my life's to-do list. We have a great KD that's been a friend of DP's for 8+ years, both he and his wife are totally excited for us. Unfortunately most of my friends and family have not been supportive of the idea (my mother still tunes out any mention of DP's name, haven't told her yet). DP is super excited about the baby, we're hoping to be able to have three about two years apart in age.

Anyway, I just started charting today and figured it was time to stop creeping around these threads and start posting. It's been really encouraging to see everyone's journeys and sort of know what to expect come May. Best of luck and good vibes to you all!
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I am continuing to keep you in my thoughts, Carmen! Take your time healing!

Welcome, sancta!
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Still thinking of you, Carmen.


Welcome to sancta.


And BEST OF LUCK to everyone in the TWW!!!!! Early 2012 has been a great time for BFPs! Let's keep em coming!








AFM - CD7. Been a little depressed but trying to pick myself up today. Still coughing from my chest cold. Today I'm calling my sperm bank to order another vial and calling the clinic to see if I need to do anything differently this cycle.

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Allison - is there a clinic you like? What are your DW's feelings about switching to a clinic? The TTC process + your schedule sounds very chaotic, and that would be really stressful for me. I know it doesn't bother other people so much but I'm sensitive to that kind of stuff.


invintn - how confusing to have no idea which day you're on! like the waiting itself isn't bad enough! 


welcome aboard, sancta!


outdoorsy - what kind of stuff do you think you might want to do differently this cycle?



As for me: CD 28, AF arrives. Sigh. It's such a Monday. I've already moved onto the next cycle in my mind, but I'm not going to lie. I ate some chocolate ice cream last night when I started spotting. 


can i be moved to Waiting to O please? 

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Mrs- I am so sorry to hear that AF arrived. Darn. I really thought you were gonna be lucky this time.


Sancta- Welcome to Queer Conceptions. I think its wonderful that you are starting to focus on getting your body ready and getting to know your cycles wellin advanced. I charted for 5 months before our first try and I think it helped me know so much about my body and cycle. Good luck to you and your DP.


Lise- How is everything going for you?


Outdoorsy- Good luck this cycle. Sorry to hear you've been a little down lately. Let us know if there is anything you need. grouphug.gif

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Thank you, Hopeful. The well wishes are much appreciated.


mrsandmrs - As far as what we'll do differently this cycle, I think we'll insem the day after the surge instead of the same day. Also, I read a study that said despite caffeine issues, tea is positively associated with conceiving, so I think I may have some regular green tea instead of decaf all the time -- since they didn't test decaf. And I'm going to check with the clinic to see if there's anything else we can do to pinpoint ovulation. So far they have recommended we ttc unmedicated and rely on opks. (I was previously temping and checking CM and the cervix, but they told us it was not necessary for now, which was a great relief because I was never confident of exactly what I was observing.) But I don't want to go in there blindly assuming my body is ready, either. They've never mentioned anything like a follicle scan. The clinic is an hour and 10 minutes away, so frequent visits could get to be an issue. Thanks for asking. It was good to get some of that off my chest.

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Carmen- So sorry you are having to go through this again. I have only had one m/c but that was yrs ago before I had my oldest.


Tiney- Congrats!!! Whoo hoo for a BFP!! Great start for the month!!


Nosreves- YAY! I have such a great feeling about this month for you!! I have everything crossed for you!! Thank you for the kind words about my family, I’m kinda fond of them myself. DW is indeed still doing well. We go for another check up in March, and I have a huge list of questions for the DR. Oh he is going to love me. I too have a feeling our next will be a girl…In fact I told DW it would be wonderful to have twin girls she just looked at me and said “why do you hate me” I just laughed at her. But honestly we would love whatever as long as it is healthy.


Invitn- I hope you get all the right answers!


AFU-Wow! I go out of town for a few days and the board explodes! DW and I took off Thursday and went to Kansas City to see Jeff Dunham. He was awesome! Very funny! It was so nice to go out and have some adult fun. We each had 1 beer and it tasted great! I am currently CD 18 so I will soon be joining the TTC train again. I wish I could say my time off has been fun and relaxing but sadly do to DW being so sick it was neither. I am just happy she is better now.


dust.gifto all!!

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just popping in for 2 mins to post this:




made me chuckle lol.gif

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So I've found something more  painful than the TWW:


Waiting until tomorrow afternoon to find out if the offer we put on an awesome condo is accepted or not....  H@#%@&%%$^%$#@@!##$#@


Thankfully, the 7 rounds of TWWs have made me an incredibly patient and persistent person, so I can hang on and not go totally insane.  Helps also that I've got hardcore work-school tomorrow.... about very very sick babies!  Am excited, TIME TO SAVE ME SOME TINY HUMANS!!!  :D



PS, Anna that hat is awesome sauce.  Does it come from the comic, you think?

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Well well well. I got a callback from a different midwife last night, and this one is the head of the program. It was her day on. (this is the third one we've dealt with, one for intake and one for insem). When she heard I didn't have my period until 25 days after positive opk, she first started talking "chemical pregnancy," but then I told her that a 35-day cycle is normal for me, and she said that YES, I am right to suspect I could be getting false positive opks on the months when I get them around day 12 instead of day 18-20. IT IS NO VICTORY TO BE RIGHT WHEN WE ARE WASTING TIME!!!! And she said we should chart, which the other midwife said not to bother with. I left a message with her office this morning to have her call again so I can ask some follow-up questions. I want to impress upon her that even though we've only insemmed with vials 3 cycles, there were also 2 or 3 in there where we didn't insem because we missed or didn't understand my ovulation, that we spent over 2 years with our previous KD, that my wife is turning 58 soon, and that WE ARE DESPERATE and don't have confidence in when I'm ovulating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Allison, good luck with the condo. I do think switching to a clinic is easier, despite the frustration evident above.

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Mrs^2, Sorry to hear about AF arrival :(  I had my fx for ya...


AFM:  Well, I have been taking the Dollar Tree tests since 7 DPO because DSp was insistant, even though I knew it was no use.  It has been negative everyday.  On 8 DPO i swear I felt implantation, but it was probably just the torture of the 2WW.  Last night, 10 DPO (CD 27/28), boobs were tender.  This morning I wake up to pink/red and a negative test.  The pink/red was slightly more than the implantation bleeding I had with DD pregnancy.  And now, as I'm writing this, I'm having what feels like AF cramps :(  So, this morning has been quite discouraging.  I guess I'll just have to see later on if this pink/red turns into full blown AF.  Also, as far as temps go, they have been up since the morning after insem. but as luck would have it, the battery to the thermometer was dead and I couldn't test this morning to see if temp was down.  If I had taken it, it wouldn't have meant much because I am sick again with body aches, runny/stuffy nose.  DD just got over with the flu and got the whole house sick, including my mother who babysits during the day.

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happycalm- congrats on your first DIY insemination.  It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun with it.

It sounds like your timing might have worked out anyway... 


midwifesteph- I'd be interested to hear how your negotiations with the clinic go regarding accepting a known donor as a 'sexually intimate partner'.

I've also been thinking about this for the past few weeks as we've been using fresh sperm for 3 months now and I am beginning to wonder what exactly these clinics are protecting us from


rs11- wow- those costs you were talking about just blew my mind. I guess we would find the money, if we lived in the US but really, I'm just glad I live in Canada.


nosreves- ouch- those ovulation pains do not sound nice at all. Do you have pain like that in other (non medicated) months too?

I think you should have t-shirts printed with 'Fertilla Guerilla' on them for your clandestine trips to Belgium!


I loved reading about your snow-covered train ride. So romantic and exciting. I'm glad your IUI went well.  And I'm so jealous over the waffles. We visited Belgium a few years ago and absolutely loved it. I've always wanted to go back. The waffles had a lot to do with that, as did the beer...



mrs&mrs- those symptoms sound very good!

My breasts used to grow and shrink a cup size or two during each cycle, so I'd have a variety or bras to fit, depending. And those were just normal period cycles. I can't imagine what I'd be like pregnant. Yikes.

I lost a lot of weight last year which really settled my hormones down. Now my boobs no longer do their amazing growing/shrinkage act, phew! It used to get kind of annoying. 



Allison- so, forget TTC- did you get the condo!!??!?!? thumb.gif

My fingers are crossed for you for this 'not supposed to work' cycle.

And yeah, Vancouver house prices are insane. We were super lucky to find a place we could (just about) afford but I'm now realising we may be stuck here for a while as the 'next step' seems to be way out of reach.

I bet you're enjoying all this lovely weather, too. Last day of sunshine today though- so get outside and dose up on the VitD!

(I work outdoors, so sunshine makes a HUGE difference to my work/life.)


Glad you liked the boob hat  winky.gif

I imagine the comic came after the hat as I think she mentions elsewhere about protesting facebook about labeling breastfeeding photos (and boob hats) as offensive..


I hear ya about KD's suddenly disappearing. 

We had a similar thing in December where he very excitedly told us that he'd just booked a trip to NYC for New Years- YAY! ...there was a long pause before I asked him whether he was telling me that he would be missing S'd ovulation on the 2nd Jan... 

It was pretty stressful. He'd miscounted his dates, I didn't want to make him cancel his flights, he really really deserved a trip away, he'd had such a shitty year in 2011... but then again- FFS, you know??!!!?? We'd all been pretty clear about informing each other prior to making any decisions about leaving town...

We didn't put any pressure on him, he phoned the next day to say he'd cancelled the trip. 

I felt grateful, a bit guilty, but then again- he'd committed to do this with us for at least 6 months...

I'm thinking that when S gets a stable pregnancy we might buy him a ticket to NY as a thank you. (I'm also pretty sure he didn't get all his money back for those flights and works really hard for his money...)


I've also been thinking about changing our insem schedule to 'every other day' next month. We've asked our KD to have his sperm re-tested and to have 2 tests done, one 24 hrs after the first to check numbers. First time we had it tested back in October his count was low, but he'd been through a pretty rough 6 months (ugly end to an intense relationship, stressed out at work, working 60-70 hours a week, drinking too much coffee and booze... need I go on?) We're hoping his numbers are better now. If not we're going to look into doing IUIs maybe.

We'll see.



I'm also loving all the stories of all of you singing to the sperm...

Some things are just universal!


invitn- Wow- all that timing stuff and symptoms you've experienced does sound confusing! i hope you get some helpful answers from your RE.


I agree that a mask would be creepy for insems. But silly sunglasses, a beach towel cape and underpants-over-my-pajamas might be kinda fun.

I might work on that idea for next month.  I could even wear it to go and collect the sperm from our donor. He'd certainly get a laugh when he opens the door...

Everybody talks about 'Spicing Up Your Sexlife' but nobody talks about 'Spicing up Your TTC Life', do they! 

Thanks for the links to Marcel. He's very sweet.

Here's the YouTube gold that's been making me laugh all week: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Aui2TKucUg

I don't know what it is. But as soon as he starts I nearly drop my laptop every time with laughter.

I think I woke up on the stoopid side of the bed this week.



Carmen- I'm thinking of you often and sending you lots of love. You sound like you're feeling stronger and better able to cope with this each day. I also really admire and respect what you wrote about honouring this pregnancy for what it is. That takes a lot of strength and heart but I think also allows for feelings of peace and acceptance. 


hopeful22 - hey cycle buddy! How's things?

Not much to report here. Currently languishing at 7 DPO, so I guess we're half way through our TWW, so this is HUMP DAY! W00t! 

S is feeling nuthin' of course, but is generally happy, so I'm happy.


sancta- welcome!  And happy charting!


outdoorsy- ech, sounds like you're getting some pretty confusing info. Both from the signals your body is giving you and the 'helpful' advice from your midwives.

No wonder you're frustrated. I'd be kicking some furniture by now!  





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As far as KD schedules go, we may have to end up doing an insemination earlier than we originally thought. He just graduated boot camp a week ago, but we just found out from his wife that he'll be getting his assignment in the next three weeks - which means by May he might be out of the country! Everything happens for a reason, and DP really wants to use him (we had another guy lined up, he's still up for it) because she feels like he's sort of the reflection of her soul and he's the closest to me actually bearing her biological child. Make sense? It's already going to be difficult to sync his leave schedules to when we can inseminate. greensad.gif I totally feel ya there.

Our other "candidate" lives really close by and never goes anywhere, but he's still putting off quitting smoking and drinks more than too much for my comfort.

Hopefully he won't be moving across seas so soon, because I don't currently have insurance and while my state insurance will cover a midwife, they'll only pay for one if it's a hospital birth. So unless DP can get me on her ins during open enrollment we'll be paying for a midwife out of pocket. Urgh.

I love the idea of singing to the sperm! DP burst out laughing when I told her about it, so not sure if she's down for it. But she totally did a little pagan ceremony when she took out my Paraguard a month ago. With sage and candles and everything. I felt very loved and it really made the moment special as the first official step to baby-making. smile.gif

Thank you for the welcomes, I'm really really excited to get this show on the road.

Amt: it's funny your DP asked you that question, because my DP told me she's hoping for twins and thinks it would be absolutely delightful, especially twin boys. I made the point that she would not be the one at home and nursing them all day.
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Did you get your place, Allison? I know a lot of young families that have moved from Vancouver to Port Moody lately...you definitely get more bang for your buck. We bought a small townhouse in Vancouver 5 years ago and have considered Port Moody if we could have a house. DP isn't ready to leave the city yet though ;)


I don't know that I'm getting better at coping but I'm trying. I have ups and downs. Waiting is hard. It's like a 2WW that doesn't have a definite end and you already know it's not going to end well.

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Oh my god ladies... this hasn't quite sunk in yet, and I'm a midwife, so I feel cautious, BUT....




You called it Nos!!

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OMG OMG.. MidwifeStephPDX... soooo soooo  soooo happy for you... You have had quite the year... Stick little bean stick!!! CONGRATS




Nores.. I am so over the moon happy for your first iui and having 2 good sized follicles. I am sending lots of baby vibes to you.. FX extra tight!!


Hi to everyone else.. 




AFM.. Just took my last pill of fermerra (sp) and it has made me very ill.. oh man can not keep much food in... its the pits.. but i am trying to remain optimistic that this will be the med that works for me without thinning my lining to much. I go for my follicle scan on Fri and then going to have my 1st accupuncture appointment I am quite nervous!!!. I have also been caffeine and soda free for 8 days now.. it has not been to hard .. i read a study how soda can really affect fertility.. so i figure its the cant hurt category!




Originally Posted by MidwifeStephPDX View Post

Oh my god ladies... this hasn't quite sunk in yet, and I'm a midwife, so I feel cautious, BUT....




You called it Nos!!


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