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Good eye Doctor in RI for kids?

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After my daughter received inconclusive results on the brief eye check at the pediatrician's 2 years in a row, the doc has suggested she see an eye doctor. I put it off the first year because I'd heard that eye docs often prescribe glasses too early when the child's eyes would correct themselves if left alone. (Daughter is now 5). Now I notice her squinting sometimes, so i feel I should take her for a full exam. I've gone to Koch myself before but we don't really have a family eye doc. Does anyone know someone good in RI? Do they even have eye docs specifically for kids? Thanks!!



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When I was young I went to Dr. Clyde Haworth in Cumberland.  He sees adults and children.  I don't have any bad memory of my visits to him so he could be one you could try out.  

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Thanks for the name. I'll call and check him out.

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