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A monthly thread to talk about all of our various journeys through the difficult, trying, and often heartbreaking world of infertility. This thread is a place to chat, vent, get support, cheer each other on, and hopefully occasionally laugh!


Please let me know if there are any changes/updates to make.


Trying to Conceive #1


Kparker (27) DH(34) married since 10/2008.  TTC#1 since 9/2008 w/ MIF.  Using sperm donor; 3 failed IUIs so far. HSG + IUI #4 in Jan 2012, suspected female IF.


krunchyk Me (32), DH (33), ttc #1 1/11.  Diagnosed with PCOS at 19.  Eastern Medicine diagnosis of phlegm stagnant.  Currently taking 1500 mg of Metformin daily along with supplements and acupuncture. MOVED TO GRADUATES!!!


Teresaresa (32) DH (46) TTC#1 since 04/09...married 06/09. Waiting to see what our next cycle will be....hoping for a BFP!!!


Jukim married to DH since 01/01/09.  TTC#1 since 11/11.  Battling Hyperthyroidism since 04/11.  The thought of it being a long journy is unnerving shrug.gif but God is gracious! praying.gif


gtree TTC for a year, just started clomid.  Hope 2012 brings babies!!


Gemmine (27) Me+ DH TTC #1 since July 2010. 1 loss at 5 weeks in April 2011. 

BFPChart2.gif http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/gemmine84


Shesaidboom (28) TTC #1 since early 2007. Four early miscarriages and one second trimester loss. Struggling with PCOS. Currently on our first IUI cycle using injectibles, after three failed IUIs on Femara.


Cbaa2010 (26) TTC#1 since 10/10, 4 failed medicated cycles, 2 IUI. Progesterone for LP spotting. Femara/IUI then on to injectables, looking into NaPro Technology.


Sourire (29) DH (32) - TTC # 1 since August 2010 with short luteal phase. 

BFPChart2.gif http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2d1bce


Monkeyscience  MOVED TO GRADUATES!!!

chart1.gif http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2d452e/


LuluRoo (28) TTC#1 since March 2011 after taking a break from TTC for a little while!!! Doing what I can to prepare for our first medicated cycle March 29th, 2011.


Renavoo  (35)  moved to graduates!!!!!!


Blueyezz4 TTC #1 (technically #4 - long story) since 2006; Moving on to our 3rd Fresh IVF in Oct. after 5 failed IUI's, 2 failed IVF's and a failed FET.  Hoping & praying for a miracle. Mother to our twins boys - lost at 22.5wks on 6-20-09 and another little angel in heaven lost at 8wks!


deborahbgkelly (30) moved to graduates!!!!!!


JodiAriel Jodie (33) married to Jay (31)  TTC#1 with PCOS, male viscosity issued, low progesterone.


Catheleni 35, TT#1. Male factor issues and consult with RE in November.


Chicajones (27) DH (30) TTC#1 since June 2010. Diagnosed with PCOS and Insulin Resistance in Oct 2010. Long cycles, currently taking Metformin and watching my sugar. Moving to the UK in the fall, but hoping for a BFP before we leave!

BFPChart2.gif http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/32b88b

Tickletoes (36) & Hubby (45) TTC #1 since 8/10, 3 early losses on 11/4/10 ribbonpb.gif, 6/14/11 ribbonpb.gif, 1/19/12 ribbonpb.gif. First fertility visit scheduled for 2/20. My chart:BFPChart2.gif http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/Tickletoes



Trying To Conceive #2


SilaMarila (25), DH(29), TTC#2 since 12/10. Long cycles and infrequent ovulation. No diagnosis. Using acupuncture (since 6/11) and holding off on fertility meds for now.


MammaBird (42) moved to graduates!!!!!!


rcr (37) TTC #2 since December 2007. One failed IVF, five failed medicated IUI cycles (follistim, menipur, and gannirelix), hoping for second IVF cycle Jan 2012.


Gozal (33) trying for number 2 since 2009. Finally diagnosed with prolactinoma after extended breastfeeding; PRL levels normal 4/11; ectopic pregnancy 6/11; three monitored natural cycles after the ectopic, now on round 2 of Clomid with trigger and IUI.


Tinymama TTC#2. Male IF issues (poor count/quality/motility).


Marmo (31) Dh, age 36.  Trying to conceive #2 since 3/10, unexlpained secondary infertility.  Tried 4 rounds of clomid, beginning Femara/ovidrel and good old fashioned bd 2/12.


Hope4Light (31) DH 33.  TTC #2.  Trying Since: March 2011 (after PPAF came back) with severe MFI.  Plan for this Cycle:  Met with RE1 last week, meet with RE2 next week.  Then hopefully move forward with cycle testing and SA (all of our tests are from back in 2007/2008 when were were dealing with primary IF), and then onto IVF with ICSI.  Thoughts: Trying to stay positive and go into TTC #2 with a different attitude.  TTC #1 almost ruined me, and I refuse to let that happen again.


Smilesarefree TTC#2 for almost 2 years, waiting on a diagnosis.


Trying To Conceive #3


zanelee TTC#3 for almost 5 years now. Secondary IF due to cervical cancer surgery. Had extensive endo removed and cervix manually dialated (so dh's boys could get in!) in late fall of 2010, and now trying on our own for a few months. Can't decided whether or not to start clomid. Praying for a miracle!


Brichole1214 Brandy (27) DH (31) TTC#3 since March 2011!  Waiting for an appointment with my GYN to see what our next steps will be with TTC!  Praying for a baby in 2012!!! 

BFPChart2.gif http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/158654  


Skeemama  TTC#3 since 2006. Several losses along the way. Hopeful. (most days)


(May everyone who passes through this thread find her way to this section!)

Monkeyscience, Mammabird, deborahbkelly, Tenzinsmama, Renavoo, Tantylynn, Kaydove, Brichole1214, Sweet.Bee, Lega, NishaG, Kewpie80, Tear78, ValH, Lesliesara63, no5no5, Minkajane, EastbayK, Grapesbunch, thtr4me, alexaskj, trumpcard, poetgirl, ann_of_loxley, livelovelaugh, krunchyk, wissa19


Join our graduates on the Graduates thread for Winter/Spring 2012


Missing In Action...but we're still thinking of you

(please let us know if you'd like to jump back in)

babymc, yoyonana, RosieL, Silverbird, fierrbug, rhiandmoi, aprilmom, wendlynn, lydiah, hope4light, jenger, tryingfortow, wallabi, gale, cassnbeth, mindfulmomma, emski4379, kyliel, moonfireglow, Milletpuff, First Short Photo, Stretch358, InGodsHands, Simplymere, Indianagrl, Victorian Patch, lovebug


PLEASE let the thread keeper know if there is anything you would like to add/delete/change in your synopsis above. Bolding requests is appreciated! love.gif Weekend Wrap-Up: Name:Age:TTC #:CD:DPO (if applicable):Testing:Trying Since:Plan for this Cycle:Link to Chart (if applicable):Thoughts:


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Shesaidboom:  Thank you so much for taking the February thread!!  I feel horrible that work hasn't allowed me to be able to up date and make contact with all of you lately!!! You are a wonderful woman!!!



I MISS ALL OF YOU and can't wait for our february adventure!!!

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Thanks for the new thread! I've gotten behind again! There is so much I want to say but I don't seem to have time to say it...


Anyways, I finished my Provera yesterday and I'm just waiting for AF. I wore white underwear and white shorts and DTD yesterday to try to will her into coming. Hasn't worked so far. I'm confident that this cycle will start right when it's supposed to and all the testing and monitoring will work around our schedules.

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Thanks for the new thread shesaidboom! I hope it brings you threadkeeper's luck and your follies start growing like crazy and you get a BFP in a few weeks!


Would you mind updating the chart link in chica's blurb? It's currently linking to my chart eyesroll.gif Here's her chart from her sig http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/32b88b

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Thanks for the new thread, shesaidboom!


Hi brichole! I hope you are feeling better and adjusting to the work schedule.


gozal, Sourire, cbaa: Guess I'm joining the IUI party! :-) I'll be looking to you guys for advice, tips, experiences, etc.


krunchy, gozal: I stopped at the Masters level, but I am looking for research positions (non-academic) too. In the meantime, I'm kind of molding my current job to include the research/data that I enjoy doing. gozal, what's your area? krunchy, public policy analysis sounds interesting and marketable. I am hoping this works out for you.


AFM: AF came Sunday night, just in time for the RE appointment yesterday! It went well. Doctor was extremely nice and personable. DH still needs to do an analysis. Could have done it yesterday at the appointment, but he had abstained too long (we didn't have a chance to do anything due to us moving and the associated craziness) so he has to go back hopefully this week. They drew some blood for me to test FSH and other things; those results should be back this week. She wants me to do Clomid/IUI. Mentioned with my "normal" ovulation, Clomid would help me produce 2 eggs which kind of freaks me out but sure, why not? She wants to try that for 4 months and if that doesn't work, then she wants to try no Clomid and do the injections with IUI. They did an ultrasound to check for cysts, and I have one on the left side so we can't start it this cycle. I have to call back on CD1 next cycle. So, this month will be a natural try. We'll see how this goes! The RE seemed very optimistic (of course, she's paid to be).

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brichole!!! I'm so glad to hear from you. You can't help if you're busy, don't even worry about it, we were just worried about you. We miss you too and hope to see you around more when things die down a bit for you :)


SilaMarila - I know how that is. When you do get time though, do drop by. We love to hear from you. I hope AF comings very soon and you can get going on your cycle. I have lots of hope for you this cycle!

Sourire - oops! Not sure how that happened. I fixed it though. Thanks for the goodluck wishes. I'm hoping for some of that thread keepers luck forsure.


Gemmine - Welcome to the IUI party! I hope it works out well for you. My biggest piece of advice - it's not as scary as it seems. It's really quick, and aside from the discomfort of the speculum, it's not painful.
I'm glad your appointment went well. It always feels good to have a plan, doesn't it? I`m still hoping your natural cycle this month is successful and you won`t have to do the meds/IUI, but if you do, we'll be here with advice and support!



EDIT: got my results from today's cycle monitoring!


estrogen 177 (up from 86 yesterday, woohoo!)

LH 8 (was 13 yesterday)

Progesterone 6 (was 5 yesterday)


12 follicles on the right side. Two at 1.0, one at 1.2, and the rest under 1cm.

13 follicles on the left side. One at 1.7 and the rest under 1cm.

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Thanks for the new thread Shesaidboom!


Shesaidboom - Yeah for maturing follicles!!  Looks like this cycle is not wasted after all.  I just wanted to throw in my 2 cents on E2 levels.  My first cycle on femara my surge e2 came back at 86 too!  I thought that sounded low, but the nurse said that those levels were very consistent with the follicle size (mine was 1.5 also) on femara.  Of course, I was still freaked out and did several google searches.  It seems that they do expect to see E2 levels lower on femara than say clomid or injectables.  I found several websites/posts (some even by doctors than indicate this).   Check out the second post on this page  http://www.soulcysters.net/showthread.php?319912-What-was-your-E2-level-on-Femara-PLEASE-help-ladies!!!


I will also say my E2 this cycle with 3-4 mature follicles was 232!  And again they told me this was a very nice number.   I think the fact that your E2 is rising is a great sign that you are going to O this cycle!


Gemmine -  Glad to hear your meeting with RE went well.   It's always nice to have a plan and know that there is hope!!  It was also especially nice for AF to show on time and not ruin your party.


Oh! and the one cycle I had a huge cyst a naturopath told me to take EPO, vitamin A, and B-6.  The next cycle it was gone and the nurse even remarked on how helathy my ovaries looked! 

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wissa - thanks for the info. It's good to know that these levels aren't weird on Femara. I guess I just thought they were worse than they were because my past two Femara cycles didn't have such low E2 levels. The websites definitely help too. I'm glad my E2 is rising now, and I'm hoping for that O.


AFM, I started a photo project like project 365 (where you take a photo a day for an entire year) on the first day of my first fertility treament cycle. I decided I would continue the project until we got our positive pregnancy test or until our baby was born. Yesterday marked 100 days since we began (not of infertility, just of treatments). It has been kind of interesting to follow it in this way.

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Hi ladies! I am new to this thread, and have been dealing with infertility for quite some time now about 6 years! I have already gone through 3 cycles of clomid, follistim and trigger injections, and one failed IUI. I am currently preparing for a sonohysterogram on cycle day 8 and then moving forward with our first IVF cycle if all is well with my uterus. I am just looking for any helpful advise and support as I know you all understand my struggle as I understand yours!

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Well, I'm dropping by again but only to talk about myself and get some encouragement and input. Which feels a little selfish but I'm kind of falling apart right now.


I just talked to a nurse from the RE's. Turns out we have 2 problems greensad.gif It's not just me mecry.gifDH's SA results came back. His count is good 72million. But, she said that they like to see combined A and B motility be 50%. DH's A motility is 0%(so he has none that swim in a straight line?) and B motility is only 16%. So she is recommending inseminations. A lot of you know more about this so, how bad is it? It seems pretty bad. 


It just hit me pretty hard. I guess because this whole time we thought he was fine.

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Sila - I'm so sorry! I'm not much help with sperm knowledge, but my thoughts are with you. hug2.gif

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Sila- i'm not sure what those numbers mean, my DHs results were worded differently. Is it possible the hot tub or the motorbike affect those things? I thought your DH had SA a while back... Either way, there are lots of supplements good for spermcount, so there is still hope. Do they rcommend inseminations lke IUI or IVF? Do you still see a TCM practitioner or maybe your Arvigo therapis will have some insight on how to improve? I'm still hopeful for you! Now AF just needs to show so you can get tis show on the road.

Gemmine- welcome to the club! Whats with the cyst?! I'm glad your appt went well & AF shoed up on time so you can get started. It would be nice to get a free baby first though!

Shesaidboom- yay for growing follies! I'm not sure about where they want estrogen when on femara... The 200 thing they told me on clomid. I'm glad theyre going up though! When is your next monitoring?

Deborah- the duncan hines has soybean oil but no milk. Lactic acid soes not contain milk protien, so i'm good. It was so yummy... The carrot cake on the other hand left something to be desired...

Welcome KandJ- we are here for you on your journey! Welcome!

Brichole- glad ur okay & that everything is getting back on track. Lookng forward to your quieter scedule so you can join us again.

Wissa- how you feeling?

AFM- DH got the stomach flu. I went to work all day but I'm so scard I'm going to get it,... Always something...
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Thanks for the new thread!


Sila - sending a hug.


My brain is a fog... but to whoever recommended fertility yoga... thanks! I'm going to check it out. I have some prenatal yoga videos... but they aren't anything that I even want to look at right now. I didn't know that fertility yoga even existed.

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Sila - hug2.gif I never could decide if it would make me feel better or worse to not be the only one in the relationship with a fertility problem. But it definitely throws a wrench into treatment! I'm guessing they'll want you to do IUI, which I didn't do, but I've heard isn't any worse than a normal vaginal exam. Lots of ladies here know more than I do about that. That should get the sperm a lot closer to your egg, so they don't have so far to swim, so hopefully that will be the magic bullet for you. I think if it's just low motility, that's not so bad. I think poor morphology is a worse indicator, but I don't know. And having lots of sperm is definitely a good thing! Will you get to meet with your RE soon to discuss a game plan?

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KandJ - Welcome! You can learn a lot here!


Krunchy - Thank you. I'm still sending good thoughts to your Krunchy Bean!


Cbaa - He hasn't been to the hot tub in more than a month. I put an end to it. But, sperm take 3 months to mature, or grow or whatever so maybe these are still dead hot tub sperm? He's hasn't been on the bike a lot lately. Just a few hours a week. I wish it was never though. Possible assignment change in April. Though I don't really want to wait until April after its been more than 3 months of no hot tub and no more bike to see if his sperm are better. I honestly do not forsee his results going from terrible to almost ok. We would start with IUI. Hopefully I will respond well to the Clomid and will grow a good egg so we can actually go through with it. He's already been doing supplements and eating a more vegan diet and doing acupuncture. Though now that we know he has a problem I know there are more specific things she can do for him.


Shesaidboom - I'm glad something is going on in there! I'm kind of excited to start learning what all these numbers you are talking about mean.


AFM - The initial shock might be wearing off. But I'm on my second glass of wine. DH is scared of IUI and the possible costs. He was anti IUI until we found out we need it. The more we talk about it and google his results he seems better with it. I feel cheated. Like no one but me took my intuition seriously. Not DH, not my acupuncturist, not friends. I'm not sure it would have changed anything though. Oh well, this is where we're at now. 


Interestingly I went to my gastroenterologist yesterday for a check up (long story but I've had problems forever and had a big episode last yr) and he asked how the baby thing was going. He knew we had been trying for a while because when I had an endoscopy in July I was all paranoid the anesthesia and he was so nice as to send me for a beta even though I probably hadn't O'd yet. We talked more about IF than my digestion. He shared how he and his wife had a lot of trouble and he asked all his colleges for recommendations because he wanted the best (he now has an 8 month old). He gave me the name of his RE. I already called today since it seems we might be shopping around for IUI and DH wants another opinion and wants to do another SA and we are hoping to maybe find someone that will make working with our insurance easier. It just felt really nice to talk to a real life person about IF. Plus I think he is attractive Sheepish.gif

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Sila: I had a huge suspicion your DH's SA might not come back quite right. I'm sorry! I still recal VERY clearly getting the news of my DH's first SA - and I never ever suspected he might have an issue. Anyway, all they care about for IUI is # of motile sperm. He has 11.5 million motile guys - that's a great number for an IUI! The timing will be perfect and they'll already be close to where they need to go, so the fact that they are sluggish should be ok. And drinking a shot of espresso or coffee 1/2 hour before really does help motility. DH's motility would be almost double when he did! I think selenium is also supposed to help motility. But I'm hoping that 2 months more of no hot tub will do the trick. Bc that really is a huge thing for killing sperm. I know it seems so overwhelming at first - but it ends up being ok. PM me if you have any questions!



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Sila, just wanted to check in and say I'm sorry that you're feeling down (although i'm happy you're feeling better now! :o) ) I agree with Monkey that you're probably a good candidate for IUIs since that puts the sperm right near where the egg should be coming. And IUIs are really quite painless, although never a lot of fun because hey, who likes to be on that table? haha I found your comment about your DH wanting a second opinion very interesting...I hope that he's not thinking that issues with sperm is a reflection on him? I am, however, really happy that you feel a little validated, on some level, because you've been wondering if it really was just you!


Welcome, KandJ! i hope your stay is short and that we can help you on your path to a BFP!


Brichole, I'm so glad you're ok! I just missed hearing from you :o) Ugh to work being so difficult. haha don't they know you have priorities which include talking to us? haha but anyway, I hope you're doing well and that AF comes soon!


Shesaidboom, YAH to great results. Please let this be your month!!


Vegan and Krunchy, hope you ladies are doing well :o)


Monkey, see you on the graduates side!


Cbaa, ugh, I hope you don't get the stomach flu. It's going around my office too and i've been hiding in my office in hopes that it doesn't hit me. 

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sila - sorry to hear about the SA results. My brother and SIL started TTC a few months after I did and she had PCOS and my brother had some kind of issue with his sperm. Their Dr put my brother on some kind of antibiotic because sometimes these sperm issues can be caused by an infection. My SIL was also on metformin and Clomid for the PCOS. Anyways my SIL just entered her 2nd trimester and I am still TTC even though my DH has phenomenal sperm (sperm count through the roof & 75% at A or B motility). The moral of the story: just cause you both have a fertility issue doesn't mean it will take you longer to get a BFP!
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Gemmine - welcome to the IUI club! By my count there's now 5 people doing IUI's in our group! Since IUI's have a 1 in 10 chance of working approximately, that means that at least 1 of us should get a BFP in the next 2 months! Awesome!


shesaidboom - well now that your estrogen has gone up, your follies will probably start growing like crazy! Can't wait to hear the next numbers.


KandJ - welcome! will this be your first sonohysterogram? I'm excited to hear all about your IVFs.


cbaa - I had the stomach flu a few weeks ago, not fun! However DH never caught it from me, so maybe you can escape it too!

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Thanks Sourire, yes this is my first sono I'm a bit nervous because I don't know what to expect but excited to hopefully have some answers! smile.gif

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