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Marmo - 26mm doesn't sound overripe to me at all, it sounds great! Congrats on getting in such excellent BD timing this cycle, it sounds like you've got winning conditions this month.

Teresa - that sounds like such a cool experience seeing your son. I've heard plenty of stories of people having a vision of a future baby, and then their real baby ends up looking just like the one in the vision. I hope that is true for you! In the past I have sensed the spirits of 3 future children hovering around me, but only one of them was able to communicate with me... I'm assuming he will be my first born. Sometimes I wonder if I'm imagining all this but apparently this type of stuff happens often... When I mentioned it to my psychologist who specializes in infertility she said I wasn't the first patient who had talked about this kind of experience.

Gemmine - glad to hear your DH had such great SA results. Did they give you a copy on paper? Sometimes it's easier to decipher when you can look at a copy. I know my DH had motility around the same range as yours at his first SA and the RE jokingly nicknamed him "speedy Gonzalez" which I found hilarious and proceeded to tell a bunch of other people, much to my DHs embarrassment.

Gozal - I hope your next beta reassures you a bit more!

AFM - Staring Femara tonight. I'm going to try to enjoy today as much as possible, since I'll probably have a headache for the next week lol.
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Cindy: Thanks for that info! I was really scratching my head, like why are there 2 counts! Hahaha. I'll definitely ask the RE about that because my 3 theories of what was wrong were: Sperm, hostile cervical mucus, or immune issues. 1 is knocked off, 2 would be solved by the IUI, so that just leaves 3. Now to stalk you to see if you are posting in any graduate threads :-)


Sourire: Ha, Speedy Gonzalez is hilarious. I'm going to call him that today. I don't have a paper copy; I think they're trying to go paperless. I'll login to my online profile there and see if they put it there.


How is everyone else doing?

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chica - I was thinking the same thing. Some doctors have no sense!
I'm hoping all that EWCM is a great sign and things go well. I'm rooting for you! Those comments at the party - wow, just wow. It's especially upsetting that they know about your struggles but didn't have the sense not to make those comments. I'm so sorry.


teresaresa- I feel the same way, I'm so greatful for this place. You ladies are wonderful!
My brother ended up going after some major drama this morning with him getting his flight time wrong and throwing a fit when I couldn't drive him to the airport because I had an RE appointment, so I'm hoping everything goes well.
Wouldn't it be awful if you could cough your baby out! Ugh. Sometimes I have no idea why people say the things they do. No testing! Right, I won't :)
I'm glad you had an awesome weekend, and I am sending extra good thoughts out into the universe for you too. Let's go BFP!


hope4light - thank you! I need those 'don't give in' comments right now. Thanks for the support!


sourire - thank you, we definitely need some more passengers on the BFP train. Yes, I do need to keep taking the progesterone until 17dpo just incase. I think I'm going to do what you suggested and test on day 15. That would make the most sense. I hope your cough doesn't get worse. Mine is finally starting to go away and I'm so glad.
I'm sorry your V day was a hard one. Big hugs to you.
This is your second Femara cycle, right? I can't remember. I'm thinking good thoughts for you!


marmo - I feel the same way about this thread. It is so wonderful to have this amazing group of women who all understand and are so supportive. I hate that any of you have to go through this horrible struggle, but I'm greatful that we have this place.
Thanks for the birthday wishes!
What day of your cycle are you on? Your follicles got huge fast! I hope your 2ww passes quickly.


gozal - I'm glad you had some distractions going on! I can only imagine what you are feeling right now. I can't wait to hear more!
Thank you, today is the first day my head hasn't felt fuzzy and my cough is definitely clearning up so I'm over the moon. I didn't take the doctor too seriously because really, wtf? But because I was already super emotional and no feeling well, I did cry over it.
I haven't moved you yet because I wanted to make sure you were okay with it yet. Just let me know when you're ready to be a grad :)


gemmine - I'm really not sure how long my LP is because I've only been having "normal" periods because of the Femara. Each cycle on it has been different too, so it has been a little confusing.
WOOHOO for your dh's results! As much as it sucks to feel the "it's all my fault" thing (and believe me, I've been there too), it's good to know it's only one issue you have to deal with. Let's hope your cyst is gone and you can get this party started!


monkey - thanks for the birthday wishes! I'm still not sure about testing. I think I may wait until 15dpo just because it'll be more sure. I so want to break into that pack of tests though!
I understand why you'd have those feelings, even if you are pregnant and others aren't. It is so hard to deal with those IF feelings and try to get over them. I'm sorry you have to go through this. Hurray for not throwing up though!


vegan princess - I know this was meant for someone else, but thanks for the reminder. I was meaning to ask my RE about teh MTHFR gene, because even though our responses always seem good, we haven't had implantation happen yet (unless we're pregnant this month). I wanted to find out if that could be a reason why, but forgot to bring it up.


wissa - I hope so! I'd love to be over there instead of just stalking. I want all of us to graduate this thread!



AFM, dp and I went to the RE this morning to discuss our next steps in case this cycle does not work. She had mentioned IVF at my first IUI, but now we've decided to try injectibles first. With IVF they are only willing to put one embryo back in and I think our chances there would just be too low to spend $11,000. At least without exhausting everything else first.

So I would be going on 50 units of Puregon (I cant remember what unit is used to measure it, maybe ml) starting on CD3 and stopping whenever they tell me to. We'll be doing IUI with the Ovidrel trigger again. The worst part is cycle monitoring will start on CD3 and keep going without the normal break between CD3 and CD9 or 10. It's better this way so my RE can keep track of things and make sure I'm not making too many follicles, but I am not looking forward to so many days of monitoring. I really hope I am pregnant already so we don't need to worry about this.

Has anyone been on Puregon before? Any experiences to share?


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Teresaresa - Thank you for the kind words.  I'm rooting for all of you, and I can't wait for everyone's BFP.  


Sourire (!) - Have you read the book Spirit Babies!!


Cbaa - Thanks for sharing your experience about the NaPro Technology.  I love how it approaches fertility from a whole system perspective, which is really refreshing.


Ladies, I hope everyone has a beautiful day. K. grouphug.gif

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Sourire - I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this cycle will surprise you and no headaches.....


Marmo - It's so nice to have someone who has been there!  We've been kind of weaning slowely for a while, but it's probably more difficult for me then her at this point.  Sometimes she doesn't care, but other times she will just about rip my shirt off to get her milk.  aye aye aye.  Good Luck!!


Gozal - Still praying for a sticky bean, stick around as long as you want!!!


Gemmine - congrats on the good SA! 


Monkey - yay for no throw up, I hope it lasts...


Shesaidboom - I've never heard of puregon.... did the RE say what makes it different than other drugs?

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shesaidboom- good girl for putting down the tests! That said, when is 15 DPO so I know when to come stalk you! So glad you are feeling better, that doctor sounds awfully foolish. I haven't heard of Puregon- I'm wondering if it has  different name in the USA. I am going to be on Gonal F if this cycle flops.


gemmine- yikes.gif Great numbers! I didn't know how to figure that out either, but I'm glad Cindy helped! duh.gif about forgetting the PreSeed- must not have been meant to be! I think you are in pretty good order for things on your first medicated cycle. Are you getting tested for MTHFR?


sourire-  I've been thinking about your November visions, I didn't want to say anything in case you were superstisious but I've been feeling realllly hopeful that this is it for you!!! I was actually told I have fibrocystic breasts when I was about 18 at my first OB/Gyn appt. It is like patches of hard tissue on the upper parts of my breasts. I have to say, since being on clomid/femara the pain has greatly reduced, but the fibrocystic spots hurt almost all the time if I pushed on them.


monkey/sourire- about endo- my RE stands firm that endo is a very unlikely cause of infertility and they don't commonly treat it any more- that said- I would hypothesize that this is because instead of treating it to see if that is the problem, they bypass and go to IVF when more conservative treatment is unsuccessful. My NaPro doctor and acupuncturist both have said it absolutely does play a role in infertility, and conceiving naturally can be made impossible by the presence of endo. Also, for the first time today, my RE brought up possible endo/laproscopy and said that my U/S have shown a few cysts consistant with endo--- things I wish I had been told all along. I mean, I know there are things they don't tell you and maybe to them they don't 'matter' but they do to me. Anyway, proceeding with the laproscopy is going to be done by the specialist who believes endo can cause infertility and not by the doc who doesn't believe it does... I need as much good mojo around me as possible!


gozal- still thinking all good thoughts for you, the numbers sound great  and I'm glad you are done Googling. I look forward to you moving to grads soon as youre ready and to following you there!


marmo- those are great sized follicles! I don't think it is over-ripe. I'm surprised they still had you trigger. When I was surging on my own they nixed the trigger and just did IUI the next day instead of 2 days. Are you doing IUI or just 'relations'?


chica- thank GOD for cake balls... I seriously cannot even comprehend what is going on in other peoples minds. My heart goes out to you that you stuck it out through the rest of the party. I would have split ASAP. I hope that O is on its way and that makes up for it!



AFM- I had my followup at the RE today. I am doing 1 more cycle- 75 units of gonal f days 3-7 and then monitoring starting day 8 to see if I need more. I also set up the consult with the endo doctor for march 14 and dr c march 30. Other than that just passing by the 2ww. Oh, I'm not sure who asked but I am a dental hygienist. I <3 Teeth !!!

teresa- I am fascinated by your Reiki experience. I hope you enjoy acupuncture- I love my acupuncture visits.

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WAYYY behind. But I'm still here!


Gem - Yay for good swimmers. But I'm so sorry "it's you". Your odds really do sound fabulous!


cbaa - Very interesting about the NaPro! I had never heard of it either. How much longer compared to IVF might it take to go that route? Endo really does seem to match up.


Gozal - Everything sounds great! Hi to all the other preggy lurkers!r


Hello to everyone! Reading along but it got overwhelming. I'll hopefully get all caught up in the next few days.


AFM - So, it looks like I failed Provera irked.gif The one time I really wanted AF to show up. Today is 16days since my last Provera (and the day is almost over). I called the RE and the nurse said I definitely should have gotten AF by now. She said there could be a few reasons why it didn't work. My lining may not have been thick enough to shed and to do an hpt (I better stop at the dollar store bc I am NOT wasting my FRER) incase a miracle occurred. Also, I may not have PCOS after all. People with PCOS should respond to Provera. So, I'm hopeful that this could be a clue to what is wrong with me. Googling, and listening to one of my IF podcasts, Hypothalamic Amenorrhea is what stands out. I have an RE appt on Fri for an u/s to see what is going on (unless I get AF or the stick has two lines). I would just like to be able to ttc sometime soon...



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shesaidboom - this is actually my 4th Femara cycle but only my 2nd IUI. I did 1 cycle of just Femara in October and one of Femara with Crinone in November.

I'm glad to hear your cold is on its way out!

That's very exciting to hear about your next step. I've never heard of Puregon but I do know that's IUIs with injectables have much higher success rates than IUIs with Clomid/Femara!

Krunchy - yes I own that book! There are some really incredible stories in there!

Cbaa - it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know that you were around last year when I got all excited about the November bday thing and that you remember everything and are still cheering me on.... But it also makes me realize that we've both been doing this for way too long and we need to get our BFPs already!

sila - I'm so sorry Provera failed on you. I hope you get some answers at your appointment tomorrow.
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Sila - I'm so sorry Provera failed you.  That is so crazy, I've never heard of it not working.


AFM - I just got back from our initial consult with RE#4 (#2 after we moved).  We didn't like the first one in this area, really at all, and were really nervous.  But, we liked this one for sure!  They had said to allow up to 2 hours, in case they did any testing, etc.  It ended up taking closer to 3, but that's OK.  DH and I agreed, even while we were talking to the RE, that we liked him.  He agreed that IVF with ICSI is still the best route, but offered to let us talk to an andrologist again after we got our results from his updated SA back.  We said no thanks, it's really not worth it because of the reasons that his numbers are so low.  So we had the face to face with the RE, then he went ahead and did an ultrasound to see how everything looks right now.  AF is lurking, so he was real happy to see a nice lining of 10 without any meds.  He went ahead and did the mock transfer to make sure the catheter went in easily, and it did.


Then we met with the nurse and did all the (re) teaching, discussed getting our calendar, and prepared to order our meds.  I just have to check out a pharmacy and let her know and then they'll be ordered.  Lupron and Follistim for me.  On CD1 I have to call to schedule an HSG, just to make sure there's no swelling, as apparently if there is it can reduce the results of IVF by up to 50% (never had an HSG done the first time around, so it makes me wonder).... DH had his blood drawn, gave some urine, and a sample for his updated SA.  I had my blood drawn too.


So, now I'm hoping for AF to just hurry up and get here (hello, what's taking so long?) so that I can schedule my HSG, then blood draw for progesterone on day 21, and then start Lupron then!  So I'm hoping mid-March we'll be getting this show on the road!!!!


Phew, that was a book of an update.  Gotta work now.  Have a great one!!!

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hope4light - my RE said it was the same as another injectible they used, just a different brand name. I forget what that one was though.
I'm glad you like the RE and everything went well. I'm so excited that you're getting things going!


cbaa - haha, thanks. I am going crazy looking at that stack though! 15dpo will be Sunday. I think Puregon might be the same thing as Gonal F. She said it was the same as another medication that started with a G, but I cannot remember what it was called. It's just a different brand name.
Sounds like you have a busy time with doctors coming up! I hope all the appointments give you some helpful answers that will get you that BFP.


silamarila - I'm sorry the Provera didn't work for you, how frustrating! I'm hoping the reasoning will be the BFP. Keep us updated.


sourire - I didn't realize you've been on Femara so long. I hope this will be your last cycle because of a BFP, I really do.




AFM, I've had more time to digest what the RE talked to us about, but I'm still having a hard time with it. I really am burnt out on the IUIs, and I feel like if it hasn't worked after three really good cycles, the last one being perfect, there may be something else going on. I'm willing to give it another try with different meds, but I don't know. I left a message today asking about the MTHFR gene and if I was tested for that. If not, I'd really like to have that done before dropping more money on a cycle I'm not feeling great about to begin with. I'm feeling like IVF may be our best bet, but I'm still having trouble with the idea of having only one embryo implanted. I'm wondering if this is common place - Ladies who've had experience with IVF, what did you find to be a "normal" number of embryos going back in? Most people I've spoken to had at least two or three, sometimes even four. I think I'd be much more comfy with two, but I don't have a choice here.


I was feeling very frustrated this morning. I've been doing well with the weight loss, but I wanted to sign up for a course a blogger was offering on preparing whole foods. I tend to stick to the same 10 or so veggies, and wanted to learn how to cook with a wider variety of fresh ingredients. The course was offered as just that..a healthy eating course. Well low and behold, I get deeper into the descriptions and it's all about mothering and mamas and stories from popular mama bloggers and nobody else. I looked for another few courses and found the exact same things. Why is it that I can't find a whole foods, healthy eating course, aside from something like Weight Watchers (not that it's not a good program, I'm just looking for something specific), unless it's for mamas? Even my favourite cook books are geared towards mamas and families. I had the same issue with reading up on gardening earlier this week. I know it's really just my perceptions being overly sensitive, but I can't help but feel like this infertility is being thrown in my face everywhere I look. I hate days/weeks like this.

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::UPDATE:: I'm bleeding (well, only when I wipe, but it's coming!) joy.gifI'm sure I set the record for the longest every to respond to Provera. 17 days!!! Now I can cancel and appt for tomorrow and re schedule for CD 2-3 for my b/w and u/s! 


Hope - Glad you liked the RE! I don't love mine right now, but I'm staying with her until my consult I have with a new one. Maybe we'll be cycle buddies!? Is the reason you are looking into ICSI purely due to count? Or motility too?


Sourire - I hate that we've been around so long that we know all of this stuff about each other. All of the people that I recognize from when I first joined a year ago, have babies now. Anyways, I had a baby "date" dream a few days ago too. It was in March. I'm not sure if it was because I would have been due in March if my chemical pg in June had stuck? Or if it next march and I'm not going to get pg until June? Agree, we all just need to get BFP's.


Shesaidboom - I'm glad you want to rule everything out before moving forward. Is 4 the max IUI your RE will do? I don't have any experience with IVF but I know the number has to with how many eggs are harvested and how many embryos are successful before going on to how many go back in. I hope are able to do what you are comfortable with!

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shesaidboom: I am hoping you won't need to "graduate" to injectibles, but if you do, I'll be interested in that journey. All that monitoring sounds intense! As for IVF, what if you get a bunch of eggs, they transfer 1, freeze the rest, and if that 1 doesn't take, you can just transfer another next time without having to go through the entire egg-harvesting, etc process?


hope4light: Thank you! Your updates are exciting; you're on the road to baby #2! I'm glad you liked the RE.


cbaa: I know, I'm still in shock about the numbers! I definitely want to get tested for MTHFR....I thought maybe I should wait until my next ultrasound because it's a PITA to take off work to go up there, but I guess I should check how long those results take to come back.


So, gonal-f is an "injectible", right? I've heard very good things about it. I remember someone on this board got twins that were born in November from injectibles. But, of course you won't be needing them :-) Where are you in your cycle?


Sila: joy.gifYaaaay new, fresh cycle! I'm so excited for you.



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Shesaidboom, just in response to your question about IVF, it will, of course, differ from clinic to clinic but it seems like there are "guidelines". Typically, from what my RE says, they will decide based on the embies. If we were going to be transferring 3 day embies, he told us he would transfer 3. However, he aimed to transfer 5 day embies. With those, quality mattered in making the decision as to how many he wanted to transfer. There is a movement towards transferring one "perfect" embie to reduce the chance of twins. During my fresh transfer, the embies weren't "perfect"- meaning rated 1AA- so we decided to transfer 2. I had 1 that was 2AB and 1 that was 2BA. The reasoning behind transferring one perfect embie is that the studies suggest that our chances of getting pregnant with 1 perfect embie is no lower than our chances of getting pregnant with 2 perfect embies. The only difference is in the chance of twins, if we transferred 2. I hope that is helpful. It bothers me that your clinic is so inflexible. No matter how "perfect" the embies were, I let my clinic know that regardless, I wanted to transfer 2 embies and they agreed, saying that it was my choice.  Also, circumstances may change and your chances may increase with more embies transferred, depending on the situation. To say that they only ever transfer 1 embie seems so rigid!!  hug2.gif


Sila and Hope4light, yah for getting started!


Chica, i'm so frustrated for you. I can't believe that those people are SO dense! it makes me just want to slap them on the head to hopefully, bring some sense back into them!


Gemmine, yah to a great sperm analysis. You'd be amazed though. I don't know that there's anything "wrong" with you either. DH and my tests all came back perfectly and during one of my US after getting pregnant, the monographer looked at my US and said that i have great "young" ovaries and she's surprised i went with IVF. I just shrugged and said, well, it worked. Perhaps the most frustrating part is just not knowing WHY I couldn't get pregnant since all our tests came back pretty well.


Sourire, i hope this is your month! i love your vision!


Cbaa, when do you get started with your new cycle? You're in your 2ww now though, right? So maybe you won't even need a new cycle? i'm sorry I'm so behind!


Brichole, just thinking of you. I'm so happy things are looking up for you and I just wanted to let you know that you were on my mind. 


Big hugs, ladies. I may not respond as much anymore but i'm still following and wishing you all get your BFPs soon!!!


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Aak, I am way behind…. 

Sila – Yeah for AF!  What a relief it must be for you that you can get started on ttc again.


Shesaidboom – Good for you for holding out on the testing, I don’t know that I have that kind of willpower!  Crossing my fingers for you.  Also, can you add me to the front page please, TTC#2 for almost 2 years, waiting on a diagnosis.


Hope4light – Glad you found an RE you like, you must be excited to be getting the show on the road!  What is the calendar that you talk about?  I read about it stalking RCR and I’ve wondered what it is all about, I know practically nothing about IVF.


Wissa – I shall be stalking you on the grads thread!


CBAA, Theresa – I have no idea where you guys are in the 2ww but sending positive vibes your way.


Sourire – I’ve read about other people meeting their babies before they were ever born, it must have been quite the experience, I hope that you get your Nov baby this Nov.


Gemmine – Great SA!!! 


Gozal – When is your next beta?


AFM, all my blood work came back normal so my doctor is sending me and dh to see an ob.  DH is more on board than I thought he would, I explained what he’d be asked to do – SA and blood work and he didn’t even bat an eye, I had myself all worked up over nothing.  Anyways, I don’t know when that apt will be and knowing what this place is like it will probably be months down the road.  I am glad to be looking into things but I am kinda afraid that everything will come back normal and so there is nothing to fix, I guess that would be better than finding out that there is something wrong that can’t be fixed.  At the very least maybe I can get my cycles regulated.  Last cycle was 40 days and I believe that I just did or am just about to o which would mean a 3 week cycle this time around.


TTC is certainly a lesson in patience, I feel like all I do is wait, wait for o, wait for af, wait for doctors apts, wait at the doctors, wait for test results and the longest wait of all, waiting for the magical BFP.


Anyone else nearing the end of the 2ww like Shesaidboom?

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hope4light - I'm so glad you like your new RE and I'm excited that you might be starting your first IVF cycle in just a few weeks! Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought I remembered from your blog that your first child was conceived using donor sperm. Are you going to try with your DH's sperm this time?

shesaidboom - I know that here in Quebec the law requires that a maximum of 1 embryo be implanted at a time during an IVF cycle that is financed by the government (except under special circumstances). I guess that's a lot easier to swallow when you know you can do up to 3 free cycles. The reason for this law is that apparently the cost of multiple pregnancies is a huge burden on the health care system in addition to being more risky for the mother and babies. The government has even gone so far as to say that it's cheaper for them to pay for everyone's IVF treatments (including those people who would never have been able to afford it on their own) and set rules to prevent multiple pregnancies than to pay for all the multiples pregnancies that would normally result from IVF treatments. All fertility clinics in Quebec are required to report their IVF stats to the government and from what I've read, 98% of IVF pregnancies in the province are now singletons since this new law was introduced in 2010. Obviously none of this explains why your clinic in Ontario has the 1 embryo rule, but maybe they have somehow been influenced by what's going on over here and I'm sure Ontario has the same issues with the cost of multiple pregnancies. Are there any other fertility clinics near you that you could check out to see if their rules are different?

I feel your pain about everything being geared towards mothers... and I know how progesterone makes everything more upsetting too!

Sila - omg, I'm almost as excited for you as when someone gets a BFP!!!! Hooray for a new cycle!

Smiles - hooray for taking the next step. I hope the wait time isn't too long for the appointment.
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Gemmine, I know the feeling, when they told us DH's washed count I turned to him and blurted out, "well, I guess it's me holding up the show!" but it really is such a relief, right? To know that that's one more thing you have going for you! I'm wishing that cyst away for you so you can get rolling.


Monkey, of course that makes sense, we invest so much into every cycle, how could you not think about it even when it's in the past?


VeganP, hey there! What's new with you?


Sourire, did you ever get an answer on the orangey bleeding? I feel certain I read about that somewhere recently (maybe in Making Babies) but I can't for the life of me remember what it was. I also have had some intuitive feelings about babies, specifically the number of children I am going to have. It sort of feels uncertain between three and four. I think that it's because I may or may not have twins. They have run in my family for a long time and I think that matter sort of hasn't been decided, and that's why. I have never told anybody that, shhhh. I don't know where that feeling comes from, but how I hope it's true. I have had other intuitions as well but I am too shy/superstitious to share just yet. :) But yeah, I now what you mean!


shesaidboom, I just read an article (in the NYT I think?) about the current controversy over putting in 1 vs. 2 embryos. According to the article the pg rate is the same whether 1 or 2 are transferred, which frankly I find hard to believe, but I didn't have the time to look at the actual study. The idea is, if you're going to get pg on that IVF cycle, you're going to get pg; and if you're not, you're not. So it's either twins or nothing, if you transfer the two. I actually think that's a very tricky situation to control for, so I can't imagine how they ran the study. There is also the question of the effects of multiple cycles on the health of the woman, vs. the risk of multiple pg. I also read that in many European countries they are now recommending a retrieval cycle followed by a natural FET (basically, an embryo transfer during the subsequent natural cycle, with no hormone manipulation), potentially reducing multiple stim cycles. But in the US it's different, because most IVF patients bear the financial burden (which I believe is unconstitutional, but I'll shut up about that!). I can tell you that if I were to do an OOP IVF cycle, 100% I would want two embies transferred. If it was covered by the government, that would be different for me. In my country though, up to two take-home babies are covered, so there is no limit to how many IVF cycles you can do AFAIK. It is the birth that counts, not the cycles. (You have to be approved for IVF treatment to get the coverage, by a medical board.) If you only have three covered cycles over a lifetime, that might make a difference in your decision as well.


Also, I am a big veggie lover (though I'm not exclusively veggie) and my three favorite English non-mama-centric veggie cookbooks are Debbie Madison's big orange book, I think it's called Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, Moosewood New Classics, and Mark Bittman's How to Cook Eveything Vegetarian. So take that, insensitive online courses! ;)


cbaa, here is hoping you have to cancel those two appointments, but I'm so glad you have 'em just in case. How is the gonal-f going? My RE's office had stirrup covers with gonal-f ads on them for a while so I feel quite intimate with that med though I haven't taken it! Also, dental hygienists are my toothy heroes. My teeth are fortunately healthy but prone to stains. So I always walk out of the dentist the way other women feel walkign out of the hair salon! BTW, last time my hygienist started chatting with me about kids, anyway, we ended up talking about IF - she has four kids but suffered through secondary IF before she had them. It was so awesome to talk to her. Very encouraging. 


Sila, PHEW! What a relief! So, so glad you can move on!


hope4light, that is wonderful that you found a practice/doc you like. How exciting, you're almost there!


Smiles, I hear you, it is extremely frustrating not to have a problem to fix. Although, if your cycles can be 40 days, then there is something that needs to be identified for sure. And also a big variation like that, between long and short cycles. I think it's perfectly okay to feel impatient, frustrated, angry some days. It's importnat to feel that, too. I do hope you get some answers or even just a treatment plan you feel comfortable with, very soon.


AFM, my third beta came back great. I was a basket case by the time my doctor called. I was just so worried. It actually had a doubling time of just under 48 hours. I can't say that I have no more worries but for some reason, that helped me a lot to let go and feel more relaxed. And I know that all your good thoughts helped me, too. I have an u/s on Mon. and it's actually scheduled early enough that DH can come with me, which is wonderful. So while I am feeling bold, I thought I would briefly share what I did this cycle. It was my second Clomid cycle, and this time I took the 100mg on days 4-8 rather than 5-9 like in my first cycle. I ended up with 3-4 follies rather than 2-3, and the two leads were also closer in size. On my first cycle there was one clear lead. Also my lining was 1.5mm thicker this cycle than the first Clomid one. Maybe most importantly, I didn't ovulate until day 14. It might have even been later without the Ovidrel trigger, which I think was really important, because that is my "normal" o day pre-m/c. And, of course, we did the IUI this cycle. There is no way to know if it was the IUI because we also did timed intercourse on trigger night and the night of the IUI. But my RE recommended it since everything looked so good and DH had never had an SA, and I am so glad we did it.


In terms of symptoms, my very first one was being super tired. I am a night owl so to be falling asleep on the couch at 10:30 is weird for me. (BTW, always wished I was a morning person instead!) I didn't think much of it because with DS I didn't get that until 6 weeks. I thought it was maybe because doing the IUI was such a stress relief for us, feeling that it wasn't all up to us to perform perfectly. Then there was the super emotional weepy weekend. Then I started to get suddenly hungry at strange times. Like Sally from When Harry Met Sally, I usually don't like to to eat between meals... And I wanted to eat sort of unusual and specific things. And no sweets. (Whaaat?) And I was sort of ehh on coffe. (WHAAAAT?) Oh, and my bewbs - heavy and sore. More so than on progesterone, and later. So I did have suspicions, but I've also had suspicions before. I would say it was more of everything, later on, plus tired.

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silamarila - YAY AF!! I'm so glad she finally showed up.
My RE would do more than 4 IUIs, but I'm really burnt out on them so I'm not sure I'd want to do a fifth if this one didn't work and #4 doesn't either.


gemmine - it does sound intense, yes. That's what our plan would be for IVF - freeze any extra embryos. Even without the egg harvesting, it would still be $8000 plus some estrogen therapy, but I guess that's still better than the discomfort of egg harvesting for a second time!


renavoo - thank you! thank you! That information is so helpful. My RE did not tell me about those studies, otherwise I would have been much more comfortable with the idea of 1. She was definitely saying 1 to reduce the chance of twins and because of my age and egg quality she was not willing to budge. I'm still sort of regretting not choosing IVF for the next cycle. I really am over IUI, but I guess one more won't hurt if we need it. Okay, it probably will, but you know.


smilesarefree - It hasn't been easy, honestly, but I'm almost there! I'm going to test on Sunday and then my beta is on Tuesday.
I'll add you to the front right away :)
I'm glad dh is on board with everything. I think not knowing what's wrong would be the hardest part. I'm hoping this OB can shed some light on it for you and help you out. You're definitely right about TTC being a lesson in patience!


sourire - I was reading a brochure in the RE's office that said the same thing about Quebec. It definitely seems like a smart move, realizing it would be cheaper to cover IVF rather than pay for all the multiples. As I learned when taking Kinesiology - prevention is much less costly than treatment. With having to pay so much for IVF in other places though, I completely understand and am one of those people who want to transfer more than one embryo so we have a greater chance. Doing a second procedure (if we're able to freeze extra embryos) would be $8000 plus the cost of some estrogen therapy, so almost $20,000 for two IVF cycles. I really think other places need to take a cue from Quebec. Their program seems to be really working, especially since there is a caveat of "only one except for under special circumstances" for those who need more aggressive treatment.


gozal - oops, posting at the same time you did! Thanks for sharing what you read, I really appreciate the insight since my RE did not share this with me. Since we would be bearing the financial burden (the only province in Canada that covers IVF is Quebec, and I'm a different province), I am in that same place where I want to transfer more than one to have a better chance..although now it sounds like it wouldn't actually be a better chance, just a higher chance of twins. Honestly, I know my clinic often transfers more than one because the "baby board" in the office is covered in pictures of twins and triplets.
Hurray for the third beta!! I'm so glad things are going well. I can't wait to hear about your U/S! Thanks for sharing your cycle. It always helps to know what others did to be successful. The tired symptom makes me hopefully because I have been truly exhausted lately, going to bed hours earlier than I normally do.

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Sourire - The reasoning behind the embryo limits in Quebec is so interesting. It actually makes sense to me, at least from a long-term, infrastructure standpoint--especially if they're willing to pay for subsequent IVF treatments. But of course, so many situations are different, and it seems like the doctors should be able to have some flexibility. It's funny, I never even knew about the difference between 3-day and 5-day embryos until my friend (who is considering IVF) was telling me about it yesterday. IVF seems hard enough already, without having to make more difficult decisions!

Gemmine - Yay, so glad to hear everything's working properly for your DH. I was nervous when we got my DH's SA back, but even though you feel a little down on yourself (in an ironic way--at least, for me that's how it was), it's still so much easier knowing there's only one person you have to deal with.
Gozal - Thanks for sharing all the details of this cycle with us! It's fun to know that you probably had a feeling this cycle was going to work even before you had any definites! I'm so glad everything is going well with your betas. Part of me is glad I don't have that kind of monitoring, because I'd be freaking out the entire time! But at the same time I'm sure it's really nice to have the updates and know exactly where everything is at. So....the real question is, when do you find out whether or not you'll be having twins? :)
shesaidboom - Um, the MTHFR gene? Am I the only one that read that as something else? :) Haha, if you have it then you probably feel that way about it, lol! Also, I totally hear you on the real food course/blogs. I'm pretty big into real/whole foods and have a few friends that are part of the "real food" blog world. While I enjoy a lot of the content, so much of is so kid/family/mama focused (and somewhat understandably so, because many women don't get into that kind of eating until after they've got kids), which can be really rough sometimes. I had to "step away" for a bit after getting tired of reading about what I WISH I was doing (prepping whole foods for my kids, etc). I'm sorry you're feeling so frustrated with everything--it's so much to deal with! I hope it's all moot, because this cycle will be a BFP!! Where are you at DPO-wise? I feel like we're getting close to test date!!
monkeyscience - glad you're feeling better! As much as I know part of me would be glad for morning sickness, another part of me will be hating life! I really despise throwing up and (thankfully) rarely do it. DH and I used to joke (before TTC) that I'd know I was pregnant as soon as I threw up, because it pretty much never happens. Also, I agree that there are parts of me that feel so tainted from all the IF stuff. Things I wish I didn't know, or need to know, bitterness and jealousy that I feel like I'll always carry with me (just need to keep letting go), etc. Hopefully part of it is being so "in it" right now, and as you move forward, those things will slowly fade. 
teresaresa - Did you end up doing anything fun to celebrate romance with DH? Sometimes holidays like v-day are pressured, but other times they're a great excuse to thing about romance and NOT just ttc. :) Also, let's just say no to snow in April--yuck!
silamarila - joining in to say YAY that AF finally arrived! So glad to hear it! Let's hear it for a fresh start. :) When do you go to your first appt?
cbaa - so funny, I'm really thrilled to see my dental hygienist in a few weeks, because I just got dental insurance again after not having it for over a year. My hygienist is so nice, and it's nice that you get to be encouraging to people when they're often in a place where they don't want to be (fillings, sharp metal things, augh!). 
Have to stop now, because lunch is nearly over, so sorry to those I missed! Thank you so much for all your kind words in dealing with crazy friends. I think above all else it just reminds me to be sensitive and careful in what I say (in any situation). 
A quick AFM--still no temp rise, so I'm thinking maybe today will be the day? I guess I'm going for a super-late ovulation again, but at least this time my temps haven't been wacky. It is getting to the point that DTD everyday is getting a tad tiring, so part of me will be glad for a bit of a break after O. 

One of my good friends announced they were pregnant yesterday (at 4 weeks--they literally just found out on Valentine's Day), and it was the opposite of the insensitive friends. They told us first via phone, and I was so glad for that--it made it so much easier when they announced in a group. It was still really, really hard hearing all the congratulations and plans, etc, and although part of me wanted to run off and cry, I think if I hadn't been able to prepare, I may have actually done that. I'm definitely learning that the first two weeks of my cycle are easy, then the third week on are fraught with emotion. I'm so hoping that we get our timing right and this month is it (and hey, it would be really fun to be pregnant together with my friend). 
Looking forward to a chill weekend, and hopefully a nice temp rise tomorrow!

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Shesaidboom - glad your trying to the the MTHFR test, if nothing else it will hopefully ease your mind.  For me, the first time around we transferred 2 embies on day 3.  We almost did 3 because they weren't great quality.  The RE we met with yesterday said it all depends on quality, that if they aren't great so we do day 3 we'd be more likely to do 2, but if they look great and we go out to day 5 then he would only do 1.  He told me the studies show that the stats are the same for getting pg if they transfer 2 on day 3 as it is transferring 1 on day 5, but that the risks of multiples go down.  I hate to spend the cost and not transfer enough, but if they are that beautiful I'll be OK with 1 on day 5.  We'll see.


Sila - yay for AF!!  Here's to a fresh start!! 

ICSI for us is because of bad count (last SA done in 2008 showed only 600,000) as well as low morphology and motility (those 2 percentages were each less than 10% if I remember correctly).  I'll be curious to hear what yesterday's SA shows.  Although I had a dream last night that the RE called and said they only found 10 in the sample, and it was really bad, so they were nervous.  EEKS!!  dizzy.gif  Here's to hoping we're cycle buds and get our BFP's!


Smilesarefree - Good Luck at the OB.  I might have missed this before, but where have you been going?

The calendar - this is a breakdown of the cycle.  I'll get 2 calendars, 1 for up to ER, and then 1 for ER through ET and then during the TWW.  It basically shows the dose and timing of each of the meds that you need to give.  They didn't do it for me when I went through IVF back in 2007/2008, so I'm not sure yet what else it shows, but I'll share once I get it!!


Sourire - Yes, we are trying IVF one more time with DH's sperm.  We agreed 1 round, if it's BFN then we'll try FET with any totsicles we may get (we didn't get any from prior IVF), and then we'll reconsider our options.  But we've agreed that's it, so then it will be either IUI with donor, adoption, or be happy with 1.  We haven't decided yet and agreed not to decide until we've made it through IVF and possible FET's if necessary. 


Gozal - yay for a great 3rd Beta!!  I am so excited for you!!



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renavoo: Unexplained is so frustrating! I wish they could just scan your body and it prints out a little diagnosis: ______ is preventing a successful pregnancy.


Smiles: Keep us posted on your upcoming tests! Good to know the bloodwork was normal.


Sourire: How are you?


gozal: Thanks so much for going into detail! Especially since I'll be following in your footsteps next month if this cycle is a bust. It's especially comforting to hear about your O day. My average is 14 now, and everything I read says Clomid can push it back some and I didn't know what to think. So glad to hear your 3rd beta was awesome!


Sila: How are you doing?


shesaidboom: So much to take in and consider for IVF. Here, out of pocket, I'd be looking at close to $20,000 for 1 cycle which makes me want to wall myself up in a cave and never come out. Like I said, I hope you don't have to go down that route but I'll be cheering for you either way!


chica: It is comforting to take something off the list. Now I'm looking at hostile cervical mucus or MTHFR (or something similar). I, too, call it the (something else) gene hahahaha

Also, I agree with the cycle emotions. 1st 2 weeks are ok, the first few DPO are ok, and then it all goes downhill.


hope4light: I like your idea of 1 round, then FET, then deciding from there. I'll be a-stalking!


How is everyone else?

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