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Thanks guys! It does seem we are really good candidates for IUI. We most likely will be changing RE's to avoid insurance drama. We may end up just paying for this cycle because they can't get me in for a while (though I'm going to push them on that) and I should be getting AF in a few days and there is no way I'm waiting not doing the meds and waiting another 3 months to start another cycle. I hope my story makes those of you who couldn't get your DH's to do an SA go do one. NOW! 


renavoo - I thought the same. I have assured him it's most likely nothing he has done. But, he wants to do it again. That is fine with me. I honestly just don't see things going from terrible to almost ok though.



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Sila, my RE did a SA on my DH as first steps in the diagnosis process since he said it is easier than all the test we must have done as women, so I'm surprised that they waited to do one on your husband! But don't lose hope and stay positive!! I know it's easier said than done, I always tell myself no pitty party when I start to feel down about how things are going in this process. But I would tell him to wear boxers no briefs, and no hot tubs!!

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Sila, my RE did a SA on my DH as first steps in the diagnosis process since he said it is easier than all the test we must have done as women, so I'm surprised that they waited to do one on your husband! But don't lose hope and stay positive!! I know it's easier said than done, I always tell myself no pitty party when I start to feel down about how things are going in this process. But I would tell him to wear boxers no briefs, and no hot tubs!!

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Sila, my RE did a SA on my DH as first steps in the diagnosis process since he said it is easier than all the test we must have done as women, so I'm surprised that they waited to do one on your husband! But don't lose hope and stay positive!! I know it's easier said than done, I always tell myself no pitty party when I start to feel down about how things are going in this process. But I would tell him to wear boxers no briefs, and no hot tubs!!

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Sila, my RE did a SA on my DH as first steps in the diagnosis process since he said it is easier than all the test we must have done as women, so I'm surprised that they waited to do one on your husband! But don't lose hope and stay positive!! I know it's easier said than done, I always tell myself no pitty party when I start to feel down about how things are going in this process. But I would tell him to wear boxers no briefs, and no hot tubs!!

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Just wanted to say hello, and join (rejoin) the group.  I haven't been very good at participating.  With ttc for so long now, the losses, and some major marital issues, I was feeling pretty down, and unable to participate.  But I need some support from others that have btdt. 


I just finished my 3rd clomid cycle, and it's a bfn.  Actually, I'm 2 days late, which is really confusing to me!  I just took a hpt, it's still bfn.  I was expecting af last saturday, on cd 28, and here I am on cd 31.  My progesterone levels were low, too, 5.5.  So where the heck is af?!?! My next cycle is my first Femara cycle, and I think it's going to be monitored.  So any Femara success stories would be greatly appreciated, as well as any ideas or advice on how to pay for the stuff!  I've seen coupons mentioned elsewhere but have yet to find one.  My insurance won't cover it for off label use. my RE also suggested IUI, but I already know that we won't be able to afford that any time soon. 


Thanks for letting me jump back in, I will be trying to catch up to everyone.  BABY DUST TO ALLLLL!!!!!

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shesaidboom: Thanks for the welcome to the party. I'm not really as afraid of the actual IUI as I am paying for multiple attempts and emotionally going through multiple attempts. I'm still excited though! Where are you in your cycle? It seems those numbers are good; I'm just trying to correlate that to cycle days.


wissa: Thanks! I'm making a note of that. I was taking EPO for EWCM and nothing happened so I kept taking it for the benefit it was having on my AF cramps but that seems to have faded away too. Maybe I'll pick up more. I wonder if my prenatal has enough Vitamin A and B6 to benefit getting rid of the cyst.


Welcome, kandj. I hope the IVF is it for you.


cbaa:I know, right? Cyst needs to gtfo. I hope you don't catch the flu! My DH had a nasty bout of it last month that I was SURE I was going to catch, but I didn't get sick at all. Sending healthy immune system vibes to you!


Sila: I'm sorry about DH and the extra complications that brings. It is comforting to have you as a Clomid + IUI partner. You're stuck with me no matter what thread you go to, haha! I had a Very Serious Talk with DH about how important it is to get his swimmers checked ASAP. I'm trying to push him to do it Monday or Tuesday because we need to BD Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for my O and it'd be nice to know if there was an issue (not to mention how it would affect Clomid + IUI). I need to shop around too, I think. The IUI plus monitoring, and all of that is in a "package" for $1,000 at my RE X___X and I'm thinking surely that can't be.


Cindy: Good to know about the coffee/espresso beforehand. Thank you for the PM too :-)


Sourire: I like those odds :-)


marmo: I call my mother "Marmee" from Little Women so I like your name. Welcome back. I'm just embarking on Clomid so I don't know much about Femara but I'm sure you'll find success stories! I hope either you have a late BFP or Femara works the first time.


Clomid question: If Femara doesn't give the thin lining problem and side effects that Clomid does, why do doctors recommend Clomid first usually? Are there any other differences that would cause doctors to push Clomid first?



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Welcome (back) Marmo. I'm on Femara but don't have a success story yet, however it seems to work a heck of a lot better than Clomid for me, with less side effects.

Gemmine - I was asking myself the same question about why the heck my Dr prescribed me Clomid when Femara seems so much better in every way (especially after Clomid pretty much ruined my life for almost 6 months). Based on what I read online the reason they are more reluctant to prescribe Femara is because it's an off-label use and it's a lot more recent than Clomid so there are less studies and stuff. Also there have been reports of birth defects with Femara - but only if you take it while pregnant, so that doesn't worry me because I take it right after AF comes.
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Gemmine: Thanks!!  It's a combo of a couple nicknames.  As for Clomid before Femara...  Clomid's been around longer, and is cheaper.  I think they just feel more comfortable starting there.  Femara's had a study done that linked it's use to heart defects in babies, but the study had a number of issues that led doctors to conclude that it was faulty and unreliable, and there have since been studies that found no such link.  I have read and talked to my dr, and feel completely comfortable using it.  It's used off label when used for fertility.  It was originally and is still used for the treatment of breast cancer.  Good luck on you clomid cycle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Gem: I tried clomid once w/my OB. It wasn't horrible but 50mg didn't quite do the trick (as it doesn't for a lot of women). When I saw the RE, I really pushed to use femara and not clomid at all and he was fine with that. (the reason I knew to push was bc my friend used clomid for 6 months and it totally messed her cycles up and she switched to femara and got pregnant on her first IUI - she told me a lot about it). It worked really well for me (despite not getting pregnant - I think DH's count was just too low for IUI). But we even kept femara as part of my IVF protocol. Even though IUI bypassed the hostile mucous issue, you can still have lining issues on clomid (and it turns out I have a sort of thin lining anyway). I think if you feel strongly and ask, they would likely let you use what you want. I'm sorry you DH is dragging his feet on the SA! 



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KandJ - Welcome! You have been through so much. I hope your journey will be over soon and you'll get that BFP. I hope we're able to support you while you're here. Would you like me to add a blurb for you?


Sila - It's never selfish. You are there for us when we need you, sometimes you just need to focus on the personal and skip the messages to each of us. I'm sorry about the news with your DH's SA. Insemination really isn't that bad. What happens is they do a sperm wash to take everything but the swimmers out of your DH's semen, then they put that into a tiny syringe (no needle, just a long tube) and they inject that into your uterus. The most uncomfortable part is the speculum. Because lubrication could compromise the sperm, they don't put any on it. The procedure itself is really quick. It doesn't make things any easier on you, but I hope the explanation helped a bit. I was terrified my first time because I had no idea what to expect.
That's great that your gastro dr was so supportive and helpful!


cbaa - OH no! I'm sorry DH is sick. I HATE the stomach flu so much. I really hope you don't get it.
I went in for cycle monitoring today and my estrogen was over 300, so that's good! I'm surging so I'm triggering tonight.


TickleToes - I didn't post about the yoga, but I do it too and I think you'll really like it. I'm not sure if fertility yoga is helping me fertility wise, but body wise it makes me feel good.


renavoo - thanks! I'm still hoping for that thread keeper's luck!


marmo - welcome back! I'm sorry for everything you have gone through. It can be such a trying journey. I hope we're able to support you.


Gemmine - I'm on CD16 right now and I'm triggering tonight and doing the first IUI tomorrow, then another on Saturday.



AFM, CD16 and finally tiggering tonight! Here were my numbers from today..


estrogen 373, lh 13, progesterone 4

one lead follicle on the right at 2.2cm.


We're doing our first IUI tomorrow and the second 24 hours later. My pregnancy test is booked for Feb. 21st, so I guess we didn't actually need to worry about the Feb. 15th appointment being into our next cycle. It's going to be on 17dpo, but the closer office is closed weekends and the Monday is a holiday for us. I ordered a bunch of OPKs and pregnancy tests so I can stop buying expensive ones from the pharmacy, and they arrived today so perfect timing! I'm going to test with the OPKs starting tomorrow morning to see if it shows me ovulating. I'm a little nervous about tomorrow because dp can't take the day off work and my friend who was supposed to come with me instead left for her vacation, so I'm on my own. Not looking forward to that!

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shesaidboom - Yay for better estrogen and a nice big follicle! Just FYI, if you do a trigger shot, that will make your OPK positive, because it detects hCG as well as LH.


AFM, 12 week appointment tomorrow. If we have a heartbeat again, I will breathe a huge, huge sigh of relief. If we don't... well, let's not go there. I'll post an update on the grads thread tomorrow evening some time. (My appointment is at 3 PM CST.)

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shesaidboom, thanks for the new thread! I am a little bit in denial that it's Feb. On the one hand, it's nice to be through so much of winter. (Anyone else planning away for their spring garden? Great distraction tactic...) On the other hand, wow has more ttc time gone by. So depressing.


(Oh, pssst, I had an update of my blurb at the end of the last thread...I don't think it got posted...let me know if you want me to rewrite it here.)


brichole - no worries, we just love you, that's all! :) I was a little worried because of the weather in your part of the country. I'm so glad you're okay but UGH to the work craziness. How awesome thought that you have such a great childcare arrangement for Emma.


Gemmine, welcome to the IUI Club! Yeah, if it weren't a matter of $$ and you're a good candidate for it (as apparently I am), I think IUI is a no-brainer - why not? Since it is a matter of money for us, though, and it seems DH's swimmers are good, we probably won't do another IUI on a Clomid cycle (though I would need to discuss with my RE). If we get on to injectibles, we're going to have to take out a loan anyway, so we can just go ahead and include the IUI if it's recommended. About Clomid, I actually haven't had lining issues with it and minimal side effects. My lining was definitely a few mm less than my usual, but still above the recommended threshold. My RE recommended specifically Clomid because it boosts pg chances by about 10% in ovulatory women like me, because it's cheap, well-tested, and generally does not cause problems for people (I know many people have not found that to be true, but that's what she told me, and for me fortunately it was the case). Oh, and she started me at 100mg. BTW, $1000 for the package sounds very reasonable to me, but here in the northeast everything is soooo expensive. Just the IUI (with sperm prep) is $450 here, so if I were paying "only" $550 OOP for 2 u/s, 3 rounds of b/w, and the meds that sounds pretty good. They bill over that amount for one u/s alone when it goes to insurance, yikes.


Sila, first of all, don't ever worry about jumping right into what's going on with you - that's why we're here! Usually I read the AFM part of people's posts first anyway, to see how they're doing. :) I am so sorry about the SA woes! You must be beyond frustrated. I actually have heard of dramatically different results from serial SAs so I am hoping that that turns out to be the case for you. LOL to the white shorts, I always use my cutest underwear for the same trick. 


shesaidboom, wonderful news about the follie turnaround!! You must be so excited! Fingers crossed! I love your photo project idea. I may copy you. :) Sometimes I wish we could set up a private board so we could share photos and other stuff!


wissa, so interestinf about the supplements - I'm going to keep that in mind. I take a raw prenatal, but obviously it doesn't contain EPO. Hmmm.


KandJ, welcome to our wonderful bunch, but if only our thread was totally unneeded, right? Wow, you have been so much. I hope the HSG goes well and you can move onto your IVF! Everyone's experience is so different, but my HSG was totally a non-event. I actually took less ibuprofen than recommended (it bothers my stomach) and the worst part was the speculum, as usual. I really hope your experience is as gentle as mine was, or close.


cbaa - aaaargh! It really is always something. I am worried that you're down with the stomach flu too since you haven't been back. Hope you are okay! I hate stomach bugs. Puking is the worst. Unless you're pg, then it's just fine. ;)


Hi, Tickletoes! Is that you in your profile pic? Wow. Impressive, lady! I am in awe of dancers. I do not have rhythm. Neither does DH, we were very awkward at our wedding!


Hi to you too, VeganP, anything new going on? How about you, Sourire? Where are you in your cycle?


Marmo, wow, that is very confusing and frustrating, I bet. Hope you get to move on to your Femara cycle asap!


AFM, my 5dpo progesterone came back at 26. Wahoo! But listen to this. Usually I stop getting false + from the trigger something like 8-10 days past the shot. Well, here I am 10 days after and still testing positive. In fact, my + today is darker than yesterday's. I am now 8dpo so getting into ambiguous territory...



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KandJ - We've known I've had a problem for a long time. We just started working with an RE which is why DH just did an SA for the first time. I got my pity party over pretty quickly :) Rooting for you and your IVF process!


Gem - I was told an IUI cycle would cost anywhere between $600 - $1000. I think it gets more expensive when you need more drugs. Like triggers and stuff. Anyone? I hope "The Very Serious Talk" goes well and that we'll have a swimmer update from you soon! I have no idea about your Clomid question. I rarely ovulate which is why I'll be doing the Clomid. Everyone that has answered seems like they ovulate without it and that isn't their problem. I have a thick lining (not getting AF for long time does that) so I'm hoping they Clomid makes it just right.  I'm glad to have you on this journey with me! 


Marmo - Sorry about the bfn and the confusion! I here you on the money issue. We're working with our insurance and hoping they will the maximum 50% (ugh they get to decide how much they want to cover). There many areas left where we can cut back unnecessary spending. I'll probably have to cut out my yoga membership. Sad. Maybe we'll be planning a very cheap Valentines Day too. Sad. But I don't care as long as it brings us a baby. I guess I don't really have any ideas but I want to here them if anyone has any!


Shesaidboom - Thank you so much for the details and what to expect! Good luck with the IUI's!!! I'm sorry you have to go alone? At least you have all of those sticks to look forward to! How does that work? Does DH make his contribution before work? I'm not looking forward to having to hassle DH about his work and sleeping schedule on the days of insemination...


Monkey - Wow you area already almost out of the first trimester! I'll be stalking for your update.


ETA - Gozal we cross posted. Hoping that line stays dark for a long time!!! That seems like a really good progesterone number! My RE said she likes to see  around 15.


AFM - DH surprisingly woke up early before he headed to acupuncture and chiropractic appts before work so we got to talk. We are in agreement with A Plan. So that feels good. He has been the one dealing with our insurance so I'm just waiting to hear from him about that before I make an appointment with a new RE. I won't be able to get an appointment for a few weeks so we are going to pay cash and continue on this cycle since I already took the Provera and should be starting soon. Otherwise it would take me 3 or so months on my own to get to a new cycle or take Provera again and I don't want to do that. We also decided that we will probably tell out parents. I feel relieved in thinking that I won't have to deal with them wondering when we are going to make an announcement and feeling like they are just waiting for us to say something at every holiday and family get together. DH and I are private people so we've kept our struggles to ourselves. It feels like a good time and like I specifically could use the extra prayers and support from them. I just hate that I know how hard it is for parents to know their children are struggling. Plus DH's parents may need to take DS at the last minute while we do our IUI.





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All: Is there a correlation between thin lining and light periods? My periods used to be extremely heavy and clotty the first couple of days (I think it changed when I started taking EPO). I stopped taking EPO and it still isn't as heavy as it used to be. Hmmm....


Cindy: Thank you for that info of your IUI experience. I'm soaking it all in!


monkey: Thinking solid heartbeat thoughts for your little one!


gozal: It feels weird that it's February to me too. Thank you so much for that info; it is extremely helpful. I had been reading on other threads where women said their IUIs were $200 but maybe that was without all the medicine/monitoring, etc? Good to know that's a reasonable price but it's still like, ouch! It's especially good hearing the good chances of Clomid with ovulatory women because that includes me. She's starting me at 50 though. How many Clomid cycles have you done? Which number is this? And !!!!!!!!!!! you sneaky woman! Easing that possible BFP tidbit in that long update! I am holding back a squeeeeeal! But ok, we'll be cool. We'll see what it does tomorrow. I hope this is it for you!!! 


Sila: I'll pretend you're in the room doing nono.gif when I have the Very Serious Talk!



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Hmmmm, so I poas again, getting crossed eyed from staring at it but I'm pretty sure it's neg. It's so hard to tell after they're dry with the squinters. I figure if I can't really tell, then I can feel comfortable calling anything after this point, that IS identifiable, a true +. G-d willing!!!!!! Thanks Gem & Sila for sharing my butterflies!

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Gozal - Hoping for that BFP for you!!


Gem  - Thanks for the good thoughts about my appointment tomorrow!


Sila - So glad you and dh are on the same page! I'll try not to keep you hanging for long on an update, but we are going to the IL's straight after, so no promises.


Just dropped by to share this, especially for the SA-reluctant hubbies:


Okay, randomly got this on my recommendations at Amazon today:


SpermCheck Fertility


It's supposed to be an at-home test to see if there's a certain amount of sperm (more than 20 million) in a semen sample. Not really sure if it works, but thought it was interesting, as it's the first at-home male fertility test I've seen. There can be other things wrong with sperm besides low count, but I thought it was worth mentioning. And, as fertility tests go, it's fairly cheap.


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I haven't come down with the norovirus, just been busy!


Gemmine: As far as costs, I just pulled out one month of bills and I have to say $1,000 would be almost nothing compared to my office. Ultrasound $400, Bloodwork $475, IUI with sperm washing $680, beta $175. That is before all the meds, $237 for 50mg clomid, ovedril, and 12 days of Prometrium 2x daily. I would certainly shop around to see how you can do, I find MA prices are exorbitant because insurance is required to cover infertility treatment, so for all those bills, I paid $96 for meds and $25 copay for the IUI, everything else was covered. I have to say, if I was paying OOP... I'd still be trying au natural. As far as a correlation between lining and periods... TCM says you should have pink to red flow for 5 days (which feels like forever to me, with my one medium -heavy day and 2 light days and 2 spotting days...). I did notice it got worse with the clomid, but to be honest it wasn't any better on the Femara... so who even knows anymore...


monkey- tomorrow is going to be amazing- I can't wait to read about your little beans heartbeat!


gozal- line line line line line line line line. when do we get to squint with you, I have the jitters too. I'm in disbelief that it is February. I am keeping my superstitions about this month as far in the back of my mind as possible.


Sila- I'm glad you and DH got to talk and are on the same page. I am jealous your DH got Chiro and Acu today... I'm dying to see my Chiro but I ended up staying late at work tonight so I couldn't get there. I hope AF starts soon so you can get a start on the clomid. Did you say your dosage already? I think it will be good to talk to you family, we need all the support and prayers we can get.



Sorry if I missed any updates, I'll check in better tomorrow.




shesaidboom- WOOHOO!!! I am so happy for your follicle! 2.2 is great! Tomorrow is the day, go swimmers go!





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monkey - didn't think of the hcg thing, thanks for the heads up! I'm not going to worry about wasting an OPK then. Good luck at your appointment! I'll be stalking teh grads thread to see how it went. Thinking good thoughts for you!


gozal - oops, sorry I must have missed that. I'm going to grab your updated blurb from the other thread and update it. I totally understand what you mean about it being February. I have mixed feelings about it too..and yes, I'm planning my garden already as well :)
It would be nice to be able to share photos and things. I feel so close to you ladies here since we share so much that people who haven`t been through this just can`t understand.
I'm sorry the testing is being confusing! I hate that. I am sending tons of prayers that it is a true +! Keep us updated.


SilaMarila - Thanks! Yes, the clinic gave us the option of having dp give his sample there or do it at home and get it there within an hour. I can make it to the downtown clinic in just under an hour so we do that. He has to wake up an hour early so he gets cranky about it, but at least he just has to do the easy part!
I'm glad you're continuing with the cycle. Sharing with your parents also sounds like a good idea. I know for me at least, it was much nicer to have the extra support, even if it was hard for them to see us go through this. I hope your cycle goes well!


cbaa - so glad you haven't gotten sick! Thanks, I'm happy I got a good follie :)



AFM, just did the trigger and am about to go to bed. I'm nervous about tomorrow even though this is old hat by now.

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shesaidboom - yeah for higher E2 and getting your trigger.  Maybe the fact that your body is doing something different is a good sign.


Gemmine - I took 3 EPO a day, 25,000 IU Beta Carotene, and a B-6.  Not saying this is what you want to take...you can take too much vitamin A.  It's just what I did.


Goazl - Your progesterone sounds great! 


Monkey - Hope your appointment goes well.


Bichole - Nice to hear from you again. Hope you schedule works out for you...It still sounds crazy to me.


Sila - Sorry about your DH's SA.  However, from reading some of the posts it sounds like you're still in the running.  Hope you are able to get your RE issues straightened out.


New ladies - Kand & Marmo Welcome.



Me - Woke up at 4.  Couldn't go back to sleep.  Laid in bed crying for 2 hours.  Finally got up and POAS...and I got two lines!!!!  Today is 14 days post trigger.  I used a first response???  Now I'm freaking out.  Could this be left over HCG?  I already have a beta scheduled for today.  I'm going to be a nervous wreck all day!! 

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