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WISSA!!!!!!!!!!! Report right back here after your beta! I hope this is it; I'm so excited!!


gozal: Hoping to hear good news from your FMU report!

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Wissa - pretty sure the trigger is gone, lady! Can't wait for beta news!
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shesaidboom - wow that is one seriously fast growing follie you have there - 10mm growth in 2 days is nuts! I've read that follies normally grow 1-2mm per day! Sounds like it was trying to make up for the time lost with the slow start! Anyways I hope your super follicle creates a super egg and a super embryo in a few days!

Also, the best way to confirm if you've ovulated after your trigger is by temping. Normally your temp would jump on the 3rd morning after the trigger. Of course my temps were totally uncooperative this month and didn't really go up until I started taking progesterone 5 days after the trigger bleh. However I'm quite sure I ovulated anyways because I felt it quite strongly when it happened.

Good luck with your IUI today, let us know how it goes !

gozal - I'm 7 DPO today, nothing exciting going on. I've been taking HPTs regularly since my trigger, my last one was yesterday and all I got was a squinter, but on my OPK this morning I still had a very faint line so I know the trigger isn't completely out of my system yet.

I think if your lines are getting darker it can't be the trigger. Also if you're only 8DPO I think any POASing that's not using FMU just doesn't count so I am not at all worried by the 2nd test you did yesterday. I'm more interested in what you saw on your FMU test this morning! Is it still getting darker? So excited to hear what happens next!

Sila - so glad to hear you and DH have agreed on a plan. Also I'm sure you won't regret telling your parents. A lot of my mom's friends have children with fertility issues and apparently my mom and her friends often talk about how hard it is for us, it makes me feel validated.

Gemmine - when I was on Clomid I wasn't being monitored but I could tell my lining was different because my periods were super watery, they would soak right through my pads so fast even when there wasn't that much blood. Also the bleeding was more of an orangey-red colour which was just weird!

Cbaa - I'm curious, what are your superstitions about February?

wissa - um yeah 14 days after trigger there is no HCG left I'm sure. Like I mentioned I took an HPT yesterday 8 days after my trigger and all I got was a very very faint squinter so if your 2nd line is darker than that I think some celebrations are in order!!!!
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Wissa - hcg has to be gone for sure!!! And FRERs don't lie! I'mmmm exciiiiiited for you. I hope I see good news when I check in again this afternoon!

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Wissa - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tears in my eyes over here! At 14dpo with a clear line, you can feel confident. Can't wait to hear about your beta!!!


Okay, no one get excited yet, I am actually not planning to test again this cycle. Don't kill me! I just can't take it. I cannot see one more BFN without losing it completely. I don't know what's wrong with me, yesterday night after I put DS to bed I came downstairs, sat down on the couch, and proceeded to cry for the next few hours. It's like I was crying out all these months and years of IF. I thought I would never feel better but finally I got through all those feelings. I really thought I was okay but then this morning, same thing. I just can't stop being emotional and weepy. I don't know what it is, or why now. I just feel crushed under the weight of this. Maybe because everything went so well this cycle, if it fails, what could that mean? So I though to myself, the worst part of every month for me is that time at the end of my cycle when I know I'm very likely not pregnant but I haven't gotten my period yet. My lp is (an otherwise nice) 14 days, so I don't usually get my period until later on 15dpo. That's a long time to wait from 11 or 12dpo. Even from 13. Since my progesterone has been fine and I probably won't need to supplement again, there really is no reason that I have to poas. I can just wait and see if I get a period or not. So that's what I'm going to do. There is a good chance I'll obsess over my temp, but that beats the heart palpitations while the test strip dries. And really, I don't even know about my tests from the last two days. Maybe the 8dpo was a shade darker than the day before, but we're talking about nano subtleties here. On the other hand, I woke up and hour and a half early today and my temp was nice and high, so that's something, right?


Sourire, wait, how did I miss that we're one mere dpo apart?! Hope your 8dpo trigger "leftover" turns into something surprising!!

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WISSA!!!!!!!!  Can't wait to hear back from you after your betaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Personally, I think you're sobbing because of pregnancy hormones, gozal. wink1.gif But take care of yourself, do what you need to do!
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gozal - I totally get not wanting to POAS anymore. I myself don't plan on taking any more pregnancy tests until I am forced to take one at 15DPO (which is 1 week from tomorrow) to see if I stop the progesterone. I'd rather keep the small bit of hope I have than know for sure it didn't work! In the past when I've tested earlier I was just so upset about those BFNs. I guess we'll both have to find ways to distract ourselves for the next week!


I hope that your crying helped you feel better... it's really important to let all our feelings out from time to time! My new passtime is finding infertility blogs where the people have finally succeeded in having a baby, and going back and reading about how they felt 1-2 months before they got their BFP. I was reading one like that yesterday... this girl was so depressed and discouraged and was pretty much about to be forced to give up on TTC forever for financial reasons, and then she got her BFP! So it could happen to any of us, even if when we're in a really difficult place!


scarlettohara - Welcome! I'm sure you will enjoy the support this group can provide. Sorry to hear you're on CD1, that's always depressing. Most people try just Clomid by itself first, and I've seen quite a few people get pregnant from just that (my SIL is one of them!). Obviously IUI has higher success rates, but its a lot more expensive than just plain Clomid, and you need to go into the fertility clinic more often (for some people it can be an issue getting time off work). The choice is yours! By the way do you or your DH have any known or suspected fertility issues?

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Scarlettohara - Welcome!


Sourire and Gozal, I'm 7dpo today, I also plan on not testing, unless af does not show.  I don't have the best willpower when it comes to not testing but I am going to try and save myself the crushing disappointment of the bfn.  I am going to try and not obsess for the next week, although who am I kidding some cycles I obsess way more than others and this is one of them.  Hoping you both get your bfp's next week! (and me too!).

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beta - 189!!!!  Progesterone - 55   Go back one week.


I can't get my DH on the phone at work.  So, technically you guys are the first to know!!  :)

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Wissa - Congratulations!!!!!  I am so happy for you!!!! joy.gif

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Wissa - joy.gifThose numbers sound excellent!!! SO happy and excited for you!!! Snuggle in tight little bean!


Ok..now to go back and read posts...

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Wissa- happytears.gif I am just so happy for you, words cannot even describe. So. So. Happy.

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Wissa - I totally wanna do a happy dance for you right now!

Woooowwwww this group is really on a roll. First Krunchy, now Wissa... Who wants to be next? Lol
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Yes!!! Can't wait to add you (and krunchy) to the grad thread whenever you're ready!!

AFM, sitting at the midwife, waiting my turn.
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Sourire +Gozal: I understand not testing too. It's why I stopped charting. My temp usually dropped at 11dpo and I wouldn't get AF until 15-16dpo so I'd have to suffer for a week feeling doomed, knowing there was no hope. I'd rather be surprised by AF being late and being forced to test. No more early testing for me, ever!


Wissa: joy.gif

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Thanks ladies!!  Now isn't there a saying that good things come in groups of ten.  Here's to hoping they do on this thread!! 


I've been reading everyone's posts and it looks like several of you have had really good cycles this time. Fingers crossed on more news to celebrate!


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Cbaa2010 (26) TTC#1 since 10/10, 4 failed medicated cycles, 2 IUI. Progesterone for LP spotting. Femara/IUI then on to injectables, looking into NaPro Technology.


shesaidboom can you update my blurb?

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WISSA:  YAY!!!!!  I'm super excited for you!!!


Gozal:  Praying that things become more clear and that you do have a BFP!!!


THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!  I am officially on 2nd shift so i'll be a little behind on the days events but at least i should be able to keep up with eveyone from now on!! I like having a set schedule finally...it's about darn time!!!


AFM:  AF has FINALLY shown up so here's to a new month and a new cycle!!!  I hope that we see more BFPs this month than we did last month!!! January wasn't a very giving month for all of us!!!

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