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Intro my tribe

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I am wishing to meet other mamas in the Amherst Ma area- I am presently homeschooling my three daughters 9,11, 12 and have 8 month old baby- We are seeking our tribe to have potlucks and gatherings with and sharing  Many well wishes

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Hi there, I'm in shelburne falls, not that far away. I have a 2 and a 4 year old. I'm hosting a birth circle next weekend up here with some other moms, maybe you'd like to come meet some other women from the area? 



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yes I'd like that however are you gathering this weekend or the following? And are you including families or just mamas into this gathering? many well wishes sienna

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We'd love to have you! Its Sunday, February 12 from 10:30-12:30 in Shelburne Falls. Babes in arms are welcome. Here is the full invitation (on Facebook) http://www.facebook.com/events/215485715212959/ hope to see you there!


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Hey there- Sorry we were busy with recovery from our move- still in recovery- we are in shutesbury and looking for folks to join up with - I am interested in starting a bebe group in my home- any new born to 12 monthers you know in my area?- Also can you recommend any vaccine rather non vaccine or Dr. Sears approach to delayed vaccine Doctors- I am looking also for a chiropractor for the family as well? Thank you and I hope your gathering went well - Many Blessings Sienna

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aw..I'm Amy. i wish i had pals like that. we are in ct though. 

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You posted so long ago, I never got a message. Sorry! I bring my children to Greenfield Pediatrics and they are ok with my vax choices. I hear good things about Dr. Kate Atkinson in Amherst which is closer to you. For Chiros...Mindi Fried in Easthampton or the man who works out of Cradle in Easthampton.
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