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Do you love your town/city in MA or RI?

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I've been trying to find a town/city to move to that has a good public school system (inclusive as my son has Asperger's).

The town also needs to be a mostly friendly place to live.  It would be great if the town has cafe's, art galleries, live music venues (cafe's that allow acoustic performers is fine.)


I'm hoping to move this Spring.


So, if your town fits the above description and you love it, please let me know!


I'm also interested in hearing if you hate your town/city (and why.)





Ps. The good school system is key.  Although my son is on the autism spectrum, he is academically advanced in some subjects. So the school must be willing to give him work that is on his level.  

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I adore Beverly, MA...though we have just applied to Kindergarten for my oldest son (and still not sold on public school, I had sorta always wanted to homeschool, but I am tempted to do public b/c his therapist believes (99% sure) he is gifted and the school would pay for testing and such for him- so I don't have personal experience yet, but I've heard it is very good.  We are right on the beach, lots and lots of cafes, two crunchy stores in downtown (the organic rainbow will order anything  in bulk which is awesome).  There are a few organic restaurants right in downtown too.  The downtown is just great, it is a nice strip and always friendly and clean. 


We are SO happy to have moved from Waltham to here.  Very family friendly and quite crunchy IMO.  Great YMCA too!

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I forgot to mention too there is an art college right in downtown so art is pretty big here.

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Thanks for your input!  Schools are really important so I'm hoping to hear from more people who have a child (preferably on the autism spectrum) in public school in their town

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Just giving this a bump. Though my town Amherst and neighboring Northampton both have most of what you are looking for, sadly our schools are so not good for children like your son (and mine, also mild ASD). I'd love to hear where in MA, especially Western MA, is....

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My son's Neuropsych said that she's pleasantly surprised with how the Pawtucket school system is for ASD kids.  I don't really know anything about Pawtucket neighborhoods except for Oak Hill (which I love.)


I'm thinking of doing more research on the Attleboro's.  Close enough to RI but I wouldn't have to bother with changing health insurance and a bunch of other stuff.

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Bumping this up.  Yep, I'm still researching towns/cities.

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I'm curious too. I'm still attempting to relocate my small family.. hopefully this fall. I was looking at Gloucester too since it's a doable commute to Boston.. but wonder about the community

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