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Could this be it???

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So I'm 39 weeks today and starting to have painful contractions that could be regular but I'm too busy this morning to time them...lol My ob striped my membranes yesterday and I was 4 cm and 80%, baby was at -1 but not engaged yet, which is good because I think he is still face up, may have flipped last night though, it's hard to tell...Anyways, anyone else sitting at 4 cm and waiting for something to happen???  2whistle.gifI'm having tons of blood tinged mucus, gross!  Not sure if it's officially my "bloody show" or just from striping my membranes?  My ob said if anything happens it will happen in the next 72 hours, so we'll see.  Everytime my toddler nurses the contractions get really hard and super painful, but then slow down when he stops. so I don't know what is going on.  I'm going to my baby shower put on my my husband's office, at which he has worked for a whole 3 weeks...needless to say, I'm so worried that my water is going to break at the shower, so I'm wearing a Depends, lol. whistling.gifHopefully that will give you all a good laugh, I'm going to be giggling through the whole thing, contracting the whole time I'm sure, wearing my Depends like an old lady.  twins.gif   Not sure they would be able to contain a big gush, but at least if I start leaking it should get me enough time to sneak out of there...  Anyways, I'll try to update later if I can, we have to drive 2.5 hrs to the hospital so my body needs to decide what it's doing soon.... I'm off to wake my napping toddler(who in their right mind would do this?) and bath him before the baby shower.  I'm driving by myself with my son into my DH office and it's making me a little bit nervous....Anyone else playing the "is it really labor" game?

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Sounds like your body is definitely gearing up for something!


I have labor poop. Yay... but nothing regular for me yet... We are having our house cleaned on Thursday and my mom comes on Saturday, then it will be show time.


Keep us updated!!

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ohhh that's so exciting. Nothing here yet except A LOT of pressure. I can barely walk! But OB told me this morning I'll prob go over due. Bummer. Then again they told me that with DD and she was a preemie.

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I saw my chiro yesterday and then went to Lowe's to pick up some parts for my hubby.  Wasn't really positive I was going to make it across the store... but it passed.  Then by the time I got home I was exhausted and felt sick and went to bed early.  This morning I woke up happy and alert, but then my lower back got really achy and now I feel sick again.  Not at all sure what is going on, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if my body is gearing up.

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Go, baby nannnybutterfly, go!  :)


I hope your 2.5 hr drive works out ok.  Is there a reasonably priced hotel where you can camp out halfway, or nearby, if you think things are getting close?  Hope it goes smoothly but not TOO quickly!!  winky.gif

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thinking of you and hoping you are in active labor or holding a babe!  and, not wearing a depends anymore.  haha!

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Posting from my phone here so bear with me smile.gif what a rollercoster!!! So made it to the baby shower and contractions were 6 minutes apart. I just kept thinking I hope my water doesn't break!!! I put on a brave face and made it through even though I was in a ton of pain. 2 hours later I didn't feel safe driving home in that much pain so ds and I went to wal mart to wait for dh to finish up with work. I then realized I couldnt walk or talk through my contractions and they were now 3 minutes apart. Called my sister to come get ds and breathed through contractions in the car. At this point I was starting to think we weren't going to make it to the hospital. Dh gets there and we drive the 2.5 hours to the hospital, contractions were bad, and I was worried baby would be born on the side of the road. Then about 20 minutes from the hospital the contractions stop...ahhhhh !!!! So frustrating!!! So we went to a hotel and here we are now. My mom brought ds here and we tried nursing but still nothing... At this point I'm so tired of making the long drive every time this happens, I'm thinking we just need to get a weekly hotel until baby makes up his mind. Ugh! This is driving me nuts! Maybe it's cause baby is posterior? Any suggestions on getting him in a better position? I'm see a chiropractor weekly and might go tomorrow since we're over here. For now we're staying over here through Thursday and we'll go from there....
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Nannybutterfly, so sorry to hear about all the craziness. Considering how close and intense your contractions got, I am so sorry they stopped. Maybe it wasn't just posterior baby, but also all the hecticness?

I hope staying at the hotel calms things a bit.

And I am no help for what to do to turn the baby around, but have you looked at spinningbabies for ideas?

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Nannybutterfly, you must be so frustrated.  Wishing you lots of patience and some good luck!

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Nannybutterfly, any update? I'm hoping your hotel stay was cut short by the rest of your labor.  winky.gif

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