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I will always love jeans and a black t shirt.

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SAHM wardrobe reality...sagging, baggy maternity jeans (baby is 3 months old) and a stained, saggy t-shirt that is now several sizes too big for me.  Looks very sexy with a pair of worn out Crocs.  


My wardrobe dream....a slim pair of well-fitting jeans, button down blouse, and a trim jacket.  Cute shoes, clean hair and a simple piece of jewelry.  

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My favourite right now is either yoga pants or leggings with a tunic style top.  It's comfy and still looks good while running errands.  I hate wearing jeans, I just can't be comfortable in them for some reason.

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I still like to dress 'normal' during the week unless I have been sick or otherwise don't feel well. To me a comfy pair of jeans doesn't feel that much different than a pair of sweats but it feels like I've made much more of an effort for some reason. I am really liking the skinny jeans because they look great with flats(about all I wear) and they are about the only kind of pant you want to wear with boots in the winter. I have lost all my weight (don't hate me) but I've still got a bit of a pot belly going on. I don't like wearing any fitted t-shirts because of that. What I've found that works really well for me is a long flowing shirt, like a tunic, loose tank top, or hi-low style shirts paired with skinny jeans, shorts or capris and flats. This way you are still VERY comfortable, able to move with your little toddler/take care of baby and look stylish and 'presentable'.

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Originally Posted by Ruthiegirl View Post

SAHM wardrobe reality...sagging, baggy maternity jeans (baby is 3 months old) and a stained, saggy t-shirt that is now several sizes too big for me.  Looks very sexy with a pair of worn out Crocs.  


spitdrink.gifOMG I'm reading this in the library and I literally just cracked up out loud and everyone stared at me.......I totally get you mama!!! I haven't laughed this hard for a while :) :)

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I'm surprised no one has mentioned dresses! Now that the weather is warm it's so easy to just slap on a cute dress. It's so easy because it's just one piece and you don't have to combine and match. You can buy casual ones and dressier ones and just pair it with some cute sandals and maybe some jewelry. I love them. Plus a lot of them can be belted as you continue to lose weight.


I usually buy the bulk of mine at thrift stores and then supplement with a few new dresses for when I want to feel trendy.


But you will catch me in the work out pants and t-shirt sometimes as well, those are so hard to give up.

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I live in really nice jeans and v-neck tops.  I love drape-y v-necks (like the ones from Madewell).  I shell out big bucks for nice jeans - since I wear them just about every day, I think it's justifiable, and I have 2 really amazing pair instead of 6 crappy pair.  Buying well-made also makes them last - my black J Brands I've had for two years and are showing no signs of wear, even though they get worn 2-3 times a week.  I also have some dark wash Ernest Sewn jeans, scored for $99 (from $188) a few months ago, and I live in them.  


I like to keep my wardrobe very limited, but high quality.  I rarely buy clothes, and when I do, it's a one-in-one-out policy.  I clean out the closet regularly - if I don't love it and want to wear it, it goes to the donate box.  


Now that it's summer in Texas, my nice jeans will be traded out for nice shorts.  I do love to wear dresses, but I spend so much time either nursing (and I prefer to nurse by pulling a shirt up, rather than a dress down) or on the floor that it really isn't practical.


I used to work at Anthropologie before the babe, and had a really amazing collection of timeless, quality dresses, and lost them when we last moved.  I think they got sent to Goodwill accidentally. I'm still in the mourning process.

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I'll mourn with you for losing Anthropologie dresses. Man, what a bummer.
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Luckiest - I have a gross question for you - or for anyone who wants to answer - I'm in the $75-$100/pair range for jeans (several brands) and I wash them every time I wear them (unless I only wear them for an hour or something short like that); cold wash, line dry, cool iron if needed, and they last for a year or three, but they do show wear within the first year.  If I upgrade to the $100-$200/pair brands, with the same care, will I not see that wear?  Will I see a big improvement in performance?  Do you wash every time you wear in order to keep those jeans looking new for 2 years or more?


I'm getting more and more into jeans and pants (instead of dresses/skirts as I normally would wear) - they're just more practical for nursing and being busy around the house, but I'm wondering if I've reach some kind of jeans value terminal velocity...

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Mrsgregory- why do you wash them so much? That is why they are looking worn. I buy the same price level as you are and mine stay looking awesome for a couple of years usually unless I do something stupid to them.  I wear mine as long as I can before washing- even if I have to take a wet rag and spot clean them.  I have tried on pricier jeans and can't see how they would last longer- the fabric just seems so flimsy to me.  I really love BKE jeans- they last forever it seems.  In fact I decided I really want a new pair of skinny ones for after the baby :)

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I usually wear comfy skirts and t-shirts and accesorize with pretty jewelry.

I just got Gap t-shirts and they are sooooooo nice. Really thick and they keep their shape. http://www.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=17082&vid=1&pid=751165
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We're not supposed to wash our pants after each wearing?


I know some folks will wear them 2x before washing... I just feel gross enough after a day in jeans that I figure I need washed and so do they.

Plus, I like the way they fit after they've been washed and have dried - they're a big snugger.


I am not surprised to find that I am the cause of my own jeans destruction.

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I don't wash jeans every time I wear them -  as long as they look clean, I wear them again.  The bottom of the legs do start looking dirty after a few wears, or on a muddy day, and I wash them then.

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Oh yeah dude, don't wash so much. I wash mine after they've stretched out too much or get stained, maybe 3-5 wears. I buy them on the tighter side so that they fit best on the second or third wear. But I will say there is something magical about my J Brand jeans. They hold their shape for longer than my others and fade less. Last year I got some Madewell jeans as a gift ($98), and in 6 months of light wear they have faded so much I never wear them anymore. So yes, I'd say there is probably a big difference between the 75-100 range and the $150-180 range. BUT I've never actually paid that much. I would go to Anthro or Nordstrom and try on a bunch to find your brand and size, then stalk sales online. IME sizing is very consistent within a high end brand, so I know I'm a 26 in J Brands regardless of style. Anthro clothing, generally speaking, goes on sale for 40-50% off, which is how I got $180 Earnest Sewns for $99. So you can probably find a brand like AG, J Brand, ES, Joe's (although Joe's stretch out way, way too much) in your price range.
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I am an expert sales stalker.  I also go thrifting.  People are frequently impressed by my ability to pull labels out of the rack without looking - oh, yeah, I'll brag on that.

I found the most GORGEOUS leopard print dress, Nordstrom (brand escapes my mind off hand), tags still on it, $4, the last time I really went in and got down to business.


So - don't wash the jeans so much.  It's so difficult for me not to wash things.  But I"m glad for the advice! 

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Totally can relate - I go to the second hand stores and can spot an Anthro brand from three racks away! No time these days for thrifting...maybe again when DS is a bit older and less of a tornado of destruction.
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Originally Posted by luckiest View Post

Totally can relate - I go to the second hand stores and can spot an Anthro brand from three racks away! No time these days for thrifting...maybe again when DS is a bit older and less of a tornado of destruction.

LOL! Me too! But with toddler in tow, it just becomes a very stressful, speedy, unrelaxing experience. Boo!


I don't wash my jeans too often either. They happen to fit fine for one or two wears, but after that they could use a wash. My Joe's stretch out so big that I don't think I will ever buy that brand again. I have a dh who hates baggy bum nono02.gif


I am currently 27 weeks pregnant, and cannot wait to get back into my regular clothes again!

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In the winter I usually wear jeans and a v-neck sweater or t-shirt and cardigan.   I have a few button up shirts but for some reason I hate wearing them.

In the summer I tend to go for knee length casual (like khaki or denim) skirts. I find in knee length I can do most things, am fairly comfy but it covers the spiders veins on my thighs. innocent.gif I have 2 pairs of shorts if I am doing something where a skirt wouldn't work. I do a mix of tanks/tees and some nicer (than t-shirt) but casual tops.  Like this: http://www.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=34611&vid=1&pid=134992


I mostly look for clearance deals when we go to the shopping area that's an hour away.  I would love to thrift more but it seems to take dedication and with little ones in tow that doesn't work well.  That and I don't live in a town with fashion sense.  People have to own good clothes to donate them and they don't do that here.  irked.gif


(That being said I am sitting here at nearly 3 pm in yoga pants and free softball t-shirt.  I don't feel well today and am in a bad mood but I need to change for a family gathering.)

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I do the hippy look ... hemp pants with a nursing tank top and wrap top, At night I switch the wrap top for a thermal henley. I rarely wear other things during the week. I have a few variations of this kind of thing.

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Buy a wicked cool hat-mine are fedoras

Some super big jackie o glasses

A ton of scarves



Seriously I live in

jeans or tights

plain tees/long sleeve tight low cut shirts w easy access to the boobs for babe,

Short dress/long shirts over tights

maxi dresses...which are my fave


Fall its tights w a dress/shirt. If im going out I throw on my knee high riding boots and a cute scarf. Hat if needed-usually its my gpas old fedora joy.gif

Spring/summer its a maxi dress w flip flops throw on a hat and sunglasses.


Around the house I always have on a cute apron..seriously ALWAYS. With pockets for my cell and baby's soothiethumb.gif

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