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How do I improve the bedtime routine?

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My 2.5 year old twins have been in toddler beds since the summer.  They seemed to be doing pretty well after their initial adjustment, but lately things have taken a turn for the worst.  What I've noticed is that if we get them in bed when they are relatively calm, they chatter for a little bit and then fall asleep.  If they get at all riled up during bedtime, then they run around the room, jump off the beds and take a good hour to fall asleep.  We don't have any wild play before bed, so I am not sure how to enforce them to stay calm.  Our routine is basically:

-eat dinner

-quiet play

-pj's on


-upstairs to brush teeth

-read stories


The problem is that some nights they start running around when we get upstairs and no amount of discipline seems to calm them down.  Even if we make it through the teeth brushing, things go haywire while we are reading stories.  Usually it is my son acting up...he will jump on the bed, try to distract his sister, chase the cat, try to climb into the baby's pack n play, etc.  I've tried time out but he doesn't stay and then his sister gets wound up while I am focusing on him.  I've tried having him pick the story but he still only lasts halfway through before he starts clowning around.  I welcome any advice!


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A bath!! 

I swear it calms any child.  Or at least mine.   My kids are 7, 4 and 22 mos. 

Our routine is about the same as yours....My 4 and 22 mo old share a room so they mess around too sometimes after lights out.     Even if it's not needed some relaxing warm water may just calm them down!

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My DS1 is 2.5 as well. We've had to push his bedtime back because he just wasn't tired enough to go to sleep at the old time. I would try that or cutting back on their naps.

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Why not an hour of crazy, rough housing with you guys? If we don't get on the floor and roll around and do "roller coaster" and help them jump from bed to bed, then bed time seems so much harder. After 30-60minutes of that, depending on how drained we are (lol) I usually pick up their favorite book and start reading. It might take five minutes or so, but they eventually wander over to me and start listening.  Then my dh will pick up a book too, and I will have one boy and he will have another and we read for 5-10 minutes.  When they start getting bored and begin to wander is when I say, "One more minute with this book and then its bed time!" and exactly one minute later, I get up and turn off the light, shoo each boy to their own bed and they are usually ready to lay down.  

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welcome to Mothering.Com! just wanted to let you know that there is a multiples are if you would like. it can be helpful to talk to other folks who has that same twin dynamic as well as these great toddle moms here.  feel free to come say hi! http://www.mothering.com/community/f/158/parenting-multiples

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My kids are unique...bath seems to get them more wound up!  Maybe I do need to tire them out more.  I don't know...I'll be happy when they grow out of this phase!

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