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What if they cut me again?

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I am switching from a homebirth midwife to an OB and a hospital birth. I have been feeling confident in this decision until today when I called the office to ask a billing question before my first appt with this OB on Thursday and they said they had me down for a repeat cesarean. I haven't even seen them yet!? I corrected the lady, but she was just in billing and now I'm freaking out about my appointment on Thursday. I printed out some studies and medical journal articles and the ACOG bulletin on VBAC (this will be my first VBAC) and plan to take those into my appointment in case they try to suggest that a repeat cesarean will be necessary. Honestly, though I feel like if they are already telling me that I will need a repeat cesarean I just want to walk away and never look back. I want to have a chance to labor. I want to give my body a chance to show that it was made for this and it can do it. But, I'm 37 weeks already and worried about finding a Dr who will take me on this late with that risk. I'm really scared and have been upset and crying all afternoon/evening. I'm just not sure I can survive it if they do this to me again.

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If you are certain this OB is supportive of VBAC, then try to put yourself at ease that this was simply a clerical error. Go to your appointment armed with your information and ask lots of open-ended questions. But don't stress yourself out until there is cause.  Hang in there--those last few weeks of pregnancy are so emotional anyway. You didn't need someone saying that to drive you just a little more crazy ;)

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I would also add that the Dr is probably just assuming you *want* a repeat.  While I see some VBAC's at my job, most are repeats and most mom's say they didn't want a vaginal birth anyway.  I have taken care of many many women who are convinced a section is easier.  I would just go to the appointment with an open mind and discuss your options with him.  Try not to worry until you know you need to.  hug2.gif

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I'm sorry I didn't update this thread. I thought I did. 

My appt was on Thursday of last week and it COULD NOT have gone BETTER! They kept saying "We WANT you to have a VBAC" and they are perfectly in line with everything I am feeling and wanting without me having to even say more than just that I would like to try for a VBAC. They said they see no reason at all why I can't and sent me for an ultrasound just to be sure baby's not big (I've been measuring 4 weeks ahead the entire pregnancy). That was on Monday and baby measured perfectly on time. Doc said that anything under 11lbs and he thinks I'll be just fine. The u/s tech said that I"m looking at a maximum of 8.5lbs if I go full term. No more than 9 if I go past, so I'm feeling 100% better and like I have some breathing room even, because she doesn't expect it to get that big even post dates.


Thank you so much for the support. I love that about MDC mamas!

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