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Kaiserslautern/ Ramstein area

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Anybody here? I feel like the only mothering.com follower in the world at the moment...praying.gif Please someone answer!! 

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Oh man, I was just up there last weekend!


We live in Ansbach, and are new to Germany but love it.


How long have you lived here, and what are you enjoying so far?

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We live about 20 minutes away from Ramstein, but we are not here with the military.  Are you new to Germany?  We have lived her about 3.5 years and will probably be headed back next Fall/Winter.

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So happy to hear there is somebody out there :) We lived in central Germany for a year, and we moved done to the KMCC area Aug. 2011. I would be happy to meet with anyone with in the 45min area. I have met a few nice people so far, but I have to keep my mouth shut about parenting, so it's difficult at times. Please email me at harm526@gmail.com if you are interested in talking or meeting up!

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Sarafi- I'd love to email back and forth, and if you are ever up this way again, maybe we could meet! Isn't ansbach about 2-3 hours? Either way, I would live to talk with someone else here in Germany!!!
Teeg1973- I live about a ten min drive from Ramstein base. I am having a hard time finding pediatricians, and people who understand something different then what's considered normal.

We have a four year old little boy, I stay at home with him, and my husband is in the AF.
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Hello to Harm 526, teeg1973 and Sarifi,


   We don't have our orders yet...but it looks like my family may be moving to the area late summer early fall.  My husband is not active military, but a college counselor for the Army.  Have been here in Graf area Germany since Jan 2011.  Countryside life is getting old...will be glad to have better cultural and travel opportunities I hear, in K town.


    Have a 6 year old daughter and a 2 year old son.


Hope to hear back from you!




Elizabeth S.  Murakami

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Hello to All

I am also living in Germany! I have been here since March '12, but have lived here before! My dh is AF and we are stationed at Spangdahlem. I live in a great little farming village about 25 minutes from base. I dont have much interaction with English speakers, but my Deutsch is getting better everyday. My neighbors have been wonderful and we have even had a couple of playmates over! Totally awkward, but the mamas here have been super nice. I get to practice my Deutsch!! I have a 5 yo and 1 yo both boys. I am definitely into sustainable living/lifestyle. I HB, BF, CD, And practice alternative forms of healing, well living for that matter. I know there are mamas out there like me, I'm just having a hard time finding them!!! I'd love to chat with anyone if you are close by!!!
My dh is into gardening, farming, canning, running, reading and more!

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I just got into Ramstein YESTERDAY! haha

I'm still pretty overwhelmed by the area but I'm hoping once we find a place, and I'm able to meet people, things will get easier! 

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So glad to hear from all of you! If anybody wants to chat, or get together, let me know!!




Or, look me up on Facebook. I'm sorry I didn't reply here sooner, I forgot to check and see if there was anymore replies! I would love to hear from all of you!



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My boys have chicken pox!!! We are at spangdahlem, living off base. My sweet baby has about 4 spots. My older one got hit pretty hard. Lots of cuddling!!
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Hi mamaevans!  We will be moving to Spangdahlem next may/hune....will you still be there?  Are there other moms like us?  

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I live here, but I am german, does this count?

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Are you ladies still around K-town?  My family and I are moving there in June.  I would love to connect with some other mamas in the area.  I have a 13 month old son. 

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Hi everybody! 


Dania333- glad to hear you are on your way (this summer) to Germany! We have over a year and a half left in Germany. Please email me or add me on Facebook if you would like any information about the area, or if you would like to meet when you get here! 


Anyone else who has replied- I would love to meet you, write me! 




I hope you hear from you soon!

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Yes I am here!!! I am organzing our first meet up June 19, 2013. I am hoping to have monthly support meetings. Hopefully this will bring us together. More info is on the yard sales page, I don't have FB. So if anyone can post on FB that would be great. I plan to meet at the park (depending on weather) across from TLF. If weather is bad, we will have meet up at my house, family friendly village and house. Please send an email to me, ianmarissa@hotmail.com 

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Yay!  I will email/add on facebook all of you, we arrive Sunday afternoon!!!

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Hey! Please let me know if you need anything, I have plenty of stuff if you need help with transition. I am happy to help, if you need info about living off base, how things work, etc. Let me know! Safe travels. 

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Sorry i never saw your reply!  Things got crazy, lol.  We are living in Dudeldorf now.  =)  my email is mrs.bohl@bust.com

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Wondering if anyone still there we coming summer 2014 and looking for some outside the box thinkers my dd is 2 and a half now! We hb, bf, cs, CD, no Dr, non vax etc!
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I live Here, so I'll be there. I think there is a LLL Group at The Base as well!
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