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How about a February March 2012 thread!!!

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Here is the new thread! Igot the kitchen chairs washed and the spindles on the banister. tomorrow is the dentist so I am sure I won't be successfull with any deep cleaning!


What is february bringing you?

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Just went to the Chiro for the first time yesterday.  My pubic symphysis joint is totally separated.  At times I simply can't take a step.  It is extremely painful.  He was able to do a good job popping it back into place, though everything is so loose its likely to keep happening til the pregnancy is over.  I am going back today to get the treatment plan which will include exercises to strengthen the muscles to support my pelvis.


This has put a damper on my cleaning plans.  I am seriously contemplating hiring someone to do the deep cleaning of my master bathroom and also the blinds.  I just hate to waste the money on something I feel I should be doing.  It may just not be reasonable at this point for me to do it by myself.  Maybe if I just tackle one part a day.


I feel I have everything I need except the carseat and baby monitor.  My old monitor from my first baby finally died.  I finally decided which ones I'll buy.  It took an agonizing amount of research and contemplating.


I finally moved my daughter out of the crib and raised it to get ready for baby.  Just need to clear out the dresser and redo the closet to make room for one more.



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3times - how do you do so much with kiddos?!  Every time I try to work on some project when my 2.5 yo is awake, it just turns into a disaster, lol!  I usually wait til naptime, and by then I am tired and not very motivated. 


8inTulgey - sorry to hear about your discomfort, hopefully the exercises help.  Take it easy =).  Would you mind sharing what monitor you decided on, I still need to purchase.  We did end up getting the Chicco keyfit back from friends so will be using that car seat while babe is little.  I like having a bucket seat during the colder months (as warm as January was, I expect March to be freezing!).

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3timesamom, I'm impressed!  You're getting a lot done.  I feel like I've hit that point that I just want to focus on my list of things to do before the baby, and if this focus and drive continues until the baby is born, I'll be in really good shape.  I've designed and am sewing my own swimsuit now (definitely a more advanced project than I should have ever tried with my current skills - or lack thereof!) and getting some more studying done, but I haven't moved into deep cleaning yet.  I'm trying to figure out how to not be so stressed out.  It's ruining my sleep when I'm thinking about the next thing to get done.  Oh, and to answer your question from the previous thread, I'm definitely planning on washing at least the 0-3 month and 3-6 month clothes ahead of time.  Some babies outgrow some of that early stuff really quickly, and it's hard to guess what is actually going to fit them early on because of their different shapes.


8inTulgeyWood, that sounds painful!  Trying to do a bit every day is a great way to get a lot done since we still have a month (give or take) to go, but take care of yourself first.


sh118, I nap with my 2.5 year old, so I don't even have that time to work on stuff.  Thankfully, she puts up with me working on stuff for an hour or 2 a day or stands over me looking at what I'm doing.  It's hit and miss, but we keep trying, and eventually, things get done.

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3timesamom-- awesome! nothing better then knowing all those nooks and crannys are clean.  Our over element went out so we pulled out the stove to replace it and of course cleaned all under/behind it.  That was weirdly comforting lol. 


8intulgeywood-  Oh man, I'm sorry to hear about the spd.  I have problems with it too and it's gotten pretty bad lately.  The worst is when I do too much in a day and then sit down, THEN try to get back up.  Feels like my pelvis is just going to fall apart if it weren't for my skin.  Hows the chiro/exercise helping?  I've had some luck with tying a moby wrap around my hips to relieve pain. 


Sh118- my kids have gotten much better at letting me either work or craft but it used to be really hard.  I usually set them up with something of their own to play with or give them ideas.  sometimes you just have to wait until they are busy to sneak off and try to get something done.  Having 3 kids actually helps because they play with eachother too. 


JMJ- I let the "list" keep me up too.  I will plan and plan and re-plan until I feel I have a handle on everything.  Not so great when there are exactly 10000 things to do!


Things are good but crazy here. We got the big room set up for the boys, now we just have to texture and paint the extra for my oldest son and set him up.  Then I can breathe a little sigh.  Maybe dh will finish the extra bath and laundry too? :)


I have a huge tradeshow coming up in 2.5 weeks.  It's in California (we're in Wa) and it's a 10 day trip with 2 days of driving there and 2 days back.   I take my family with me so they can play while I work and we are looking forward to it but I am starting to feel the pressure and stress pretty bad.  The hardest part is getting ready to go.  I sell my own goods and there are about 800+ items I need to produce for the show in the next 10 days.  I deal with a lot of lifting/carrying and man, it's getting freaking hard.  My shop is outside, so it's pretty cold most days but this winter has thankfully been more mild then usual.  The whole month is just a mad house.  I do this about 2x a year so I know what to do, it's just the stress is hard to avoid.  Normally I use the pressure of a deadline to get me moving, well this time I can't do that. I have to pace myself or I'll pay for it with spd, si pain or high BP.   Thankfully my husband helps on the weekends but other then that my usual baby sitters are not available (read stolen by a family member).  Sigh, so that's where I am.   Trying to get the house finished is just another big "thing" and when we get back I have tons more on my list.  I need to sew diapers, freeze meals, knit some stuff etc.   This is by far the craziest pregnancy yet.    



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Everlong, Exciting! I hope you enjoy it. I sounds like a lot of work though!


JMJ I a thinking of washing both totes of clothes. I think I will even wash boy clothes just in case baby is a boy. If baby is a girl I suppose I will need to shop;)


SH118, Well if I do stuff in the morning everyone is happy:)


8in, I had that with my 2nd. It was terrible I could hardly walk up the stairs. Using a birth ball and pelvic tilts helped the most. Honestly though I didn't get "better" until after delivery.


AFM, Well today I didn't get anything done. I did however take my kids to the dentist and then found the apmnt is in april! LOL Yeah so what a wasted time. I did end up getting the spindles and the chairs done yesterday though. Well my three year old fell out of bed so off I go to place him back in bed.

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I forgot to add that I got to go see my friend's newborn a couple days ago... so tiny and squishy!  The anticipation is killing me!  At least I'm taking comfort in the fact that I'm not ready yet... but I have clothes, diapers, carriers, nursing pads, and a car seat.  I could be ready, right?

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So not ready yet, haven't gotten much of my "list" done, but the important part is that I feel positive and like we're getting stuff done, so I'm not freaking out about it;)


8InTugleyWood- I've been having issues with my pubic symphysis as well, but haven't visited the Chiro. Honestly, I'm thinking of switching because my body totally rejects her adjustments for some reason and I usually end up worse off. I hope the chiro helps and the exercises as well- prenatal yoga with Colette Crawford really helps me in general! My husband and I are trying to do the routine together once a week so he can learn it and help me use yoga during labor/birth (with each pose she says "you could use this to address X in labor").


Had a bad prenatal appt last week and kind of freaked out- saw a Dr instead of the MW (Seeing at least a few of the Drs once is kind of requirement at the practice I attend because they could end up attending your birth if the MW is tied up). Found out when I got there that I had been scheduled for an NST, the Dr strongly urged us to do an U/S since I've been measuring "small" (I have?) and then she scheduled me for an appt for the next week, so apparently I'm now scheduled for weekly appts and weekly NSTs. Freaked out, because I of course felt like my care had been taken out of my hands and the words "cascade of interventions" kept playing through my head. Finally, I decided to call my MW and it turns out the whole thing was a big misunderstanding. The Dr thought I was aware of a lot more than I was because my MW had forgotten to check with me about the NSTs at the previous appt (a point which she apologized profusely for). My MW also doesn't think I'm measuring small to her standards and explained that I was just scheduled weekly because of the NSTs but didn't have to if I didn't want to. Other than one other Dr I have to see, I will only be going to her for the rest of my appts so we can make sure we are on the same page and she assured me we're not going to start throwing me into a bunch of interventions. I felt waaaayyyy better after I talked to her and remembered "oh yeah, I can trust her!"


I got the GD sugar drink test and was glad to get it because I thought something funny was going on with my blood sugar. Came back fine but apparently I needed to take an iron supplement because my hemoglobin was low. I got "ferrofood" from Standard Process because I wanted to make sure to take a good iron supplement. I figured it would take weeks, but I started feeling better after 2 days! I had restricted my diet for various reasons and I kept feeling like I couldn't breathe, along with being emotionally and physically exhausted. Basically, I'd become so touchy that my husband was tiptoeing around me and sometimes I would just cry for no reason whatsoever. I feel extraordinarily better in all of these areas now. It's amazing what a little iron can do!


I feel sort of like a Debbie Downer because this is my second post containing negative stuff in this forum... This pregnancy has been more stressful but I realize it could be worse and I'm feeling pretty blessed and supported right now, even if it doesn't sound like it! I hope you all are doing well:)


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Everlong - Wow, that is quite the undertaking!  Sounds like a lot of fun too, and since you've done it before you know what to expect!

Becky - Glad you got to talk to your normal MW and be reassured.  Sounds stressful to see a new provider at this point, even if you know you probably won't see them again. 

JMJ - Good luck with the swim suit, I'm curious to see what you end up with.  I have sewn a few suits.

AFM - I got a Sony monitor at Wal-Mart.  Hoping it works well for us, but if not (lots of review mention annoying out of range/interference), hoping that returning it will be easy!  I have felt like I am going to get my period for the last couple days.  Do not remember feeling like this at all with my DD.  Wonder if everything is just loosening up or what.  Not contractions/cramps, just that weird achey/full feeling you get with a period.  Anyone else experiencing this?

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sh118- Only felt like this 1st trimester with my first I think. I would bet it's probably just some way your body is dealing with 3rd trimester and getting ready for babe. I could see everything loosening, etc making you feel this way. I hope it's not too uncomfy ;)

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Jmj, you could! You would be ready!


Becky, I am glad you got to see the midwife. In general I find that OB's are so in a panic. They aren't very trusting of this process.


SH118, I do think I am "loosening up". I do just dance daily and something that is starting to be harder to do. Your hips start to loosen and frankly sometimes my back starts to hurt. I use to go to 45min of exercie and now I do more like nearly 30min.


AFM, not much. I did wash the 0-3mos gender neutral stuff. I want to wash the boy stuff just in case. I also wanted to get the 3-6mos stuff taken care of. Otherwise DH just bought a new truck. I am really irritated about this purchase. I asked him to table it until we got taxes back. He wouldn't listen to me and now we have a payment due before baby. I realize not all of you follow the debt free lifestyle but all of you are having a baby and surely can see why I didn't want that big change. Now I feel like I can't even take a maturnity leave. BLAH.


Well I am off. The big kids will be here soon like a tornado of boots and jackets and today mud.

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Hey Everyone!  Hope all is well!  Its been crazy for me so I'm glad to be able to check in and catch up with you all.


Sh118-  We got the Chicco keyfit 30.  I like to be able to get them bundled up inside as well and keep the carseat out of very cold/ or hot temps.  Whereabouts in the country do you live?  January in Utah was uncharacteristically warm,  and I also expect it to remain chilly til practically July.  I also bought the Angelcare sound and movement monitor.  I am questioning why because I haven't relied on such a monitor for any of my other children, but really felt like it was the right choice this time.  I have been known to startle a baby that I thought wasn't breathing, so I hope this will make me rest at ease that I can see movement on the monitor as well.  I just set it up tonight, in the moses basket on a stand next to my bed.  As long as baby is in the room with me I will monitor movement only, and only turn on sound during the day if baby is napping.


Thank you all for the sympathy about my painful hips.  When I went back to the chiro the next day, I was really let down.  The whole visit was just weird.  The exercises were just a generic handout that he could check different boxes in.  And at the end he wanted to adjust me, and I was surprised because I had just been adjusted the day before and felt like everything was feeling pretty good, albeit loose.  I went along with it anyway and it was awful.  I actually felt my pubic bone slip out of place during the adjustment and it killed.  I told him and he told me I "adjusted beautifully".  By the time I got home I could hardly take a step.  I had to have my husband help with the most minor movements.  All night long I could feel popping and grinding with every movement.  The next day was just as bad.  Finally while I was struggling to fix dinner I felt it pop back in and it felt so good.  I am being careful and doing light exercises and feel it is under control.  I won't be going back to the chiro unless it is out and I get desperate.  He wanted to see me 2x a week til I had the baby and more often afterwards.  I just don't think its good to be moving all my loose joints unless it is to put them back.  


Mommy Becky, sorry about the crazy scares you have.  I have been feeling a big change in hormones this week and its been rough.  I also get that feeling that I am suffocating and hate it.


Everlong, May I ask what kind of product you sell?  Trade shows are a tremendous amount of work.  I can't imagine doing what you described.I don't think I could at this point!  ANd good idea about the moby wrap.  I got this hip support that is meant to be worn after baby .  It worked great for most of my pregnancy, but now feels like it digs into my belly too much so I stopped wearing it.  But the Moby might give a good overall support.


JMJ, How is the swim suit project going?  I washed my 0-3 clothes and blankets this past weekend.  It may be a little early, but it should stay clan enough.  Since my 3-6 month clothes are sized for summer, and my babies have all run pretty true to size I am holding off on those for now, but do have then sorted in the bottom dresser drawer.  I mostly keep newborns in gowns anyway.  just so much easier on me and it seems on them too.


Hope you all are having a good week!  We're halfway to another weekend.  I am 36 weeks today and looking forward to my midwife coming for her home visit tomorrow, and bringing my birthing kit and fishy pool!



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MommyBecky, I'm glad to hear you were able to get back to working with your midwife.  I love how midwives just have a way of making you feel like you're going through something normal rather than a risky medical procedure.


3timesamom, I can totally understand how debts and babies are a bad mix.  It was really comforting to me that we got our house paid off just before DD was born, and we knew that we'd have all that extra house payment money coming in every month that could go towards whatever happened.  We would have been fine either way, but it's so much less stressful on the budget to be debt-free.  I hope you're able to work things out to not be under too much extra stress over this.


8inTulgeyWood, where in Utah are you?  I know of a good chiropractor in SLC.  I'm thinking of going to her myself soon if this baby doesn't get in a better position soon.


AFM, the swimsuit is coming along.  The skirt just needs elastic and looks really cute.  I'm having a harder time with the top since I'm really not at all a seamstress.  I'm currently washing my stretched-out fabric to continue working with it.  It's a wrap that I'm having a difficult time getting the exact shape I want right (and I keep fearing that I'm just messing it up - probably rightly so), and then I've got a bust piece ready to sew in, and I need to make straps for it.  I was hoping to have more time to work on it this afternoon, but I think I let my house get too out of control yesterday while I worked on it, so I may have to give it a break for today.  I'm kinda at a point that it's either going to either come together nicely, or it's going to require a lot more adjustment, and I'd like to go just a little more to get the point that I know.


I had another midwife appointment at 34 weeks.  This is my last 2-week stretch with no appointment.  Baby's been more consistently ROT/ROP, but there's been a lot more movement the past couple days, so I'm hoping...

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SH118- I get that feeling occasionally. More towards the end though.  How far along are you?


MommyBecky,  that appnt must have been such a head spinner.  I'm really glad your midwife was able to straighten things out though!


3timesamom- that is a pretty big deal before a new baby! I think I'd be pretty po'd.  I hope he has a good plan to keep it from upsetting your budget. 


8intulgeywood-  I feel for you, mine gets so bad that it pops and cracks too.  Sometimes I feel like I have to freaking crawl to get anywhere.  I still haven't seen a chiro, that sucks that it didn't help! I'd be upset.  It sounds like it "adjusted beautifully" right out of place! geez.  I am a textile artist.  I mostly dye yarn and spinning fiber, so 1 item = 1 skein usually.   It's getting pretty nuts around here that's for sure!


JMJ- whens your due date?  sounds like we are on the same schedule.  I'll start doing weekly visits in 2 weeks. 



Things are crazy here, I have 750 items done, just about 350 more to go this weekend.  Then we get to pack it all up and get ready to take the family on our trip in just 10 days!  I love this time of year but man it's so. much. work!  I've been handling it okay, the SPD gets really crazy bad at night when I'm in bed but the next day it seems to ease up.  Thank God, because I couldn't get anything done if it was constantly hurting. 


I've been trying to sew during my down time.  I got one pretty dress sewn and a pair of yoga pants.  I also fixed a pair of maternity pants from Gap, they were WAY to tight on the belly band.  I'm going to try to get a shirt made tomorrow.  Then I will FINALLY have some decent clothes to wear! I loaned all my maternity clothes out and and still haven't gotten them back :(  I feel like a hobo in my jammies all day. 


Anyone else feeling really emotional?  I cried for a better part of the day.  I'm trying to come to grips with the lack of support we have.  Not a fun reality.  It's really getting me down, especially when we have so much going on and ppl know it.  It just sucks.   


Had a really great midwife appnt though. She understands exactly what we want (which is basically a UC) during labor/birth and even if she is there, she wont do anything but let us be and leave me to birth in my way.  Makes me excited, knowing I can do what I need to do the way I want, and not be bothered.  


Got my birth supplies ordered and a few baby items! I love fresh baby things :)

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btw- when is everyone due/how many weeks?


I'm due the 21st of March or around there, 34.3 weeks. 

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Everlong, I'm due on the 18th, so I'm not quite 35 weeks, but yeah, within a few days of you.  I've been more emotional than I like.  It's manifesting itself in me being stressed and not sleeping well.  DD is also acting out more, and I think a lot of it has to do with my stress level, which of course becomes a vicious cycle.  I was reduced to tears the other evening after she skipped her nap and was completely out of control, blowing up about every little thing.  I'm hoping that once I get some of these things done, I'll be able to relax a bit more, and things will calm down.  I hope the same goes for you after your trip.


I got a little more done on my swimsuit.  It appears that it will come together and work, but there's a lot of little things I could do to make it better.  I'm trying to figure out how much to do before I just call it good.  In any case, I've got the wrap (which still needs some adjustments) sewn to the bust piece, and basically all that really has to be done is a couple little adjustments to the wrap, add straps, and put elastic in the skirt.

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My wonderful parents are taking all 5 of my kids tonight til tomorrow afternoon so we can have a much needed break.  I am so excited for it, other than I feel so limited in what I can do i can't think of anything besides eating dinner.  We thought of going somewhere, but I really don't want to try sleeping anywhere but home at this point.  Its hard enough as it is.


JMJ. I live in Spanish Fork.  I grew up in Holladay, though.  Still I rarely make the drive to SLC.   Can't wait til the construction is over.  I have received some strong recommendations for down here now that I've asked around a bit.  I won't go back unless I really can't get my hips into place on my own.


Everlong, sounds neat what you are doing!  I hope your trip is nice.  I hurt crazy bad at night too, especially when I get up to use the bathroom.  I have to stand there and flex muscles and wait til things seem to get in the right position before I can even take a step.


I am feeling more emotional for sure.  last night I had almost a breakdown cause I just had a moment that I was filled with fear about the birth.  Mostly I feel so prepared and excited.  But once in a while I have these moments....  I had a nice talk with DH about ways he can help if I start to lose focus.  I felt a lot better after that.


I am 36 weeks and 2 days.  My midwife was supposed to come last night and bring my birthing supplies but she can down with a bad illness.  Sounds like the flu.  So we rescheduled.


Hope you all have a great weekend!


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Ugg.  I got up last night, and something's not right with my hips.  I'm having pain around my pubic bone when I use those muscles (most notably, when I was trying to kick the drawer under my oven closed).  I'd never heard of SPD until this thread, but is this it?  What exercises can you do?  I'll call my midwife if it doesn't get better in a couple days.  On the plus side, I think my baby moved over to my left side now...

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Got my due date changed to 3/13 so when I inevitably "go over" they don't jump too fast to a RCS.  I wanted 3/15, but it was 3/11, so I guess we compromised.  Bleh.  Depending on EDD, I'm 36 weeks, 35 weeks, 5 days or 35 weeks 3 days. LOL  I apparently only will be allowed to go to about 40.5 weeks before a RCS is scheduled.  SIGH.


DTD with hubby last night and oyyyyyy, I had what felt like mild labor contractions about 1/2 the time I was trying to sleep last night.  The other 1/2 was bad because I have a pretty bad cold and my nose kept stuffing up so I couldn't breathe.  Lovely!!!


Can I just hole up in my house until the baby is born?  No?  I need to earn money for my family and take care of DS?  Oh.


8intugleywood - how was your night away from the kids?   How did you use it?


JMJ - ugh, sorry about the pain!  I wonder what that is. :(  Hopefully you can get some answers.


MommyBecky - that doctor's appointment sounds stressful. 


Everlong - I am eternally grateful to have family I trust and like near me to help with stuff.  I don't know how people who don't have those super-supports in place do it.  I have a friend who has no family nearby and whose mother died when she was about 9 (so doesn't even have her to CALL about baby stuff!)...and she is really depressed right now.  Her first baby is 9 months old and she is really struggling.  I'm trying to hang out with her and listen to her when I can.  What else would you want from a friend right now?

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Originally Posted by JMJ View Post

Ugg.  I got up last night, and something's not right with my hips.  I'm having pain around my pubic bone when I use those muscles (most notably, when I was trying to kick the drawer under my oven closed).  I'd never heard of SPD until this thread, but is this it?  What exercises can you do?  I'll call my midwife if it doesn't get better in a couple days.  On the plus side, I think my baby moved over to my left side now...


I don't know if its the case with others, but I definitely have the pain you are describing.  The inner thigh (adductor) muscles that help squeeze the thighs together?  Yeah, If I try to push something with my foot using these muscles it is pretty bad.  Unfortunately, it actually started for me after the birth of my last baby and never got better between babies.

I'm still trying to figure out exercises that help, problem is I just am not consistent.  I have done many yoga and stretching exercises that work the hip and inner thigh region and it seems like they are all beneficial.  Squeezing a ball or something between the inner thighs helps exercise the adductors specifically.  Just don't do anything that causes pain.  Sorry you are going through this too!

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