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Way to go, trekkingirl and Erika!  

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Originally Posted by mylilmonkeys View Post

I weighed in at 151 on Saturday! :D

Wow! That's awesome. I just updated your stats as down 11 more lbs from the last time.


Originally Posted by MidwifeErika View Post

I am now down to 129!! :)


I am hoping by the end of the week to be able to do some exercising. my body has been recovering more slowly from the birth than I had been expecting.

Congrats on the loss and take it easy.

Originally Posted by trekkingirl View Post

Low carb is going really well. I've lost a total of 12 pounds! I was back up to 208 when I "woke up" and this morning I weighed in at 196.8! I haven't been extreme, the book LIFE WITHOUT BREAD suggests not too much fruit because of the sugar. I have a little fruit. It says 72 carbs a day. I don't count carbs, I just eat whats aloud in the diet. I think breastfeeding is helping expel calories because exercise has been really hard. I have been trying to just get out for a walk. Or sometimes just get out of the house and away from the kitchen. I had a procedure on my back on Friday and I have been in a lot of pain ever since.

I hope you get some pain relief soon.



AFM, I did not lose any weight last week but just noticed my stats said 174. I am actually down to 171.6.


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Hello, I'd like to be added. I really need some accountability and motivation.


Had my baby Jan 29th after gaining 43lbs. I'm all healed up and ready to tackle this weight. It's too cold for us to really go out for some exercise so I'm not expecting any quick losses. Current weight 150 Goal weight 125.



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So this morning I weighed 194lbs. I realized that I weighed 188lbs when I got pregnant. So I am only 6lbs away from my prepregnancy weight. That is soooooooooooooo exciting!




Welcome Ramzubo!

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Welcome Ramzubo!


Congratulations trekkingirl! You are really on a roll!

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I am now down to about 116 with nothing on.  I'm pretty happy with the number but I have some  areas that I would like to tone so I have to find some exercises that I can stick with.  Any advice?

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Congratulations!  If you have netflix, I noticed there are a few pilates type videos you could try.  I like pilates for toning.  

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Do we have a March thread?

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mylilmonkeys, i don't have netflix, but maybe i could get a dvd and try that.  I'm very lazy tho, it takes a while for me to get motivated to exercise.  I guess I just need to start doing it.

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Maura: I've started using some free videos off of hulu. I think it's called exercise tv and they have several different workouts.

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The March thread is up!

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