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I only had to use 1 frozen container today! I was able to keep up w/DD's demand! Small victories! Now if I can get through a day w/out using any or at least replacing eveything that was used while I was at work with what I pumped!
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That's wonderful, Annie!

We had a much better night last night. Dylan still squirmed a little but it wasn't too bad. There was only one point when he seemed to be having a really hard time settling back down but it only lasted maybe half the time that it did the night before. I feel so much better today. Maybe it was the colic tablets. I gave him 2 every time he started stirring to nurse, every 2-4 hours.
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it would be a lot cheaper to buy a bed frame, $50 I think, and set that up like that crib. i could either put the bed all the way up to the wall or put the bedrail on the side. i'm not worried about the ends.
I agree that babies are supposed to wake more when we are close to them. That's why I was wondering why he slept fine while I was sitting in the bed. He didn't stir at all when I got up to go to the bathroom and climbed back into bed. It was only after I tried to lay down and go to sleep with him that he started having problems.
It's the not settling and going fully back to sleep. All the squirming and kicking and sort of fussing keeps me awake. He's not fully awake, though, because his eyes are usually closed. 
that thread was kind of inconclusive. some said non-seedy poo was fine. others brought up the stuff about fat. i don't eat a low fat diet on purpose but i doubt i get enough, especially since i cut out cheese and butter. i can't eat avocado, allergic. I use coconut oil as much as I can but I don't do a lot of baking and not many meals I make call for much oil that is actually consumed. Food might be cooked in the oil but then it's drained off. KWIM? Oh, I do eat at least 2 eggs at least 4 days a week. I know my diet is horrible right now. Half the time I don't eat at all or just munch on a handful of whatever I can grab. greensad.gif
BTW, I'm still not getting email notifications. irked.gif

I'm in agreement with Carrie-- if something isn't working -now-, I'm starting to learn that it's better to fix it however you can as soon as you can. Have you tried local used sites for a bedframe? That sort of thing there's usually tons for cheap or free, around here at least. Then you could get it set up and see if it makes a difference. It not, you just sell it again. 


Could it be that when you're sitting up, the scent of the milk is further away from him, and he 'forgets', but when you lie down he basically gets a whif of it?

Tenley fusses like that and I find usually if I just put a hand firmly on her tummy and hold it there for a few minutes, she'll settle, as long as her eyes don't open. 


I read through that thread and I don't know either! lol Tenley almost never has seedy poops anymore, though she did when she was younger. I'm not worried about it until she starts seeming off in some other way. But her poops are still consistently the same color, she doesn't seem to have any trouble with them, and the gas doesn't normally bother her, or if it does, we can give her a small dose of gravol and within a few minutes she's fine. Listen to his cues though-- if you feel like he's uncomfortable, then I'd be more worried with that. A while back, i think it was FB, someone gave instructions for baby yoga for gas- have you tried that?


Still not getting notifications either. I gave up and bookmarked the thread. 


Originally Posted by AnnieA View Post

I only had to use 1 frozen container today! I was able to keep up w/DD's demand! Small victories! Now if I can get through a day w/out using any or at least replacing eveything that was used while I was at work with what I pumped!

YAY!!! See! You can do it!



AFU: She's been doing better, countering several very good hours, with very off hours. Sometimes it feels like we have the jeckyl and hyde baby! She's been going down to bed easier at night, which is soooo nice. No more 2-3 hour long fights with her finally crying herself to sleep. She's still not napping well during the day, but I've decided to institute a 1pm naptime. It won't be 1pm every day, and I'm not going to 'force' her to sleep, but around 1pm is when I'm going to try my darndest to pull off at least a one hour nap. She's just sooo much happier after she's had a good nap, but so seldom does. So the past few days around that time I've been taking her into our room and cuddling, and walking and then finally laying down in bed with her. Frequently she still does cry in my arms for half hour, but she so badly needs the nap that I've got to keep it up. If she doesn't have one good nap, she's dissolving into shriekfits by dinnertime. And if I just wait and hope she'll fall asleep by herself, she never sleeps longer than 25-30 minutes. 


Family birthday party today. I'm excited both for the opportunity for others to be able to cuddle and hold her for a bit, and for something that will tire her out again so she can have a good sleep. She had a really good day after we met up with my cousin and her two girls, so I'm crossing my fingers for the same!


Day 4 of dairy free. Ugh. There's sooo many things that I keep thinking "oh, that's a good idea, I'll grab some of that.." and then realizing that there -is- dairy in it. Dinners are fine, there's lot of dairy free meal options we can make. But it's harder for the snacks and quick lunches category. I'm filling up on fruits and veggies right now, but there's only so long so you can eat the same things every day. I'm also trying to do lots of eggs, but I'm so used to putting cheese on them, that now they taste so bland!

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So glad D had a better night MW! Ava has been having some major sleep issues the past week or so. She fights it SO much. Friday night, I was at work and she woke up at 11:30 PM. I'm not sure what happened but I think DH brought her out in to the living room where there were lights on. All I know is that when I got home at 12:30 AM, they were out in the living room and she was awake. She stayed awake until 2:40 AM!!!!!! caffix.gif Every time I would try to lay down with her, she would start screaming or whining. UGH. Drove me crazy! I did get the kitchen cleaned and some clothes washed though! She wasn't unhappy just WIDE awake.


So I thought a lot about what I want to do if I can't keep up with DD's demand. I'm really having a physical reaction to giving her formula. Like it makes me sick at my stomach to think about doing that. I don't begrudge other people giving it to their kids but when I think about giving it to DD...no, I just can't go there. So yesterday I tried a couple of different times to try solids with her. She's just not interested. At all. She wants to play in the food but actually eating it? Nope. So I'm just going to work really hard at keeping my supply up. I still haven't decided if I want to try donor milk if needed. I need to think about that some more.


JJ, I saw that sale on the Flips. I didn't do anything with it because I don't really need more covers, I just need more inserts! I'm stalking CL to see if anyone posts any Flips. I look on DS sometimes but it always seems like things are so overpriced on there. And on ebay too. I get a much better deal when I can catch someone selling dipes on CL.

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we found the same. I wanted to replace our microfibre inserts with hemp/bamboo, but they're too expensive. We ended up ordering fabric, and we're going to make our own bamboo inserts. As long as all goes well it should be about $3 each. 


And massive hugs about having to try to make that decision. Whatever you do, it will be the right one for your family. I do have faith in you though. Don't lose faith in your body, this could just be a rough patch. 

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Annie - I would have the same gut reaction. I really think you can do this! Ava loves her mama milk and she will help you out.


As we draw closer to the 6 month mark (it's only 2 months away!) I am just more reluctant to start solids. I am just not looking forward to it, I guess. (why I don't know). I told DH I think we may do less purees with her. With DS we did them mostly because he really liked that texture. IDK, we still have time - though my mom is chomping at the bit - she really wants to start - I think because she can be more involved then? IDK.


I have got DH sooo on the babywearing bandwagon!! LOL he did wear DS sometimes, but it's always been mainly me. I think he's even going to try to WRAP! OMG I am so excited. (this is just a really weird thing to be excited about, but I AM!)


JJ: that sounds good. not enough people CD here for me to find much on CL. DS is my go-to. (there is a cloth diaper swap on FB too-  you should search it and and see if there is anything you would want)



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Annie - Awesome news!!  I bet you're able to keep up.  I just have a feeling.  And if not...cross that bridge if it comes.  I hear you on the strong reaction to formula.  Sometimes things just feel wrong no matter how right it is in our minds.  


MW - I didn't think that the thread had an answer either way, just an idea about fats and that maybe it could be an issue.  Who knows?  I'd never heard of that before.

I hope D gets some relief and lets you sleep better soon.

Oh, and I wanted to ask -- do you ever have issues with Kellen or Ethan waking thru the night,with  night terrors, bad dreams, or growing pains?  Anyone with older kids have issues with this?


DS is sleeping well but DD is waking a lot lately.  I just let her come in my bed but I'm just getting worn out from her.  As much as I hate to admit that.  greensad.gif I feel like she's a ball of tantrums all day, and then goes to bed and wakes a lot during the night.  Then, she gets up early.  Maybe something developmentally is going on with her right now.  Idk.  She wears me out emotionally.  She isn't so demanding physically but at times I just wonder how the heck I'm supposed to deal with all the drama. 


JJ - I hope you figure out some things to eat.  Honestly, I don't miss dairy a bit.  I really don't think it's that hard -- there is so much ELSE to eat!  Let me know if you need more ideas.  Also let us know if you think it's helping!  It'll take 2-4 weeks for dairy to be out of your system so give it enough time before giving up.


Heading up to Whole Foods today to get all the stuff I need to make a vegan cheesecake for valentines day.  We don't have anything planned -- we might go out to dinner locally this weekend, but idk where.  Tomorrow is just going to be a normal day but maybe I'll make something special for dinner.  Nora requested the cheesecake!  LOL!


ETA - Kat, I was/am so reluctant to offer solids.  DS had his first tastes of banana and while I'm excited for him, I feel bad about it.  I can't put my finger on why...

I'm not going crazy with offering.  Only if we are eating and he isn't appeased with toys while we do so.  LOL.




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People love to feed babies. I'm sure you've all heard the argument against exclusive breastfeeding because it keeps dad from bonding with baby. I just realized why that argument makes me so angry. It makes it seem as if those of use who EBF are selfish and trying to put a wedge between our babies and their dads, which is the dumbest thing ever. Anyway, that's why Grandma wants to start the solids. Feeding someone is an almost surefire way of having a very strong connection with that person.

Annie ~ I sure hope you can keep up your supply and maybe supplement with solids enough that you won't need formula. How much does Ava have at one feeding and total for the day? I'm just curious.

It's getting to be time for me to start throwing out the little bit of breastmilk I have frozen. We're coming up on, if not already passed, the 6 month mark of the oldest I have. greensad.gif

Carrie ~ The only sleep troubles I've had with an older child is that Ryan wet the bed until he was 9 years old. (Don't tell him I told you that.) By the time he was that old, it was rare and only in conjunction with something that got him really upset, usually his dad saying he was going to call or come to see him and then not doing either. When we were putting the boys to bed in their room summer before last, so Ethan was 6.5 and Kellen was 3, Ethan would wake up in the middle of the night and climb into our bed. He did wake overly upset or scared or in pain, though. He'd be a little scared to realize we weren't with him but then he'd just come to our room and be fine. Kellen only woke a few times and cried for me but, again, settled back down once he was with me.

Someone else mentioned growing pains, Kat, I think. Ryan used to complain about growing pains but that wasn't until he was 10 or 13, I think. Oh, I remember when he was 8 I took him to doctors because he was having a lot of pain in his hips. The docs thought he might have had a bone disorder. He had a MRI done. It was pretty strange because I had never heard of the bone disorder and had just started dating Sean and he had had it as a kid. Anyway, turned out Ryan didn't have it. It was just growing pains in his hips. So, I would say that growing pains are real, but I don't know how you'd know that a younger, nonverbal child is having them and needs pain relief.

So, we ended up having a really good sleep night last night (after my nose stopped bleeding lol.gif Man, that was crazy!) We went to bed around 11. Kellen bothered us all a little but eventually crashed. Dylan was awake and squirmy but not fussy so we just laid there together for a while. I nursed him off and on to see if he was ready to fall asleep, which he did eventually after not too long. Then it was only dream feeds (I finally figured out what you all mean by that. That's when they stir only to nurse, staying pretty asleep the whole time and then are still and fast asleep once they've finished eating, right?) every 2-4 hours. I was up before everyone else this morning and feeling pretty good! So, either it was the cold bothering him and he's feeling a lot better now, although he still sounds congested and has a runny nose, or else it was gas or some other stomach problem and he really needed the Hyland's colic tablets.
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Baby_Cakes, I've been meaning to ask you for a while. How do you guys do eating out and stay vegan? Like last week you said you guys ordered pizza. Did you get it w/out cheese or does the pizza places around you do vegan cheese? I watched Forks Over Knives last week on Netflix and definitely see the value in going off animal products but then how do you reconcile doing lots of processed substitutes? I was vegetarian for most of my life and ate tons of the fake meat stuff, like Morningstar and Boca, and that just doesn't seem much healthier to me. Not judgingyour choices, just trying to understand and come to a decision myself.
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You guys, I've been in total freakout mode the past couple of days. So you know I've been stressing about my milk supply. And the other night, I remembered that my supply gets worse when I get AF. So I went on to FF to see what CD I was on and when I should expect AF. My cycles have been 24-25 days since I got AF back except for one cycle. When I looked the other night, I was on CD 25 and I wasn't spotting or anything. So then I'm stressing that I'm pg. DD would be 15 months old. Oh god, the thought made me sick. But I finally started spotting this morning. Woohoo!
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Mw, her intake varies but it's generally about 3 oz every couple of hours. For instance today, she's had 1 oz at 2 am, 2 oz at 4 am, 4 oz from 7:30-8:30 am. Last night she drank 5 oz in about 20 mins. That's when I have to pull stuff out of the freezer when I'm with her because I usually only get 2-3 oz every 2 hrs. I thought BM could stay in the freezer for up to a year for healthy infants.
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I agree with your point, MW, but for us, my MIL was always too afraid to feed DD solids, lol.  When we first started solids with her, she wanted nothing to do with it (and don't forget she watched her 3 days a week from 9-5).  Slowly she came around, and would give her what I brought.  But she was very afraid of Nora choking.  I do think it's different than spoon feeding though, so I can't say for sure how my own MIL would be if we did spoon feeding.


Annie - OMG close one!!  I'm glad AF started and you aren't pg right now!  

We don't eat a whole lot of fake stuff, I don't think.  It's easy to, of course, b/c there are so many analogues, but like you said, all that heavily processed stuff really isn't all that good for you.  We eat tofu probably 2-3 times a week, lentils or beans once or twice, lunches are usually hummus wraps with veggies.  We eat Boca burgers more in the summer when we grill.  But we also make potatoes and corn on the cob, etc, so I think it gets balanced out. I sometimes buy Smart Deli vegetarian slices for sandwiches, too.

Breakfast is oatmeal, dry cereal, toast, or something like that.  On weekends I sometimes make pancakes.

Tacos we make with lentils, no need for fake soy anything.

I make my own seitan from time to time.

We do sometimes have fake stuff, just not a whole lot.  DH goes to a place in chinatown in new york that makes these AMAZING soy based nuggets.  We eat them with hot sauce!  They taste like buffalo wings, lol!

As for eating out - we choose our places and honestly we do not eat out often.  Thai food and indian food we have local, which is so delicious and they always have vegetarian options.  Pizza I order with lots of veggies and no cheese.  Subs we just get veggie subs.  If we do go to like, Ruby Tuesday with the family, we get the salad bar or the veggie burger.  Something like that.

When we want to celebrate, we go to a vegan place.  Manhattan is a short train ride away and there are some amazing vegan places in NYC.  Amazing.  NJ unfortunately doesn't have a lot of vegan places, so we gladly for those!


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Annie ~ Haha! Freak out! TG AF showed !

I don't think it's that hard to go vegan or at least vegetarian and not eat a lot of processed stuff if yo can commit to cooking a lot (that's my problem). I have something like 22 weeks of vegetarian recipes and and the only ones that used anything processed are the ones that use tofu (if you consider tofu processed. shrug.gif), and there are only a few of those. Most of them do use cheese and/or milk and/or butter. I'm planning to sub the Daiya cheese, which is a processed food, I guess, but doesn't have a lot of nasty additives, coconut milk and oil or Earth Balance soy-free spread. you don't need to eat beans every tine for protein, either. i've got a recipe for spaghetti squash lasagne that has something likt 19 grams of protein and no beans or soy. it does have cheese so subbing the daiya will reduce that some. if you can get raw, organic cheese, though, that would be good. there's a farm near you that sells raw milk.

my problem now with these veggie meals is that the boys won't eat them. Ethan ate them when he was 3 but now he won't. And, since Ethan won't eat them, Kellen won't eat them. They end up having cereal for dinner. I made some really yummy slip pea soup last night that neither one of them liked. greensad.gif I need to find some kid-friendly vegan/vegetarian meals.

carrie ~ i'd bet with your MIL it was the solids rather than purees if she was afraid of choking. when and what did she feed her own kids? most people are so ingrained that babies can only eat pureed baby food that it freaks them out to think of feeding a baby anything else.
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Annie - OMG - hope AF comes in full force soon!


No AF for me yet - it had returned by this point with DS, but he got more pumped milk than DD does, and she is fed more frequently too I think. so I don't know when she will make a comeback. I am in no rush either.


I know it's a bonding thing, but there is lots to do for bonding other than food.


Carrie, I would miss dairy. and I am not super fond of soy substitutes. Now, I do think I could go meat free. Maybe not fish-free (I love fish/seafood!)

But DH is definitely a carnivore.



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I won't be out of total freakout mode until AF is here in full force. I know I would survive if I was pg but OMG...the thought gives me chills!


I guess I've watched too many food documentaries! For instance I look at real butter vs. Earth Balance. For avoiding animal products, Earth Balance is best. But for eating real, unprocessed food, real butter is the best. How do you decide if you don't have other reason for avoiding animal products? I need to read the Omnivore's Dilemma. I've seen interviews with Michael Pollen and he doesn't advocate a total vegan diet. But he does say that if you are going to eat meat/animal products, you should be an informed consumer. If you know how meat is processed and you are still o.k. eating it, then fine. He does advocate doing mostly meat-free meals.


DD and I are staying at my mom's until Sunday because DH had to go out of town for training. Packing up a baby is crappy! orngtongue.gif

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Kat ~ I agree there are so many other ways to bond. But for some reason, people really latch onto feeding. shrug.gif

Annie ~ I forgot to answer you about how long to keep frozen milk. I am a bit confused by it. I think I read that if it's in a deep freezer that isn't opened often, you can keep it for up to a year. In a regular freezer that gets daily use, only 6 months. Another shrug.gif

With things like butter vs. margarine (which is what Earth Balance is), I would normally go with regular butter. I'm not really OK with how animal food products are produced but I also don't think it's healthy to never consume animal products, especially if they are replaced with processed foods. So, I try to find the best options but do have to make compromises because of availability and price. I try to buy organic animal products as mush as possible. I eat more chicken and fish than red meat and pork. For chicken, I buy the chicken that does not have added ingredients. I learn about what type of fish is better, farm-raised or fresh caught. It depends sometimes on the species. I'm more concerned with what's in and on the food I eat than how it's raised, though.

I probably wouldn't be trying to replace butter if I weren't trying to figure out Dylan's fussiness issues because I don't think margarine is healthy. That's why I'm trying to use coconut oil as much as possible in place of butter rather than any kind of margarine. You can use other vegetable oils, too. You just have to learn how much to sub. But then with vegetable oils, you have to be careful about GMO. For example, I've read many times that canola oil is the most healthy oil (besides olive) but then I read to stay away from it because it is a GMO.

Do you know anyone who hunts for food? Maybe you could get some meat and whatnot from them. Or, you could learn to hunt yourself. winky.gif I used to be very against guns and hunting but I am now wishing I had learned so I could get my own food.

Then Sean is on the whole Paleo kick, which makes me question whether we should be consuming grains and legumes. I do think Sean eats way too much meat. I should really read up on the Paleo thing and find out for myself how much meat it really says you should consume. I mean, Sean eats a ridiculous amount. I think it's more likely that cavemen ate a lot of fruits and vegetables and occasionally gorged themselves on meat when they killed something.
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I've had to throw away a couple of bottles because when I unfroze them, they smelled funny. But other than that, most of the milk from right after DD was born has been stored in a deep freezer that isn't opened often at her godmother's house. I just got the last bag from her last week. Most of what I have frozen at this point is from the last 4 weeks.


I forgot to respond about you moving to NoVA soon. That will be so awesome! I'm assuming you will be up near the base right? We get up there fairly often to either go to IKEA or my kids LOVE the USMC museum. We'll have to plan a get-together once you guys are settled in!

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MW: I think a lot of men (my DH included) just love meat - DH gorged on it when he was doing Atkins. He probably would love Paleo. The women I know who do Paleo don't eat tons of meat. (well, one does eat probably more than average, but her nursling seems to be really intolerant of a lot of foods, so her options are even more limited)


With meat: I would love if we hunted, or raised our own (or bought from those that did) but fact is, we don't, and doing so is a little cost prohibitive. We do the best we can though.


I freeze the same day I pump; this tends to make the milk seem a lot fresher when thawed.


I do believe in using whole foods. We don't do low-fat anything. If we have to replace sugar, we'd rather use Stevia. MW: for baking you could also use applesause to replace oil. We avoid Canola oil, use olive, sunflower, regular vegetableoil or peanut, depending on what we are doing.


But that's just us :)

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Annie ~ Sean is hoping to go to Quantico. It won't be for at least another year, though, I think. That's about 2 hours from you so we can definitely get together.

Kat ~ Isn't funny how men seem to love meat so much more than women? Must have something to do with how we evolved with the men being hunters who needed more strength, muscles.

There's at least one place here where I could get a whole lamb but I just can't bring myself to eat that. I wouldn't even know what to do with the whole thing.

I don't use the vegetable or canola oil, really. I get it mostly for Ryan to do his deep frying. I saute in olive oil and have switched to using coconut oil for baking. I don't mind the mild coconut flavor.

Dylan has an awful cough. Every time he coughs he sounds like he's choking. Lots of mucous. I hope it's not something really bad.
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poor baby! hope he feels better soon!

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