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Originally Posted by MarineWife View Post

JJ ~ I need to remember that it's a matter of perspective. I get a lot less angry if I keep in mind that D is not doing that stuff just to piss me off. He's doing it because he's a baby, maybe he's in pain or just not sleepy anymore.
But if and when Ryan ever said he wanted to see his dad, I would do what I could to make that happen. I never talked bad about his dad. Whenever Ryan asked why his dad didn't see him, I would just say that he was sick (because he was addicted to crack cocaine when we broke up and had not gotten treatment that I knew of but I didn't tell Ryan that part).

Oh I agree. Nights like last night it's frustrating, but she's up and happy, so I find it hard to be upset at her. I'm angry in general, but not at her. It's moreso when she wakes up shrieking the second I lay down... 10 times in a row... that I start getting so worked up about it. Even then, I know it's not her fault. I'm moreso frustrated at the situation and myself for not knowing how to fix it. 


I have divorced parents, a -very- rocky last few years of their marriage and divorce, and as one of those children I applaud you for taking the high road. My parents both had shortcomings- my mother is a serial liar and storyteller and carried on a long term affair for what I can guess was at least the last year of my parents relationship (and is now married to the guy). My father was emotionally abusive, had several, several flings during the years, and had one hell of a temper (we often had broken drywall, because he would put his fist through it in a fit of rage). He also threw a ton of $hit during the divorce, including trying to turn my mothers friends and family around her, breaking into the house and taking photos to show to the judge, stealing her things (ie wedding rings...) and then accusing her of being the one stealing things, etc etc. Anyways, like I said, both at fault. But while my mother had issues, tons of them, she never spoke a bad word about my father, and we never felt made to choose. My father used every chance he could to put us against her, and talk about how poor a mother she was, and how she cared about anything else other than us, etc etc. It really poisoned us, not against her, but at him, for saying those things. It's so hard to be put in the middle, even when the things that parent is saying are true. 

Originally Posted by akind1 View Post

JJ: I can't sleep that late! I don't know if I am a morning person, or was just conditioned from early on, but Norah and I both are always up that early. oy. DS and DH are the ones who can and do sleep late. I love coffee!

I'm the opposite, I've always been a late sleeper, and do my best work at night as well from 8pmish until 2am. I have to work to train myself to get up earlier when I'm working, and I still struggle with it. DH is the opposite. He ideally goes to bed before 10 and wakes up at 7. 


Oh, about passing off and taking turns with her. We've tried it, and we do it during the day, but DH gets frustrated too easily/early, and he tries to calm her for 5 minutes or so, but then when she doesn't, he tends to do things that wake her up and upset her, rather than calming and relax her. It just frustrates me, and then I end up going and getting her anyways, but then she's worked up, and I'm frustrated. I just make up for it by getting a bit of alone time during the day when she's calm, but at night, it just hasn't been working. 

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I don't every pass a nursing baby off (as in taking turns). because I just can't ever say for sure that she's not hungry. DH gets to deal with DS instead :D that and it sounds awful, and maybe a bit snooty, but the fact is that BOTH kids will calm faster for me than nearly anyone else. It is very hard to let other people try, when I know I can do better!


JJ: so glad that you have time to yourself for a bit! that mama mantra - this too shall pass - is very true. then on to another thing!


Smoking and parents: my sister has tried what you do with your mom (lets our parents know how much it bothers her, etc) and all I have seen it do is drive a wedge. On one hand, I don't want to enable the smoking, OTOH I want to maintain our relationship. It's not something I'm willing to fight about.


Irony: my sister married a smoker. LOL


Today is a good day - weather is beautiful so DS is spending as much time as possible outside! hooray!

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JJ, that all in one vaccine scared the crap out of me. If you can get the vaccines separate, why wouldn't you? Do the dtap, wait, then do the other two. Doing the all on one just bc you're thinking of doing those other shots anyway doesn't make sense. If you would break up the dtap or mmr, it only follows the same logic to do as many solo vaccines as there are ones available. Make sense??

re handing over a nursing baby: if they just ate, and mama is fried Daddy can handle an hour. If baby is still fussy after an hour, I'll nurse again, but usually they're fine in that time. Maybe not with like, a, one week old, but 2 months? I think that's ok.

JJ, yes, getting up at 530 seriously sucks!! I am not a morning person. Luckily Finn wakes up happy, and is content to play on his own while I drink my coffee!! I hope T continues to let you sleep in. Up until last week, Finn was letting me sleep till 8. And I was complaining about 7!! I'll take 7!! 530 is so early!!!

Mw, that's sad about Ryan's dad. I too think it's great how much he's changed over the last few months. Amazing. It must have been hard for him to see what he has seen, but I'm sure he learned a, lot from it in a good way.

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DH and I have been together about 8ish years and married married for 5 in a couple weeks. 


AnnieA - although I didn't get professional wedding pics I DID get lots of good pics in general which I love. I am just such a picture person I wish I had some really good framable ones. It was freezing out though (even though the day before was freaking gorgeous AND the days after!) so we wouldn't have been able to get many outdoor ones. BUT with the white snow and freezing trees, it would have been a couple cool looking ones orngtongue.gif 


I always thought I might want to do the whole big white dress, big reception thing for an anniversary, BUT I just don't think I will ever want to spend that kind of money on a party.......that lasts a couple hours. I would MUCH rather spend it on an awesome honeymoon! I didn't really get one because of the whole 7week old breastfeeding baby and all. OMG - what an awesome vaca you could get with like 10k - MUCH LESS the 30k some people spend! Shoot - you could travel the world on that much!

How long have you been married? The kids look young in the pic. 


BabyCakes -  yeah, I am pretty lucky with the fact that my body bounces back really quickly. I don't ever get big though - I will have to find a pic of me right before I had the baby. I look *maybe* 7ish months. Sometimes it is annoying though - because I don't look as pregnant as I feel! I have actually been asked if I was pregnant while at my gyn's office when I was 37weeks by another lady. Told in a store while x-mas shopping to "just wait until you are about to pop! you look waaaay to miserable already!" ummmm - I am almost 38 weeks &%$#!! LOL

I am not sure if we are doing anything super special for our anniversary. Arianna is at the "stranger danger" stage and doesn't like anybody.

FX that you get the stroller!


Mom2one - yes, I agree its funny when you see someone for the first time after only being "internet friends" I think you are the pic that stood out the most because I haven't seen a pic of you yet! LOL I also agree with MW about not really *knowing* what I thought you looked like, it's all vague.

As you can tell, I also didn't have a *real* wedding dress and I didn't mind. Although I never had dreams of my wedding or ever planned it out, so maybe I'm weird.


MW - under the law you would have to get divorced - but Sean would not have to get an annulment, because you guys are not even "married" as far as the church is concerned......if that makes sense.  For example, if Joe and I were to get divorced, I could legally get divorced but I could never re-marry in the church while he is still alive and vice/versa because we would still be married. We could technically get back together and never have to remarry and not be living in sin. 


akind1 - I love that!! I have never heard of anyone getting married in the sight of God but not "legally" married. I think with a common law marriage you do actually have to get a divorced if you ever want to marry someone else - or at least I know in my state if we ever filed jointly with our taxes we would have to get divorced to *ever* not file together. 


JJ - I hope this stage passes quickly for you! It is soooooo hard when your in the middle of it. I totally agree that you still need help! two months is still in the middle of the craziness! 

Who do you plan to leave her with? Are you actually leaving the house? I would be wary of leaving a colicy/screaming baby with someone unless I knew them *very very* well. Excessive crying can make even rational people do things they wouldn't normally do! I think there have been studies that a crying baby even raises a childs blood pressure!  lol.gif


AFM - we might get dumped on! It's hard to know because with the Rocky Mountains they can NOT forecast at all. The only way to know what the weather is, is to look outside! BUT - we are being told that we might get as much as 15 inches or something like that. 

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Originally Posted by MarineWife View Post

Someone asked me a while back how I handle things with Ryan's dad. I think maybe it was annie. I can't remember exactly what the question was.
We split up when I was 6 months pregnant with Ryan and his dad wasn't around at all until Ryan was around 5 years old. He visited a few times after that but never anything consistent. He never paid child support because I didn't pursue it. I didn't want to take the chance of him getting unsupervised visitation because I didn't think it was safe for Ryan. I always kept the mindset that I didn't have the right to keep Ryan from his dad but I did have the right to keep his dad from Ryan, if that makes sense. In other words, I didn't go out of my way to try to get Ryan's dad to pay attention to him or to even keep in touch with him myself. But if and when Ryan ever said he wanted to see his dad, I would do what I could to make that happen. I never talked bad about his dad. Whenever Ryan asked why his dad didn't see him, I would just say that he was sick (because he was addicted to crack cocaine when we broke up and had not gotten treatment that I knew of but I didn't tell Ryan that part).
They reconnected for a while when Ryan was 17. If you remember, Ryan went to live with his dad for about 6 months during that time. He had to come home abruptly after his dad was arrested and sent to prison. Whenever I would go visit Ryan he had such a forlorn look, very sad when we left. I kept telling him he could come home anytime but he wouldn't. He told me after he did come home that his dad was strung out on crystal meth and he felt obligated to stay and take care of him. I think he was thankful in a way that his dad was arrested because then he didn't have to make the choice to leave him. It was all very sad. Ryan learned what his dad was like, which I think was good for him in a way.
As far as I know, they now only communicate through FB. Ryan doesn't ever say anything about visiting his dad or talking to him or anything.

Oh yeah! I forgot about that - I hope I wasn't prying, it was actually the photo you posted that made me think about it. That's sad Ryan had to see that, but maybe it will actually help him make better decisions. Sometimes SEEING it first hand helps put into perspective what shit those people's lives are.

I was just asking because sometimes I wonder how K and her bio-mom will play out. I realized that K's bio-mom, her husband and sister etc. were on FB so I blocked them (I guess that feature does come in handy sometimes! LOL) 

K doesn't ask about her because I have been around since she was 3 and she doesn't really remember her bio-mom. I guess we will just have to see........


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The stroller was sold!! greensad.gif too good to be true. A BOB Revolution for $225. Can't believe I didn't get it!!

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Annie, I'm with  you. I'd rather spend that money on a great vacation. DH and I did not have a honeymoon. We chose to take a trip with the kids and called it a "familymoon". We had a blast. There are pics from it on FB if you scroll down far enough. The kids do look really young in that pic! It was 4 1/2 years ago. They have all changed so much!


JJ and everyone else, thanks for all your kind words over the past few weeks. Just knowing that you guys have been cheering us on has been a HUGE help. I can just imagine your DH being like "ummm, how do you know this lady?!?" lol.gif I don't even bother trying to qualify how I know you guys anymore if I'm referencing something about you in a convo. I just say "my friend...blah blah blah". My DH knows that I've never met any of you. He used to have an issue with me revealing "private" stuff on here but he's gotten over it. Dealing with DD's medical issues I think are sort of like how MW just deals with being a single parent (for the most part)...there's no other choice so you just do it. It is interesting to me how desensitized DH and I have become to seeing her in the hospital. Other people comment all the time how the pictures of her in the hospital make them cry. Logically, I can understand how that would be upsetting to see a little one in such a vulnerable position but it doesn't upset us anymore. The things that do upset me are seeing pics of other heart babies that I know have passed away. And those are upsetting to me because I know how upset I've been when I consider losing DD. There are things that I have done to help me cope better with this situation. I make myself EXTREMELY involved in DD's care. To the point where I'm pretty sure I piss off the nurses because it interferes with how they normally do stuff. Towards the end of DD's stay, she kept getting the charge nurses assigned to her as her regular nurse. blush.gif May have been a coincidence but I don't think so! But I pay attention to everything that is being said, done, prescribed. I have a pretty strong background in medicine so I understand what they are talking about. I question anything and everything that doesn't feel or sound right. I make the residents check with the interns, the interns check with the fellows and the fellows check with the attending. I don't care if it makes your job a little more difficult, it's DD's life. When they wanted to start her IV the night before her surgery instead of doing it that morning when she got down to the OR, I pushed back on that order for HOURS before I would finally agree to it and that was only after they had the cardiology fellow come talk to me and explain it better. I made them get a nurse from the NICU to start her IV because she's a hard stick. Yes I'm that mom. But you know what? I just did not care. My job is to always advocate for the best care for DD and I will not stop.


MW, I agree w/JJ. I'm so happy for you for the changes in Ryan. He's really turning in to a great young man!


I had really gotten to the point where I was a morning person but since I work evenings/nights now, I'm turning in to a late morning person again. DD woke up at 8:30 this morning and it was a struggle to drag myself out of bed!

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See now that I can stay home and ignore it, I love snowstorms. There's something so magical and peaceful about them. 


Carrie-- Boo on the stroller! It's so disappointing to feel so close to something only to have it not work out. We love our Elite if it sways anything :) lol I'll be singing the praises of this thing for a while now. We went on a walk the other day, and I had way more trouble walking in the snow than it did. 


And no, not planning on leaving the house, just things like having time to prepare a few meals ahead of time, and handwash some dishes, or silly me things like painting my nails and toenails, and then plucking my eyebrows. We went out for dinner for our anniversary and left her with my sister in law, but I definitely don't plan on that being a regular occurance. We spent half our dinner messaging back and forth with SIL about how DD was doing. I just want to be at home with her, but have someone else hold her for a bit so I can be productive. My mother however, keeps thinking that we're just itching to get away from her, and offering to take her out to their house for the night/weekend. Ummm yeah, not happening. Even if I did have 50ounces of pumped milk, and didn't think I would go crazy missing her-- my mother lives almost an hour away! Why would I want to take that chance that she might actually need me, and have to wait an hour for it. seriously?!



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Oh! And Carrie, I think it was you that mentioned being home still, versus having to return at six weeks. All i can say is BLOWS MY MIND! I really can't imagine it. DH was home with me for 6 weeks, and I can't even imagine not having that, which is what makes me so nervous to have another one. I can't imagine -myself- going back at 6 weeks too!

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I've been out playing with some friends and then basketball so have missed a lot. No way I can remember and respond to everything I want.

Eyebrows! I gave up plucking mine. I get them waxed when I take the boys for haircuts.

Cheese and crackers sounds like an easy and quick snack but it's really not. That's why I resorted to cheese sticks. Crackers and hummus is a bit easier because you don't have to slice anything. Scooping peanut butter out of the jar with a celery stick is quick. What else? Peanut butter on an apple. You don't even have to peel the apple, just smear the peanut butter on it and take a bite. Or take a bit of apple and eat some peanut butter off a spoon. Don't worry about manners or civility. No one is looking except maybe Tenley. winky.gif I struggled with getting enough protein. If you eat it, deli meat is quick. Just eat the slices with your hand. I know none of that is the healthiest but when you're desperate, you eat what you can get. KWIM? It won't kill you to eat that way for a few months.

Carrie ~ Bummer about the stroller! greensad.gif

JJ ~ Once you have kids, you will always need help. Anyone who thinks you shouldn't doesn't have a clue.

I was not married to Ryan's dad. I was married to someone else before I met him. We were only together married for a year and a half, I think. I was 18. He was 20. It was ridiculous and I knew it by the time our wedding came around but I didn't have the guts to call it off. I was legally married to him for 10 years, though, because I didn't have the money for a divorce and didn't know where he was and just didn't see the need to get divorced any time soon since I had no intentions of ever getting married again. lol.gif

My parents got divorced when I was 4. It was not an amicable divorce, although neither of my parents talked bad about the other. I could feel the hate from my dad, though. When I was 15 my stepmother told me some horrible things about my mom and it really messed me up. That's why it was so important for me not to do that to Ryan. I know firsthand how kids can assume the flaws of their parents and then think themselves bad people.

Thanks for the kind words about Ryan. He can be a major pita but he's my child so I will always love him and never give up on him. I think a lot of his behavior has to do with his ADHD. I struggled for a long time with him being diagnosed with that. It was back in the days when a lot of people didn't think it was a real medical or behavioral problem. Those people blamed all of the child's behavior on parenting. Anyway, because of that I've always said he's about 2 years behind his peers and responsibility type maturity. He's mature in other ways but because he has problems with impulse control he's not very responsible. I think also, while he feels deeply for others, he doesn't always have compassion for another's situation. He sometimes misses those subtle distinctions or circumstances or whatever. It's hard for me to explain because it's very contradictory. He also has some anger toward me about his childhood, which I can understand. Some is the misplaced anger of the child of an absent parent but some is the result of my parenting. I was ill-equiped for and didn't want to be a parent when he came along so it was all very difficult for me and he suffered because of that.

Kat ~ That's what I've found with any addiction. It doesn't help to express scorn for the addicted person. If any, it creates a rift. There are ways to support the person and not the behavior without having to express disapproval for the behavior, I think. Cigarette smoking is a physical addiction for the majority of people who smoke. I try to keep that in mind and have compassion. I smoked for a lot of years and when Ryan was young so I can't really judge him for it. I quit just before I met Sean.

Oh, Sean and I were together about a year and a half before we got married, so a total of 13 years so far. It's different when you're married, though, even if you lived together beforehand, don't you think?
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JJ: I could now leave DS (who is 26 months) for a night and a day.Maybe even a whole weekend if I had to - with my parents or with friends. I will not ever leave him with just my MIL. She can't handle it. and he wouldn't want to. But that is because he is past the needs-mama stage. FIL, DH, either of my parents and a few of our friends, could as easily diffuse a situation with him as I could (though I might be able to do it faster sometimes LOL) .


DD now, I will not leave overnight for anything. probably until she is 2 or so. I don't see why, and it would feel weird to have no kids to night-time parent :)


There is a lady's retreat with church coming up, and much as I'd love to go, I won't leave Norah, and kids aren't welcome, even nurslings.  It's for a long weekend, if not a whole week. I could if i were only leaving DS. But not both kids. so . . .it will wait until next year, or maybe the year after . . . . I don't like leaving my kiddos!


DH and I lived with his parents before we married. It's totally different now. I don't know if it's being married, or having kids, but it's totally different.


So glad it's Friday!

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The only overnight Nora had away from us was the night Finn was born!  I was just never comfortable with it.  And I don't think my ILs are up for the task.  Nowadays she's "easy" by comparison, but she's still a firecracker.  If they offered I'd probably take them up on it, but I'd worry all night.

I'll be the same with Finn, I know it.  


But now, at like almost 6 months, I can see having family watch Finn for an hour.  Maybe 2.  I'm still hoping to get out to dinner sometime this month.  I feel like he's old enough to be distracted with play.  At 2 months or so I would just be a wreck and wouldn't leave a baby either.

When Finn was 2 months I sliced my finger open and had to go to medemerge for stitches.  I was gone almost 2 hours.  I was frantic and kept texting DH to see if he was ok, was he crying, etc.  It was awful being away, but I was grateful he was with his father. I would have been a MESS if he were with anyone else.  


In the beginning we did a lot of cereal as meals, lol.  Anything quick.  Take out.  Pizza.  Cereal.  DH or I would try to cook a big pot of something to have leftovers; chili, beans, anything.  Burgers and fries.  Something you can just stick in the toaster oven and heat up.  Granola bars!!  Lots of those.  



AFUs - Nora has a tummy bug.  She's finally only puking once or twice an hour, but it was a long night.  Finn slept thru it, thank goodness.  He slept while I was with Nora at least.  I woke DH up around 3 and had him stay with her until Finn and I got up at 530.  More coffee pleasseee!!!   And send vibes that this is a quick bug b/c if/when we all catch it I don't want it to last!!


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Lauri - I keep meaning to ask you, and then keep forgetting when I'm on here, something about Ava.  I remember she was breech but I can't remember if you were planning a homebirth or a hospital birth.  With all the statistics, and how common CHD is, is it something that can be caught on a level 2 ultrasound?  Did you have u/s?  I'm just starting to realize how lucky/crazy/blessed/whatever you want to call it, that both my kids who were born at home haven't had major issues like that.  Idk.  Just knowing how common these heart problems are makes me nervous about homebirth.  How quickly was Ava's heart condition found after she was born?  You didn't know about it ahead of time, right?

Sorry to bombard.  It's just on my mind lately.

She and you are both heroes in my eyes.  The pictures of her don't make me sad, persay, but they do make me realize how fragile life is.  How lucky she is to be getting the care she is getting.  How strong you are as a mama to put such faith in her doctors and let them take her away, and do what they need to do.  

I'm so happy she's doing well, so well, after her surgery.  



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Carrie ~ That's one reason I agreed to a Level II u/s. It's not 100% guaranteed to pick up everything but, especially when planning a homebirth, I think it's important to check as much as possible to make sure there's nothing that requires immediate emergency care. That being said, and correct me if I'm wrong, Annie, I think Annie said she did have an u/s but they didn't pick up the heart problem.

I didn't leave Ethan alone overnight until he was almost 3 and that was with Sean. I didn't leave Kellen until he was 3.5 and that was with my mom. I lived with my mom when Ryan was a baby, but again, didn't leave him overnight until he was at least 2. After that he would regularly spend a weekend with my dad and his wife. At the time, I thought it was good for Ryan. I was trying to foster a close relationship with his grandparents, something I never had. Looking back, though, I think it was a bad idea. Although, they agreed not to spank him even though they were spankers, they weren't as gentle in other respects like bedtime and that makes me sad now.

I went to the doctor while Sean was home over Thanksgiving and left Dylan with him. So, he was about 4 months old. I was gone a couple of hours. I was frantic the entire time, too, even though he was asleep when I left. I did the same thing, kept texting Sean to make sure everything was ok. Dylan slept the entire time I was gone.

I took Ethan (and the rest of the boys) to the doctor today to get confirmation of his eczema. I had never actually had it looked at by a doctor to get an official diagnosis. The doctor took a second to look and said, "Yep, that's eczema." lol.gif He prescribed vaseline for when it's mild and a prescription steroid in case it gets really bad. Why are steroids the go to for skin problems? As if I'm going to put either a petroleum product or a steroid on my young boys genitals (that's where the eczema has decided to flare this winter). We'll be using coconut oil, thank you very much.

Annie ~ A few people at the doctor's office were wearing red shirts with hearts on the back. So, I said, "Oh, are you wearing those shirts for CHD day?" They weren't. They didn't know today was a special day for that but said I was the 2nd person to mention it. Now they know. smile.gif
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Yay for wearing red! I'm on my nook so I'll come back later to give more info. Throughout my pregnancy, I had seven ultrasounds. Yes seven. Ava's CHD was not seen on any of them. My MFM OB/GYN went back and reviewed all the images after she was born to see if he missed it. The nature of her defect made it difficult to see even on ECHOs that were performed on her after birth and they were specifically looking for the issues. One of her cardiologists talked to my OB and assured him that it was not unreasonable that he missed it. Her heart was *almost* perfectly formed. The good news with that is that it has made her care and treatment pretty textbook. The surgeon had to use just the tiniest sliver of bovine tissue when doing her patch. Will come back later when I have the laptop to explain more.
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Wow!  Ok now I'm like, floored.  What if's are flooding my brain!!


I'm starting to really think about solids with Finn (not for right now but for when we start offering) and was looking at sippy cups.  How am I here already?  Didn't I just have him?  Why is this going by so fast??  I think I see the allure of having more babies.  It goes by so fast.

Nora has lately been asking for a sister.  Combine all that with DH unable to say never, and I think we have our answer.  There just might be more kids in our future. dizzy.gif

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Annie ~ Didn't they also not know right away that Ava had a problem? Did you take her home first or did they figure it out before you left the hospital?

I think that's why it's important to be close to a hospital for the just in cases. I can't remember the details but I remember reading that most emergencies that arise during or right after birth can usually be saved if you are within 15 minutes of a hospital. Being at the hospital didn't necessarily improve the outcomes of emergencies.

I went to the grocery store today specifically to get more bananas for Dylan. He hasn't really been eating them but I like having them on hand to offer. He seems to be more and more interested in solids every day. They were out of bananas! I had to buy those baby bananas at $1.59 a pound rather than the regular ones at $0.59 a pound. I hope they are essentially the same. They were out of sweet potatoes, too, which is my 2nd go to first solid for babies. What is the world coming to?

Miracle of miracles, though. We came home and Dylan had fallen asleep nursing but Ryan and the boys woke him up just as I was taking him upstairs to lay him down. I went upstairs and laid down with him to see if I could nurse him back to sleep. He nursed a little more but then seemed to be awake. He wasn't fussy. Just laying there playing with the screen of the bedrail. So, I got up and came downstairs just to see what would happen. He continued to be quiet so I sat down and knit for a few minutes. I went back up to check on him and was asleep! So, for the first time ever, I put a baby down awake and he went to sleep without any fuss.
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Interesting turn of events, Carrie.
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Originally Posted by MarineWife View Post
 So, for the first time ever, I put a baby down awake and he went to sleep without any fuss.


Ha! There you go!


I know, right??  Still, I'm not convinced.  I just said there might. winky.gif


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He's still asleep on his back. I forgot to tell you all I bought a noise machine the other day. That may be the trick. Thank you to annie, I believe, for suggesting that.
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