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Uh, yeah this group does seem pretty quiet...


We had our ultrasound last week and are having another girl. I had a minor (yeah, right!) freak out on Fri/Saturday because I wasn't feeling any movement. I think she had moved transverse up under my ribs and I am just too padded up there to feel her very well. Hubby made me go for a ride and she soon adjusted herself and started moving a lot again.


I have gotten my birth plan written up. Need to take it in to my next appointment and see if ob will sign off on it. We talked about most of it previously and she was okay with it.


Anyway, homeschooling 5 kids and it's tax season so a little busy over here.

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Where is everyone in general? I feel like our DDC is dying greensad.gif. I've been stalking the other DDCs for name ideas, and they're *way* more active than we are. What's up, mamas?


I have been thinking the same, but then I haven't posted either!  I had my DH home for 12 days on vacation, so we have been busy.  He went back to work today.  And most of us are sick, including poor dh.  My 10 year old still feels fine, but my nearly 3 yo is sick for the first time in his life, and I feel the worst out of all of us.  I am SO TIRED of snot!  And, it seems to make heartburn much worse, too!  In happier news, I am not sure if my placenta has migrated and is no longer anterior, or if baby is just getting bigger, but I am finally starting to feel good strong movements and my belly is starting to get rocking in that we can actually see him moving around sometimes. love.gif  


I hope you are all feeling well!

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Ditto! I keep checking back and wishing there was more discussion, but then again, I'm not really saying anything either. I've been so busy lately that my poor brain feels so full! 


I have to say that I'm really, really happy that I haven't gotten any of the nasty colds/flus going around so far this year. (Did I just jinx myself?!) I'm quite surprised by that, actually. Usually by this point in the winter I've had at least one. Maybe I'm just taking better care of myself now that I'm pregnant or something.


Oh, and movements! I'm starting to feel the baby more and more. Yesterday I felt like I had a little kickboxer in there, pounding away on my bladder. And I thought I had to pee a lot before. It's awesome to feel the baby more, especially with my anterior placenta. We've felt movements from the outside a few times now, too, but that always has to be on the side or very bottom where my placenta isn't covering my belly. It's so very, very wonderful to be feeling the baby so much. I love it. Though, weirdly, I feel the baby more when I'm at home than when I'm at work. I wonder why that is. I sit at a computer all day so it's not like I'm up and around all that much. Probably more so when I'm at home, really.

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On Saturday I noticed the palms of my hands were getting really itchy.  I had been doing some cleaning and laundry, but nothing different than usual so I made sure to wash them well but that didn't seem to help.  Yesterday it was driving me crazy and then this morning the bottom of my feet started to itch really bad too.  I had my hubby google "itchy palms in pregnant women" and they said that it often happens due to the increase in estrogen and should go away after delivery.  What?!?  It's driving me crazy!  Anyone else ever hear/experience this?  Anything help take the edge off? 

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Yikes. If you haven't already tried it, maybe try switching soaps. If you walk barefoot on your floors, that goes for floor soaps, too. I already have a bunch of sensitivities so we have all very natural, fragrance-free stuff. I've had a few friends get extra sensitive to things they've used for years after being pregnant. One of them it was even her second and it hadn't happend with her first. Just switching out soaps for your body, hands, laundry and floors made a huge difference in itching for them.

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I am still around too, but I do not post that often because I am on my tablet and I hate the typos! I am feeling pretty good, 22 weeks and I have some hip and groin pain after an active day, but it usually goes away fairly quickly. Baby is moving a lot! Not too much to feel on the outside yet. We are at dealership buying a new to us minivan right now! Exciting but taking a long, long time.
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Hi everyone!  I had an u/s feb 15th and I found out I am having a baby girl.  I will name her Lauren Monroe.  I can not wait to meet this lil one.  This seems to be my smallest baby at the moment according to the u/s.  I know they can be off, but my son was 9lbs 10 oz 23 inches long and born 10 days early.  My daughter was 8lbs 1oz and born 3 wks early.  The Dr said wow this looks like your smallest baby so far.  she weighed in at 7 oz @ 18 wks.  I am hoping for another healthy chunky baby!  I just love the chunk.


As for as movement goes I feel her occasionally( I have an anterior placenta) but its gradually getting to the point where I feel he kicks more often but its always really low on my left side.  Oh well at least I feel something right.!


I plan to be a SAHM for the first time ever starting May 1st...I am so excited and freaked out at the same time.  I have been on my job for 7 1/2 years now and the thought of telling them toodles is driving me crazy.  I really want to stay at home....lol it has always been my dream. 


Anyone care to give me some pointers as to how to care for two lil ones so close in age.  My 5 year old is huge helper.  I am already super organized, but the thought of having a 15 month old and a newborn is pretty scary!....sorry I am rambling...


any pointers?

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not a lot of pointers on the age range really, but my 17 month old (who is only 2 months older than yours will be) is already becoming VERY helpful and learning to follow requests, such as "Can you get me a clean diaper?" "Can you put this dirty diaper where it goes?" "Can you go get *DS's name* for me?" "Can you find your jacket?" "Can you find your shoes?" and inevitably "Very good, now can you find your other shoe?" lol... it may take considerably longer than her older brother and sister... but she still helps a ton... so my biggest tip would be to start these things now. Even if she's not old enough yet to actually go do those things, say them as you bring her to do them "Let's get a clean diaper!" "Lets put this dirty diaper where it goes!" That's what we did with Mae and she caught on very fast... babes that age are SUPER smart about picking up new "tricks" like that!


I'm just hopeful she keeps these things up and quickly adjusts to "Can you get a clean diaper for you" vs "Can you get a clean diaper for Ro" since it will be two different sizes. Though, I'm thinking she may be ready to fully potty train soon (she's done a bit on her own but I haven't been too pushy about it yet)

She's still too young to understand "there is a baby in mommy's belly!" (she thinks my growing belly is a chair when I lay on my side) but is old enough to understand "This is a baby, you have to be gentle" (two neighbors have little ones under a year old, one's daughter was born last year on the day I'm due this year!) If you don't know anyone with a small baby to practice this with... perhaps you have pets or friends with pets you can practice this with... or even a baby doll if nothing else. It's very important to teach being gentle, though most take to it right away, because sometimes they don't understand that a newborn can't just start playing right away. 




As for being a SAHM... I often see the biggest worry from those of us who worked our entire lives from high school on being "OMG how am I going to stay busy all day? I'm going to go crazy with nothing to do!" Ha. Don't worry about that. I'm ignoring a dirty kitchen right now to relax and rehydrate (read: stop these darn contractions I'm getting) while Mae takes her nap. I'll still have time to get the dishwasher loaded and floor swept before she wakes up and the tornado of destruction starts all over again for me to clean up later tonight.

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I am planning to work part time for a few months after taking full-time maternity leave. I'm nervous about paying for summer camp and preschool while not earning regular income. For those of you not in major metropolitan areas, you would probably flip out at the costs of child care around NY. We tried me not working after DS was born and it was a financial disaster. I really like my job and get to spend plenty of quality time with my kids but what frustrates me the most is my struggle to make friends. So many other moms around me either stay home or work in a profession where they are able to earn a full-time income while being around to hang out with the other moms during the day. For each baby, I've met new moms and made new friends but they are impossible to keep close once I go back to work. greensad.gif

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I'm taking a year of maternity leave (standard here in Canada, yay!) and then I'm probably going to be staying home for quite a while. DP and I are brainstorming things I can do from home to make some extra money, like selling crafts on Etsy or something. It's going to be really weird for me. I've always been very driven and worked lots. The industry I work in usually has standard 50 hour weeks, which frequently end up being 60 or 70 hour weeks for months on end. I've been ready to switch out of this industry into something else for a while. I love it, but I can't take the hours and the stress anymore. I'm at a company where we only work 40 hour weeks as a standard right now and it feels like I've won the lottery or something. I know I'll be busy at home with the baby, but it's definitely going to be a huge adjustment from what I'm used to. To top it off, I make more money than DP does and I'm used to us being able to pretty much do whatever we want and so is he. We're starting some budgeting and planning now, but I have a feeling it's going to be a shock, especially once my government maternity checks stop coming in after the first year. I've always wanted to stay home with my kids if I could and I definitely feel lucky to have that option. It's exciting and scary all at the same time!

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Thanks MaerynPearl...two little helpers will be much better than one!  Im going to miss my 5 year old helper once he goes to kindergarten in August.  My husband is taking off for a few weeks when I have the baby to help out and after he goes back to work my mom will take off a few weeks to help me!  Lol I have been gathering all the help I can get!  I am really excited yet still scared out of my mind.  

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DeepLove, I agree with MaerynPearl, the little ones can be more help than you think.  Mine was 22 months when his sister was born and I really liked it.  Sure, it was tough, but it was also a wonderful age gap.  They love to help when they are young and the are so fascinated by the new baby.  It's super sweet and amazing.  My advice is to keep the toddler as involved as you can, on your lap while you nurse the baby, "helping" with diaper changes, being held while you wear the newborn, etc...  I really think not telling my toddler "No" unless absolutely necessary kept us all sane.

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The clerk at the store asked me if my baby was due soon so it could be more on leap day. irked.gif Way too soon to be getting that, and my belly is not THAT big!

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The clerk at the store asked me if my baby was due soon so it could be more on leap day. irked.gif Way too soon to be getting that, and my belly is not THAT big!




People are crazy. That is all.

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My neighbor was due on Sunday and hasn't had the baby yet as far as we know (they park their car in the garage and are having a hospital birth, if they rushed out in the middle of the night, we didn't see it) 

Both of their parents are here waiting... I'm really rooting she has it today because it's such a special birthday. The few people I know born on Leap Day have always been so proud of "Oh, it's not REALLY my birthday today... but I don't actually have a birthday this year so I just celebrate today"

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My friend had her baby this morning!  How cool is that?  I'm happy for them.

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Congrats to your friend :) 

Other than my neighbor I don't think any of my pregnant real life friends are even near term, I think the closest one still has 12 weeks to go.

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Slackers! All of you winky.gif  I feel like I'm the Discussion Group "whip".


It's the last day of this February General Chit-Chat aside from no other posts today.


Got to feel some happy movements today at my desk. Always makes me happy love.gif

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haha. Crack that whip!


I was feeling some major movements last night. It was only a handful of them, but one time I swear I saw my belly move. I think the baby was turning around or something. It was crazy! I usually can't feel things that strong in the middle of my belly because of my anterior placenta, either. It was so cool, I'm still a bit in awe of it.

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Ack!  I'm bring whipped!  :)  Sorry I haven't been as talkative, either...  I work for a nonprofit and we have had several large grant applications going out over the past month, so my interaction here has had to be minimal.  Things seem to be letting up a bit, so I will try to come by more!


I keep feeling lotsa kicks, too...  love.gif  Isn't it reassuring?  I thought that maybe baby had turned from breech to head down last night because of all the movements, but today I'm thinking maybe not.  Or maybe she/he turned back around.  About when should we get worried about breech babies staying that way?  I know it's too early, but I'm already a little worried!

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