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Nursing Momma's TTC- February

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The Plan for February


pos.gifstork-boy.gifbelly.gifdust.gif   pos.gifstork-girl.gifbelly.gifdust.gif


Waiting to be ready 




2 PPAF, DS 3 YO & 12 mo nursling


8 mo DS, 2 PPAF


8 PPAF, DS 9 mo nursling


6 months TTC, DS 3 y/o

Jr.'s mom



0 PPAF, DS 13 m/o


LO 20 m/o

Waiting to Catch the First PP Egg! 




DD 20 MO


DS 8 months


DS 21 m/o


DS 9.5 m/o

Waiting to O 



4th mo TTC, 3 PPAF, DD 15 mo


2nd PP cycle TTC 2 months DD1 3.5 DD2 18 months


DD2 20 mo


DD 17 months, 1 PPAF


18 PPAF, DS 22 mo


1 mo TTC, 14 PPAF, DD 24 mo

starrlight97 chartnew.gif

6 months TTC, 6 PPAF, DS 18 months



3 months TTC, 1 PPAF, DS 16 m/o





moonstones chart1new.gif

2 months TTC, 4 PPAF, DD 14m/o





2 months TTC, 4 PPAF, DS 8 m/o


 3 months TTC, DS 29 m/o


3 months TTC, DD 2 y/o


1 month TTC, 1 PPAF, DC 18 m/o

zubeldia chartnew.gif




HopefulJo chartnew.gif

4 PPAF, 4mo TTC, DS 14 months

gardenbelle chart1new.gif

8 months TTC, 8 PPAF, DD 21 months (the nurser) and DS 3 1/2


3 months TTC, DS 21 m/o

Ish's mom


southernmommie chartnew.gif



Our Most Recent Success Stories 





8 PPAF, 3 months TTC, DS 18 mo


6 PPAF, ds 19 m/o & ds 3 y/o


18PPAF, 1 cycle ttc, DD 26m




9 PPAF, DS ~20 m/o

Carlin chartnew.gif

3 months TTC, 5 PPAF, DD 26 m/o


5 months TTC, 8 PPAF, DD 23 m/o


10 PPAF, DD 12 m/o


6 PPAF, 2 months TTC, DD 23 m/o


6 PPAF, 8 months TTC, DS 16 m/o


9 months TTC #3, DD 29 m/o

Ava's Mama chartnew.gif

12 months TTC, 10 PPAF, DD 34 m/o




fazer6 BFPChart2.gif

1 PPAF, DS 23 months, 5 months TTC

Geigerin chartnew.gif

7 months TTC, 10 PPAF, DC 20 m/o



ThreeLittleBirds BFPChart2.gif

DD 11 m/o



7months TTC, 6 PPAF, DD 16 m/o


IBreed BFPChart2.gif

Waiting to O, DS 12 m/o, TTC 7 months


February Thread Hostess: JJ1107


Please put all changes in bold!



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Wow, just looking at the thread's name list, there were a lot of January BFPs!!


So, I tested again this morning, 11 DPO, and a BFN. Sigh. We timed BDing perfectly too. Sigh. greensad.gif Ah well. Next month? At least I'm 11 days past ovulation and counting, last month I was only 10 when AF arrived.


My plan for February is: get AF sometime in the next day or two and then be patient and wait until I can POAS the beginning of March! shy.gif


When we were TTC DS, it took us 6 months and after a couple of months I gave myself rewards for a BFN. Kinda like a consolation prize. You really wanted to conceive a baby but you didn't, so here, have this thing you've been wanting so you'll feel better! I think I will start that up again! Maybe something like taking DS's whole nap to relax and veg instead of getting stuff done. Or going shopping? Hmmm, I'll have to think about this. 


My goal before Oing next time is to paint the trim in DS's room! I also like to set goals to keep me busy, I'm a basket case!

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We were planning on starting TTCing in December, then March and now not until May.  But.. I'll keep hanging around.


You can change me to 10PPAFugh and 9mo nursling how the time flies.  And yes I somehow managed to get AF twice in January.  A 33 day cycle followed by a 22 day cycle.  I don't get it, but hoepefully things will start getting more predictable.

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Thanks for taking over the thread, jj1107! :)


sere234 - sorry to hear about the BFN, blech  I totally forgot about the rewards, but I used to do that when we were TTC #1 and it was really helpful.  I think I should start that up again (and start think of what this next month's reward should be!).  Maybe a date night with hubby or a special morning to myself during the week and have a babysitter stay with the kids.


AFM: I am 14dpo today but starting to think that I was wrong about o day and maybe I am only 13dpo?  Either way, my LP has been longer than any previous cycle since having baby #2.  This is good!  I tested BFN again yesterday so I'm about 99.9% sure I am not pg.  Just waiting for AF to show up which should happen today or tomorrow at the latest. 


My new info is:  8 months TTC, 8 PPAF, DD 21 months (the nurser) and DS 3 1/2


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I'm 10 DPO and cracked and took a dollar tree. BFN! I should have known better.  I know I'm not out til AF arrives, but it sure feels like it.  I haven't had too many strong symptoms lately :( I will be taking a hiatus and will be back in June to try again... If I don't start AF Sunday, I guess I'll test again..


Serre- I'm so sorry! I like the gift idea though. I Don't think I quite deserve another iPad though, lol !


Wp135- AF twice in one month! Yuck!

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here are my ovulation tests.... I ran out, so I am just having to guess that I could be ready to O in the next few days.


I also started charting a few  days  ago, so here is also the link to my chart.... I don't know if you guys can see it. 





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WP- Your babymakin' timeline sure keeps changing! smile.gif


Gardenbelle- Well, if last month was BFP month, February will be "Yay, BFN but at least my LP is longer!" month. I feel the same as you!


Icy- Sure you you get your BFP before Sunday. If not, June will be here before you know it!


Chloe'smama- Your chart shows your CM as good but your OPKs don't seem to reflect that. I'd go by CM then I guess. Maybe you didn't even O?


JJ- Yes, thanks for taking over the thread! I was in charge of one in my Sep 2010 DDC with DS and HATED it. It took so much time to go in and add everyone's info to the list of mamas expecting. And there were lots of mamas since it was back in the busy days of Mothering!! Ugh. Will never volunteer for a busy thread again! 



AFM- AF came today and I officially made it to 12 DPO!!! Yay for that! Soooo- I'll be testing by the end of February! Nothing else new around here, haven't thought of something I'd like for my next BFN reward. Any ideas? 



JJ, you can change my info to Waiting to O: Sere234 8 PPAF, 2 months TTC, DS 17 m/o





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Hi ladies, I think I might join you. We're not trying yet, but we've recently decided that we're ready for another. My DD is 24 months old today, and still nurses pretty frequently. Mostly at night, and right away when I get home from work, or when she is upset or tired. I don't really have any plans to wean her in the near future, but I'm a little worried that the nursing might interfere with my fertility.


I currently have a Mirena IUD in and I'm trying to decide when to have it removed. I've had it in for a little over a year and a half now. Ideally I would love to conceive in late August or September for an early Summer baby, because I work in a kindergarten class and I'd like to have the whole summer at home with the baby and DD. Right now I'm leaning towards having the IUD removed sometime in May and then starting to chart/avoid until we're ready to TTC. But reading a lot of these threads has me worried that I'm being naive about getting pregnant so easily after the IUD removal. DD was not planned and I had been off BC for 6+ months at that time. I don't anticipate having any fertility issues, but then again who does?


Part of me just wants to have the IUD removed tomorrow and then just throw caution (and condoms) to the wind and see what happens, but it really would be best for my family (and our finances) if we waited a few months. I'd like to have the chance to build up our savings, and a summer baby would be nice.

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Serre - Im so sorry :( At least your LP is getting longer though!

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Thanks for the new thread, jj! Can you please move me to the 2WW? Also, my DD is 26 m/o now and here's a link to my chart http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/682b6/  I'm not currently temping, but just trying to keep track of CM, CP, and OPKs. Pretty sure I'm 5dpo and going back and forth between feeling totally at peace and totally anxious. I started a fertility yoga class on Monday that will continue for the next few weeks and I think it's helping me stay more positive. 


Sorry for the all the BFNs recently, but I'm glad that most of you seem to be noticing improvements in your LPs.

Chloe'sMama, looks like that last one might have a dark edge on the test line, so maybe it's positive? Hopefully the next few days will give you some clarity with your temps.

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Hi everyone,


Boo to the BFNs gardenbelle, sere, and icy.  I just got back from acupuncture and my acupuncturist made me feel better because he said my cycles are looking great and luteal phase is lengthening which is making me feel more optimistic for this month/cycle.   


I'm probably not the best thread hostess.  I can't figure out how to put the icon and link to the charts.  When I try to paste the icon it just comes up with a black box...  Any tips?



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anyone ever get slow  temp rise after O?  I am pretty sure I Od yesterday or the day before.  My cervix became firm yesterday, but is still high and a little open.  


<a href="http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/d9d9b/">My Ovulation Chart</a>

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Chloe'sMama- My temp always takes 2 days to completely rise up after ovulation.  Sounds like you did O then.  That explains your darker OPK.  Maybe your LH surge is just shorter?

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Well, FF has me at 6 DPO and TCOYF has me at 5. I'm actually more inclined to think I'm at 4 DPO. dizzy.gif Whatever. Why is it that every time I'm in the 2WW, dear little DS refuses to eat food and insists on nursing 24/7??!! Ugh. My temp went down three notches this morning, after nursing all night. I fully expected to start spotting, but so far so good. The day isn't over, yet, though. I'm not doing anything this cycle to help with the super-short LP, so we'll see what happens. I got my progesterone tested yesterday and will get it tested again on Monday. I'm interested to see where I stand, though I haven't decided if I'll even take supplements if offered. We'll see and I'll keep you ladies posted.


Question: For you mamas with regular LPs, how long did it take to get back to a decent length of 10 or 11 days?


Please update my info to 5 months TTC, 5 PPAF, DS 18 months


Thanks so much for taking over the thread!

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Oops, I should be at 7PPAF.  Apparently I can't add.

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Happy Weekend Ladies!  I think I figured out how to add the icon with link to charts and everything should be up to date! 


Starrlight -  My first luteal phase was 10 days but I was already down to nursing 3x/day (none overnight) so that is probably why...  It increased by 1 or 2 days this past cycle. 


welcome kitteh - unfortunately there's no way to know how long it will take you to conceive again...changes are that if you didn't have problems the first time, you probably won't this time...  Let me know if you want me to add you to the list somewhere.

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I am excited for some of you ladies who get to test this  weekend!!!  I am hoping for some BFPs for you.


I am utterly confused about my BBT.  I am pretty sure I O'd on the 2nd (CD26), my temp went up yesterday a bit and my cervix is lower, and firm  as of yesterday and today.  My CM has dried up mostly and what is left is a bit sticky and crumbly.  My nipples are sore and my ovaries are not hurting anymore, I have been (entire cycle) and am continuing to have uterine cramping.  But  alas, today my temp dipped even more.... I just don't get it.


I took my temp quite a few times to see if the thermometer was  broke.... here is what I got (always under my tongue, but I tried different sides):


5:45- 97.04 (Right side of tongue)

5:50- 97.24 (Right)

5:55- 96.82 (Left side of tongue)

6:00- 97.14 (Right side)

6:10- 96.82 (left side)

8:15- 97.52 (Right side)


DD2 always wakes up to nurse 3-6 times a night and we are all sick, so I think I slept with my mouth open. 


I am feeling really depressed and quite cranky today.  

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I'm sorry Chloe'sMama :( I'm depressed with you.. Don't get too stressed just yet! It may just because your sick.


My CM is becoming really sticky and is pretty much disappearing, so I think AF is right around the corner :( Tomorrow will tell, but its not looking promising.

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Thanks for taking over, jj!


sere234: I love the idea of a consolation prize! I'm going to borrow that idea.


gardenbelle: I'm crossing my fingers for you!


AFM: I'm still waiting on that first PPAF. DD nurses like a champ. I love it, but it's not getting me any closer to dropping an egg. DD will be 17 months this month. For those of you who have night weaned or otherwise cut down on nursing, how long did it take from cutting back to dropping an egg?

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Please change me to 2WW.  I think I Od on the 2nd.  Baby dust on all of you!

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