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jj- I'm in Canada.  We get a week off in the middle of March and then July and August off for the summer.  I can hardly wait to be home with DS.  I could have had a year off with him but I had to go back for other reasons so I'm really looking forward to the break.

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Originally Posted by Julieee View Post

who else here has NO idea if/when they O'd?  I hope I'm not the only one!!!! CD 26, and i've always had a good LP length.  Guess I'll wait till cd 40 to test if AF isn't here by then! Last period was 35 days


That would be me. I have no real clue. I just go by cm and sometimes cp. But that's about it.





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Originally Posted by lairac View Post

a small update. a friend had an extra hpt for me to try so this morning still a super faint line though slightly darker than yesterday's.


i was starting to get concerned with my progesterone levels because with my dd, i had low levels and needed a progesterone supplement. i also read that nursing keeps progesterone levels pretty low and i know that you need progesterone to sustain a pregnancy (if it was viable in the first place). so i call my ob and she squeezed me in for a visit at noon. the pregnancy test at the doctor's office showed negative but when she did the exam, we saw a very thick lining, which she said was a "something". i didn't quite understand but she explained that "something" is good. i think she's saying that so long as everything keeps progressing there is something there. 


we also did a blood test so she can check my hcg and progesterone levels. 

not a success story yet, jj. i'm nervous even though i know there isn't anything i can do.

Yay! That sounds very promising!!!


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lairac - fingers crossed for some good news from your blood tests.


wp135 - We don't generally don't get a year in the States but I'm in a teacher's union so we have it in our contract that we can take extended childrearing leaves.  We can take the rest of the school year that we gave birth + the whole next year - obviously unpaid though.  I had 9 months off with DD and I hope to take even longer with my next one so we are saving as much as possible now.  I do hate working though...I don't hate my job, I just hate leaving DD...I miss her so much. My last day is June 22 if we have no snow days but we have had a very mild winter so hopefully we won't get any surprise days in March.


AFM - 8 dpo for me...no symptoms.  I was feeling optimistic but now I'm feeling like it's going to be another BFN.  I will know in a few days!

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because I'm a glutton for punishment, i tested....with a midday pee *big HUGE eyeroll*  ha!


I have tested + at 9dpo before, but wasn't really expecting to today.  i'm going to make myself wait another few days before i let myself test again.

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Julie, Boomer- Dang, if I didn't have O pains, I doubt I'd know when I was O'ing too! DS is waking less at night nowadays but I still either nurse him around 4:00 AM and sleep till 7:00 or wake up early with him around 5:00. I'm pretty sure that kind of schedule would mess up temping. It's like our bodies and these babies we're nursing are doing everything they can to keep us from making them siblings! winky.gif


Lairac- Sure hope you get some good news soon! What a crazy situation.


Alex- 9 DPO is still early, maybe a BFP will show in a couple of days!


AFM- Well, I'm getting a taste of what it's like to have 2 kids. SIL's oldest son is in the hospital with pnemonia so we've been watching her 13 mo since Tuesday. Dang he's an EASY baby. He just crawls around and sweetly explores, only cries when he wants a nap and then all you do is give him a bottle. He puts himself to sleep!!! We're constantly remarking: "SIL says THIS is a very curious and stubborn baby? He's an ANGEL!"


The good news is all this busyness is distracting me from the 2WW! orngbiggrin.gif Sure, I don't feel pregnant AT ALL, but oh well, I get to POAS on Monday!! Also, I have some out of town friends staying with us this weekend so I'll be pretty busy until Monday. Very glad!

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sere234, I hope Monday comes soon for you!  Too funny about your SIL's stubborn baby. LOL  

Alexjsk, I'll be hoping you get a + this weekend!  Sometimes I POAS early just to get it out of my system too. :)

jj1107, hoping for a + for you too! 

lairac, how is everything going?  What did the beta blood test show?


AFM: I'm pretty sure I am 9 dpo and I really really really had an urge to test today, so I decided to grab one of the dollar tree tests I have in my HPT stash so I wouldn't waste a good one.  BFN, of course, but it got it out of my system!  I'll try to hold off testing until Sunday but we'll see if I can stand the wait, haha.  No symptoms to report except for a slight sensitivity to smells which could be a pregnancy symptom or could be completely psychosomatic.

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Sigh....  I am 9 DPO and I just took an internet cheapie....BFN.  I told myself I wasn't going to test this weekend but I started feeling twingy so I got hopeful.  I don't know why I do this to myself! 

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JJ (and the rest of you 9DPO testers).... still way early.  I never get even a faint line until 13 DPO (and my LP is 10-11....)


FF says  I am just 4DPO, so I have a long wait (this 2WW has happened 3 times this cycle).  Arghhh.


<a href="http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2a8bea/">My Ovulation Chart</a>

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I'd love to join you ladies.


My daughter is 20 months next week and still no PPAF. I'm kind of going nuts over here. We're down to nursing 4-5 times a day and none over night (7-4:30) I could probably get it down to 3 or 2 with some work.

I've been having 7-10 day stretches of EWCM and TCOYF basically says that my body is trying to break the estrogen threshold to ovulate. If AF doesn't come in the next month or so I'm thinking about acupuncture or maybe vitex? Should I go to my midwife for recommendations? 


I also have stretches of daily nausea like morning sickness which always tricks me into thinking I'm pregnant. No idea what that's all about.


Have any of you successfully stimulated ovulation/AF? 


Nice to meet you all and I hope you all get BFPs soon!

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welcome City Mama-

I don't have much advice as my cycles have been so strange.  Just wanted to say Hi and welcome!

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Originally Posted by Chloe'sMama View Post

welcome City Mama-

I don't have much advice as my cycles have been so strange.  Just wanted to say Hi and welcome!

Thank you!

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jj1107, don't give up hope yet, 9 dpo is so early! 

Citymama, welcome!  I got AF back when my daughter started sleeping through the night at 14 months and I think I was nursing around 8-12 times a day still.  The break of 10 hours while my daughter slept is what did it for me.  Does your daughter nurse at night still?  It sounds like your body is gearing up!  I had a month or so of EWCM and them my body finally ovulated.  I think the first cycle or two after that was a little wonky and long, but after that, I started ovulating regularly. 

AFM: 10 dpo today and I didn't test! :-O  Not feeling very preggo, but I plan on testing tomorrow.  I'm excited. :)  On the nursing side of things - for the first time ever, Penny only nursed 3 times today!  I'm hoping this is a trend and she is weaning even more.  She's approaching 2 very soon and I would really like to have her weaned by then, but I am trying to let her wean at her own pace.  I love our nursing sessions and so does she, but I am feeling pretty done.  I'm going to a wedding out of state and without the children in July, so that is our end deadline. 

How long is everyone else planning on nursing?

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Welcome CityMama2Q - I will add you to "Hoping to Catch the First PP Egg."  I got my period back at 12 mo pp after DD stopping night nursing for about 6 weeks...I was nursing 4x/day.  My first cycle was long (41 days) but since have returned to normal.  I am doing acupuncture but my acupunturist told me that acupuncture would not be able to override the hormones that prevent ovulation while nursing.  I considered using Vitex (and even bought some!) but heard mixed reviews and I ultimately did not end up using it. 


AFM - I am not testing again until 13 DPO if I make it that far (10 DPO today).  The negative tests just get me soooo down.  It's funny that since my negative yesterday at 9 DPO...the twinges in my uterus has disappeared...makes me thing I was definitely imagining them...  Fingers crossed for all of us in the 2WW.


February is almost over so we need a new thread hostess.  This board isn't super active so it's really not much work.  Please let me know if you are able to take over for March and I will forward you the information.

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Thanks for the welcome.
Since I'm not having cycles I usually just test every few weeks since I'm terrified of getting pregnant and not realizing it for a long time!
I had a negative test this morning - I've has sex twice in the past 2 weeks, 12 days ago & 7 days ago. I'm having cramps and when I checked my CF this morning I brushed my cervix and it was really sore, like pressing on a bruise. Hopefully that's a sign of something? Google says early pregnancy but I feel like it makes sense as a sign of AF coming.
Anyone have experience with a tender cervix? It hasn't been irritated by sex in a week.
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I am pregnant! The faint faint line was accurate (wow first response). The beta and progesterone test showed that I am super super early - maybe 3 some weeks!!!!! smile.gif beta hcg was 23 and progesterone was 13.8-- so good!!! Apparently the low hcg showed how early i am. We are so excited. The 2nd pregnancy is def diff then the first though and I've forgotten all the "not to do's" but am enjoying the freedom. smile.gif I'm going to test the beta and progesterone again on Tuesday when I return ( we are in Utah now!) just to make sure the hcg is increasing as it should and that the progesterone is still good.

Welcome citymama- What a crazy journey we are all on right?

jj, Alexa and gardenbelle- praying for bfp! Keep us updated.

gardenbelle- I've been thinking abt how long we'll nurse too but haven't reached a decision yet. Hubs keeps saying to people that I'm planning to stop at 2 - not quite sure where he got that from though. smile.gif
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FF took my crosshairs (I knew for sure I didn't really ovulate after my BFN on sat), so I think I'm going to start my progesterone cream again today (2x/day this time) and vitex, too.  it feel strange to me to be trying to stimulate a cycle while I'm still nursing.  I didn't get my cycle back with my oldest until she'd weaned.  I ovulated 15 days after her last nursing session, got pregnant, and then miscarried, so I've never had a true 1st period after nursing.  My PCOS is just crazy this time around.  Even though I haven't had a cycle since Emery was born, my ovaries have been trying since she was 8 weeks......so I have a lot of pain and cysts.  It's frustrating.


Wish me luck, ladies!

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Please move me to Waiting to O.


Chloe'smama 2nd PP cycle TTC 2 months DD1 3.5 DD2 18 months

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Hi ladies! Just wanted to pop back in and see how you all are doing. Congrats to Lairac on your BFP joy.gif: I hope you start a new trend with the nursing mommas! I have my fingers crossed for you all!!!
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CityMama- Welcome! I never check my cervix so I can't help you with advice. 


Chloe'sMama- Hopefully this cycle will be a bit more predictable!


JJ, GardenBelle- Hoping for BFPs for you two!


Lairac!!! Congrats!!!


Alexaskj- Good luck on getting your cycles going!



AFM- Tested today at 10 DPO and got a light but definitely there BFP!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!! joy.gif Very excited and thrilled! Looks like my due date will be November 10 so anytime around the middle of November :) Since this is our last baby, I decided to love every minute even though I'm still scared things might not stick. So JJ, You can move me to Sucess Stories: 8 PPAF, DS 18 mo, 3 mo TTC. Good luck everyone!

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