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Rosemary - 4 oz? Holy cow! (haha, pun not intended but it is pretty funny)


((hugs)) lifeguard and katico. That sounds so rough. :( My DH works at home (on the sofa most of the time) so he is with the kids a lot. He is so helpful. I really try to not take it for granted.

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Rosemary - 4 oz? Holy cow! (haha, pun not intended but it is pretty funny)



beth and lifeguard, my dh was just exactly like that with ds. oh, it made me furious. i think what has helped him has been having responsible dad friends who were like, "dude, suck it up and do your part." he was shamed into good parenthood by peer pressure. that is hard what you describe. i, too, love the grocery store. i ran into a newlywed friend there this week and she was saying how she hated shopping, and i just had to say how much i love it because there's no baby hanging off of me nor boy insisting the cart is his train. her dh was actually at our house attempting to have his hair cut by my dh who had iona in the carrier and pascal.thumb.gif


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food--pulled pork

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I need to try pulled pork, I've never made it but love it.  DH isn't a fan of pork but I think this could be the way to get him to eat it.    Favourite recipe?


Low key supper week over here, we're having-








homemade pizza, sloppy joes, maybe some lentil soup 



It is -18 C (-27 wind chill) here to day.  What?!  


Nicole's cow pun = biglaugh.gif


Making valentines preparations over here.  Tomorrow night we'll have a 'fancy' dinner with daddy - gnocci and ceasar salad, a chocolate cake with a peanut butter/butter cream layer, candles, flowers, heart swirly straws, all the bells and whistles ;)    So much fun



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I haven't mentioned it on the FB group but it really bothered me the bit about not being able to create a fake account. Aren't we here as a support group for each other? If person A is fine with using their real name that is great. I did it. But if person B chooses to remain as their user name here or whatever we can't let them in the group? I don't like it. I thought we were all about support. Some of us don't have the support in real life and this is it. I should share over there too but I haven't even logged on to the facebook group since reading that. It just really rubbed me the wrong way.


Ok, got that off of my chest...




We made pork last night too. It took way longer then we thought to cook though so we are having it tonight... This is the recipe we used.  I just discovered her blog and everything looks good! I made her sunshine sauce a couple nights ago- awesome!


Kiddos still sick here but slowly getting better. We needed to get out of the house yesterday so we bundled up and went to the beach. It was cold but the fresh air felt so good. We've been covered in an ice rink for weeks so haven't gotten much outside time.

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Oooh, it's almost Valentine's Day!  Yippee!

We have a Valentine's tradition at our house, where we have red and pink food and drinks.  This year we're doing Valentine's Breakfast, because DP is a chef and has to work the evening. 

We're going to to have pink raspberry pancakes, with stewed strawberries and pink whipped cream on top!  And fizzy pomegranate juice too! 

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I love your house Starling!

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I'm not trying to talk as any sort of 'group head', I created the group but have no notion of being in charge of it.  


But, my 2 cents.  


MDC is as anonymous as you choose to make it, which is great.  Everyone has a different level they're comfortable with.  FB is a totally different platform.  It's all about our personal lives -  our friends, family, children.  And about our professional lives as well, for many.  By opening yourself up on FB, you're letting people into all of that.  And connecting the very personal information we have shared here on MDC (TMI, anyone? ;)  with who we are and our "real lives".  


I think as soon as even one member of the group expressed discomfort with FB anonymity we had to respect that.  And I think that if someone doesn't want or is unable to "come out" on FB, this forum remains as support and community.  I intend to stay here as well, I want to keep up with everyone, not just those who wish to join in on FB.  



ETA, I mentioned the issue here b/c I was the one responsible for adding the anon. member to the FB group and had also suggested fake profiles here before, not because I want to speak for the group


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Iii don't see anything wrong with a fake profile but just assumed they would use their real name once on the private group. That would be my vote but I can deal with it either way.


Alone time here means it is just me and the baby. I will do that. Dh does alot of the shopping but I have him do it when the other kids are in school so the baby and I can get stuff done here. 

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I guess that was my first reaction. But the way you explained things has me feeling better about it Katico. I guess the idea that someone would do something negative with the connection from here to there is foreign to me. Perhaps I'm too trusting.


That being said and anonymous FB name still seems fine to me.

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I know, It's hard for me to imagine too.  But just think - our forum was already creeped by that horrible anti-natural birth doctor who got plenty of personal information from anonymous posts here - connecting that story to real people and names and locations is just one of the potential issues that would come to mind for me.  


Hell, if anyone wanted to share with my MIL half of the things I've said about her here?!  lol.gif

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Beth - can I come live with you? I love all your cooking pics and the meals for this week sound great!


Guys, I'm in so much pain. :( I think I have tendonitis in both legs (ankles?). It hurts so fucking bad. And stairs are the WORST.. of course. Because I have to go the 3rd floor for my bedroom. Gah. Sucks. This has been going on for over a week now. When will it end??


On a brighter note, DH, who can't stand suspense, went out today to get my Vday gift (even though I told him not to get me anything) and already gave it to me. It's a 'half a day away' at a local day spa! It includes a one hour massage, a facial, and a spa pedi.. and 'light cuisine' aka a salad. lol I love that guy.


Anyone else doing anything special for this silly little day of Valentine's? Sounds fun at your house, Starling!

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Originally Posted by nicolian View Post


On a brighter note, DH, who can't stand suspense, went out today to get my Vday gift (even though I told him not to get me anything) and already gave it to me. It's a 'half a day away' at a local day spa! It includes a one hour massage, a facial, and a spa pedi.. and 'light cuisine' aka a salad. lol I love that guy.

your dh makes me reconsider polygamy! my dh is pretty anti-v-day, which i think is just because he feels it's phony. and his b-day is the next day. oh, and ouch! both ankles? have you tried arnica cream yet?


beth, no pork? why? here's the recipe i like, though the 6 hours in the oven is hard sometimes, so i borrow the flavors and use the crockpot or dutch oven on low stovetop: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/tyler-florence/pulled-pork-barbecue-recipe/index.html   it's delicious. your recipes sound yummy.

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Talk to me about this tendonitus issue.... I googled but the info seemed a little vague to me...  I have had this killer pain that radiates from my heel all the way up to my hip - the whole back of my leg is killing me, esp when I walk.  And my hip sometimes feels like it's slightly out of place and has sharp pains.  (This is like a preview of our DDC when we're all 85 and still chatting...) I've had a sore back and am wondering if the leg issue is from being off kilter from that....or if it's something else.  Anyhow, stairs are killing me, can't walk very far without bad pains.  Ouch.


Pork - I dunno why he doesn't like it...I blame my MIL (see above, haha).  He hates ham and even pork chops (what?!)  Maybe I'll try your recipe and not tell him it's pork until he's tasted it...foil his pork prejudice


Nobody is napping here today.  Killer.  

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fb - I'm ok either way.


dh - he is FABULOUS with ds just not so great with dd who doesn't really seem to enjoy him either. Sigh.


pain - I started at a chiropractor 2 weeks ago & it is awesome. This morning for the first time in months I walked down the stairs without hip pain. He said my back pain is actually part of the hip issue.


I am sick. Woke up in the middle of the night to vomit profusely. Have felt nauseated ever since but so far the soup I just ate is staying down.


I must be crazy but I am doing 2 roadtrips this week! I'm going to the breastfeeding clinic finally to see if dd does have a liptie & hopefully solve my constant discomfort from nursing. And I get to meet Pi!!! Then on the weekend I am going to a powerlifting competition. Dh was originally going to come with me but the logistics were getting ridiculous (the dogs & mil really throw a wrench in things) so I'm going to go along & hope someone wants to hold dd when I'm lifting. I am looking forward to staying in a hotel - I'm immature that way, I LOVE hotels.

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Valentines-  So, Nicole...uh....wow!!  super great gift!  I just realized I expect absolutely nothing from DH....which is ok...but it wouldn't take much to wow me ;)  I bought myself flowers on the weekend?  But I always do that...sooo...yeah, whatever :) 


DD1's little friends (and my friends, their mamas) are all coming over tomorrow for a little party.  She made them valentines today out of homemade puffy paint which was cool but I didn't listen to the directions to make them on cardboard, sooo...they kind've curled all up...but they're all 3 and under so I guess it doesn't matter, ha!  We're eating a lot of sugar....and more sugar,....


And this fake fudge- dudes!  This stuff is good,..and practically virtuous!  I made it b/c one friend is dairy and sugar free  and I wanted her to have something to eat.  It's so good.  




Don't warm the coconut oil though, it separates, ugh. Room temp with a beater worked.  And I subbed in 1/4 cup honey for the sugar.  SO good.  (And I say that as a woman who loves the real deal)


Just wrapped up DD1's little Vday present - just a chocolate and some straws and a very glittery card.  


I love holidays with kids.  So much.  



Also!  One year ago I took the pregnancy test that told me about Claire.  And then I wrapped it up and gave it to DH on Valentines :)  luxlove.gif

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Happy Valentine's Day ladies!!! Nothing too special going on here today. Dp gave me some chocolates this morning. I have him some framed pictures of Landon and some new pj pants. Dp got a little stuffed animal for Landon. I want to have a yummy dinner, but don't know what to make or pick up for us. I kind of hate that I don't have a lot of time to make dinner since I'm at work until around 6. I will have to figure something out for when Landon starts to eat. 


So........yesterday someone I know on Facebook was asking me about Landon, and then said something about Landon having sensory issues. Now I'm worried and a little stressed about it, even though I know she could be totally wrong. Ugh. I'm a worrier and I know that now I'll be thinking about it and driving myself insane. 


Here is my current "issue": Landon use to wake up from his naps crying and I would nurse him and all was well with the world. Well, now that he is refusing to nurse (which makes me so sad) I don't know what to do for him. I don't really want to give him a bottle every time he wakes up. Sometimes he will have just had a 7oz bottle an hour before he wakes up screaming. He wakes up SO mad though. I try the pacifier, and he hates that idea. He gets himself so worked up and nothing seems to work. I try to offer him my boob, but boy does that make him even more mad. I feel so bad for him. 

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what is it that he is doing that would make your friend think sensory? It really is pretty early to tell. My ds2 showed signs early on but the others didn't until about a year. Ds 2 at 5 days turned bright red and was hot to the touch and started screaming. He sceamed all the time (unless he was asleep which wasn't often). It was nearly impossible to console him. The wind really freaked him out, so did the rain. If i wore him and nursed him while walking around I could keep him somewhat calm but he would even fuss with the boob in his mouth. He started receiving ot at not quite 18 months and it really did help.

My others didn't show signs until about a year. refusing to step bare foot on grass, sand, etc. refusing foods of different textures, difficulty with loud noises, unexplained trantrums (typically it was when they got overwhelmed). EI (early intervention) is free and it won't hurt for them to come out and take a look, although I don't really see a red flag for sensory from what you described but there might be more.

Have you tried the sns? (supplemental nursing system) It might help to get him back on the boob a bit more.

Where and how does he sleep? Trying to determine what is causing him to be so upset could be really helpful.

Sorry you guys are having a hard time.


Hope everyone is having a good valentines day. We had our dinner last night with spaghetti and heart shaped turkey meat balls and heartshaped bread sticks. The kids got ballons and pencils this morning. Dh and i had some time together (while the baby slept) and the other kids were at pre-school/school and went out to breakfast. It was nice.

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Umm Beth, that fudge is freaking' incredible. Super rich, super good. Super easy to make. Thank you- I think!


Chelsea: Sorry things are rough for you right now! Hope you come up with something yummy for dinner. We're doing burgers and fries. I'll make a special dipping sauce to take it up a notch. We don't really do V day besides some crafts and homemade cards with DD1.





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I got a rose with a heart cut out of flames duct tape and some dark chocolate. This is from my husband, not my son. smile.gif I'm sooooo tired today, but I'm just going to do the 30 day shred now because I've had NO me time today and I think it might help me to sweat out some of my frustration. Good night!

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