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Baby shoes?  I think they are dumb until they are actually walking around outside.  I was at the bakery this morning and a woman, maybe in her thirties, was acted appalled that baby was just wearing some socks.  There is no purpose for shoes at this point, barefoot is best for the feet when learning to walk from my understanding (not that she is anywhere close, obviously).  Socks serve the function of keeping feet warm.  What do other people do?  Everyone I know just does socks, too.  


I'm excitedly packing up seasonally appropriate stuff for one friend's baby, some other more cool weather stuff for another friend (they live in northern michigan), and putting aside all of her preemie stuff for a friend who I'm hoping will make it far enough to use them.  I love getting rid of stuff!


Has anyone ever traded in at Once Upon a Child?  Was it worth it?  I love buying there, but wasn't sure if I should just donate the rest  or if I should try to recoop some cost.

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I put Kai in baby shoes sometimes, but only because I like them- not because I think he needs them. All of the shoes I use are soft soled and we only use them when we leave the house (sometimes, not every day).



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shoes: another way to accessorize, imo. i love shoes, and iona often has purple, cold feet if she isn't wearing any. but it isn't something i'd notice in anyone else.

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just socks here. sometimes booties or robeez. we have a pair of sz1 pink dress shoes that we bought for dd1 when we went to a wedding. dds hasn't worn them yet.

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just socks here. sometimes booties or robeez. we have a pair of sz1 pink dress shoes that we bought for dd1 when we went to a wedding. dds hasn't worn them yet.

Kai must have huge feet because he is in size 3 shoes!
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I love baby shoes, as in soft soled ones. So cute. But socks seem absolutely appropriate for someone who can't walk. People are are stupid. I don't get why people say half the things they do to mothers.

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Chelsea- when Kai wakes up crying it's because he's still tired and needs help falling back to sleep. When he wakes up happy then it's because he's rested enough.


Just my experience- same thing with my DD as with Step's little guy. If she wakes up cranky from a nap I have learned to re-swaddle her, offer milk, and do other things to get her back to sleep. She usually passes out within 5 minutes in these situations. She has been waking up prematurely during afternoon naps a lot and if I get her back to sleep for another hour she is fine when she wakes.




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LaBruja, tons and tons of vibes that your mom keeps improving.


Chelsea, J has recently been waking unhappy when he has to pee. At first I tried taking his diaper off, but that just made him more unhappy. Now I nurse him, he pees while nursing, and all is well again. If it keeps happening, though, I think I'm going to have to check for a UTI.


Steph, your MIL is so intrusive, and I'm really sorry about the stress with your DH.


baby shoes: Useful for keeping socks on, IME. But definitely not necessary.

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Gifts: I have a neighbor who is awesome, but seriously brings me tons of hand-me-downs...from her 5 year old. Yeah, not gonna store those.

My older ds is 8. I have a brother who is 5. I've been passing my older ds's clothes on to my brother. My mom, apparently, was hoping I would get pregnant again some day because she kept a ton of it and recently started cycling back through and sending us stuff in size 2-4 so far. Never thought I would see some of this stuff again. I need to come up with a better storage system for it though.
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Steph, I mean these are clothes that are size 5 for Iona--not for DS (who's turning 4 so that would be fine.)

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Shoes - I only use socks, and we have a couple cute pairs of Robeez my mom got him for Christmas. One pair is Yoda. SO cool. Half the time he doesn't even wear socks, if we're inside. People (especially older people) holler at me for not having socks on him when we're INSIDE of a warm store. Chill out, people. I have a few pairs of hard-soled shoes but I can't even get them on him--it's too much of a struggle to wedge his feet into such an inflexible shoe.

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we only use socks.  don't even own one pair of shoes yet.

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We're big on cute shoes here.  Lila had lovely leather soft soled shoes. Claire is in padraig slippers day and night - it's just too cold here for bare feet and socks are useless.   Come Spring she will get soft soled leather as well.  Loving Livie & Luca soft soled shoes, maybe some of those.



too many clothes  We get lots of hand me downs from one acquaintance that are in terrible, stained shape.  awful.  bags and bags full. And then she talks about it like it's this huge charitable thing - like we need bags of holey socks and spaghetti stained shirts  eyesroll.gif   Plus my MIL sends stuff all the time and my mother picks the weirdest stuff up.  Anything that is in good condition goes to our local emergency shelter for women/children.  They always, always need clothing because they are helping people who leave home with nothing :(  They always need toys and books too.  Consider looking for a similar shelter if you have things that aren't returnable


I have zero guilt about it anymore - nobody seems to ever ask or notice if they wear the things and I can't hang on to SO MUCH STUFF!!


Migraines all week.  The house is a disaster zone and the laundry has reached crisis status.  amazing how quickly things go down hill


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katico- migraines suck sooooo bad. so srry you are dealing with them :(. The house sure does go quickly. If I don't pick up every single day then forget about it. I HAVE to dolaundry every other day or it is a mess.


we don't get many hand me downs. I get them for ds1 and then down the line they go. I tell others we don't need anything. dd1 got a bunch of stuff. I have through size 5 (she is in 2-3 right now) and havent' been offered anything for a while and that is good.


storge: we have plastic bins with lids. I keep one bin for each size (if it doesn't fit in the bin we have too mcuh and I go through it). When the child reaches a cerain size (about size3) then I have 1 winter bin and 1 summer bin as the clothes get larger. The bins are great bcs they can go on shelves or you can stack them on themselves.

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Hi all!


Steph ... So sorry to hear that you're having a rough time with DH.  I hope it eases up soon! 


retracting intact penises ... Don't do it.  I doubled checked with our ped and family doc and both say, emphatically, that it's not a good idea and that boys will end up retracting on their own as they get a little older, when the time is right.  I've seen lots of post on MDC over the years by mamas who are furious that their doc retracted their boy's penis against her wishes.  I guess it happens a lot?


shoes and socks ... We never put our babes in socks, but we do have them *live* in a pair of padraigs day and night.  No shoes, either.  Just the padraigs.  Love the padraigs.  No need for socks with them! 


hand-me-downs and uber gifting ... I'd like to go buy H or E some clothes that I pick!  It WOULD be fun.  But I have no good excuse too.  We get gifted SO many clothes from one particular grandma and one particular auntie.  I move a lot of stuff along to our local shelter too, and I still have enough to dress them in that I don't mind.  I don't *love* a lot of what we get, but it does the job.  I've got a closet full of new clothes with the tags on that needs to get moved out soon.  Those are the clothes with licensed characters, or brand names advertised on them, or are waaaaay too gender specific for our tastes. 


Hi everyone!  I'm just catching up after being on Vancouver Island for a bit.  I'll try to keep up from here!


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Funny about the hand me down conversation- I was just talking to my sister about this. We have a friend who loves to give us hand me downs. Lots of size 5 and 6 clothes. My Daughter still wears 2T pants and some 3T for tops and dresses. It is so hard to tell her no so I just take it. Storage is hard. I have bins labeled by size but I can only store so many bins. I have been getting rid of most of the baby stuff now since we don't know if another baby is in the future or not. I'm holding on to my "favorites" and all of the diapers and woolies but its still a little hard for me.


Gotta run- we were supposed to head to a playdate with a friend this morning. She just called and her DH is home sick so she is coming here instead. House is not ready for visitors! Yesterday when I told DD we were going to play with these friends she said she didn't want to. The little girl bit DD during our last visit. Ugh. This morning she seems excited though so I hope things go well between them this time.


Gotta run!

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My mom is off the ventilator! joy.gif

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thumb.gif joy.gif thumbsup.gif  blowkiss.gif


Awesome news!!

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So sorry for your migraines, Beth.

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Migraines, yuck. :( I have had them too.


Padraigs: Is that a Canadian thing? I got a cute pair in PEI a few years ago.

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