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Beth - Migraines have always sounded so terrible to have to suffer through.


LaBruja - that's fantastic news!


Afm: Got rid of two bags through Freecycle, and have another box ready to go. the shelter is a great idea, but I don't have a way of getting my stuff to one. I still have to keep all of SIL's stuff because she remembers, and at least a few outfits from MIL for when she visits. But still--liberation! And it's nice to be able to help others. the women have been so grateful.


It seems like every week DD discovers some new body part. A few weeks ago it was her tongue, and she took every opportunity to stick her tongue out at me. this week it's her lips. She's been making raspberries and bubbles all day. It's very cute.


(My laptop's t key doesn't work, so I either have to plug in a keyboard or just cut and paste a small t. Hence the typos. Sorry, I feel compelled to explain.)

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Padraigs are made in Canada, not sure how widely they're sold

Adorable pictures here   http://www.padraigcottage.com/t-community.aspx


I want a pair for myself!  both girls literally wear them night and day


migraines have gotten worse during and since Claire's pregnancy and are always worse this time of year -  the changes in pressure with all the cloudy, stormy weather.  Can look at the week's forecast ad guess which days will be headaches.  taking tylenol3 which make me feel cruddy but work well enough.  So hard with little people to take care of.  Don't want to take serious preventative meds though, think most have scary consequences if you find yourself unexpectedly pregnant.  ugh.


More later, someone is begging me for pancakes

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I love those little slippers.


Today was a good day. Sunny, and we MADE ds stay outdoors all day. He gets so bored but being outside is helpful. I wish I could think of more activities for him. Lots of his friends still nap, so they're not available to play in the afternoons, and so I'm stuck with someone who is tired, but not enough to nap, and who wants someone to play with. Blah. Next week is school vacation and I'm just not sure what to do about filling up the days productively. Suggestions are appreciated. We have one museum reservation for Thursday, Monday and Friday are taken up, but Tues and Thurs are looming voids of whininess.

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Rosemary: check out these ladies. They have a blog and they rock for play ideas! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Play-at-Home-Mom/174614952594331


Padraigs: Yup, still talking about them 'cause they're that cute. Now I need to find out pair.


We got the exersaucer out today and C seemed to like it. :) She's still not very grabby though so it will be fun to see her progress with her play.

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migraines - have you ever tried alleve? Good stuff. It's not (surprise) recommended for nursing but knocks my worst headaches out so if I get there I take it so I can move on. I've never been able to identify triggers reliably.


dd's appt - so I drove up on Wed & slept at a friend's house & then went to her appt in the morning. They wre really nice. I saw a lc & a midwifery student first who asked me a million bfing/birth questions, watched dd bf & then examined her briefly. Then the dr came in & had a peak. I was right that she has a lip tie but she also had a tongue tie. They couldn't clip both at once but decided that the tongue was more likely the issue.


Unfortunately they wouldn't do it immediately cause we hadn't given her the vit k at birth so i had to go get the vit k, bring it back & they gave it to her & then return 2 hours later ( it helps with clotting). This is when we got to visit with pi which was wonderful! She made a really nice lunch & the visit was much too short.


The clip took about 10 seconds to perform. She wasn't bothered by being restrained which surprised me but she sure did howl when he cut it, but only for about 3 minutes. It bled some which seemed to bother her some when she swallowed it. Poor girl.


I'm feeling terribly guilty about it. The main reason we did it was because bfing was causing me so much discomfort but it hasn't really improved. They did say with an older baby like this it can take some time for her to relearn how to move her tongue but at this point I just feel bad for doing it.

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LaBruja, YAY!!


lifeguard, there is NO reason to feel guilty. She was causing you pain while nursing. That is worth trying to fix! I hope it resolves soon. And it was so nice to meet you in person. love.gif


Hugs to all dealing with migraines.

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Oh, lifeguard.. you were just trying to fix the problem to help ensure a great nursing relationship. No fault in that. I hope you notice some change over time.

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Migraines: hugs to everyone suffering these...I know how debilitating they can be.


lifeguard: don't feel guilty at all...the discomfort to your DD was only momentary, and the benefits to your nursing relationship will hopefully last for much longer :)


Padraigs: I keep seeing these mentioned, so I googled...so cute! Are they scratchy at all though, being made from wool? I love wool and wear it all the time with no problem, but my DSS has super sensitive skin and I would worry that the wool would irritate him.


AFM: definitely had some ups and downs this weekend. The good: my mom got off the ventilator Thursday night, and by the time I left the hospital yesterday she was sitting upright in a chair by herself, able to feed herself etc, and her voice was much stronger and clearer. She was, of course, also plotting her escape orngtongue.gif.

The bad: I spent Friday night being horribly, violently ill. Food poisoning, from a one-day-old peanut butter and jelly sandwich. What?! It had even been refrigerated overnight! And we had DSS this weekend, so it was even more wonderful...I am incapacitated by vomiting, E is screaming to be nursed, DSS is scared because it's the middle of the night and he doesn't know what's going on, and DH is totally frazzled because he's running around trying to take care of all three of us at the same time. It's funny now, but at the time...not so much. 


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LaBruja: So happy to hear about your Mom! Terrible to hear about food poisoning though!


Lifeguard: No guilt Mama! Painful nursing is no good.


Padraigs: I do have a pair and live in them. I don't find them scratchy at all. My girls love them too! I need to get Fiona a pair because she outgrew hers recently. She went through a period last year where she wouldn't wear anything but padraigs- rain or shine!


M is teething and cranky as all get out- can't put her down at all.

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Is it possible for a baby to be allergic to gluten in breastmilk? Oddly, since I have laid off the gluten due to ds, dd has been much happier. Like she's snapped out of it, that cranky, angry baby thing. Then yesterday we had a nice bday party for dh with friends and had mussels and I had a small piece of semolina bread to mop up the yummy juices, and all night--crankster. Squirmy, kicky, crying and farting. Only this afternoon did she start her babbling again (which is also new--communicating with us that way.) I can't think of what else it might be; I've eliminated everything in the past except gluten, and I didn't really do it for myself, but just to simplify our home during ds's elimination diet. headscratch.gif


La Bruja: that's amazing.

Lifeguard: Chiming in with the "no guilt" choir. This will not hurt your dd in any long-term way.

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Yay for no more ventilator!   Very good news!  Boo to food poisoning though, that sounds terrible!  Does anyone else think back on pre-children illness with a kind of...wistfulness?   I mean, if you were seriously sick you got to BE sick....


padraigs- no itches here, both girls live in them with no complaints.  Love that they;'re machine washable.  we wear a lot of wool and handwashing is just something we do,often but love that these can be tossed in the washer when needed



Mega crankies in this house right now.  post-flu cranks for DD1, teething (?) cranks for baby, 'I'm mildly sick and a man' cranks for DH and 'I wish you'd all leave me alone!' cranks for mama.


All I want to do is pour a strong drink, finish watching Downton Abbey and knit for about 7 hours straight, then sleep.  alone.  for as long as I want.  Where are the nanny and housekeeper when I need them?winky.gif


I feel like I talk about needing a drink a lot lately, ha!  


babywearing  how are you all doing with your winter babywearing as babies grow?  Claire is definitely getting too big to wear in front w/the ring sling for longer walks, it's time to shift her to the hip.  Plus, it's getting hard to zip her into my coat.  Plus, I got a new coat that doesn't zip/is a bit more tailored.  Guess it's time to bundle her up more and flip her to the hip!  love wearing her, don't know how I'd ever manage to get anywhere with two of them otherwise!



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You were just talking about babywearing with a coat. Today I was all put out because I was cold outside in just a light cotton button down shirt. Then I remembered...it's February. It's been really mild to say the least. I have graduated to the Ergo front-carry for walks. The moby is a more comfy contraption, but it's annoying with a coat. I can't figure out slings, and I'm weak in the shoulder and neck, so I think I just never will.

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labruja - good news for your mom!


pre-kids - I was sulking tonight about what a wimp I was before kids! I never had enough time to go to the gym, I was always "tired", my house was a mess. Seriously?! Gosh, I can accomplish SOOOOO much now when I am kid free! So much! And being sick....


babywearing - we're not doing a lot of it. This weird winter weather is making for strange outdoor time. No real snow left, everything is frozen hard. It's kind of warm but still cold. Ugh! Winter with a little one is not much fun. I'm using my ringsling pretty much exclusively now. Dd doesn't love the stretchy wrap so getting it all set up is not worth the effort & she (sadly) doesn't like the ergo.

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Babywearing: I have a kangaroo adjustable fleece pouch I'm still using for short trips, though it KILLS me if I do a long time in it. She is still not fitting the ergo very well, either with or without the insert. So we mostly use the mei tei these days. There's a pretty active babywearing community in this area, and I've been able to make it out to a few meetings & try stuff on. I borrowed a woven wrap, which was very comfortable but just too fussy for me to use on a regular basis. I did get to try out this "Action baby carrier" SSC that was very compact & they're relatively cheap ($60-$100). I found one used & I'm hoping it will arrive soon!  I like the mei tei, but I hate the way the straps drag on the ground.


Rosemary: sounds like the gluten thing could be worth investigating. I met a mama here whose daughter has celiac and she had to go off gluten while BFing. But I think with celiac kids commonly do not gain well because of malabsorbtion. Is Iona gaining well?


LaBruja - glad your mom is doing better! Sorry about the PB&J poisoning, though!


AFM: Had a lovely visit with Trinket90 and Livacreature this weekend!  Both ladies are wonderful and the babies are CUTE!  We really had a nice visit - sat and chatted for 5+ hours at the world's largest Panera (haha). I wish we could all meet each other for real! If anyone comes through DC, let me know.


I am coming into the home stretch at work. I spent today organizing files. Somehow cleaning the physical space makes it seem more real - and a little scary. I've been there for more than a decade. It's been a big part of my identity. So it's a big deal to leave it all behind, but also sort of a relief to be done. I have to really pull together some good pieces for a portfolio for my hopeful career as a contract/freelance/part-time/sometime consultant. Plus I need to finish my resume and send feelers out into the world soon if I am going to pull that off. Yikes.




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Rosemary: my DD had some major reactions when I'd cheat and eat gluten.


I use DH's giant coat for babywearing out and about in the snow and cold.

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DDC Meet-ups: so cool that so many of you are getting to meet in real life! Dollyanna, I didn't realize you're in DC...DH and I were scheduled to go to DC next month for a week-long training, but we had to cancel. Sadness.


Rosemary: all four of my eldest sister's children are GF, and I seem to remember her saying that they would have reactions if she ate gluten while BFing.


Babywearing: I mostly use the moby when we're outside because it's the only carrier that allows me to zip my coat over E, but she's getting so stinking heavy that it's starting to hurt my back. I've started putting her in a back carry in the mei tai in the house because it's so much easier to get things done, but it's not all that comfortable. DH almost exclusively uses a sling I made, but it hurts my neck and shoulders to use it for any length of time. I either need to stop being a wimp, or find a better carrier for putting her on my back. I do have a woven wrap my sister gave me, but I have been too lazy to figure out how to tie it for a back carry.

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Lifeguard- I hope both of you are doing better! But I agree... no guilt! You do what you have to do, and I guarantee she won't need therapy in 30 years over this ;)


Rosemary- baby absolutely can be reacting to something you eat! Kai's dr thinks he's reacting to chocolate that I eat. Noooo! I've been off chocolate for 10 days and his rash cleared up completely.... and then came back today out of nowhere. Doh! Going to do a food diary now to see what we can figure out.


Babywearing- Kai loves the Ergo. We also like the Moby still, but the Ergo is our go-to carrier.


AFM- DH comes home Friday night! Yay! And not a moment too soon winky.gif I'm pretty sure FIL, who is normally a very mellow and sane person, is joining MIL in the crazy arena. FIL talked to DH this morning telling him a sob story about how I've been ignoring him, never communicate with him and refuse to let him see the kids. WTF?? So DH skypes me and asks what's up, why am I not talking to FIL or letting him see the kids. After I picked my jaw up off the floor I went through my cell phone and emails- there have been 65 text messages between FIL and I, 7 phone calls, 6 emails that I've sent him and he's seen the kids 5 times in the 17 days that DH has been gone. There have only been 3 days out of the last 17 days that I haven't communicated with him in some way. W. T. F.

How did I get involved with such an insane family??? I just need to make it through the next couple days. I CAN DO THIS (but it's made harder by not being able to eat chocolate lol.gif).

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Oh, also wanted to ask if anyone has any ideas about this.... About a month ago my knee started hurting. At first it was just a nagging pain but then it got worse and started in the other knee. Now it's pretty intense pain in both knees. I can barely walk up and down stairs, can't kneel down and am in pain all the time. Some days it's not as bad as others, but there are more bad days than good. Next week, after dh gets back, I'm going to go to the walk in clinic (I don't have a regular dr). Not sure if they can actually do anything or just send me to a specialist. I'm only 27! I'm too young to be falling apart lol.gif

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Steph--does your dh care that much even if that WAS true? I rarely talk to my inlaws, and they know I love them, and my dh knows I love them, even if they are nutty.


As for the knees--does it feel like it's muscle or bone? I feel like the arnica company should pay me for how much I advocate, but I strongly recommend trying some arnica cream that is indicated for stiffness and joint pain. The stuff does absolute wonders for me.



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Dollyanna: Best wishes wrapping up at work and figuring out what's next.  


Steph: That is nuts.  Do they want daily contact?  That's just not always practical, especially since your MIL is the conductor of a crazy train.  


AFM: SOMEONE CALLED MY BABY CHUBBY!  I'm so proud.  Everyone has always said how little or skinny or whatever she is...of course this was "Is she three months yet?"  Still.  The weather here is so beautiful.  We went for a walk to the butcher, deli, bakery, and coffee shop.  I absolutely love my neighborhood.  It is so much easier to strike up conversations with baby in tow.  I did a lot of gardening yesterday, I wasn't able to get it together with season change so I pulled up all the dead stuff, got up weeds, cleaned up dog poop (ew).  Aurora loves playing on a blanket in the grass.  I've been putting her in her stroller on the patio for naps, she loves it.  The sweet, yet slightly naggy lady next door thinks I'm crazy since it is only about 45 or 50 degrees out, but she's bundled up.  Fresh air is good.  Oh well.  She still brought us muffins.  

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